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Their Possession: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance by Vanessa Brooks – Extended Preview

Rising, she left the room and returned to the one originally allocated for her use. Stepping into the shower cubicle, she said, “Water on.” And waited.

Nothing happened.

“Turn on water.” Still nothing. “On!” she demanded.

Still nothing.

Studying the wall, she noticed a panel with a hand shape etched upon it. Placing her palm over it, warm water immediately cascaded down from above. A rack on the side wall held a tan-colored block, which when she grasped it with her wet hands, became slippery and scudded to the floor. Retrieving it and rubbing it between her palms, she guessed correctly that it was a substance used for washing.

Clean and refreshed, she replaced her palm over the panel and the shower ceased. “Dry,” she commanded, but as before nothing happened. Studying the cubicle, she could find nothing to indicate an option for turning on warm air. She looked out into the room and saw a large cloth hanging on a rail. Stepping out she reached for it and unfolded it, using the thick material to dry herself.

Rummaging through the various drawers in her bedroom she discovered clothing similar to the men’s, all worn tops and threadbare pants. She pulled out a top and what looked like half a body suit which she pulled up her legs. In the top drawer she discovered a comb and drew it through her tangled mane. With little choice but to leave her hair damp, she headed downstairs.

The meal was a fish wrapped in something they called a ‘pastry crust.’ It tasted divine, although her initial reaction had been to refuse to eat a dead fish. As soon as she’d sat down, she’d pushed the plate away from her, but Hudson had fixed her with a stern look. “Alisha.”

One authoritatively spoken word, with undertones of warning, gave her pause.

Knowing she had no option but to obey, she marveled anew at these men’s ability to command her. Sliding the dish back in front of her, Alisha picked up her fork and hesitantly took a morsel of the baked fish. After that initial taste, she ate every scrap on her plate.

“Finished?” Brett asked. “Come on, then.”

Looking up, she saw both men had risen to their feet. Reluctantly she stood and followed them from the room. Brett led the way down a passage to a door which he opened with a key. He stood back so Hudson and she could enter. Inside it was clean and utilitarian. A long, steel-legged table with a padded top took center stage while several medical pieces of equipment stood at various points about the room. It all looked extremely archaic to Alisha who was used to the Hive medical rooms where scanners were used for almost everything. Invasive practices and procedures were very rare, except when operations were necessary.

Instinctively she tried to edge her way back out of the room, but Hudson positioned himself in front of the doorway. A large hand settled on her shoulder, causing her to start.

“Jumpy, are we? There’s no need to worry, you know. I won’t hurt you,” Brett said reassuringly. “Take your clothes off and hop up on the couch, please.”

Slowly she did as he asked and removed her top and pants. As soon as she stood naked, her awareness of the two men intensified. She covered her mons with one hand and her breasts with the other. Shifting her gaze to Hudson she noticed his eyes held a glittering focus missing from moments before. Her breath caught in her throat; he’d looked at her that way before.

“Up you come!” Brett scooped her up and deposited her on the examination table. “Lie down and relax.” She lay down as instructed, but found relaxing out of the question. First, he rubbed his palms together as though to warm them and then he reached out to cup her head, then gently moved his fingers over her neck from front to back. “Just examining your lymph glands.” He flashed a reassuring grin at her and she smiled tentatively at him.

“All fine. Open your mouth, please.”

She did as he requested, watching as he selected a flat stick to depress her tongue. “Say ahhh,” he instructed, and she obeyed. “That’s a girl; looks good.” He winked at her and dropped his hands to her breasts, palpating the firm globes. She clamped her lips together to stop the moan that threatened to escape. Despite her intention to remain silent, a sigh escaped her as he plucked each nipple in turn.

“Oi, that’s no medical practice,” Hudson growled from the doorway.

“Actually, brother, it is. I’m testing to check if her nipples are free of lumps and that Alisha reacts normally to stimuli. You’ll be pleased to hear she does. Okay, moving down to the abdomen now.”

Large hands roamed over her stomach. “No pain or discomfort when I press here?” he asked.

She shook her head and murmured, “No.”

“What about here?”


His hands stroked down the outside of her thighs to her knees, which he bent then straightened. Warm hands slid down over her calves to her ankles, which he rotated in turn before moving on to examine each of her feet. “All good. I’ll check your reflexes when I sit you up later…but first I want you to lift your right leg, please.”

She did as he asked, but when he clasped her foot and moved it into a stirrup contraption, Alisha tugged her leg away.

“Hudson, get over here and calm Alisha down.”

Brett took her other leg and stretched it wide, locking it into the other raised stirrup. Panicking, Alisha attempted to sit up.

“Hush, sweetheart, no one’s gonna hurt you,” Hudson murmured. “Let Brett check you over to ascertain all is well, and then you can get up.”

Hudson’s indulgent tone did nothing to soothe her. “N-no!” She struggled against the restraints until a stinging slap landed upon her flank.

“I don’t want to spank you, but if you push me, I will. Understand?” Brett’s voice had taken on that tone she’d come to recognize in both the men when they meant business. Settling back, she allowed Hudson to settle her by rubbing her shoulders and arms. She closed her eyes. What was it about their deep voices that beguiled her?

Lips brushed her forehead, and she sighed.

Suppose they know by looking at me that I’m enjoying their hands on me? I feel wanton. They’ve… changed me.

“I am going to examine your anus,” Brett instructed. “Just take deep, slow breaths and relax.”

His fingers slipped over her folds, moving over her sex and down to where her private hole was exposed. She clenched against his touch.

“Relax, this will feel strange, but it won’t hurt.” Fingers stroked and gently probed inside her passage. She squeezed her eyes tight shut with humiliation. It felt odd to have something moving and touching her inside there.

“This isn’t painful is it, Kitten?” Brett asked.

“N-no. Just embarrassing,” she murmured.

“All feels quite normal. I’ll just wash my hands. Hudson why don’t you reward our good girl?”

Lips descended to her mouth while hands tweaked and tugged her already swollen nipples.

“Already to continue?”

Hudson withdrew at Brett’s question and she nodded. “Okay.”

“I’m going to begin by feeling around your groin for lumps and bumps, then I’ll examine your sex, labia, clitoris, and vagina,” Brett explained.

Light pressure on her sex caused her to suck in her breath. Knowing Brett’s intention wasn’t to arouse her, she felt guilty that his touch ignited such shivers of desire, creating a pulsing within her channel. Slickness formed which she knew he would discover. Mortified, she snapped her eyelids closed again so she wouldn’t witness any knowing looks that might pass between the brothers.

Fingertips traced the contours of her labia in a purely professional manner and yet it excited her too. She bit the inside of her cheek to suppress any unseemly sounds of pleasure.

“I think our little girl is enjoying this,” Brett said, and she shrunk into herself, mortified.

“Hell, I know I am,” Hudson replied huskily.

“She’s very wet, which will help the next part of the exam. Kitten, I’m going to put my hand inside you to examine you internally. After that I’m gonna use a rather old fashioned, but effective, piece of equipment called a speculum to look at your cervix.”

She merely nodded, not trusting herself to speak. His hand brushed over her labia and then she felt pressure on her clit and squirmed. Despite her resolution to remain silent a soft gasp escaped.

“Do you need to come, baby?” Brett asked indulgently.

She felt flushed and nodded wordlessly.

“Let me finish the exam, then we’ll see to your needs. But right now, it’ll go easier for you if you remain excited and wet. Afterwards we’ll give a lovely orgasm as a reward for being such a good girl, all right?”

Alisha nodded, tucking her bottom lip under her teeth as his fingers swiveled in her juices. Then she felt him slip them inside her channel and explore the walls of her vagina.

Dear Tech, but that feels good!

When he withdrew his hand, which left her bereft and throbbing with need, something cold edged between her folds. Alisha attempted to shift her hips back in an attempt to avoid the invasive instrument.

“Hudson…” Brett called.

Immediately Hudson leaned over her, lips pressed against hers. She was glad of it, his caressing mouth both distracting and arousing her further. Desire flared into full blown desperation for more, her body seeking release from the pent-up tension which pulsed deep within her core. Even the strange sensation of her vagina being opened by whatever this speculum contraption was added fuel to her passion. After a few moments there was a loosening and a gliding feeling from within, and then the instrument slipped away.

Hudson’s hands dropped to her breasts, his tweaking and rolling of her pebbled nipples caused her body to hum with need.

“Good girl. You’ve suffered no damage from your first time,” Brett assured her. “Everything looks perfectly healthy. You can have sex whenever you want to—so long as it’s with us, of course.”

She took Brett’s words as a caution. Unable to focus on anything other than the two men now touching and kissing her, she gave herself over to their sexual prowess.

Brett settled his head and shoulders between her splayed thighs. His hands slid under her buttocks. Lifting her sex, he licked the length of her divide, the pad of his thumb circling rhythmically over her aching clit. It felt wicked, wonderful, unbearably good. Hudson withdrew his lips from hers, and she whimpered at the loss.

“Swap,” he said. The two men crossed to the opposite ends of her body. Brett’s mouth descended on hers, his tongue spearing between her lips.

Hudson now sucked on her clit, causing a surge of desire. So good…

A familiar coiling tightened her womb, presaging a tide of bliss. She moaned gutturally against Brett’s lips. Then the pressure between her legs stopped and she keened with disappointment.

“Shush, it’s all right, honey. I’m gonna claim you now,” Hudson crooned huskily. “My big cock will fill that tight little pussy and stroke it jus’ fine. Don’t worry, I’ll soon give you what you need.”

Sure enough, the blunt head of his large member pressed against her opening. Unlike the previous time with Brett, there was no discomfort, only the amazing sensation of being filled and deliciously stretched. He was joining with her and it felt so very good. With Brett now suckling her sensitive nipples which tightened into pointed little buds, and Hudson’s cock gliding in and out of her pussy, she crested. Between them they took her into a blissful overload. She writhed against the men as they held her tight, impaled at one end and anchored at the other, igniting a desperate fervency for more.

Brett shifted and something pressed against the seam of her lips which opened under pressure of penetration. Her eyes widened as her mouth was eased open by his solid shaft. It felt similar to the way her pussy was being filled and stretched by Hudson’s cock. Despite her surprise at this strange, and unexpected development, she eagerly wrapped her tongue around the thick intrusion, savoring the texture and the smooth, silky feel of Brett’s rock-hard length. Her tongue explored the pulsing vein that ran the length of the shaft, up to the smooth head where a tiny open slit leaked salty fluid which she lapped up. Brett took control of her movements by gathering up her long hair and fisting it about his hand, guiding the slide of her lips up and down at a steady pace.

The men pounded into both ends of her body, their male scent a powerful aphrodisiac which combined with the salty masculine taste of Brett’s cock, exciting her. The demanding pace at which the brothers pumped into her caused a tantalizing build of pleasure until she felt something was about to burst deep inside her.

Brett’s cock swelled in her mouth. He let out a husky cry and jetted warm fluid down her throat which she swallowed. After a moment Brett withdrew, and, lowering his lips to hers, he kissed her.

Hudson thrust hard up into her core, the pressure driving her to a point where she felt if something didn’t give soon, she might be consumed by desperation. Then a touch swirled against her clit, detonating a maelstrom of molten release deep inside her. With a desperate cry, she flew. Uttering a breathless gasp, she gently floated away, dreamily, into a haze of utter contentment.

“That’s our girl,” Hudson said.

Then sleep overcame her.

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