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Theirs as Payment: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

theirs-as-paymentLeft alone.

I’d never felt particularly lonely in my life given my upbringing. While I’d had Shepard for a few years, after that I’d been forced into a world of imagination. My mother had refused to send me away to a boarding school, but soon after Shepard had left, I’d been educated at home until I left for college. I had few friends anyway, so the change hadn’t been that big of a deal. It had allowed me to make up pretend worlds where heroes really did exist, huge barbarian men who swept me off my feet.

I couldn’t count the number of books I’d read, eventually turning to several nonfiction including medical books. That’s when I’d decided to become a doctor. Even in LA, I had only a couple of girlfriends, both understanding of my grueling schedule. I’d never once felt lonely or oppressed by the lack of friends.

Today, I’d never felt so alone in my life.

While I’d slept longer than I’d realized, the afternoon sun an indication of just how long, now the stars were brightly shining in the sky. I stood by the window, staring out at the gorgeous full moon, dreaming of another place and another time. Maybe I should have gone on those vacations to a tropical island I’d always dreamt of seeing. Or the Rocky Mountains. I’d worked diligently in order to achieve success. What did I have to show for it?

A bitter laugh left my lips as I palmed the glass, surprised over the coolness of the surface. I allowed myself to close my eyes, various images of beaches floating in the back of my mind. Yes, when I managed to get free, I’d take a well-deserved vacation. Maybe to Tahiti or the Fiji Islands.

When I heard the sound of the door being unlocked, I bristled. I didn’t need to see his reflection to know that Thorn had entered the room. His scent was the most unusual of all three men, like an infusion of exotic spices and a tropical forest. He took his time approaching, but as soon as he got within a few feet, another bolt of electricity shot through me.

I held my breath, trying to keep from reacting.

He crowded my space, taking several deep breaths. What did the man want from me, to bow down at his feet? That would never happen.

“You’re awake,” he said in a quiet tone.

“As you can see.”

Chuckling, he reached out, his fingers flexing open. I was able to see his action in the window. When he curled his hand, dropping his arm, I let out a deep breath. “You must be hungry.”

Food was the last thing on my mind, my stomach remaining nauseated; however, if they were going to allow me outside the room then I could start planning my escape.


“Good,” he said. “We have dinner prepared. Follow me.”

“Don’t you mean you had one of your servants prepare dinner?” As usual, I retorted without thinking.

“You might be surprised at what we can do, little dove. All three of us can cook. That’s something our mother insisted on teaching us.”

There was no reason for his words to surprise me, but they did. I pulled away from the window, turning toward him. The heat of his body was as explosive as before, the strange series of tingling sensations I’d had at the ugly rest stop returning.

He gazed down at my attire, a slight smile curling on his upper lip. “Not the most stylish attire.”

“As with everything else, I had no choice in the matter.” I didn’t want to stare at him, but it was impossible not to be attracted to his boyish grin. When he placed a single finger under my chin, lifting it several inches, I fisted my hands. He was even sexier than before, the tight tee shirt he wore accentuating his sculpted chest. I was surprised to see him in jeans, the fit tight enough I was drawn to the thick bulge between his legs.

I would remain sick at my attraction to the man. When he leveled his gaze on my chest, I realized my hard nipples were poking through the thin layer of material. Heat rose from my neck to my cheeks, another wave of embarrassment settling in.

“Breathe, Kendra. Nothing is going to happen to you. That much I will promise you.”

“You mean more than it already has? Have you made your threats to my father yet?”

Sighing, he used the same finger, sliding the tip from one side of my jaw to the other. “Such a rebellious woman. I guess you had to learn to be tough to do what you do.”

“You mean practice medicine? To save lives?”

He gripped my jaw with enough force I winced. “We will have a pleasant conversation and maintain a level of civility, or you will be gagged after dinner and returned to your room. Which would you prefer?”

I kept my harsh glare but lowered my eyes. The man needed to feel that I respected him.

Hell would freeze over before that happened.

“Good. Perhaps you’re learning.” He took several deep breaths before lowering his head. “You smell of fresh hibiscus and springtime.”

His words seemed so foreign to me. “Shampoo.”

Chuckling, he dragged his tongue around my lips, taking his time before capturing my mouth. I was stiff at first, pressing my hands against his chest. Then I found myself clinging to him, arching my back as the kiss became more passionate. The way he swept his tongue inside my mouth was dominating, a telling of things to come.

I remained lightheaded, unable to process what was happening with any level of clarity. I shouldn’t want him for any reason, yet the attraction was undeniable.

God help me.

He dragged me into his arms, crushing me against his rugged body. When he ground his hips back and forth, I clenched my eyes shut, trying to block out the vibrations skipping down the length of my body. It was almost impossible. The man was on fire, sliding his hand down and cupping my bottom. The flash of discomfort was quickly erased as my pussy clenched and released.

The scent of my desire wafted into my nostrils, the ugliness even more mortifying than before. As he explored the dark recesses of my mouth, growls slipped past the kiss. He was doing nothing more than having an appetizer before dinner.

And I would be dessert as well.

When he finally broke the kiss, he rubbed his lips to my ear, nipping my earlobe before issuing a husky whisper. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

Shivering, I pushed my hands against him with all the force I could muster.

Another chuckle rose up from his throat, the sound tickling over me like soft velvet. Damn the man for making me feel so alive. “Let’s not keep Jagger or Raddix waiting.” He gripped my hand, intertwining our fingers as he pulled me down the hallway. It was difficult to keep up with his long strides or to see much of any of the other rooms.

I was led into a gorgeous setting, music coming from unseen speakers, the trickling sound of water drawing my attention to the most impressive garden yet. There were so many tropical plants and flowers that the burst of color took my breath away. While the furniture was devoid of any color, the combination worked beautifully in the room. Everything glowed from LED lights as well as the bank of flameless candles positioned in a long line on the table.

There were four place settings, several bottles of wine positioned on the table. I wouldn’t call the setting intimate, but it was gorgeous nonetheless.

The other two assholes were nowhere in sight.

“You actually eat here?”

“Actually, almost never.”

“Then why tonight?”

“Because this is a special occasion, my little dove.”

I snorted then immediately placed my hand over my mouth, remembering what he’d warned me of. I would become the best damn actress they’d ever seen in order to gain privileges. “Why?”

He shook his head slowly. “Because no other woman has ever been to this house or any of our others for that matter.”

When Thorn let go of my hand, I crept closer to the garden, fingering a stunning fuchsia-colored flower that I didn’t recognize. I didn’t know if that man wanted me impressed, but I did find his statement curious. They were three eligible bachelors. Why didn’t each one of them have a trophy wife and several children to continue their legacy?

“I see you enjoy our gardens,” he said from behind me.

“Very much so. I love flowers.”

“I’ll remember that, Kendra. Would you like some wine?”

“Yes, red. Blood red.” I moved in order to see him, keeping my eyes locked onto his. Instead of chastisement, my comment brought a smile to his face.

“A woman with excellent tastes. Yet another thing I adore about you.”

As the other two entered the room, I stood my ground, surprised at what they were bringing to the table; huge wooden bowls of spaghetti and a tossed salad, the amount of food capable of feeding twenty people. Both men were smiling as if we were all on some kind of date. I had to admit that the scent of garlic and olive oil, tomato sauce and other spices made my mouth water. I hadn’t eaten in a full day, maybe longer. Everything had run together.

Raddix turned his attention in my direction first, his dark eyes luminescent in the lighting. When he narrowed his eyes, I could sense what he was thinking.

What he was hungering for.

While Raddix had also changed into more comfortable attire, his well-worn jeans a reminder of why men were sexier when they were rough and tumble, Jagger remained in sleek trousers and a crisp white shirt rolled up at the sleeves. At least he wasn’t wearing a jacket and tie.

Jagger noticed his brother’s expression and lifted a single eyebrow. “I hope you’re hungry. I made twice what I usually do.”

Thorn handed me a glass of wine, waiting until I clinked glasses with him. Everything about the moment seemed like I’d dropped into another world. The three men even seemed charming, Jagger and Raddix bantering about how much garlic had been used in the sauce. I was even more troubled than before, my heart thudding to the point the sound drowned out their conversation.

“Come on. Sit down. We won’t bite, at least yet.” Thorn laughed as he pulled me by the elbow, yanking out one of the chairs. He eased the seat under me then moved to the other side of the table. Maybe they had assigned seating.

I hid behind my glass, finally allowing myself to take a sip. The taste was extraordinary. I’d been so careful about the money I’d made that I never allowed myself to purchase a bottle over five dollars. When the other two sat down, they continued their conversation, shifting the topic to some basketball game that had been played.

The surreal aspect was almost too much to take, my stomach lurching. Jagger was on my right, close enough the hair on my arms felt seared from the heat his body emitted. When they began to dole out heaping amounts of food onto their plates, I shrank against the back of the chair, looking from one to the other.

After serving himself, Jagger filled my plate, cocking his head and giving me a hard look.

“Eat,” he commanded.

“I don’t know if I can,” I answered.

“Then I will spoon feed you.”

I took a gulp of wine before carefully placing the tall stem on the table, fearful I would knock it over. My fingers were cold, making it difficult to grab utensils, but I managed, pulling a fork into one hand and a spoon into the other. I tried to block out whatever crap they were talking about as I swirled pasta around my fork. When I finally managed to bring it to my mouth, biting down, I was shocked how delicious the creation was. I found myself gobbling up several bites, enjoying the food more than almost anything I’d had recently.

“I’m glad our girl has an appetite,” Thorn said, laughing.

Our girl. I’m not your girl! I almost said the words out loud.

I looked up, realizing all three men were staring at me. Almost instantly, I lost my appetite. When would the shift in emotions cease so I could think clearly?

“Don’t let him stop you. Enjoy,” Raddix murmured, giving me a slight nod. “You need to eat.”

When I didn’t respond right away, Jagger slammed his hand on the table.

“We would like to enjoy dinner with you, Kendra. We can be civilized men,” he stated gruffly.

“You mean instead of monsters?” The instant I’d allowed the words to slip, I could feel the surrounding heat turning explosive. Jagger jerked up from the chair, yanking my plate away and taking it out of the room. When he came back, he didn’t bother looking at me.

Another form of punishment. I sat quietly as they talked just like brothers should do, but I could feel Raddix’s eyes pinned on me the entire time.

When a lull in conversation occurred, I blurted out what sounded like a ridiculous question. “You’re brothers. Triplets?”

Thorn grinned as he finished off his plate, taking his time to wipe his mouth before answering. “Only three minutes apart. That’s why we enjoy sharing everything.”

“Do you have any other siblings?” What did I care, other than I was ready to go back to my room? I noticed a strange look shared by them.

“Do you think our parents could handle more?” Raddix asked in a lighter tone than before. They all laughed, but the sound was hollow.

“Since we’re making small talk. Tell us about your father.” Jagger’s command made me angry this time.

“What do you want to know? If he was a doting father to his baby girl and her big brother? Or are you looking to find out if he had cagey men hanging around him at the house we lived in? The answer to both questions is no. I don’t really know my father and from what I’ve heard out of the three of you, I don’t think I want to. May I be excused?” I asked as I stood, almost knocking over the chair.

“Sit down, Kendra. We’re not finished with dinner yet.” Raddix stated without looking at me, scraping a last forkful of food into his mouth then pushing his plate aside.

I did what I was told, no longer able to feel my legs. The dichotomy in all three men was just as startling at the two sides of their personalities. It was as if what good might be left buried inside their souls was fighting to reach the light, but the darkness, the evil learned from their father refused to let go of the leash.

As all three men rose from the table, removing almost everything, I couldn’t stop shaking.

There were no explanations as they returned, Jagger pouring himself another glass of wine and enjoying several sips before placing his glass in the center of the table. When he grabbed me by the arm, yanking me into a standing position, I fisted my hand, preparing for my usual method of self-defense.

The look of sheer amusement on his face was followed by a tsking sound as he wagged his finger in front of my face. “You need to think carefully about what you’re preparing to do, Kendra. We can provide pleasure, or we can provide the kind of pain that will remain with you for days. It’s your choice.” He used the same finger, sliding it down the side of my face to my neck. When he flicked the tip back and forth across my pulse, I held my breath.

But I gave him a slight smile. His ice blue eyes were mesmerizing, his irises flecked with purple and gold. He was far too good looking to be the beast he’d turned into.

As he cupped my jaw, I pressed my hand against his chest. The way he touched me was entirely different than before, his eyes penetrating mine as he brushed his thumb across my lips. There was such an intensity about him, the kind of hunger that could never be denied. He pulled me closer, forcing me onto my tiptoes and wrapping his arm around my waist.

“I’m going to feast on you. Then I’m going to fuck you.”

His words were frank, savage, and dominating. But this time they were said with emotion. As he lowered his head, he took deep breaths then crushed his mouth over mine. I wanted to fight him off, to keep what level of humility I had left, but there was no denying the attraction. I clung to his shirt, moaning into the kiss as he swept his tongue inside. He shifted his hand until he was able to wrap his fingers around the back of my neck, sliding his other arm further down my back.

When he crawled his fingers under the thin tee shirt, I shuddered, wiggling against him. The feel of his hard cock pressing into my tummy was overwhelming, pushing vividly colored stars in front of my eyes. I sensed the other two growing anxious, both making guttural sounds as they approached.

Animal-like sounds.

They were true predators.

As Jagger slid his hand under my shirt, lightly fingering my skin, I found myself easing my fingers over his shoulder and entangling them in his shaggy hair. My heart was thudding to the point all I could hear were the beats in my ears, my blood pressure rising. The heat of Raddix’s body as he moved in behind me accelerated the bolts of electricity slamming into my system. Breathing was impossible, thinking not something I wanted to do any longer.

I craved feeling alive, relinquishing control even for a little while. I longed to share a moment of blinding passion, filthy and sinful, breathtaking in a way that would linger for hours. Even as my rational mind screamed this was very wrong, I didn’t have the fight left in me, the connection far too strong.

Raddix growled, the sound floating all around me. He was a true savage, incapable of knowing right from wrong. He would take what he wanted no matter the cost. The second he gripped my shorts, yanking them down to the floor, I slammed my hand against Jagger, doing everything I could to pull away. All three men wanted me vulnerable, incapable of getting away.

Right versus wrong.

Good versus evil.

They were all mixed up in my mind.

“Such a bad girl,” Raddix whispered as he forced me to step out of my shorts. Using his foot, he pushed my legs wide open then rubbed the inside of my thigh. “I bet you taste real sweet.” His voice was almost unrecognizable, so dark and gritty. He yanked my hair away from the back of my neck before breathing a swath of hot air.

Instantly, goosebumps popped along every inch of skin. I was sizzling inside, the embers I thought long dead or nonexistent firing up.

Jagger’s kiss continued, his tongue dominating mine. The passion was explosive and the way he pressed his hand against the small of my back possessive.

Raddix fisted my hair, yanking me back into an arc as he crawled his fingers closer and closer to my swollen folds. I was wet and hot, my pussy aching. I hated myself for my body’s betrayal, the thin line between rationality and insanity shattered. “I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’ll be begging for more,” he continued then swirled the tip of his finger around my clit.

Another moan escaped from my throat as Jagger sucked on my tongue. I dug my fingers into his neck, clawing up and down as Raddix continued teasing me. I bucked against Raddix’s hand several times until I was rewarded with the brute sliding a single finger into my tight channel.

“Yeah, so damn tight,” he muttered. “I’m growing far too impatient.”

Only seconds later, both men stopped their actions, Jagger ripped my tee shirt down the front and exposed my breasts. The look on his face was barbaric, his upper lip curling into a snarl. He issued primal growls of his own as he cupped both breasts, dropping his head and immediately engulfing one nipple.

Raddix tugged off the rest of my tattered shirt, leaving me naked and even more vulnerable. He rolled his fingers up and down the crack of my ass before delivering several hard cracks against my bottom.

“Oh. Oh!” My cries weren’t only ones of pain. They were ones of confusion and longing, the combination disturbing as hell.

Raddix shoved several fingers inside my pussy, pumping hard and fast. Then he smacked my bottom again, the sound permeating my eardrums. After repeating the actions, I was thrown into a surreal moment, time standing still. The way Jagger nipped and sucked first one nipple then the other was incredible, both combinations of pain and pleasure unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

I was only vaguely aware when Jagger pulled me into his arms, taking a few steps then dumping me onto the table, opening and pushing my legs all the way back. I’d never felt so exposed, wide open for all three men to do whatever they wanted to me.

My breathing scattered, I blinked several times in an effort to focus but it was next to impossible. I heard the sound of a chair being dragged closer to the table, able to tell Raddix sat down with a hard thump.

His expression was just as carnal as Jagger’s had been, his eyes dilated. I closed mine, folding my arms across my chest, but Thorn refused to allow that to happen, pulling them over my head.

“You’re no longer in charge of anything, Kendra. We are. You will be punished as necessary, rewarded for being obedient.” Thorn’s voice was deep and husky, half whispered.

I stretched my neck, trying to pay attention to what he was doing. When he showed me a rope he held in his hands, the fight still buried deep within me reared into action. I jerked up, kicking out in my effort to try to get away.

Thorn pinched both nipples brutally until I gasped from the intensity.

“Behave. We’re not going to hurt you unless you continue to act out,” Thorn growled. “Arms over your head and keep them there.”

Another wave of uncertainty washed into my system, but I did as I was told, easing my arms over my head. I couldn’t stop shaking even as Raddix darted his tongue around my clit several times. I continued to be thrown by the complexity of the sensations as well as my emotions. Nothing felt real any longer.

Thorn expertly tied my wrists together, cutting the end with some kind of sharp knife then shoving the implement as well as the rest of the rope down to the end of the table. I continued to stare at him, studying his face as he inched closer, planting his hands on the surface then leaning over. He pressed his lips against mine, the kiss more like a gentle lover would do.

Raddix continued making guttural sounds as he sucked on my clit, squeezing my thighs as he held me in position. As Thorn nipped my lower lip then brushed his lips down my chin, making a straight line to my breasts, I couldn’t stop a series of whimpers from escaping my mouth. He took his time flicking his tongue around one hardened bud then the other before concentrating his efforts on sucking on one nipple.

I could see Jagger standing at a distance out of the corner of my eye. The sly smile remained on his face as he started to undress. I kept my eyes on him as he peeled off his shirt, yanking it over his head then tossing it. His chest was sculpted to perfection, every muscle ripped.

When he unfastened his belt, I sucked in my breath. How many times would he use the leather strap on me? How many punishments would I be forced to receive until I learned to obey them?

He wasted no time, unzipping and lowering his trousers, kicking off his shoes then removing the rest of his clothes. Jagger was a creature made by some god, utterly perfect in every way. The smirk remained on his face as he noticed I was staring at him. As he rolled the rough pads of his fingers down his chest, rolling his hand around his throbbing cock, I involuntarily dragged my tongue across my lips.

You can’t want this. You’re sick. Sick!

I clenched my eyes shut as Raddix pulled my legs into his arms, burying his face into my pussy.

There was something so erotic about the combination as Thorn bit down on my nipple, pulling the tender tissue between his teeth and the way Raddix was feasting on me that kept the butterflies in my stomach going wild. I tossed my head back and forth, struggling with my bindings. As the rope began to chafe my skin, the realization there was no getting away was reinforced.

Raddix acted like a man who hadn’t eaten in weeks, his guttural sounds raspy and animalistic. As he shoved several fingers deep inside, thrusting savagely, I was pushed all the way to the edge of an orgasm. He seemed to sense I was close, slowing his actions and sucking on my clit.

I was floored by the combination of anguish and ecstasy, murmuring words I couldn’t understand as the jolts of electricity pounded into me. I was going to lose my mind if they continued to taunt me.

Chuckling darkly, Raddix resumed his feast, driving both his tongue as well as his fingers deep inside. I couldn’t take the combination any longer, unable to hold back a raging climax. As it roared into me, I shot up from the table with a breathless scream.

“God. Oh. Oh!” Not only stars floated in front of my eyes but rainbows and other dazzling lights.

Raddix’s actions intensified, his thrusts becoming manic, his growls louder. One orgasm shifted into two then a giant wave smashed over me.

Thorn pinched and twisted my nipples, whispering filthy words that only fueled the fire exploding deep within my system.

“That’s it, little one. Let go. Just imagine what else we’re going to do to your body.”

Gasping, I turned my head to the side, my eyelids half closed as I watched Jagger rolling his massive hand up and down the length of his cock. In the dim lighting, I was able to see several drops of pre-cum. At that moment, there was nothing I wanted more than to suck on his cock.

What the hell did that make me?

Raddix dragged me into another orgasm, leaving me breathless and lightheaded. I fought with everything I had with the rope holding my wrists, but Thorn pushed my hands against the table, lifting his head until it was over mine.

“Soon, little one, I’ll claim you again.”

As the spasms started to subside, my mind still in la-la land, Jagger approached the table, leaning over until I was forced to stare into his eyes.

“This time, I get to fuck you in the ass.”

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