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The Wolf’s Flame: A Dark Shifter Romance by Amaryllis Lanza – Extended Preview

“Did you pulse me, back there at the bar?” I asked as soon as he sat behind the wheel.

“What makes you ask?”

“Well, I was just chatting with Lola when suddenly I felt like someone had fucked me from afar. She says it’s a mate’s pulse. Did you do that?”

“I needed to know whether it would work.”

“It worked alright,” I said. “It was fantastic.”


“But why did it work, Andrew?”


“Lola said it works between mates who are bound,” I said. “And you haven’t so much as given me anything more than a chaste kiss all these years.”

“You and I need to have a long hard talk, Consuelo,” I said. “But first, I’d like to finish what we started.”

He burned rubber out of the parking lot and raced around town to his place. I was too busy being thrilled by the speedy ride to push him for answers. I also wanted to, as he put it, ‘finish what we’d started’ at the bar. I’d had enough of just talking to Andrew over the years. Whatever he wanted to say could wait until after I sated my desperate hunger for him. He parked in his carport and carried me in his arms through the side door of his place, through a somewhat austere and functional house that desperately needed a woman’s touch to warm it up a bit, and to a bedroom with a very welcoming king-sized bed. Andrew pulled back the covers with one hand and dropped me on the mattress, immediately sitting down and pulling me over onto his lap.

“What are you doing?” I asked, giggling.

“Making sure you never go to Frank’s on a Saturday night again without me there,” he said, as a hard swat landed on my rear.

“Ouch! You have got to be kidding!” He wasn’t. Another flurry of swats confirmed it. “Stop that! I wasn’t there alone, for heaven’s sake. I went with my sister! And Bob was with us.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Andrew said, swatting some more. “You are my mate and I can’t expect Bob to mind you. He’s got enough on his hands with looking out for your sister. If you ever step foot in Frank’s without me again, you’re going to get the leather strop.”

“I’ve been to Frank’s with my girlfriends loads of times, Andrew,” I said, though it was getting increasingly difficult to talk with him spanking me so hard. My rear pulsed with heat and tears stung my eyes.

“Not on a late Saturday night, and whatever came before doesn’t matter now,” he said. “You will not go there, any time, day or night, without me.”

He paused his spanking only to turn me slightly, unbutton my jeans and pull them down past my hips, gathering them at the joints of my knees. I fought him, but he had a hard grip on my hands, and he locked my lower legs between his to stop me from kicking. Then, to my utter humiliation he lowered my panties and spanked my bare ass.

No one had so much as given me a mild tap in my life. While I knew wolves were big fans of spankings from talking with Amalia and my sister, this still caught me by surprise. Andrew had always seemed so gentle. I had him all wrong.

Eventually, my body betrayed me. I stopped fighting him because the spanking was arousing me. Despite the sting of his hard hand, I didn’t really want him to stop. I wanted him to do more.

“Are you ready to obey me now, Consuelo?” he asked after a few more swats, sensing the change as I melted on his lap.

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes, what?” he asked, pulling me up by my hair and bringing my face up to his so our lips were close enough to brush.

“Yes, Sir,” I said.

“Good girl,” he growled.

Then he settled me to sit up on his lap and claimed my mouth, ravaging my lips, biting them. His tongue invaded me and teased me, while his hands moved to remove my jeans and panties completely. He ripped my blouse, tore my bra off, and squeezed a pebbled nipple until I whimpered into his mouth.

“I’m going to remind you of who I am tonight, Consuelo,” he growled. “I’m going to make sure you never forget again.”

“What do you mean?”

He stroked a circle around a spot on my back, near my left shoulder blade. “I only nipped you last time. This time, I will leave my mark and I will knot you.”

Last time?

Andrew shook his head and moved me off his lap onto the mattress, rising to shift into his werewolf form, his clothes tearing off his body, leaving only an impressive specimen of a monster. He took up all the room, easily eight feet tall and three feet wide at the chest and shoulders. He was all tense muscle and wiry tendons from head to toe, with shimmering pale gray skin, a ribbed belly that ended in a tight V, and a massive cock with a bulbous, dark pink root. His thighs were two hard trunks and his arms, as they reached for me were thick, tightly wound branches. He brought one of his claws right up to the space between my breasts, trailing a line up to my clavicle and past that to my neck, under my chin. He propped up my chin so I could only look into his shimmering golden eyes. “You still don’t recall, do you?” His voice was deeper, raspy, part growl. He leaned down, so his snout and his teeth were right up against my nose. “I’m inside you already, darling. I’m claiming what’s already mine. Your mother made you forget, but I should never have allowed it.”

“What the…”

He pulled me up higher in the bed as he climbed on it, making room between my legs by spreading them apart with his knees. Despite his imposing physical form, he could be gentle. His claws barely pinched my skin as he carried me. He dragged his raspy tongue over my chest, making my nipples tingle, and then he lowered his snout to my neck, right over my shoulder, and bit down hard. The pain on my neck distracted me briefly from a stronger pain between my legs as he breached me with the hardened knot. Then he wrapped me in his arms and sat up so we were both locked together, his knot pulsing inside me, wave after wave of immense pleasure shooting through my body until I glowed bright enough to make up for the dim light in the room. Andrew had shifted back into the man, his knot still filling me, his hands mapping my body, his gentle lips kissing the spot the monster had made bleed. “What happens when you go supernova, Consuelo?” he whispered in my ear and then nipped at my earlobe. I shuddered as another orgasm washed over me.

“How do you know about that?”

“You told me once, on the night you can’t remember, that you were about to go supernova. You were glowing then too, though not as much as now.”

“Did we really already make love before, Andrew?”

“No, we fucked all night, like wild animals, and it was glorious,” I said. “Tonight we’re making love for the first time. I didn’t knot you then.”


“I thought that something stood in the way of making my claim, but I was wrong. I was foolish. Because of my foolishness, I’ve caused us both great suffering.”

“Was it because of Mama? Is that why she made me forget?”

“That’s part of it, but we’ll talk about it all tonight. Just not now. Right now, I want you to go supernova.”

I couldn’t imagine what he might do to give me more pleasure than I’d already felt with his knot vibrating inside me and his arms holding me tight, pressed against his hard chest.

Andrew drew me into a kiss, one hand caressing the base of my skull as the other found its way between us to stroke my clit. His tongue stroked mine as his fingers teased my nub. He swallowed my moan and moved his lips to my chest, leaning me back in his arms. Then he turned us, without breaking the seal between us, rolling on the bed until I lay face down against the mattress with my hips raised. He reached over to the drawer of his nightstand and pulled out what looked like a golden bulb and a tube of cream.

“What is that?”

“It’s something I bought just for you, darling,” he said. “I’ve been keeping it for the day when I could finally start training you to take me.”

“I thought I’ve had all of you now, what are you holding back?”

“Well, I haven’t had all of you yet,” he said. “But I intend to. With my knot inside your pussy when I put this training plug inside your ass, it is going to feel exquisite.”



He dripped some of the clear gel in the tube onto his fingers, and dripped more on my pucker, then worked one finger gently over my narrow passage until it blossomed for him, letting him inside. I could feel the finger in my other channel too, stroking the knot between us, which sent a bolt of pleasure running up my spine. Then he replaced his finger with the cool bulb, nudging it in slowly, and pulling it out again slightly, then back in, until he had worked the entire thing inside me. He pressed it in place and the bulb began to vibrate.

“Oh!” I cried out, as the vibrations from the plug and from his knot met inside me, creating many ripples of pleasure, like a lake struck by a thousand pellets of rain in a thunderstorm. Meanwhile, Andrew rocked against me, his shaft stimulating me further, as he filled me with his cum. He grew inside me again, stretching me so that the pressure I felt from his cock and the plug was almost excruciatingly, sinfully delightful. I knew he had shifted again, even before his claws marked my back. As soon as his nails drew a line down my spine, I howled as loud as any wolf, and broke out in a wave of light that made the room as bright as if we were on the shore of the beach at midday. This light was physical, sending a shockwave through my body. It went through Andrew, who joined me in howling.

“I’m yours, Consuelo,” he whispered into my ear as we lay spooned together on the bed, still entwined, still vibrating with pleasure. “And you are mine, from the dawn of time until the end of time.”

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