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The Wolf’s Possession: A Dark Shifter Romance by Amaryllis Lanza – Extended Preview

So many fantasies had played out in my mind involving Bob over the years, but none of them compared to reality. He tore the bedsheets off and tossed me on the mattress, leaving me bouncing and giggling madly. Bob was dead serious as he set his half-wolf free, ripping through his uniform. Then the werewolf stood before me naked, gigantic, all menace and bulging muscles. He had darker skin in this form, a pearlescent gray hue. The soft, silvery hair that dusted the monster’s body shone like an aura in the soft white light of his bedroom lamps.

Bob’s dick was impossible to ignore. I couldn’t help staring at it, broad and engorged, particularly across the base where a bright red knot stretched the delicate skin and looked ready to burst, his balls hanging heavily below. With all that swelling, he must have been dying for release.

Before I could comment, he unleashed his claws on me.

My overalls were strong, but they tore like paper. My simple V-neck t-shirt didn’t stand a chance. It gave up at the first pull on the neckline and ripped right down the middle. One claw tucked between my breasts, pulling at the joint of my bra, which was ripped away in an instant. That, I regretted later, if only because bras for me were so tricky to replace. But at the moment, it wasn’t a concern. It felt wonderful to have my breasts set free before him.

Bob left my panties on and bent over me on the bed to lick my hardened nipples and areola with a raspy tongue. Then he nipped them with his fangs, not hard enough to make me bleed but it made me sigh. The vibrating growl I’d heard at Frank’s was nothing compared to the noises my lover emitted as he dragged his tongue across my breasts, then up my chest to my neck. He bit me there hard enough to leave a mark and draw some blood. Then he licked that blood off my skin.

“Mine,” he rumbled, deep as thunder in a mid-July storm.

I would not argue with that. I made my heart race and my pussy tingle to hear it. ‘Mine’ was the most wonderful word in the dictionary.

“Hair,” Bob commanded.

I understood what he meant and sat up to unravel my braid, tossing the bobby pins over the side of the bed where I might find them later or not. I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered to me at that point was finding out how much it might hurt to have that knot inside me. I wanted it to hurt. I needed Bob to ravage me, split me apart, break my body and rebuild it to suit him.

Does that make me sick?

I didn’t give a damn. There was little the monster could do to me I wouldn’t recover from swiftly. Except, maybe, if he ever broke my heart.

As soon as my mane was loose, Bob looped it in one hand as his other arm lifted me off the mattress to push me up closer to the headboard. He climbed on the bed as he did so. The werewolf took up so much space over me he eclipsed the ceiling. The vibrations and heat emanating from his body melted my core. My cervix begged to be rammed. My eyes fixed on the bulge of the werewolf’s pecs. In a fit of something like lust-induced madness I bit his flesh hard until I tasted his blood on my tongue.

The monster laughed. “Go on, baby,” he growled. “Do that again.”

I bit the other pec to please him. He grinned, his snout retreating as he shifted back to the man. His body was so much larger than mine, even in this state, all firm and taut muscles flexed to devour me. Instead, Bob bent down to kiss the tip of my nose.

“Bring the werewolf back. It’s okay,” I said. “I’m not scared.”

“I decide, baby girl,” Bob said. “It’s not up to you. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.” I smiled. I was glad to let Bob take control because I trusted him, and also because I always knew I was submissive. All my fantasies involved being dominated, taken at whim, the bound subject of a dominant man. That didn’t mean I had to be a doormat. I intended to push Bob’s buttons every bit as hard as he pushed me. I had experienced both Bob’s tenderness and his discipline. His dark side was something I wanted more of.

Bob had a different opinion though.

“Believe me, you don’t want the monster your first time. He’ll have you soon enough. We’ve got the ceremony, remember? I’m going to ensure you’re ready for that.”

“Okay. Can we get on with it? You’ve kept me waiting far too long.”

“Eager little minx.”

I yowled at him and hissed like a cat.

“Naughty little pussy.”

Bob kissed me softly from my lips to my chin, to the cleavage of my breasts and down the center of my torso, licking my belly button before working his way further down to my lower belly and pulling off my panties. It was a little disappointing that he hadn’t torn those too. Instead, he took a moment to smell them, his eyes flashing silver, then closing, as he took a deep breath almost as if he were scenting gardenia bushes. My face burned hot as he scented my need.

“Spread those legs wide for me, baby girl,” Bob commanded, tossing my panties over the side of the bed. I complied, bringing my fingers down to part my folds for him, so he could have a proper look.

“Fuck…” he said, with a heavy breath. “What luscious fruit.”

Bob kissed my inner thighs, moved my hands out of his way, and lifted my legs over his shoulders. He sat up on his heels on the mattress, pulling my bottom up. His thick fingers parted the lips of my pussy and Bob dipped his tongue into my entrance. Then the wet muscle traced my folds, the tip of it circling my clit. I mewled as he lathered me with his mouth, licking the sensitive flesh, sucking and nipping on the hard knot of nerves. I gripped my nipples and squeezed. My thighs quivered as the orgasm overtook me.

It was like being pulled into a tornado, swept up into the skies, high above the ground. My head spun as I tossed in the wind. My body tingled from my curling toes to the roots of my hair and the tips of my fingers. Vibration began deep in my belly, growing stronger by the second. An explosion of light ignited within me, blinding me, and somehow I left my body entirely.

The experience was nothing like what happened at the cemetery. I was no longer floating as a single being, watching everything that happened below me. Now I disintegrated, becoming a mass of swirling electrons. I was no one. I was everyone at the same time. The wind carried me like dandelion seeds drifting over the Everlasting Springs. I was aware of all of my neighbors in one instance. I turned into the very blood flowing through their collective veins. We were all the same being.

Bob dropped my bottom back on the mattress and joined me in my ongoing ecstasy, bringing his cock to the entrance of my quivering wet sheath. My body vibrated with lust, my pussy pulsing in anticipation of him.

Bob didn’t wait or ask—he took, planting himself deep inside me in one swift thrust. Or I thought it was all of him. I was out of my mind with pleasure. I felt no pain at all, only the joy of joining. It was the same high I imagined people felt when they were drunk, though I’d never experienced it.

His hands gripped mine above my head as he moved inside me. Our fingers intertwined as his thick cock stretched the walls of my vagina. As he pulled back, the length of his shaft caressed me. When he thrust in hard again, the head of his cock slammed into my cervix. It was bliss. Bountiful bliss spread to every corner of my dispersed being. With his hands in mine, we were one, fully and truly. I felt what he felt as he fucked me, which intensified my pleasure immensely. I wrapped my legs around him, making more room for Bob’s cock to dive deep inside me.

“Baby girl.” Bob released one of my hands to grip my chin and get my attention. The part of me still in my skin looked into his shimmering eyes, the color there flickering between blue and silver. “I’m going to knot you now. We’ll be locked together. Bound. You understand?”

I blinked at him, acknowledging, and smiled.

I saw what he meant through my link with his mind. He feared the knot might hurt me. I didn’t give a fuck. He had to give it to me, so I pushed my thighs up against him. I needed Bob to feed me more of himself, all of himself, so I could spread that delightful decadence around. It was raw and instinctual. I wasn’t in control of it.

My body knew this rite. My flesh understood its purpose.

The base of Bob’s shaft stretched my channel near to tearing. I gasped with pleasure. Man or beast, my body could handle anything Bob doled out. Then his pulsing semen, warm and wet and abundant, splashed against the mouth of my womb. His knot pulsed in time with the clenching of my walls. My moan intensified, filling the air around us like the collective cooing of a choir of doves.

“What are you, baby girl?” Bob asked, breathless.

It was a meaningless question. There was only one answer.


We were still knotted and high on each other when the phone rang. Not even the trilling bell could ruin my pleasure.

Let it ring.

“Shit,” Bob said. “I’ve got to take that, baby.”

As we were locked together, Bob sat up, pulling me onto his lap, my hair draping over his thighs to his knees. He reached across with his left arm to pick up the phone while his right arm, wrapped around my back, kept me steady.

He continued to fill me with cum, despite the distraction. This was his nature. He didn’t control it any more than I controlled mine. I was still mostly elsewhere, my body delighting in the strange sensations of his hard cock pressed deep inside me and his pulsing knot responding to my clenching walls. I didn’t know how he was coherent enough to answer whoever called him at this ungodly hour.

“This better be bad,” he said gruffly, the phone to his ear. “What? How do you mean?” Then he was silent for a long time. “Yes, Alpha. It’s summer wine.” Another long pause. “Yes. I’ll take care of it.”

Bob hung up the phone, fisted my hair, and kissed me deeply. It was an urgent kiss that pulled me back completely to focus only on him. He moved his hand from my back to grip my ass and squeeze it hard. I came again, moaning against his lips.

“That’s enough now, baby,” he said, his lips brushing mine. “You’re already in a lot of trouble.”

“What?” My voice was a jagged breath. “Why?”

Bob smiled. “Baby girl, the whole town is currently in a state of chaos because of you.”


“Yes, Lola. It’s a fucking bacchanalia out there. Flamingo Park is full of lovers right now, as is the gazebo at the Circle. Those who aren’t out under the light of the moon screwing around are up to trouble somewhere. A crowd broke into Frank’s. They’ve drunk every bottle. The wolves are too riled up themselves to do much about it. You have got to go.”


“Somewhere that’s safer for everyone until we can figure out how to deal with this little situation.”

“But I have no clothes, Bob. I can’t go anywhere. I’m naked.”

“Didn’t you say you bought a dress today?”

“It’s…” I was going to argue it was too fancy, but I could see on Bob’s face that he wasn’t having it.

“You can wear that, or join the other hundreds of naked people out there. Believe me, no one will say a thing. I will keep you safe no matter what you’re not wearing.”

In the end, I opted for the dress.

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