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The Wolf: A Dark Shifter Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview


“Kane, please,” I tried.

Instead of responding, he leaned in, his breath ghosting against the sensitive little hairs that lined my ear. With an almost feral intensity, he sniffed at the delicate curve of my throat, as if inhaling the very essence of my scent. I trembled in his arms, not sure what he wanted. Would he bite my throat next?

His lips pressed lightly against my neck, his warm kiss sending a jolt of electricity straight down to my clit. Every part of me felt alive against him, each nerve in my body ready to fire at any given moment.

It was as if my body was betraying me more and more with every passing second.

He trailed sweet kisses down the length of my neck, descending further until his mouth grazed against my collar bone. Gooseflesh popped up all over my skin, and I shivered, unintentionally pulling away from the wall and seeking his warmth.

“Your body knows that you belong to me,” he growled.

“It doesn’t,” I pleaded, denying the truth even as my pussy throbbed for him.

“Don’t lie to me. I’m going to show you,” he declared.

He started kissing me again.

His lips blazed a fiery trail down my body, igniting my flesh with every soft caress. His hands, strong and sure, explored my every curve, leaving me trembling with anticipation. The sensation was electric, each brush of his fingertips against my bare skin sending shockwaves of desire rippling through me. As his touch neared the sensitive skin of my thigh, my breathing hitched, and I couldn’t help but arch into his embrace, surrendering to the intoxication of my ever-building desire.

He kissed all the way down to the waistband of my skirt, lifting it to brush his warm mouth directly against my skin. Then, he let go of my wrists and knelt before me, taking my skintight skirt and hiking it all the way up to my waist.

I cried out, shock and embarrassment coursing through me at being handled in such rough a manner, yet my pussy seemingly received a different message. Spiraling threads of arousal coursed straight down my spine and settled deep in my core. The fierce pressure of desire pooled there, and I let out a long breath, trying to grapple with the building intensity of my passionate need.

He glanced up at me and caught my gaze. His smoldered back at me and then, a wicked smirk turned up at the corners of his lips. In the soft light of the moon, the light caught his eyes just so. Up close like this, they were a vivid and mesmerizing dark chocolate shade that glimmered with flecks of gold, and I found myself drowning within their dark, mysterious depths.

“And these panties, did you wear them for me, too?”

“No,” I scoffed, not wanting to admit that I’d done that very thing.

They were a pretty tangerine orange and had been an impulse buy, one of the most expensive pairs that I owned. I’d jumped at the chance to wear them for someone for the first time. I’d even needed to cut the tags off because I’d been saving them for a special occasion. Made completely of lace, the gauzy cloth covered all my naughty bits, but I knew well enough that he could see right through them.

“That’s the second time you’ve lied to me,” he scolded, and my heart dropped to the tips of my toes. His fingers flitted along the top of the lacey waistband, kindling fiery trails of desire to course along my bare flesh.

“I didn’t lie,” I tried.

“Three times,” he said, effectively cutting me off, and I immediately snapped my lips together, although I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the way he’d said it, how he’d implied there would be consequences for lying to him without explicitly saying there would be.

Maybe what happened in your dream will happen in real life. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

His eyes, dark and smoldering, held a weight of promise that left me both curious and exceedingly wary. I didn’t know what he was going to do, but I couldn’t deny that I was willingly following him into the shadows of the unknown. That being said, somewhere deep down, I knew I was safe.

His strength, both physical and emotional, offered a sanctuary that I hadn’t known I needed, and for the moment, I was willing to overlook the darker truths for the security he provided.

He might have killed my attacker, but he would never hurt me, not like that.

Without warning, his fingers curled around the hem of my panties, and he tore them right off, the delicate fabric catching the folds of my pussy. A quick flash of pain lanced through my sensitive flesh, and I cried out, much louder this time. My thighs tensed, pressing together as if that would alleviate the pain, but it did nothing. Slowly, I let out a soft, whimpering breath as the stinging ache faded, and I slumped forward the tiniest bit.

His devious smirk grew even larger as he leaned in towards me, his breath hot on my thigh. Pain and desire warred within me, and I no longer knew which one was going to win out.

“You can scream as loud as you want, little one. No one is going to come and save you,” he warned.

He was right. There was no one coming to save me from him, especially not here, and the reality of that knowledge ignited a fierce conflict within me. Desire and fear waged a relentless war, each vying for dominance over my mind. I had bitten off more than I could chew, yet even as trepidation gnawed at my resolve, an insatiable curiosity compelled me to continue down this perilous path, no matter where it led.

“Do your worst,” I challenged him, and his savage grin grew that much wider.

I drew upon a hidden well of inner strength, determined to face whatever he might throw my way, whether he brought pleasure or pain. In that moment, I depended on a reservoir of courage I hadn’t even known existed.

I couldn’t have prepared for what came next. He’d even warned me, and still I wasn’t ready.

He tilted his head up and kissed the top of my mound with exceeding gentleness, right before he took the lips of my pussy in between his lips and bit them.

I screamed, the pain lancing through me with fiercely savage abandon. I tried to push his head away, but that only made him latch on that much tighter and bite me harder. The fiery agony radiated through my pussy, making my inner walls flutter at the same time that I struggled before him.

My screams reverberated off the brick wall surrounding me, and he did nothing to stop me. He simply let me scream. Just like he’d said, there was no one that came. In this area of town, people ran away from danger, not toward it.

My pussy clenched down hard as his hands wound around my waist, pinning me against the wall so I couldn’t escape. Burning agony seared across the folds of my pussy, and when he finally let go, my body pitched forward as a secondary wave of pain followed. The agony crested and ebbed away, leaving my sensitive folds feeling more than a little achy.

He stood up and reached for my top, tearing through it in a matter of seconds like it was nothing more than a sheet of paper. His body caged me against the wall as he ripped it to shreds. I yelped when the fabric gave way, feeling the breeze of night against every inch of my exposed skin.

He pressed a single finger beneath the front clasp of my bra, and I shivered, waiting for the inevitable. With a casual smirk, he flicked his finger upward and unsnapped my bra with ease. The cups popped open, and my breasts jostled, no longer supported. They felt extremely heavy with desire, the hard points of my nipples giving everything away.

I chewed my lower lip and met his heated gaze. He stared into my eyes for a long moment before he looked down.

“You’re so much prettier up close like this, afraid and aroused, little one,” he murmured, and the building pressure in my core almost boiled over.

His fingers reached up to take my left breast in his palm. Gently, he took my nipple in between his thumb and his pointer finger, rolling it back and forth and sending fiery tendrils of desire straight down to my core.

My pussy still ached from the bite of his teeth, but the pain had been quickly replaced with fervent need. The residual sting only added to my desire, making it spiral up into the clouds.

He continued rolling my nipple in his fingers before he replaced it with his mouth. His kisses were gentle at first, but then they turned rougher, causing little blossoms of pain to radiate off my breast.

I should have taken heed of his warning. Instead, I allowed myself to enjoy the feeling of his mouth on me. Arching into him, I moaned.

Then he bit down, and in an instant, my world of pleasure exploded with pain. Agony radiated in tight circles across my breast, all centering around my tortured nipple. Caught in his teeth, my erect bud only grew harder and more sensitive. I screamed again, and he bit down harder, until at long last, he released my nipple and took the other into his fingers.

The second wave of pain rolled through me, and I snapped my eyes shut, arching up on my toes and trying to take it while also feeling like I was going to fall apart at any given moment. My clit pulsed hard, and I whimpered as he rolled my right nipple in between his fingers.

I knew he was going to bite me again, and deep down, a part of me wanted him to.

“Kane, please,” I begged.

He was silent as he replaced his fingers with his mouth, kissing me gently. Only this time, I knew what was coming. My body trembled, as though I knew a predator was lying in wait to pounce on me at any given moment.

And he did.

When his teeth clamped down on my right nipple, I was fully prepared for it, yet the pain still caught me by surprise. I rose up onto my toes, trying to pull away and escape his bite. Pain surged up and down my spine, cascading over my breasts and settling down in the depths of my core.

My clit pulsed greedily, like it was demanding more.

I squeaked, trying to fight against the idea that a part of me wanted this, and I didn’t know if that part was bigger than the one that didn’t want this. Indecision played out in my head, but it was my body that made the choice for me.

My pussy clenched hard as he let go, and for the first time, I didn’t fight the pain that followed. I just let it sweep me away. I rode the wave with wild abandon, unsure of where it would take me.

“Kane…” I moaned.

“That’s it, little one. You liked that, didn’t you,” he mused.

I didn’t answer, not wanting to admit he was right while also not wanting to chance lying to him now that I’d had at least a semblance of an idea of what he might do to punish me.

Three lies. Three bites.

He leaned forward, and I could feel the hard line of his cock against my hip. He was aroused by this. I licked my lips, taking in the fact that he’d enjoyed hurting me, and trying to deny that I’d liked it too.

I shouldn’t have liked it, but I did.

His fingers trailed down the bare skin of my side as he knelt back down.

“This pretty pussy is practically weeping for me,” he declared boldly, and a heated flush rushed up to my face. To make matters worse, he placed a kiss directly on top of my clit, causing a zing of pleasure to race straight through me. I whimpered, trying to keep quiet, but it was useless.

I’d bitten off more than I could chew, and I knew it.

His tongue peeked out from between his lips, and he leaned forward, swiping it once through my wet folds.

His eyes held mine, ravenous and possessive and a tiny bit unhinged. His irises flashed yellow once again, and I cried out in fearful arousal. What did that mean?

“You taste even more delicious than I’d imagined, little one,” he mused, cocking his head as a dangerous expression flitted over his features. A nervous shiver rolled down my spine as he pressed gentle kisses to either side of my thighs, his hands pinning my waist in place once again. I stared down at him, my chest heaving up and down while my heart hammered away inside of it.

“You can’t mean to,” I whispered.

“I do. I’m going to make you scream until you’re hoarse tonight,” he vowed.

A jolt of pleasure pierced through me, causing me to nearly pitch forward, but he held me safely in place.

I wouldn’t be able to escape what was coming, and a part of me didn’t want to.

His tongue drew along my pussy, warm and wet and as delicious as I’d imagined it would be. He bared his teeth and dragged them down the top of my mound, causing shivers of fearful delight to race through me. I had difficulty keeping still, but it didn’t matter because soon he hefted me off the ground and placed my legs over his shoulder.

“You’re not going to escape me now that I’ve caught you, little one,” he warned, and his threat vibrated down into the deepest parts of my soul. I shivered, trying to hold myself together, but when his mouth descended onto my clit again, I knew I was lost.

With a sort of reverence that I thought didn’t exist anymore, he kissed my clit. He worshipped my pussy, using his tongue and his teeth to slowly draw me to the brink of orgasm and then back again. I fought that first orgasm as hard as I could, trying to tell myself I wasn’t going to come for him in the middle of a dark alley, but his tongue was relentless and far more experienced than any other man I’d ever been with.

With expert skill, he circled my clit with his tongue, slowly building up pressure and drawing out my needy little bud until it was as hard and sensitive as it had ever been.

Desire, like an unrelenting storm, seized control of my every waking thought. It was an insatiable hunger that consumed me, an all-encompassing yearning that left no room for rationality or caution. He had become an addiction, a fire that burned within me day and night, blazing through my senses with an unquenchable need.

In the midst of this passionate storm, I found myself forced to surrender to the depths of pleasure and darkness that he offered.

I let myself be consumed by it.

Over and over again, he pushed me to the edge and pulled me back, dragging out my pleasure and making my entire body quake with it. With my back firmly against the wall and my legs over his shoulders, there was nothing I could do to escape. I had to take it.

Then, without warning, his lips latched onto my clit, and he sucked inward, teasing the tip of it with his tongue. The pressure of his mouth was just right, and my eyes rolled back in my head as my back arched off the wall.

I screamed, coming hard. I could feel my arousal dripping down my thighs, but I didn’t care. My climax was hard enough to make me see stars, and I had trouble keeping still. My thighs quaked as waves of pleasure took me by storm, catching me up like a riptide and refusing to let me go. Every muscle in my body seized, and my head swirled with it. Up on his shoulders, I felt small and weightless and entirely vulnerable as I flew apart on his tongue.

He laved my clit, forcing my pleasure that much higher, and I came that much harder. I struggled to take it, but he didn’t let me go, making me writhe through every last second of my pleasure before it crested at long last. I screamed once more, rocking my hips back and forth as much as I was able before my release finally ebbed and I slumped back against the wall.

With my head in the clouds, I sighed happily, enjoying the tiny quivers of pleasure that raced through me after my climax had ended. Fully satiated, I cocked my head and met his eyes. I couldn’t help but glimpse the unfathomable darkness that resided within them.

In that moment, a shiver of realization coursed through me, and I understood that he was far from finished with me. There was an abyss of experiences, pleasures, and mysteries waiting to be unveiled, each more intense than the last. It was as if I had crossed a threshold into a world where the rules of desire had been redefined, and the journey ahead promised to be more perilous and intoxicating than anything I had ever imagined.

His mouth centered on top of my clit, and while he steadily held my gaze, he sucked inwards, taking my sensitive bud captive once again. A smirk glimmered on his lips as my mouth opened with a shocked gasp, seemingly unable to comprehend what was happening.

“You can’t mean to… not so soon…” I exclaimed, my desperation clear from the trembling of my voice.

I’d never come more than once in my life. I didn’t even know if I was capable of it, but somehow Kane had hit something deep inside me that made my passionate need rear its head once again. That now familiar, deep pressure began to build in my core, churning and tightening with every passing second.

He didn’t listen.

I cried out as he drew me a little farther into his mouth. Without meaning to, I bucked my hips, unintentionally grinding my needy little bud on his tongue. His rough flesh made a moan escape my lips unexpectedly, and I snapped my mouth shut, trying not to let him know just how much of an effect he was having on me.

I fought a valiant battle against the relentless tide of desire that threatened to overwhelm me, but my inevitable loss chewed at my insides. The inner conflict raged within me, urging me to resist, but the wet warmth of his mouth was too tempting. Unable to withstand the fight against my building pleasure, I was forced to give into the irresistible pull.

I came for a second time—for the first time in my life.

With a scream of surrender and my heart pounding in my chest, a spider web of desire blossomed in my core, sending fiery threads up and down my limbs, making my toes curl and my fingers tighten into fists in the fabric of his blazer. My hips rocked back and forth, scraping my clit against the rough surface of his tongue over and over again, dragging my pleasure up into the stars and refusing to let me go.

Then, my orgasm drew higher, and I was falling into the dark abyss of desire. There was nothing for me to do but writhe and quiver and moan and take the pleasure he forced on me. The rough pads of his fingers dug into my hips, and I knew they’d likely bruise, but I kind of liked the idea of wearing his marks.

With that second orgasm, there was a tiny glimmer of pain along with the pleasure. It only heightened my release, making it that much harder than the first. Every nerve in my body fired, and I screamed again, writhing through every last second as my pleasure consumed me.

When my climax finally crested and began to fade, my heart was hammering in my chest and my skin felt flushed with fever. I expected his mouth to pull away from my pussy, to give me the briefest of seconds of recovery, but he didn’t give me that.

He feasted on my pussy like I was his first sip of water after being lost in the desert for days. His fingers dug into me possessively, and I screamed, fearful of what came next but also wanting to know what it felt like. Could I come for a third time? Was it even possible?

The answer was yes.

I very much could.

He forced my climax to a head in an embarrassingly short amount of time. Droplets of sweat barreled down my spine, cool against the heated surface of my flesh. More sweat beaded at my brow.

For the first time, pain edged forward before the pleasure swept me away. It was as if my core had been stabbed with a knife, my sensitive little clit throbbing against his tongue. The passionate need turned vicious, like a turbulent storm gearing up to hit the coast. Lost in the unending waves of desire, I bucked on his shoulders, but he held me firmly in place.

“Kane, please,” I breathed.

I suffered through that orgasm, every muscle in my body tightening for what felt like forever until it finally let me go. When I came down, he finally pulled his mouth away from my pussy, and I sighed in relief.

“I’m not through with you yet,” he warned, and my stomach flip flopped inside of me. I drew in a breath, nervous, but still unabashedly aroused. Slowly, he put me down on the ground, and I stood on unsteady legs as he took a small step back.

My gaze was fixated on Kane as he leisurely unbuttoned his blazer, each movement deliberate and tantalizing. The soft rustle of fabric filled the charged air, creating an almost hypnotic beat that drew me even deeper into his spell. My breath hitched as my eyes followed the path of his hands, trailing down to where he expertly unbuckled his belt.

The leather slipped free from its confines like a soft whisper, revealing the sculpted lines of his body beneath. The low hum of desire that permeated the air intensified, making my heart race as I watched him, acutely aware of his every move as he slowly freed his cock.

I gulped when I laid eyes on it for the first time.

It was a monstrosity. It was thicker than a soda can and far longer than anyone I’d ever taken before. It was a deep tan, with veins throbbing with blood on either side. The head was thicker than the rest, and there was already a drop of precum dribbling out from the slit on top.

My mouth watered, and my pussy practically quivered at the sight of it. I wanted to reach out and touch him, but when I realized I was staring, I quickly jerked my eyes up to meet his. A telltale blush bloomed across my cheeks, the heat giving away my shame in spades.

“Now, little one, are you ready for your fucking?”


The air between us evaporated, and it suddenly became impossible for me to draw in a breath. My frantic heartbeat only pounded that much faster as my breathing turned ragged. I stared into those dark chocolate depths, trying to figure out if he was truly going to take me right here and now.

A part of me wanted it.

Another part of me didn’t.

My pussy clenched, seemingly excited at the prospect of taking something so big, but my mind felt a growing sense of trepidation.

Would it even fit?

Suddenly his body caged around me, lifting me up so that I was situated on top of his thighs. His cock brushed against my soaking wet heat, and I pitched forward, thankful for his towering form surrounding me and keeping me from falling.

“You’re soaking wet, little one. Your body knows its mate,” he growled. The rich baritone of his voice caused me to shiver with need.

I couldn’t believe it. Despite all my attempts to resist, my desire was once again rearing its head, fierce and insatiable. It was a force beyond my control, a whirlwind of arousal that defied reason and logic. In his presence, every rational thought was drowned out by the primal pull of attraction and lust. I trembled with a hunger I couldn’t deny, that begged to be satiated, consequences be damned.

“Kane,” I breathed.

“What is it, Lexie?” he responded, his head cocking to the side with curiosity and reigning darkness.

“Will you be gentle with me?” I asked.

“No,” he replied, his answer simple.

I didn’t know why I’d asked. I didn’t want gentle. I wanted everything he was offering and then some. My body was demanding it even as my mind fought it.

His lips brushed against the side of my throat, tickling the tiny hairs along my flesh and making me gasp.

“Do you know why, little one?”

“No,” I whispered, drawing my lower lip between my teeth.

“Because that isn’t what you need, is it?” he murmured, the husky heat in his voice obvious. I whimpered as his length speared through my wet folds. The hard surface dragged over my sensitive clit, making me shiver with pain and pleasure all at the same time.

“No,” I replied, without even thinking. The moment that single syllable slipped free from my lips, I pressed my hand over my mouth, silencing myself.

The needs of my body had taken over my mouth.

“Wrap those beautiful arms around me, Lexie. Hold onto me,” he dictated.

Slowly, I dropped my hand from my mouth and did as he asked, digging my nails into the silky soft fabric of his blazer. His pelvis rocked, dragging his cock back and forth until it was poised at my entrance.

“This is going to be rough, little one, because you need it to be,” he declared, his voice a rumble of desire and need all of his own.

That was all the warning he gave me before he thrust hard and sank his entire length into my body.

My mouth opened in a silent scream, my body feeling as though it had been split in two. My pussy burned, stretched wide open by the massive girth of his cock. I keened, unable to take the burning pain for several long moments, but I didn’t have a choice. His cock was inside of me, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Fully impaled on every inch of his thick length, I grappled with the terrible agony that jolted through me again and again, until at long last, it began to fade at least a bit. The ache never truly went away, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t.

What did change, though, was the mind-bending need roiling deep in my core. I almost didn’t believe it. I’d already come three times. I didn’t know my body had even been capable of such a feat before today and now a fourth was already brewing, just from a single thrust of his cock.

He hadn’t even begun to fuck me yet.

Slowly, he pulled his cock out until just the head was inside me. Then, he plunged back into me with a ferocious thrust. I cried out, the pain renewing for a terrible long second before the aching bliss of need soon followed. His pelvis scraped against my clit, and a vicious thread of pleasure tightened within my belly with every long stroke. My bare nipples brushed against the fabric of his blazer.

I needed to touch his skin. I needed to know this was real.

I pulled at his blazer as he pistoned his hips forward, forcing me to sit on his cock. I moaned quietly, my desire no longer hidden as I pushed his blazer down past his shoulders.

“I want…” I began.

“Hush now, little one,” he answered, and then he adjusted his shoulders, so the blazer fell to the ground. My inner walls tightened around him as he slowly brought his fingers down the line of buttons of his dark grey shirt, undoing them one by one and baring his chest to my view.

His chest, seemingly carved from stone, rippled with sculpted muscles that seemed to defy mortal boundaries. His massive form, shaped like a bodybuilder’s, dominated the space around me, an imposing presence that exuded both power and temptation.

Coarse hair adorned his chest, and I couldn’t help but be captivated by the way it accentuated his masculinity. He was a man built like a beast, an enigmatic blend of godlike beauty and dark temptation that left me utterly entranced.

I reached out to touch him, marveling at him like he wasn’t real. Just as I brushed my fingers against him, he pistoned forward with brutal force, and all the air escaped my lungs in a single loud whoosh.

“All I want to hear now are those pretty screams,” he demanded.

“Yes, sir,” I breathed, not knowing why I said the words. They just came out, and something about them felt right.

He didn’t wait any longer.

My fucking began hard and fast. He thrust into me with brutally vicious force each and every time, the head of his cock bouncing off my cervix over and over again.

My orgasm came just as quickly.

Before I knew what was happening, it hit me, and suddenly I was sailing over a cliff into a wild landscape of exquisite ecstasy and breathtaking agony. Pain and pleasure became one and the same, no longer discernible from the other. Ruthlessly, he fucked me, grinding his pelvis against mine and forcing my pleasure that much higher.

I took it all.

I screamed, thrashing against him. My nails dug into the beautifully sculpted muscles of his back, holding on for dear life as he took what was his.

What had maybe always been his, ever since he’d first laid eyes on me in the club.

He was a gentleman on the outside, but he fucked like a beast.

Every thrust was just as savagely hard as the last. I came again on his cock, my pleasure exploding deep in my belly and holding me captive as I screamed for more. He fucked my pussy so hard that I knew I’d likely feel it for days, but I wanted that. I wanted the reminder of him, that this was real.

My eyes rolled back in my head, and my toes curled as yet another orgasm ripped through me. I had no idea what number it was anymore, just that every one that followed was just as violently hard as the last. I stopped trying to count, instead losing myself in the pleasure he took from me. Delicious agony burned through me, searing into me and leaving me lost in a fiery haze of absolute bliss.

I moaned. I screamed. I writhed and I fell apart on his cock over and over again, until my vision went hazy.

“Please,” I begged.

To be honest, I didn’t know what I was pleading for anymore. Did I want to come again? Did I want him to stop?

His cock speared into me, the girth endlessly splitting me open and tearing me in two. I tightened my thighs around his waist, holding on as I felt the next inkling of an orgasm beginning to develop. The pressure deep in my core grew to an overwhelming intensity, tightening more and more until I thought my insides would explode.

Like a storm brewing over the ocean, I could feel my body begin to catch in the surge, and then before I realized what was happening, waves of pleasure were coursing through me with feral abandon.

White hot euphoria blinded me, and I shut my eyes, squeezing them shut as spirals of pleasure seared through my veins. My eyes rolled back in my head as another scream bellowed from my throat.

It was like I’d left my body on that final climax and maybe a little part of me had.

Every part of me sizzled with scorching bliss, taking me over by storm. He roared, and that’s when his cock erupted inside me, searing me from the inside out. Every spurt of his seed blazed against my inner walls, driving my release that much higher, and I didn’t know if I would survive the fall back down.

As the overwhelming sensations of desire and intensity coursed through me, I felt my senses gradually succumbing to the potent cocktail of emotions that swirled inside of me. It was as though every nerve ending in my body had ignited in a symphony of ecstasy and agony. The world around me blurred and shimmered as my vision dimmed, my consciousness slipping away like a dream into the depths of darkness. The last thing I felt was the warmth of his arms around me before everything faded into a blissful, intoxicating oblivion.

I came so hard I passed out.

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