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Their Human Captive: A Dark Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Maria Monroe – Extended Preview

After a few minutes, Tor speaks. “Let’s move on to the last part of your punishment, Willow.”

There’s more? I was positive—or at least very hopeful—that after that horrible paddling I’d be done. I definitely learned my lesson. And I’m not sure how much more my poor, sore bottom can take! Still, I dutifully rise off the bed and turn to face the men.

They’re standing next to a silver chair that wasn’t there before, or at least I hadn’t noticed it. There’s nothing special about it, but I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that, like many things on Luminar, there’s more to that chair than I can see at first.

“Come here, Willow.” Tor crooks his finger and gestures for me to approach.

I do, resisting the urge to reach behind and rub my sore bottom. Somehow, I instinctively know that wouldn’t go over very well.

“Commander Rex was kind enough to order this chair for you, Willow.” Tor gestures at it.

“Um, thank you?” I look up at Ballard, knowing there’s a trick in all this, something that I’m definitely not going to like.

“My pleasure.” Ballard smiles, but there’s a hint of menace on his usually kind face.

“It’s a special chair, Willow,” says Tor. “It’s used to punish naughty girls. You might be wondering how a chair can be used for punishment, so let me demonstrate.” He waves his hand over the chair and, to my shock and dismay, a plug-shaped protrusion rises out of the seat. “You can imagine, I’m sure, how sitting down on the chair now would be, well, slightly uncomfortable. Can’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” I mutter, my cheeks burning, my insides swirling at the thought.

“It can be programmed with different sizes and shapes, and is able to secrete lubrication as well as other substances. So. What do you think is going to happen now, Willow?” He gazes at me, his eyes intense, burning into mine.

“Um, I think you’re going to make me sit on it.” Is this happening? Is it at all possible this is just some terrible dream?

“We are. You’re correct, Willow. One of the best things about this is that it makes you participate in your own punishment. Do you see how that works?”

“Yes, Sir,” I repeat, understanding that, while the two men watch, I’m going to have to sit down, forcing the protrusion into my bottom.

“Good. How does the size look to you, Ballard?”

I look at the plug that rises from the seat of the chair. It’s probably six inches in length, narrow at the tip and base, but at least an inch and a half in diameter at the widest part.

“I think it looks good for the first time,” says Commander Rex.

“Very well. I’ll have it secrete some lubricant, and then we’ll have Willow sit down.”

He waves his hand over the chair and says, “Regular lubricant,” and I watch as the plug grows wet and shiny, the lubricant somehow materializing on it. “Have a seat, Willow.”

No. I can’t. Yet somehow I find myself walking to the chair and turning so I’m facing away from it. I look up at the two alien men, hoping for some last-minute leniency, hoping they’ll change their minds. But both faces are firm. Stern. And I know I have no choice.

I spread my legs slightly as I begin to lower my body, cringing as I feel the plug touch my bottom. I wiggle until it’s right outside my tight entrance, then pause, my legs shaking as I hold the pose.

“Lower yourself.” Tor’s voice is dark and low, almost a growl.

“Yes, Sir,” I whisper as I slowly, so slowly, inch myself down. The tip of the plug slides into the entrance of my tight hole, and I cringe at the intrusion. As I sit down little by little, the part of the plug stretching me open gets wider and wider, and I groan at the sensation, almost glad to sink all the way down, the plug buried inside my bottom.

“Feet up, please. To make sure it’s all the way in,” says Tor.

I raise my feet up, the plug plunging even deeper inside at the movement. “Oh, god,” I moan in dismay and discomfort.

“Very good. How does that feel, Willow?” Ballard tilts his head and gazes at me curiously.

“It hurts. And it’s uncomfortable and strange and really, really embarrassing.” But even as I speak the words, my clit tingles, something about these two alien men watching me impale myself like this turning me on beyond belief. And I can see, through their pants, the hard thickness of both men, indicating they, too, find this oddly hot.

“It’s all part of the punishment process. On Luminar, we find that adding humiliation to a painful punishment makes it exponentially worse. And therefore, more effective.” Ballard smiles at me as he explains, like he’s giving a lecture on climate change, not talking about how I have a hard object inside me right now.

“Willow,” says Tor, “I want you to stand up straight and sit back down again.”

Oh, no. Of course just sitting still wouldn’t be enough for his stern tastes.

“Yes, Sir,” I murmur, rising up slowly.


I use my quads to stand, the plug making a sucking sound as it’s released by my tight bottom.

“And now sit again. Quicker than last time,” Tor demands.

“I don’t know if I can…”

“Now, Willow. Or I’ll increase the size.”

I whimper as I lower myself once more, trying to do it smoothly and quickly, forcing my bottom to open for the horrible plug protruding from the chair. It sinks in and I groan loudly at the sensation.

“Good.” Tor nods his approval. “Ballard, how many times should we have her do that?”

“Ten?” Ballad tilts his head as he looks at me. “Ten would teach her a good lesson, I think.”

“I agree. Willow, ten times, please.”

Oh, god. I can’t do that! But do I have a choice? Knowing refusal isn’t an option, I stand, then lower myself once more.

“Count out loud so you don’t lose track,” commands Tor.

“One,” I mutter.

“Keep going. I want a nice quick pace.” Tor gestures for me to get up again.

And so I rise and sit, fucking my ass on the chair over and over again, finally beginning to cry at the seventh time, more from embarrassment than pain, though it does hurt. The outside of my bottom is still sore from the spanking, and now the inside hurts as well from this horrible intrusion I’m forced to participate in.

Around the sixth time, Ballard walks behind me, pulling the hair off my neck and breathing lightly on my flesh. Tor approaches from the front, taking my hands in his, squeezing as I use my legs to lift myself once more. My muscles burn, but my pussy clenches in sudden desire.

“Imagine,” whispers Ballard into my ear, his body so hot up against my back, “that it’s my cock sliding into your bottom over and over and over again.”

I moan as I lower myself, thinking about his giant hardness invading me from behind, pushing, stretching, hurting, but not so much that I couldn’t take it. I imagine Tor holding my hands while the other alien fucks my ass.

“What are you thinking?” Tor sees the desire in my eyes, and his are filled with equal desire.

As I sit on the plug again, I whisper, “I’m thinking about Ballard fucking my ass while you hold me down. Or maybe while your cock is in my mouth. That, Commander, is what’s on my mind.”

He growls as his eyes narrow. “Finish your punishment quickly, Willow. Two more. And don’t get up when you’re done.”

“Yes, Sir.” I force myself to open for the plug twice more, then rest, the object buried in my bottom.

“I need to taste you, Willow. I can smell your arousal, even though this is supposed to be a punishment.”

“Except,” interrupts Ballard from behind me, “we know that punishments seem to have unusual effects on Willow. Don’t they? Which is why Willow is of particular interest to me. In my study, of course.” With that, he makes notes on his holo keyboard.

Then Tor separates my legs, pushing my quivering thighs apart as he kneels in front of me. My pussy is drenched. From behind, Ballard’s fingers caress my neck, then explore farther, running along my collarbone and lower, finding my breasts and teasing a nipple, just hard enough to almost hurt.

With Tor between my legs, his tongue exploring and tasting and, finally, finding my clit, and Ballard teasing my nipples, and the plug buried deep inside me, I’m not sure I can survive the onslaught of sensations.

I give in, my head falling back, letting the two alien men touch me and taste me and please me. Nothing has ever felt like this. I’ve never experienced so much at the same time.

Tor’s tongue flicks over my ready flesh, licking between my folds, then focusing on my clit. He licks, then bites, gently but still I jump and moan. Ballard’s fingers lift from my body, and I look up in distress. My nipples need attention too! But he’s moving around, kneeling at my side, taking my left nipple between his lips and pulling, biting, teasing.

Two tongues are so much, one on my clit, one on my nipple, and I writhe on the chair, not even caring that I’m clenching around the plug. Being filled like this is hotter than I could have imagined. My body is charged, like electricity is running through it, the thrum of it getting louder and louder and more and more intense until I’m on the verge of explosion.

“I’m going to come,” I murmur, aware that I should tell the two men. This is still, technically, a punishment. Or is it something more? An experiment? Part of Ballard’s Compatibility study? I’m uncertain what’s going on, except that my body’s building higher and higher, closer and closer to climax.

“Should we let her come?” Ballard stops sucking on my nipple just long enough to ask, his voice light, conversational.

But before waiting for Tor’s response, I’m over the edge, my muscles contracting as my body climbs, soars, floats, then crashes, contracting as I scream.

It lasts forever. My eyes are closed, my head back, Tor still in front of me and Ballard at my side. At some point they move, help me stand, and I’m being lifted. One of them, though I’m not even sure which one because my eyes are still shut, lifts me easily into the air, lays me down on a couch, covering me with a blanket so soft it feels like a cloud.

I sleep. I don’t know how long. But when I wake up, I hear their voices, low in casual conversation, and smell the chai tea that someone’s set next to me on the table. When I sit up, both men rise from the chairs they’re on and approach, their eyes curious and concerned.

“Um, thanks for letting me rest.” It looks like they have questions for me, but I’m not sure what they want to hear.

Tor nods. “Sometimes physical sensations, even good ones, can wear the body out. You needed time to recuperate.”

“Is that for me?” I point at the tea.

Tor nods, and I pick up the mug, cradling it in my hands. The steam warms my face, the fragrant smell making me thirsty and hungry too. The creamy drink tastes better than anything; I’m not sure if it’s the situation or if Ballard’s MFD makes the best tea ever.

“Thanks! This is so good.” I sip again, smiling over the mug at the two men, both of them eyeing me curiously.

“You seemed to like that.” Ballard grins at me, but his head is tilted slightly in question.

“The tea? It’s perfect.”

He shakes his head. “Not the tea, Willow. That’s not what I’m talking about.”

“Oh. Oh! You mean… before?” I feel a blush crawl up into my cheeks.

He nods, a smile playing on his lips. He’s obviously enjoying seeing me squirm. “You are an interesting specimen for my study, and I took copious notes about what happened earlier.”

I blush. To be the subject of such examination is embarrassing. “It was… really intense. I’ve never felt so much at the same time, you know?”

He nods. “You know… we can make you feel so much more.”

My pussy clenches at the thought, at the possibility of what he’s suggesting. A relationship with both of these two aliens? Is that what he wants? Is it what I want? “But you don’t mind sharing?” I finally ask, unsure what else to say.

Both men move closer, pulling their chairs up so they’re within a foot or two of the couch. They sit facing me, both leaning forward and gazing into my face. The close proximity makes me slightly dizzy.

“You’re aware by now that it’s not uncommon for Luminar males to share a female, often as a wife even.” Ballard stares into my eyes, his deep and searching.

“Not that we’d consider a human…” begins Tor.

Ballard cuts him off, before he can continue what was obviously going to be a rude statement. “The women often find that, with two males to please her, she has so much more satisfaction than with just one. And we make sure that a woman’s emotional needs are met as well. Luminar men are not dissimilar, in some ways, from human men. We can be distant and moody, and with two of us around, a woman will always have the support she needs.”

I nod, trying to take it all in. I have no experience with men in any romantic sense at all. And it seems ludicrous that my first sexual experience would be with not just one but two alien men. But it’s undeniable, the pulsing between my legs. How wet I get when they punish me, and even more so when they touch me. How the orgasms I’ve experienced with them have far surpassed any fantasy I’ve ever had.

“You should know,” says Tor, interrupting my thoughts, “that Willow is a virgin.”

“Interesting…” Ballard tilts his head slightly and runs a hand through his somewhat unruly hair. His bluish, silvery skin glows. “You know, Willow, that we could make your first time the most exquisite thing you’ve ever experienced. And it would, of course, provide me with invaluable data for my study.” He’s talking about science, but desire—sheer want—clouds his eyes as he stares into mine.

My face burns, and I nod slightly, then look away.

“No.” He reaches out and lifts my chin so I’m meeting his gaze again. “Look at me, Willow. Believe me when I say that the pleasure you will receive at our hands will be unlike anything you’ve ever known.”

I think about his hands, how they’re so much larger than a human male’s hands. Tor’s too. How it would feel if they were touching my body to bring me pleasure instead of pain. How even during a punishment I got turned on beyond belief.

Tor stands, his large frame imposing, his swirling skin, bulging muscles. He says nothing but reaches out a hand. An offer. I know in this moment that I can say no. If I shake my head, there will be no consequences. Things will stay as they’ve been.

But I want this. Energy and excitement surge through my body. I reach out and take his hand. He leads me to the edge of the bed, and I stand still as they wait and watch, patient but desirous.

I take in the two aliens before me: Tor taller, bigger, harder. His muscles are taut, like he’s ready to attack but holding himself back. His eyes are dark, filled with desire and intention. And Ballard, his expression focused but with a hint of a smile on his face, his stance more casual but, like Tor, he looks ready to pounce.

“Lie down, Willow,” says Tor.

I do, the bed softer than cotton beneath me, the sheets smooth and cool, exquisite against my naked skin. I have no clothes on, but I don’t feel ashamed. The look in these two aliens’ eyes lets me know they see only my perfection. I’ve never seen so much desire in my life.

Tor climbs on top of me, caging me in with his arms on either side of my shoulders. When he kisses me it’s with his lips first, so gentle for a few seconds I can’t believe this is the same alien who can be so gruff. A low groan grows in his throat, and he bites my bottom lip, gently at first, then just hard enough so it almost hurts.

And then my mouth is his; he takes it, tongue and lips and teeth, hard and filled with so much want I can’t believe I’m doing this to him. Me, a stowaway from Earth. I know he hates me in some ways, still, for being here. For being a human. Yet in this moment, all that’s forgotten because he wants to fuck me more than he wishes I were gone.

His right hand lands on my hip, then travels up until he touches my breast, gently cupping it, then finding the nipple and toying with it between his fingers until it grows hard. I arch my back, a sigh floating from my lips. When he pinches, I moan, and as he increases the pressure I half scream. It hurts. But it sends shocks straight to my pussy.

“Does that hurt, then?” asks Ballard, though I’m pretty sure he already knows the answer. “When your nipple is pinched like that?”

“Yes,” I murmur. “It hurts so bad.”

“Did you feel it in your pussy, though, too?” His voice is low and quiet.

I nod. “Yes. I did.”

“So the pain brings you pleasure too?”

“Yes,” I say, though that notion is confusing. I know he’s taking notes, collecting my reactions for science, but I can hear, in his voice, that he’s not immune to being turned on.

My attention is back on Tor, because through his pants I can feel his cock, hard and thick, bigger than I thought possible. Panic tickles the pit of my stomach—it’s too big!—but I don’t want to stop. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want this. Right here. Right now.

Tor chuckles, a low sound. “It’s big, isn’t it, Willow?”

“Yes,” I whisper.

“Does that scare you?” He’s asking, but I know he already knows the answer.

“Very much, Tor. It’s too much… I don’t know if…” My words trail off.

“Oh, you will take it all, Willow. Every single inch of it, inside your tight, virgin pussy.”

I moan at his words, then moan even more as he takes my nipple in his mouth, sucking, biting lightly, until I’m writhing underneath him, his cock pressing into my thigh. I can feel his desire, in his breath and his movements and the way his hands are roving, exploring, discovering.

When his fingers graze between my legs, I jump, finally feeling the touch I’ve wanted for so long. His finger just barely skims over my throbbing pussy, and when he presses it on my clit my head falls back as I groan. This. Yes. This. And then he stops.

“I need to taste you again, Willow.” His voice is raspy. All I can do is nod as he slides down my body, pushing my legs farther apart, then exploring my wet folds with his fingers before finally, finally moving in with his tongue.

And my god. His tongue plays with my clit. Teases it. I close my eyes, head back, and let myself feel. It’s so good, and so impossible that such a light and tiny movement could make me feel so much.

“Tor,” I whisper. “Oh, my god.”

He goes a little harder, finding a rhythm that my body’s been screaming for. Next to me, the bed moves slightly as Ballard sits down. His lips on mine are gentler than Tor’s but no less exciting. He tastes me, explores me with his tongue. He moves lower, lapping at my nipples while Tor continues his work between my legs. I run my hand through Ballard’s hair, pull him back up to my lips, kiss him hard as the tension in my body grows.

“I’m going to come,” I whisper into Ballard’s mouth. “I’m going to come.” He bites my lip as my head arches back, and down below one of Tor’s thick fingers enters my pussy while his tongue keeps working my clit. It’s the first time anything’s been inside me, and even though it’s just his finger, and even though I’m dripping wet, the intrusion feels strange and painful, but oh so good.

My muscles grow taut, my legs bracing themselves, every inch of my body ready. Waiting.

“Come, baby,” whispers Ballard against my cheek. “Come for us.”

And I do, pleasure exploding throughout me as I breathe out, then in, then out with a moan that feels detached and foreign, like a wild animal or a wanton woman or someone that isn’t me. Except it is me, and my body is contracting and rocking and floating and I never, ever want to come down.

I had no idea. Are Earth men like this too? Or are Luminar men special? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I’ve never felt anything like this in my life.

“She’s soaking wet.” I hear Tor’s voice, and it brings me back to reality, to the bed I’m in with these two hot, alien men. “I think she’s ready.”

“Ready for what?” My voice is a throaty whisper as I look up at Tor, his eyes thick with desire, and then to Ballard, his face showing the same emotion as Tor’s.

“I know you’ve never been with a man before. I want to take you. Right here. Right now.” Tor touches my nipple, squeezing gently, then harder so I moan out in pleasure, pleasure that’s right on the edge of pain.

I can sense that he’s asking my approval, even though we both know he’s in control.

“Yes,” I whisper.

Tor climbs up my body, kissing my neck, his tongue darting out and caressing my hot skin. Then his lips are on mine, and they’re hungry, feasting. I feel his cock, hard as steel and pressing into my stomach. It’s huge, though I have nothing to compare it to, and panic surges through me for a second. How will it possibly fit inside me?

“I’m going to fuck you,” he rasps into my ear. “I’m going to put my cock in you and fuck you hard, Willow.”

“Please.” I close my eyes as my head falls back against the pillow.

He reaches between us to guide the head of his cock to my entrance, then pushes in just a little. My wet folds open for him, and I hold my breath for a second at the new sensation of something so large entering me. He waits for a moment before inserting himself a little farther, my pussy stretching to accommodate his enormous cock.

“Oh. Oh, god,” I moan.

“Am I hurting you?” He stops and gazes into my eyes, a hint, but just a tiny one, of concern on his face.

“Yes. No. I don’t know.”

Ballard strokes my hair, my cheek, comforting me as his friend and colleague inches his cock inside me.

“This will help,” whispers Ballard. He puts two of his thick fingers into my mouth. “Suck,” he instructs, and I do. When his fingers are wet, he removes them from my mouth and touches my clit, massaging and rubbing it gently as Tor pushes in more, his thickness forcing its way in.

Oh, it hurts, but the pleasure, the feeling of fullness is unlike anything I’ve experienced.

“A little more,” whispers Tor, and moves his hips quickly, impaling himself all the way inside of me.

“Ah!” I cry out, the sudden pain catching me by surprise. But as he holds still inside me, I grow used to the fullness of his cock in me, and after a few moments I start to writhe, wanting more, wanting him to move.

Ballard’s fingers continue to stroke my clit, while his other hand is entangled in my hair.

“I fucking love that you want this as much as I do,” says Tor, holding his giant cock still inside me. “She’s writhing against me now,” he says casually to Ballard.

“Does it hurt?” asks Ballard, his fingers still stroking me.

“Yes,” I whisper. “But it feels so good too.”

“Mmmm,” he murmurs. “Just as I suspected.”

Tor pulls his cock out just slightly, maybe an inch, and pushes it slowly back inside me. I moan, closing my eyes and rolling my head against the pillow.

“Look at her,” says Tor. “I think she wants me to fuck her now.”

“I think you’re right,” agrees Ballard. “Willow, do you want Tor to fuck you now?”

“I do.”

“Ask me,” says Tor. “Beg me for it, Willow.”

“I want it, Tor. Please.”

“What do you want? Be specific?” he demands.

“I want you to fuck me, Tor. Please. Please fuck me.” I’ve never uttered that phrase before in my life, but it feels right. It’s what I want, so badly I can hardly stand it. My pussy is positively throbbing with desire, my heart thumping, my mind swirling with sensation and want.

He growls, then pulls out, slowly, so slowly. He holds the head of his cock right at the entrance to my pussy for a second, then glides back in.

“Tor.” His name is a plea on my lips. I need this. I need more.

“Willow.” He pulls out, then pushes back in.

I groan in pleasure, writhing up against him, trying to get him to pick up the pace, but he’s relentlessly slow, on purpose, I know.

He moves quicker, fucking me harder, and his cock feels warm and like it’s vibrating. Then he pushes hard inside me and holds that position, his huge member filling me, stretching me. It’s emanating heat so I feel like I’m being warmed from the inside, and it’s vibrating, making the walls of my pussy tremble.

I want to ask him about that, but I can’t speak. I can’t do anything except focus on the pleasure that’s building up in me once more.

Ballard is still stroking my clit with his thick fingers, and I’m all wet and warm and vibrating. It’s almost too much to stand.

“Your pussy feels so good,” says Tor. “I want you to come again, human. Come for me.”

“I will. I am.” The walls of my pussy contract as the sensations grow. He’s vibrating as he fucks me harder and harder, faster and faster, and in seconds my body’s building again. All my muscles tighten, everything focused on the onslaught of feelings between my legs, the quick—oh, so quick!—rush of perfection as I cry out, coming even harder than before.

“Oh, god. Oh, my god.” I mutter words and phrases as the orgasm takes over my body, as I contract around his huge, hard cock, as I close my eyes, head back, body arching under his. “Oh, my god.”

He growls, slamming into me, and his cock throbs inside as his liquid fills me up. “Fuck,” he rasps. “Fuck, Willow.” He throws his head back, thrusting in, holding it for a second, then pulling out and thrusting in a second time.

Everything is hot and throbbing and wet and good, and when he collapses on top of me I know I’ve never felt anything like this in my life.

After a few moments, Tor rises off of me, covering me with a blanket after he gets off the bed. I shut my eyes, enjoying the pleasure of the warm comforter over my completely sated body. He returns a few minutes later, gently pulling the covers down and washing me between the legs with a warm towel, and then he tucks me in again.

I doze, the voices of the two hot alien men lulling me to sleep.

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