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The Wiseguy: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Bonus Scene

Abducted from my home.

My wrists and ankles tied.

Dumped in the trunk of a vehicle.

Driven to God knows where.

Now, I was set free.

But only because the hunter longed to catch his innocent victim.

The woman who’d awakened his blackened heart and found his lost soul.


Run. Run. Run.

“Be careful, my sweet flower. I will find you. You have thirty seconds before you will be hunted.”

The promise made, one of darkness and punishment, I escaped into the night.

I took off running through the woods, the rapid beating of my heart making normal breathing difficult. Fallen debris from the massive trees crunched under my feet. I was fearful the slight sound would give my position away.

And I had to escape the brutal man.

A limb slapped against my cheek, and the shock and slight pain forced a small but easily recognizable yelp from my throat. I slapped my hand over my mouth, shifting behind a tree not only to catch my breath but to listen for any sign of him. The light breeze of the dark night added texture to the foliage, the sound of summer frogs chirping in the distance lent an eeriness to the evening.

I heard the scuttling of other creatures as they foraged for food and shelter, but nothing indicated he was anywhere close.

Him, the man who’d captured me.

Him, the man who’d hungered for me.

And the insanely gorgeous man I’d fallen head over heels in love with long before.

As I thought of his rugged body teeming with muscles, the throb deep in my pussy ebbed and flowed, my juices already soaking my panties. I bit my inner cheek, thankful my eyes were accustomed to the slender light of the crescent moon. After a full minute or so had passed, I took off running again, trying to make my way back to the house and the safety of being behind locked doors.

Not that it would keep a man like Maddox from breaking in. Nothing had stopped him from finding me a half dozen times before.

Run. Keep running!

I was finally ready to break free from the line of trees when I heard a harsh bellow, the kind reserved for true savages, beasts of the wild.

I stopped once again, the rush of excitement and adrenaline more powerful than it had been in a long time. We loved our games, the hunt that was primal and filthy. It was embedded in our DNA. He was the predator, and I was his prey.

“Come out, come out wherever you are, my beautiful yet very naughty vixen. If you don’t, the big. Bad. Wolf. Will come and eat you.”

I stifled a laugh as I scanned the area. I knew this section of my father’s estate far too well, the hiding place I’d secured as a child when things got rough. When I heard a crack of a limb under the powerful man’s heavy footstep, I took off running again. This time, nothing would prevent me from reaching my destination.

Whether or not he was right behind me I wasn’t certain, but I didn’t care, now bounding over the last bit of underbrush, the prize in my sights. Only when I’d reached the back door of the oversized greenhouse did I stop long enough to take a quick glance over my shoulder.

My lover, my captor, and my master wasn’t anywhere in sight.

Remaining as quiet as possible, I turned the latch, opening the door enough to allow me to slide inside. There were no locks on either door, no need to guard beautiful plants and flowers, something my father had kept after my mother’s death, her passion for all living things something that had never left him.

The scent of roses and night blooming jasmine assaulted my senses, oversized leaves of the banana trees my father had added to the collection hitting me in the face as I moved backwards down a row of shelves. I could feel the man’s presence all around me, the crackle of electricity and the prickling of my skin exactly as it had been the first time I’d met him.

And every time since.

My nipples ached from the nipple clamps he’d used only hours before, my pussy clenching and releasing the closer he came. Suddenly, I could see his shadow in the hint of light and crouched down, scanning the area to try and find the right weapon to use against him. A shovel? No, too brutal for the night. A hoe? A watering can? Oh, right. I’d throw it at him, and he’d bounce it off like a ball while laughing.

There it was. The perfect implement I could use.

I remained low to the ground as I made my way to the hose, turning on the spigot just as I heard the slight creak of the door as it was opened. Suppressing a deep moan was difficult, my entire body on edge. He played rough. And he played for keeps, never allowing me to forget I belonged to him.

His treasure.

His possession.

I remained where I was, ready to shoot the handle like a gun, biting back every sound threatening to give me away.

“I can smell you, sweet Zoe. I know you’re here. And do you know what’s going to happen when I find you?”

God, his husky voice was deeper than normal, dripping with the kind of unbridled lust that meant I was in for a long night of discipline and passion. While he was quiet as a church mouse, I knew exactly where he was, his huge, brawny figure easy to see in the shadowed light.

He was only two rows away.

Then one.

He stopped short, slowly turning in my direction. I was still slightly shadowed from the foliage, but he knew where I was. I could tell by his heavy breathing. When he leapt forward like a panther, I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger, spraying him with water from head to toe. I jerked to my feet, squealing with joy as I drenched his clothes.

He had me at an advantage, fully dressed and wearing shoes. I was in bare feet and a skimpy dress.

The bastard.

He’d planned this perfectly, abducting me from our dining room. I continued spraying from side to side as he did what he could to lumber forward. I kept backing away, laughing so hard I almost doubled over.

Then I ran out of real estate.

“You’re going to pay for your sins, little girl.” With ease, he grabbed the hose from my hand, returning the gesture, showering water all over me. I laughed and screamed, trying to shield my face. But it was no use.

He grabbed my arm, swinging me around and tossing the hose aside while it was still running. As it dropped to the already muddy ground, the area yet to have gravel installed, the hose became a dancing snake, soaking us even more than we already were.

“You will never be able to get away from me,” he proclaimed as he gripped both sides of my face, his fingers digging into my skin. There was nothing better than seeing the hunk of a man hot and wet and as he lowered his head. I wrapped my hands around his forearms. “I’m going to whip that rounded bottom of yours. Then I’m going to ravage every inch of your sexy little body until you scream out my name.”

Maddox grinned as only he could do, his expression one of devilish need and sultry evil. Maybe that was what had attracted me to him in the first place. The man took what he wanted and always had, his dominance over my body, heart, and soul unlike anything I’d experienced before. As he crushed his mouth over mine, I was thrown into the moment of being so lightheaded, I couldn’t think clearly.

Not that I wanted to.

Like his, my desire was off the charts, my need to have his cock thrusting deep inside spiraling me to the point of no longer being human, merely a beast in the wild. I was tingling all over as he plunged his tongue inside my mouth, exploring the wet darkness, every sound he made animalistic. The taste of him was powerful, my heart skipping beats as he swept his tongue back and forth.

The hose continued to dance as if a part of his masterful plan. I rolled my arms over his shoulders, tangling my fingers in his long, wet hair. Just being this close to the enigmatic man kept my core on fire, my pulse racing.

I adored kissing the man, could spend hours doing so, but he had other ideas in mind. He pulled away, tossing back his head and howling before raking his hand down the front of my dress. He was so strong, so muscular, that he easily ripped the material, tossing it aside as if it was nothing but a hindrance.

As he wagged his finger in front of me, I jerked at his shirt, yanking the two sides apart. As buttons went flying, he shook his head ever so slowly. “My beautiful Zoe. You will never be in charge.” He tore off his shirt, his rippled chest heaving. When he took the time to pitch it across the greenhouse, I shoved both palms into his chest.

With the muddy surface of the floor, we both lost our balance. Down we went, slip-sliding in the muck. I tried to scramble away on my hands and knees, but he wasn’t daunted in the least and snagged my ankle, yanking me back. He sat down with a hard thud, immediately dragging me over his muscular thighs.

“What are you doing?” I screeched, as if I had no idea.

With one slip of his finger under the elastic of my newly purchased thong, he ripped it away, rendering me completely naked. Instead of feeling embarrassed as he likely wanted, I was completely energized, my mind spinning to a filthy and dark place. However, as he’d done so many times before, I was quickly reminded of his stern authority.

Maddox brought his hand down relentlessly time and time again in a hard spanking. While he preferred the use of his belt or a slender cane, his large palm provided enough pain, and I whimpered in his hold, wiggling on his lap.

I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. There was no safe location on this Earth where he wouldn’t find me, the thought adding another layer of wild electricity to the moment. Shivering, I continued to fight him, the slipperiness of the muck almost allowing me to slide from his lap. But there was no stopping him when he was determined to put me in my place.

“Don’t bother, my perfect flower. You know better.” His gruff voice floated all around us as he issued crack after crack, the pain swiftly turning into throes of ecstasy. I had no doubt my juices were staining his expensive trousers, and the thought gave me a smile.

Strike after strike, he brought his hand down in a perfect rhythm until my bottom was completely covered in brutal cracks of his hand. Somehow, I had a feeling this was nothing in comparison to what would come later.

When he shoved his hand between my legs, driving all four fingers deep into my tight channel, I threw my head back and issued a primal wail.

I undulated on his lap as he finger-fucked me, flexing his long fingers open as he pushed me to entirely new heights of rapture. We were covered in mud, water still splashing over us. But nothing mattered. Not the chill or the fact we were soaked. Not the slime that covered our naked skin. Only the heat building to the point of an explosion.

As I bucked and gyrated, he continued growling like a hungry lion, preparing to embark on a feast meant for a king. I clawed the mud, still whimpering as he rolled his thumb around my clit. He knew my body far too well, and within seconds, he brought me to a powerful orgasm, my pussy clamping around the thick invasion like a tight vice.

“Oh, yes. Yes. Yes.”

By the time I started to come down from the ultimate high, every muscle tingling and the blood pumping through my veins searing me, he pushed me off his lap. He planted me on all fours, fisting my hair and immediately leaning over so he could whisper in my ear. “Don’t ever think you’re ever going to get away from me or that any man will touch you again. If they dare to do so… They. Will. Die.”

And he meant every word.

As I heard him unfastening his belt, I shuddered at the possibility that he would add to the round of discipline by using the thick strap. But only seconds later, I sensed he was far too hungry, his need to fuck me outweighing anything else.

I wanted him to hurt me.

To use me.

To fuck me.

Over and over again.

“I know exactly what you need, baby girl. And I’m the only man who can give it to you.”

Every inch of my body was on fire, the wild and passionate moment of what we were doing keeping us both alive and living on the edge.

He rubbed his fully aroused cock up and down the crack of my ass, chuckling darkly as if promising what he would do to me later.

Violate every single hole, devouring me several times.

When he dared to let go of my hair even for a few seconds, I clawed the mud as I’d done before, managing to shift almost a foot away from him. But he pounced on me once again, twisting his hand around my hair as he cracked his fingers against my swollen pussy lips several times.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.” I was thrown into a moment that was surreal, the intense vibrations yanking at my ability to breathe. Without giving me an additional opportunity to get out of his clutches, he thrust the entire length of his cock deep into my pussy. The force he used stole what was left of my breath, and I would have fallen face first into the mud if he hadn’t been holding me like the hostage I’d become.

Every action was wild and brutal, the sound of his skin slapping against mine as he fucked me like an animal hitting perfectly, like a metronome.

He pounded into me with the ferocity of a lion, pitching and tossing his body as he raked his nails down the length of my back with one hand. With the other, he yanked back my head painfully, forcing me to look up at the blackened sky through the panes of glass. The fire still burning bright, every muscle tense, and I no longer cared who I was or where we were fucking.

I wanted him.

No, I needed him.

He was my drug, and I was his fix. Together, we were toxic yet perfect.

As another brutally beautiful orgasm rushed through me, I clawed the muddy surface until my fingers ached, the sound erupting from my throat unrecognizable.

His cock was huge, stretching my muscles as he drove in deeper and deeper, once again cracking his hand against my aching and bruised bottom. There was no denying this man or his needs. Everything was crazed, the madness we shared increasing with every passing second.

He wanted to continue punishing me for running, for daring to act like I could escape.

There was no stopping the man, his guttural sounds filling the greenhouse, his carnal needs more intense than the last hunt. I did what I could to meet every brutal thrust, issuing the same kind of primal noises he was making.

Together we were nothing but animals, yet we were also as one.

One heart.

One blackened soul.

One scintillating, filthy need that could never be satisfied.

His cock thickened, the sound of his breathing even more irregular, but he wasn’t ready to release, refusing to give into his own desperate needs.

“You need more. You deserve more,” he said in the lowest tone he had. And I knew exactly what he meant.

“Don’t. No. No. No!”

But there was no denying the man in any way. His cock still slickened with my juices, he drove the tip into my dark hole, refusing to allow me time to adjust.

“Oh, God.” My scream was even more high pitched.

The pain was blinding, the moment raw and dirty.

And I loved every second of the game, the man, and fulfilling our greatest fantasies.

I pushed back against him, wanting the anguish, needing his utter control.

He wasn’t gentle nor was he holding back, his growls intensifying as he pushed me to my limit.

I couldn’t move.

Couldn’t breathe.

The agony increased my need to the point of exploding.

But none of that mattered as long as I was with him.

As he finally gave into the demon of need furrowing inside, I closed my eyes, allowing a smile to cross my face. And at the moment he released, filling me with his hot seed, I issued the very words that brought me back to reality and the adoration and desire we shared.

The very ones I’d longed to say for far too long.

And now that I was his forever, they were the ones that had allowed me to escape my former prison.

“I love you. My heart, my master.”

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