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Their Wild Little Girl by Shawna Hunter – Extended Preview

Their Wild Little GirlThey got to Marcus’ car and he held the door for Elizabeth. Jessica was the only person to follow them that far. Marcus noticed the staff members watching them from the window but no one dared exit until Elizabeth was safely away. Marcus recalled how it had taken an hour to get Elizabeth into the Jeep at the work site, how they’d had to sedate her to get her on the plane, and how she’d awoken on the trip from the airport to the clinic and nearly caused them to crash on the highway. He watched her carefully as she looked at the car. If she had an incident here, now, the project was doomed. Elizabeth approached cautiously but climbed into the car without a fuss. Marcus breathed a sigh of relief as he closed the door. He turned and regarded Jessica, who had the same look of relief on her face.

“Get our girl home safe,” Jessica said to him.

“I will, Jess. This is happening and it’s going to work.”

“Only if you stay firm.”

“I know.”

He gave Jessica a friendly hug before climbing into the car. Elizabeth pretended to be fascinated by the glass window but Marcus had seen the car bounce. He knew she’d been watching him say goodbye to Jess.

“We’ll see her soon, Elizabeth,” Marcus said softly.

“I know,” she replied casually.

He started the car and Elizabeth’s eyes went wide. She put her seatbelt on and gripped it tight.

“You remember seatbelts?”

“Safety first,” she replied in a shaky voice.

“I’ll drive slowly and we’re not going far.”

She turned and offered him a reassuring smile. “I trust you.”

“Thank you, Elizabeth,” he said casually.

They drove the six blocks to Marcus’ apartment with little conversation. Elizabeth, desperate to distract herself from the sight of passing cars through the windshield, had discovered the knobs on the car stereo. She was busy experimenting with the different stations and volumes when Marcus pulled into his parking space.

“We’re here.”

She looked up at the twenty-story apartment complex and gasped, “You live here?”

Marcus chuckled.

“Well, I live in an apartment here, not in the whole thing, but we’ll only be here a few nights and then we’ll go somewhere more private.”

Elizabeth didn’t exit the car until Marcus walked around and opened the door for her. He led her in through the lobby and stopped at the elevators. When they opened the doors, there were twenty people in the small car, all staring at Elizabeth as though the heavily muscled blonde were a sideshow attraction. She gripped Marcus’ arm and did not want to enter the cramped car.

Marcus sighed. “We can take the stairs if you prefer, but I’m on the twelfth floor.”

She looked back at the elevator, sheer terror in her eyes, and said, “We can do it.” He took her to a stairwell that was completely deserted and prepared himself for the steep climb.

By the time they reached his floor he was winded and trying hard not to let it show. Elizabeth had no trouble climbing the stairs and seemed excited to see his apartment. He led her into the reasonably sized one-bedroom and closed the door. He turned on the lights and took off his shoes as she looked around excited. To his relief she seemed satisfied with the clean, egalitarian space. Then he realized that he was being too lenient and moved quickly to remedy the error.

“Elizabeth, shoes.”

Elizabeth stopped and looked down at the flip-flops she still wore. Sheepishly she returned to the entrance and quickly placed her flip-flops next to Marcus’ shoes.

“Sorry,” she said, her chin against her chest as she stood before him.

“You’re going to have to stay in,” he said, tipping her chin up to make her look him in the eye. “At least until it’s time to go to your house; it’ll be safer that way, understand?”

She nodded at him. “Don’t leave the apartment, can’t hurt people, safer that way.”

“Good girl,” he said.

He gave her a tour of the small space, explaining simple things as he went. He explained the basics of using the toilet, turning the lights on and off, what to do if the phone rang, how to close the refrigerator, how to work the television and microwave, and as he did, she seemed to grow more and more annoyed. Finally he tried to explain how the sink worked and she stormed over to the cabinets, went through them until she found a glass, and filled it without instruction.

“I remember houses,” she complained. “I can’t talk well but I’m not stupid.” she said. pouting as she flopped down on the couch.

“I’m sorry, Elizabeth,” Marcus began. “I didn’t realize you remembered so much. That’s very good.” He grew more serious. “But you forgot something.”

She put the glass down and looked up at him, worried.

“What I forget?”

Marcus’ face grew dark. “You forgot to ask before taking,” he said, holding up a finger, “and you forgot that Marcus goes first.” He held up a second finger, the same two he had first used to penetrate her in the jungle.

Her eyes fell to the floor. “I’m sorry, sir, I was just excited,” she said.

He moved toward her. “That’s alright, Elizabeth, but you can’t act without thinking, you’re an adult now.”

She nodded.

“I also have a few special rules for you, understand?”

She looked up, curious. “I obey,” she said after a moment.

“Good, Elizabeth,” he said, happy that her time in the center hadn’t caused her to forget her promise. “First, I want you to always ask me before taking or doing anything until I tell you you’re ready for that to change.”

She nodded again and he stepped around in front of her.

“Second, “ he said, taking her hands and guiding her to her feet, “when we’re alone, just the two of us in private away from other people like we are now,” he gestured around the apartment to emphasize his point, “I don’t want you wearing any of these unless I tell you to,” he said, tugging on her top.

She smiled knowingly and began to strip the clothes from her body. As he watched her, he wondered how much she truly understood about their interactions. She seemed very aware of the nature of his intentions, but could he be certain of her consent? When she was naked, he directed her to kneel and she did without hesitation.

“Jessica tells me you told her about what we’ve done,” he began, “is this true?”

She looked up. “Y-yes, sir and… she told me what you and her did.”

Marcus was burning with curiosity. “What did she tell you, Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth seemed nervous, like she was telling a secret she shouldn’t.

“Answer my question.”

She flinched slightly. “She told me that you had s-sex with her many times. She explained sex and other things about girls.” She placed her hand on her vagina and Marcus took this as some form of emphasis.

“What things about girls?”

“Things that she said I need to know.” She looked up, worried. “Will I be naked when I bleed? Jessica said that’s bad.”

Marcus considered. He hadn’t really thought about that. “No, you’ll wear underpants and the things you need for that when it happens,” he replied, trusting that Jessica would help fill in the rest. He wasn’t particularly comfortable with the topic, though he wondered what Elizabeth thought of it. In the jungle it may have caused her no end of grief. Before he could ask, however, Elizabeth spat out another question.

“Jessica said you and she did many things. You spanked her too, she tasted you too, she even said you put your p-penis in her butt?”

Marcus smirked as the girl struggled with the language. “Yes, that’s called anal sex, it’s a bit painful for some but others like it.”

Elizabeth looked petulant. “Can we do that?”

Marcus forgot his earlier train of thought. “Why?” he asked.

“Because you did it with her.”

“Do you want me to do everything with you that I’ve done with Jessica?”


“What else has she told you we’ve done?”

Elizabeth thought quickly. “Jessica says you and she have done it with other people and even made videos for people to watch.”

Marcus’ grin broadened at the memory of his sexual exploits with Jessica. She loved to experiment and push boundaries. He was a little surprised that Jessica would take the risk of revealing this all to Elizabeth, but she likely thought that no one would believe Elizabeth should she repeat it.

“These are complex things, Elizabeth.”

“I’ll learn. I want to try.”

“You seem very eager.”

“I want what Jessica had. I want to do everything she got to do!”

“Are you jealous of her?”

“No. I’m happy she got to have fun, but I want to have fun too.”

“Many people think that kind of fun is bad.”

“Many people think I’m bad.”

“Do you think you’re bad?”

“No, and I don’t think fun is bad. I want to try it. We’re alone, no one will know!”

Marcus shot his hand forward and gripped her hair firmly. She was surprised by his action but didn’t react with hostility. She shrank back, making him pull her hair harder to keep her where she was.

“I’m sorry. I just want it.”

Marcus sighed and relaxed his grip. “I promise we’ll do everything together that Jessica and I have done and more.”

Her fear gave way to an excited smile.

“But we’ll do it when I say. I don’t want you to whine when you don’t get your way. Act up like that again and you will be punished.”

Elizabeth looked back defiantly, despite his grip on her hair. “Punished how?”

Marcus couldn’t resist the bait. “Crawl into the bedroom. Elizabeth,” he ordered and she obeyed after only a moment’s hesitation.

Marcus removed his belt and then followed Elizabeth.

“Kneel next to the bed,” he said as he walked over to the closet to remove the chest of toys he kept there. He’d never thought he’d be the type to have such a thing, but Jessica and he had built a collection during their on-again periods and he’d never had reason to complain.

“When you are alone with me, you will obey me,” he began, lecturing her.

“I always obey you,” she replied.

“Correct, but if you resist, whine, or refuse, I will punish you, understand?”

“Why?” she asked.

“To train you. I will teach you how to live in the world but also how to live with me. You want that, don’t you?” he asked her.

“I want to be with you.”

“You want me to be happy?”

“Yes, I want to make you happy,” she said eagerly.

“That’s good, Elizabeth,” Marcus responded, turning back toward her with what he had taken from the chest. “Doing what I say makes me happy, disobeying me or acting like a spoiled brat does not. When you do these things, I will punish you and you will learn what does or does not make me happy, understand?”

Elizabeth sat up straighter, looking curiously at the objects he held. “I do what you say to be an adult and to make you happy. I will be punished for being bad,” she replied, summing up his points without parroting them.

“And you won’t tell anyone about what we do in private, understand?”

She looked up at him. “Not even Jessica?” she asked.

Marcus considered this. “You can tell Jessica so long as no one but her or me hears,” he said finally. “You will also obey Jessica as you do me but I always come first, understand?”

Elizabeth thought hard, then nodded. “Marcus first, then Jessica…” she began.

“Then Elizabeth,” he said, finishing her thought, “no one else, understand?”

“Yes,” she said. Then, unable to contain her curiosity anymore, blurted out, “What are those?”

Marcus held up the things he had removed from the chest. “These are some of the things I will use to reward or punish you.”

He showed her the nipple clamps, paddle, and lube he had taken from the chest. She looked at them without fear but with a certain excitement that displayed more understanding than he would have expected.

“Some will hurt, some will feel good, and some will do both,” he continued as he squatted down before her.

“Put your hands behind your head,” he said softly and she complied.

He attached the nipple clamps a little too hastily. He was letting his excitement get to him. “Ouch!!” she cried, moving her hands from her head.

“Don’t touch,” he ordered. “They’ll stay on until I say they can come off, understand?”

“Yes… sir,” she said in a resigned voice.

“Good girl,” he said, standing back up, “now lean forward and put your bottom in the air,” he instructed and again she complied, the chain on the nipple clamps brushing against the floor as they swung back and forth.

“I’m going to spank you again,” he explained, “just like by the stream. I’m going to slap your bottom, but this time with a paddle.”

Elizabeth’s hips squirmed and he gave her a few warm-up smacks.

“Do you understand why I’m doing this?”

“Because I was whining?”

“Are you asking me or telling me?”

“I am being spanked because I was whining.”

Marcus began spanking her in earnest.

“Do you enjoy this?”

“Yes, sir!”

“You enjoy being punished?”

“I like being spanked.”


“It makes me warm… down there.”

“This is meant to be a punishment.”

“Oh, is it?”

Marcus stopped for a moment. The response was totally Jessica’s style. It was the same taunting tone Jessica used when she wanted things harder.

“Do you want more?” he asked her.

“Yes, sir.” Her excitement changed her tone.

Marcus shook off the eerie similarity and began spanking Elizabeth harder with the paddle until her ass began to flush a dark pink.

After about ten slaps she blurted out, “Is this what you did to Jessica’s butt?”

Marcus stopped spanking and put the paddle aside. “No, Elizabeth,” he said as he picked up the lube. “For that I put something in Jessica’s butt. Do you want me to do that to you?”

Elizabeth pressed her chest harder into the carpet and raised her butt higher. “I want to try everything Jessica has,” she insisted.

Marcus leaned down and began massaging Elizabeth’s firm, muscular buttocks while he explained the mechanics of the act. She listened intently, swaying her hips as he lubed her tight hole and slowly eased a finger inside, loosening her. Then he removed his clothes quickly and directed Elizabeth to lie down across the bed. If he hadn’t been fully erect from spanking her, the view of the toned woman lying across his bed would have brought him to attention. He positioned himself behind her and gently massaged his length between her cheeks. Elizabeth pressed her cheeks together with her hands, sandwiching his cock between them.

“Do you want me to stop?”


“Then why are you pressing your bum?”

“Jessica said you’d enjoy it.”

“Oh, really?”

After a moment he lined up his shaft with her hole and began to ease his thick cock into her virgin anus. She groaned and resisted at first but he cooed to her and massaged her and gradually, inch by careful inch, she accepted his length. Then he began to pump her. He went slowly at first, but his thrusts grew ever harder.

“It burns!” she complained.

“It’ll get easier with time,” Marcus gasped as he enjoyed her tight, tight hole. “Then it’ll start to feel good.”

“It already feels good,” she moaned as she pressed herself against him to meet his thrust. “It just burns, but in a good way.”

“Just like Jessica said it would?”

“She didn’t tell me how it would feel.”

“What did she tell you?”

“To try it and find out.”

He eased his hand around her hip and began to tease her clit as he pumped her ass harder.

Jessica had some explaining to do. Now, however, he had more important things to think about. Elizabeth moaned and bucked, surrendering herself to the overwhelming sensations. He was being rougher than he should have been for her first time. Jessica’s intervention had fired his emotions and he was taking it out on Elizabeth. Elizabeth didn’t seem to mind, however; she was all but foaming at the mouth as he felt her orgasm. He followed suit, groaning with pleasure as he climaxed inside her. She groaned and shuddered with the unusual sensation as he finished. Her tight muscles forced him out as a dribble of his cum leaked from her. She yelped as the head of his penis was ejected from her with a slight popping sound.

“Go to the bathroom and clean yourself,” he instructed. As she stood up to scurry over, he grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him. He kissed her long and deep, then smiled. “You did very well, Elizabeth, you made me very happy.”

She beamed and practically skipped off to refresh herself.

As he waited for her, Marcus resolved to spend the week teaching her the etiquette they would use. He would use rewards and punishments to teach her language, social skills, and service. He wasn’t sure how just yet, but he knew that Jessica had begun Elizabeth’s education early. He now aimed to make up for lost time.

Marcus slept well that night, but Elizabeth was clearly restless. Her room at the center had been small, with an uncomfortable cot bearing only a thin mattress, light pillow, and a sheet. Compared to that, his modest queen-sized bed must have felt absolutely luxurious. Regardless, the young woman seemed troubled. At about 4:00 in the morning, a passing siren and a quick yelp had woken him and he found Elizabeth standing in the moonlight staring out the window at the city below.

She looked magnificent, hard muscle and feminine grace perfectly mixed in the gentle white light from the stars. It took him a moment to break the spell and realize that Elizabeth was panicked. Below, the city that never slept answered the sky above with star light of its own. Millions of street lights, neon signs, and car lights vanquished the shadows with their sickening glow. The siren had come from a fire truck responding to some minor emergency a few blocks away. Elizabeth watched it speed through the streets as though the far-off truck was an immediate threat to her. Marcus approached cautiously. “Elizabeth?” Carefully he reached out to her.

She turned on reflex and kicked him hard in the stomach, knocking him back onto the bed. Winded and afraid, but fighting not to show it, Marcus fought to keep from wheezing. “Elizabeth, what’s the matter?”

She turned to him reluctantly, as if only just realizing what she’d done.

“Fire!” she said in a panic, “everything’s on fire!”

Marcus sat up awkwardly, still hurting from the kick.

“No fire, Elizabeth,” he said calmly. “No fire, just lights, just like the ones in here. You’re safe.”

Elizabeth jammed her finger into the glass of the window, pointing at the truck that had stopped two blocks away. “Fire truck! Fire truck mean fire! Fire danger!”

Marcus cautiously approached her again. “Fire trucks come for injuries too, and they put out fires. Even if that building has a fire, it won’t spread to this building.”

Elizabeth turned to him, fear still glued to her face. “It won’t come here?” she asked in a desperate voice.

Marcus put his arms around her. “No, Elizabeth, it won’t come here and if it does, we’ll put it out.”

She relaxed slightly in his arms and he held her there as she slowly stopped trembling. After a while she looked up at him but her eyes were distant, as though reliving an event from long ago.

“Fire, fire is very bad. You have to watch it. You have to keep it away from things, near dirt or it goes everywhere and comes after you.”

Marcus realized that Elizabeth’s time in the jungle had likely been an ordeal of trial and error. It hadn’t occurred to him, however, what those errors would have done to her mind. “You made a mistake once? You lost control of the fire?”

Elizabeth nodded. “Trees fell down, had to run, couldn’t go back to… to the plane for many nights.”

Marcus guided her back to the bed. “We learn from our mistakes,” he said, holding her close as she began to relax. “We’ll be careful with fire.”

Elizabeth held tightly onto him for another hour before finally drifting back to sleep.

At 8:00 a.m., Marcus’ alarm sounded with a repetitive screech. Elizabeth jumped out of bed screaming and smashed the device with one strike, nearly splitting the end table with it.

Marcus rubbed his eyes sleepily. “Well, okay, we’ll have to work on how to use buttons,” he said with a good-natured smile, “but first, let me introduce you to the joys of coffee and breakfast.”

Elizabeth smiled sheepishly and followed him. When he entered the bathroom, she walked right in with him.

Marcus looked at her and smiled. “Boundaries, Elizabeth, you should leave people alone in the bathroom.”

She looked at him, annoyed. “You hurry!” she barked. “I need use,” and she pointed at the toilet.

“Don’t make me punish you again before I’ve had my coffee, Elizabeth. You won’t like it.”

She relented, but kept her gaze fixed on him.

Marcus pulled his cock out of his underpants and began to pee as Elizabeth stood there staring at him. He noticed her gaze and grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll wash it before I have you put it in your mouth.”

She made a playful ick face and pulled him away when he had finished. She pushed him to the door, laughing, and said, “Privacy.”

He pointed at the sink. “Always wash your hands,” he chided her and she looked at the sink and back at him. Her voice was more pleading and she began squirming back and forth like a child. “Hurry,” she pleaded. He washed his hands quickly and left her to her business.

In the kitchen he began brewing coffee and laid out the cream and sugar so that Elizabeth could experiment with what she liked. Then he got out a frying pan and shouted down the hall to Elizabeth. “I don’t suppose you remember breakfast foods much, do you?”

Elizabeth was quiet for a second then yelled back “Pancakes!” in an excited voice.

He heard the toilet flush and the sink run, and then she was bouncing up and down at his side. “Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!” she said. He chuckled at the display.

“I think I’ve got some pancake mix here, but I’m not really good at making them.” Elizabeth was undeterred. “Syrup?” she said in a high-pitched yip.

“Yes, I have that,” he replied. “It’s in the fridge. Why don’t you try some coffee and then I’ll…”

She pushed past him and threw the fridge door open. She found the maple syrup and pulled it free as though it was precious to her. She opened the lid and drank a mouthful from the container. “I wanted for so long,” she said wistfully.

He smiled at her, realizing just how much she must have missed. “You liked pancakes when you were smaller?” he said, employing the terms she used to refer to herself before the plane crash.

“I loved pancakes,” she corrected him. “Soft and fluffy and floating in syrup. I wanted them so much, but they don’t grow or run in the jungle.”

“No, they don’t,” he said, choking up. “I’ll make you some.”

He got out the things he needed and began mixing batter. Elizabeth stood watching him with a look of pure glee on her face. He put the pan on the stove and scooped out the batter.

“Thicker,” she instructed him, and he added a little more batter.

As he cooked, she would chime in with little bits of advice like “flip now” and “that one’s done!” The girl she had been before the crash shone through in that moment and Marcus resolved to make up for all the things happenstance had taken from her.

They went to the living room with their pancakes and Marcus’ coffee. Elizabeth had taken a sip and promptly spat it out, opting instead for orange juice as they sat down to eat and watch TV. Marcus was too emotional and let the spitting slide. He flipped through the channels offering cartoons and children’s shows that may appeal to Elizabeth’s lost youth, but Elizabeth insisted on the news.

“I miss things,” she’d replied when asked, “but I still grew up. I’m an adult and I want to learn adult things.” Marcus simply nodded in understanding and they sat eating their breakfast and discussing news stories as Marcus explained the details as best he could. Elizabeth didn’t understand much in the ways of politics or finance but proved to be an excellent judge of character. She could easily read someone’s emotions from their body language and frequently complained about this or that public figure lying. Marcus was impressed by her ability to read people and quickly realized that her intellectual growth was not as stunted by her time in the jungle as he had originally thought.

The next few days passed in much the same way with Elizabeth practicing English with flash cards and slowly learning the ins and outs of modern life. Marcus refrained from sexual activities with her aside from a kiss or a slap on the bum when she succeeded or failed at a given task. On Thursday Jessica called to check in and Elizabeth answered the phone. “McRoberts residence, Elizabeth speaking,” she said politely.

“Elizabeth? Wow, it’s Jessica, you’re answering the phone?” Jessica said in astonishment.

“Jess! Did I do it right? We’ve been practicing,” Elizabeth replied earnestly.

“You did fantastic!” Jessica replied. “Can I speak to Marcus for a moment?”

“Sure thing,” Elizabeth replied then, clearing her throat and adopting a playful professional voice, “one moment, please.”

Elizabeth handed the phone to Marcus, who had been watching the exchange with a smile.

“Hey, Jess, what’s up?”

“I’m stopping by at three o’clock to check on your new secretary and you,” Jessica replied happily. “Just wanted to know if you needed anything?”

Marcus thought about it. “Pancake mix for sure and maybe some candy. Lizzy seems to have a sweet tooth.”

Jessica laughed. “Oh God, you gave her sugar? I’m amazed you’re still alive. Alright, I’ll bring her faves… see you at three.”

Marcus looked at the clock; it was 1:30 p.m. He turned to Elizabeth. “Jess is coming over in a bit, you’ll need to put clothes on.”

Elizabeth looked a bit disheartened. “I thought Jess was…” she struggled to find the right expression, “part of this,” she finished.

Marcus kissed her forehead. “She is, but she wants you dressed for now.”

“Okay,” Elizabeth said with a shrug and went to put her clothes on. They were wrinkled from lying in a heap and she looked somewhat less sensual with them on. It was all he could do not to rip the fabric right back off her body.

Marcus looked her over with a smile. “Maybe Jess and I should take you shopping tomorrow,” he said at last. “If you can behave.”

Elizabeth hopped over to him and put her hands gently on his cock through his pants. “I’ll do my best,” she said with a wink.

Marcus gave her a soft pat on the bum. “Have you been watching late night TV again, young lady?” he said playfully.

She blushed. “Well, you sleep so much,” she complained.

“We’ll just have to do more to tire you out then,” he said, pressing her against the wall and kissing her again as he felt her hard, muscular body beneath the in-the-way fabric. Then he pulled away and she looked disappointed.

“First, however, we’ll need to get you cleaned up,” he said, leading her to the bathroom.

“Take your clothes off,” he instructed as he started the shower and began to undress.

“On, off, make up your mind!” she complained.

He turned to her, stroking his erection as she stared hungrily at him. “Do you want to shower with me or not?” he asked.

She was naked in an instant and pressing him against the shower wall. She only pulled back when her back and butt started to turn red from the hot water.

“Too hot,” she giggled and turned around to turn on the cold tap. As she bent down, he pressed against her backside.

“Way too hot,” he said with a grown as he rutted against her.

Elizabeth adjusted the knobs to her liking as she pressed her hips against Marcus. Then he pulled her to standing and reached around her for the body wash. As the shower cascaded over them both, he ran his soapy hands across her body. He took his time, tracing every curve and massaging her hard muscles. She breathed heavily and leaned against him. He turned her to face him and they kissed hard and fierce, pressing their bodies against each other. He had taught her to shower on the second day after he had shown her how to shave and groom herself to his liking, but they had not showered together like this. He had been content to watch and enjoy the sight of her as water ran across her body. Now he had a new lesson for her.

He pushed her back against the wall and began kissing down her body, sucking the water from her nipples and licking at her navel before finally coming to rest on his knees. He gently guided her legs apart. Her clit was distended slightly, as happened with a muscular build like hers, so it was easy for him to find. He gently licked at it and sucked on it as he slid his fingers inside of her. She gasped in astonishment as he worked on her. Her hands ran through his hair as she lifted her hips to provide him access. He marveled at her instincts before realizing that this likely had more to do with Jessica.

“I thought… I thought…” She struggled to form the sentence as he worked.

He leaned his head back and said, “I will taste you if I want to, now be quiet and enjoy.” He worked her until she came, then eased off for a moment to let her catch her breath. She tried to pull him to standing but he pushed her hands back. “We’re not done, Elizabeth,” he said and began the process over. He brought her to orgasm again and again until the hot water was running out and the shower grew cold. On her fourth orgasm she screamed as her vagina gave its most intense spasm and she squirted her juices all over him. He let her slump to a seated position as he stood up to rinse himself off.

“That was very good, Elizabeth, did you like that?”

Her only response was to wrap her lips around his cock and pull his length deep into her throat. She sucked insistently on his hardened member as her fingernails dug into the meat of his ass. He could barely speak, barely think.

“Elizabeth, I’m… I’m going to…” He loosed his pent-up load into her mouth, squirting hard down her throat. She swallowed what she could then she let his cock free as she coughed and sputtered. She wiped her mouth with a smile and stood up into the now cold stream from the shower, but cast her eyes down when she saw the dumbfounded look on his face.

She was rocking her shoulders back and forth as she pushed her toes into the floor of the shower.

“Not without asking,” she said apologetically.

He reached around her and turned off the shower. She flinched at the movement but relaxed when she realized that he wasn’t angry. He pulled a towel from the nearby rack. He wrapped it around her and pulled her into his arms.

“I’ll let it slide, this time.”

She smiled from ear to ear.

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