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Their Christmas Daddies by Shelly Douglas – Extended Preview

“It’s Christmas Eve, Daddy. Can you make up a holiday story tonight instead of reading one?” Jessie nagged, pulling on the hem of his soft denim shirt as he stood beside the bed.

Trent arched a brow at her before putting the glossy, hard-backed Christmas book down on the end table. “Okay, but I need to think about this for a minute.” He sighed and sat on the edge of the mattress while rolling up his sleeves. “I work on a ranch, you know, not in a children’s library.”

She giggled and leaned forward onto her elbows. “I just love when your eyebrow shoots up like that. It makes you look like my strict daddy.”

“Let’s get you snug under the covers, and I’ll try to create something festive in my mind. Would you like it to be a traditional cowboy tale?” he asked, helping Jessie get comfortable, fluffing a pillow for her.

“Yes, but no ghosts of Christmas past, please,” she mumbled, guiding him onto the bed next to her. “I still have nightmares about you-know-who.”

“Of course, I understand, sweetie. It hasn’t been that long since they locked Ben Levy’s ass behind bars.”

“Daaddy!” she yelped, covering her ears, her stomach clenching at the sound of her ex-boyfriend’s name. “I thought we weren’t going to talk about him anymore.”

Lovingly, he swept her strawberry blonde bangs to the side. “You know, baby doll, it’s never too late to see a therapist. I’ve done some research on women who’ve been kidnapped, and the professionals say it’s not something that ever leaves your subconscious.”

She raised a sardonic eyebrow. “Do you think discussing that creep before I go to bed is a good idea?”

“Okay, okay. You’re right. On with the story. Ahem. Let’s see. Once upon a time, there was a naughty little girl named Jessie who needed a spankin’ almost every day.”

Her forehead creased as she folded her arms. “I’ve already heard this one, and there’s not one festive element in it!”

“Now, now, just because I’ve started other bedtime stories this way, doesn’t mean this isn’t going to be an original.”

She loved how his eyes sparkled when he scolded her and her pussy spasmed under the covers at his stern tone. “Let me guess. Jessie’s last name was Reynolds, and she was married to the owner of a dude ranch,” she teased through a wide yawn, trying to egg him on.

“Not at all. This beautiful woman I’m going to tell you a story about was Santa’s daughter.”

Jessie peered up at him with a suspicious gaze. “Mr. and Mrs. Claus had a daughter? How would you know this?”

“Elf on the Shelf told me, and he knows everything.”

“Of course he does! He and his nosey friend, Mensch on the Bench are such gossips!”

His hazel eyes narrowed. “You’re interrupting my creative thought process with your snide comments. Would you like to go to sleep with a stinging hot bottom, or would you like to hear the story?”

“The story. Please continue,” she said, squirming under the sheets from his scolding.

“Well, word on the street has it that she grew up to be a successful attorney in Manhattan. But she missed having a daddy.”

“Why didn’t she stay at the North Pole? I’d always imagined that Santa and Mrs. Claus would’ve been model parents.”

“Of course they were. And she was raised to be an intelligent, independent lady.”

“Ahh. So, how did this work out for her? Wait… let me create a mental picture and help you out here. One day, she and her twin sister went on vacation to Arizona, and they both fell in love with the owners of a dude ranch.”

“Am I telling this story, or are you?” Trent admonished through a jagged grin before clearing his throat in an obvious attempt to look serious. “Jessica Nicole Reynolds, if you don’t button up that sassy mouth of yours, Daddy can’t concentrate on making up the tale.”

“Sorry, Daddy.”

“If my memory serves correctly, Jessie did marry the rancher and lived the life of a respected defense attorney by day, but when she would come home at night, her personality would switch to one of a little girl’s and she’d do naughty things to get her daddy’s attention.”

“Was Jessie pregnant? Because if she was, her daddy probably wouldn’t want to take her over his knee,” she baited through an exaggerated sigh.

“That’s true. But he’d done some research on other ways to discipline his badly behaved wife.”

Her eyes widened. “He sounds like a clever man. What kind of things was he able to do?”

He winked and gently lifted her chin with one finger to bring her face closer. “He would teach the inside of her bottom a lesson instead of the outside.”

“Just like my daddy used to punish me?” she said, a flush of heat creeping up her neck.

“Exactly, sugar. Because he always wants to make sure you feel safe and loved.”

She lifted her shoulders and dramatically crossed her arms. “Is that the end of the story? It’s definitely lacking in a few specific details.”

Reaching over to his nightstand, he pulled open the drawer and removed a tube of lubricant. While unscrewing the top, he raised an eyebrow and watched the dark pupils in Jessie’s cornflower blue eyes dilate. “If my little one needs more information, I’m happy to demonstrate how her daddy disciplined his naughty girl’s bottom.”

She gulped. “Nope. No need for a reminder. I’m good.”

“I think you’ve been needing some loving discipline. Am I right?”

Jessie’s brow furrowed. “What happened to your funny side, Daddy?”

“My sense of humor is just fine, thank you. But I have the feeling you need some extra attention, right now. So, come out from under those sheets and get on your hands and knees, please.” His tone was low and composed as he slathered his finger with lube.

“Right now?”

“Do you want to find out what happens if I have to ask twice, Jessica Nicole?” he warned in a stern tone.

After crawling out of the sheets, she crouched on all fours and looked over her shoulder.

“Cheek to the mattress,” he ordered softly, watching as she submissively rested the side of her face against the cool fitted sheet and lifted her ass. After raising her cotton nightgown, he quickly shimmied down her lace panties and ran his fingertip over her tight rosette. “Is my naughty one’s memory surfacing yet?”

“I remember, I remember!” Jessie groaned, bowing her back as she twisted her head in his direction. “Who could forget something embarrassing like this?”

“Maybe the same little lady who has forgotten how to reply respectfully to her daddy. What happened to yes, Daddy, and no, Daddy?”

She shut her eyes as he slowly inserted his finger into her quivering rosebud. “No, I haven’t forgotten, Daddy,” she eked out.

“Maybe the love of my life should be careful what she wishes for.”

“I’m soooo sorry for being sassy, Daddy!” she shrieked as he pulled his thick digit out of her pulsing anus, only to push it back in further.

“Are you feeling remorse for being so disrespectful tonight, or are you sorry you’re being punished?” Though his voice was stern, it was hard for him to hide the lopsided smile forming on his lips as he watched her cheeks redden from the humiliation of her position. “We both know there’s a difference, young lady.”

“Remorse,” she said, her tone just a bit more than a lilting murmur. “Is my punishment over? Can I come up for a hug, now?”

His grin was wide and wolfish as he playfully landed a swat on her bottom. “Pick up your panties while I go wash my hands.”

“Jesus, I can’t believe he still knows exactly what will embarrass the shit out of me,” she whimpered under her breath, adjusting the cotton gusset of her underwear.

He returned from the bathroom and pulled the covers up to her chin. “A good daddy always knows when his baby girl’s rear end needs undivided attention.”

“Have I mentioned how much I love my daddy who has the best hearing in the world?”

He softly kissed her forehead. “I love you more, Jess. Now try to get some sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day!”

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