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Theirs to Command By Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

Numbed inside and out, Marissa shifted her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She hadn’t been given underwear, so all she had to do was kick aside her shoes and she was completely naked. Both Kobar males approached. Varren’s gaze swept over her with obvious interest. Shaedon’s eyes were narrowed and bright, but his expression was carefully guarded.

“There is more to her than I thought,” Shaedon said in Kobar. “Most humans are scrawny little things. I’m half afraid I’ll break them.”

Given his relative size, the concern was understandable. Marissa was tall for a human female and she considered her build athletic. Even with her active lifestyle, her breasts were large, her hips and butt lushly rounded.

Varren circled her slowly, openly assessing her body. Once he’d completed one rotation, he casually cupped one of her breasts. “Are you a virgin?”

Fighting the urge to twist away, she stood tense and still. “No, Sir. Did you request one?”

“I find virgins tedious, but don’t tolerate indiscriminate whores either.”

Marissa clenched her teeth as irritation surged through her other emotions. Males—apparently of any species—could fuck anyone they chose. It was simply in their nature. But any female who had sex with more than one male was a whore. The double standard had always pissed her off.

“Do you hold yourself to the same standards you demand in your sexual partners, Sir?” She added the title with enough sarcasm to express her annoyance.

“I had a sexual relationship with three successive Kobar females while our home world was still habitable,” Varren told her. “You will be my first human.”

She looked at him, shocked by his answer. “You haven’t had sex in three years?”

“Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of Kobar warriors are repulsed by the thought of rape,” Shaedon insisted. “Human females either despise us or are terrified by us, so we make do with simulators and lottery girls.”

“And lottery girls must be contracted by the head of a cadre,” Varren added. “Until now, Darvik refused to even consider accessing the program.” His fingers still surrounded her breast, thumb lightly teasing her nipple. “How many males have enjoyed this soft, young body?” His yellow gaze moved boldly over her naked form, lingering in all the predictable places.

She cleared her throat. It was happening again, just like it had in the processing center. Her traitorous body was responding to Varren’s possessive touch, and to standing naked in the middle of a sun-drenched room with two complete strangers gawking at her. “I’ve had four lovers, Sir.” He caught her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching it until she gasped. Then he went back to caressing the weighty fullness.

“Your skin is lovely, so smooth and soft. Are your nipples sensitive?” He pinched her again as if to find out for himself.

“Yes,” she cried. The pinch had been much harder this time.

Varren leaned closer and his gaze narrowed as he drew in a long, slow breath. “You’re getting wet. I can smell it. Is pain making you squirm, or being helpless?”

“I don’t know.” It was the truth. Her body had never reacted like this before. But then, she’d never been treated like a possession before.

He moved his hand to her other breast, but his attention drifted lower. “Open your legs. I want a better look at the pussy our credits purchased.”

Despite her determination to remain stoic and unresponsive, shame inundated her soul. She was not a possession, not an object to be inspected and assessed. “My body parts are all there and operating properly. Can we please dispense with this humiliating ritual?”

“I told you,” Shaedon muttered in Kobar. He grabbed the back of her neck and propelled her toward the elaborately carved coffee table a short distance away. “Humans require a firm hand. If you coddle them, it only makes them more rebellious.”

“Wait! I didn’t—”

Shaedon ignored her protest and bent her forward. “Hands on the table.”

As if she had a choice. She placed her hands on the polished tabletop as Shaedon kicked her legs apart. Her breasts hung down and quivered, adding to her humiliation. This was not a flattering pose for someone with big boobs. And she didn’t even want to think about what they could see as they stood behind her.

Shaedon released her neck and ran both hands from her shoulders to her hips. His fingers were long, the strength apparent even in this casual touch. He reached beneath her and squeezed both breasts. “I like these. They fill my hands, and that is not easy to do.”

Ordinarily, the comment would please her. From him, it only added to her shame. He stroked her hips and thighs, squeezing her bottom cheeks once before focusing on his actual target.

He traced her slit with his fingers, delving deep enough to circle her clit and then her core. After only one rotation, he brought his hand to her face and said, “Look at this.”

She knew what he was showing her before she shifted her gaze to his shiny, damp fingertips. “I see it.”

He pushed his fingers into her mouth with a gruff, “Suck it, then tell me what you taste.”

Mortified by her body’s weakness, she sucked her arousal off his fingers. She’d kissed lovers after they went down on her, so she knew what her pussy tasted like. Even so, this was a graphic demonstration of his power over her, his command of her body.

“Well?” he demanded. “What do you taste?”

“Me,” she whispered. “I taste where you were just touching.”

“Say the word. What was I touching?”

A flash of anger drove away her shame. They could only humiliate her if she gave in to the emotion. “My pussy,” she stated clearly. “You were touching my slick pussy.”

“And why is your pussy ‘slick’?”

God, she hated head games. She knew damn well what he wanted her to say, but there was no way she would give him the satisfaction. “I can’t explain why, but fear makes me wet. Some humans pee their pants. I have always had this reaction. Well, ever since I was an adult anyway.”

Without warning, he shoved two of his fingers well into her core. “This doesn’t feel like fear to me.” He pulled his fingers nearly out, then thrust them deep again. “Feels like my naughty little lottery girl can’t wait for a long, thick Kobar cock.” He slid in and out, hard and fast finger-fucking the pussy his credits had purchased.

She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, angry but titillated. No one had ever dared to touch her without the utmost respect. She was Admiral Scott’s precious granddaughter, yet this male took what he wanted, and she had nothing to say about it.

“You’re still nice and tight,” Shaedon announced as his fingers invaded her over and over. “It’s going to hurt the first few times we fuck you, but humans are resilient.”

She fought back a sob. If Shaedon’s cock was as big as his fingers, he was doubtlessly right. She held perfectly still as he continued to penetrate her vulnerable pussy. She refused to react to this degradation. He wanted her whimpering in shame, begging him to stop. Well, that would never happen.

Blanking her mind, she tried to distance herself from the persistent invasion. If they wanted a mindless sex doll, she would give them one. She felt nothing, would not react regardless of the provocation. But his fingers pushed into her needy core over and over. It had been months since she had sex, and her fantasies had grown disturbingly dark ever since she moved to Dallas.

In her dreams, she was held down by a large, strong lover. He took her fast and hard, dragging orgasm after orgasm from her trembling body as she screamed in helpless pleasure. She would wake up drenched in sweat and aching so badly she frequently reached for her trusty vibrator.

The rhythmic slide and inescapable fullness of Shaedon’s fingers was reminiscent of those strange erotic dreams and it fueled her simmering desire. She didn’t want to give in to these monsters, not for any reason. It was awkward and humiliating to just stand there and not struggle in any way. But that’s clearly what he wanted. He wanted her to struggle, to whimper and sob, begging him to stop.

Tension gathered in her abdomen, and her clit tingled. No. She would not come for this beast. He clearly wanted some sort of reaction, and any kind of loss of control would do. Well, her will was just as strong as his. Her body, on the other hand, was weak and traitorous. Her inner muscles fluttered, and the tension coiled tighter with each thrust of his hand. She moaned, filling her mind with every unsexy thing she could imagine.

Suddenly, Shaedon pulled his fingers free and chuckled. “Pleasure must be earned, lottery girl. If you ever come without permission, you will be disciplined severely. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir,” she growled, unable to soften her tone. She had been fighting like hell not to come, yet he still threatened to punish her.

“Have you ever been ass-fucked?” Shaedon pulled her bottom cheeks apart, exposing her other opening.

“No,” she cried. “All of my lovers were very gentle with me.”

Shaedon chuckled as he gathered slickness from her pussy and spread it over the puckered flesh. “No one will accuse us of that. Will they, Varren?”

“Certainly not.”

They both sounded proud of the fact that they were violent beasts. Shaedon pushed against her bottom hole, forcing the reluctant opening to admit his probing finger. Marissa squeezed her eyes shut, horrified by what he was doing, and by the fact that it felt strangely… stimulating.

“Oh, yeah, this little hole has never taken a cock, much less a Kobar cock.” He slid in and out like he’d done with her pussy, but his taunting grew more graphic. “Varren will have to break you in for Darvik and me. Varren’s cock is long but not as thick. He’ll stretch you out so we can take you without damaging this tiny hole.” He twisted his wrist and worked a second finger in beside the first.

“That hurts,” she whined, shaking from degradation more than discomfort. She had never been so humiliated in her life. Why didn’t he just fuck her and get it over with? That’s what she wanted. Obviously, it was not what he wanted, and her opinion no longer mattered.

“Get used to it, lottery girl.” A cold edge crept into Shaedon’s tone that hadn’t been there before. He grasped the back of her neck with one hand and finger-fucked her harder. “You will take my cock even when it hurts. You will swallow my cum and spread those legs whenever my balls need emptying.”

“Stop it,” she snapped. His explicit words were just as disturbing as his shuttling fingers. And despite his hateful attitude, the steady slide of those unwanted fingers was making her pussy ache. She wasn’t just wet now. Her juices were starting to drip out of her pussy. What in God’s name had they done at the processing center? If he didn’t stop, all the unsexy images in the world wouldn’t defuse her orgasm. “Please, I can’t take any more.”

“You’ll take more,” Shaedon sneered. “You’ll take so much more.” He thrust his long fingers so deep into her ass that his hand slapped against her cheeks. “I’ll fuck you fast and hard, then leave you dripping with cum and begging for more. And when I’ve finished with you, Darvik will—”

“That’s enough,” Varren said in Kobar, warning clear in his tone.

With a muttered curse, Shaedon withdrew his fingers and stepped back. Marissa didn’t move. Bent over like this, she didn’t have to look at them or think about what Shaedon described. He clearly resented humans as much as she hated the Kobar. And he intended to take it out on her. She kept her eyes closed and emptied her mind, pretending she was anywhere but here.

“Shaedon got carried away, but his points are valid.” Varren pulled her up and turned her to face him. “Your body no longer belongs to you. We paid a fortune for the privilege of using it, and we intend to enjoy it to the fullest. Sex might have been part of your life in the past, but for the next year it will be your life. You are here for one reason and one reason only, to satisfy our needs.”

“I don’t want any of this,” she cried. “Doesn’t it bother you that I am being coerced?”

“We are not coercing you,” Varren countered. “We legally obtained your contract and offered extremely generous compensation for the year you will spend serving us. You were presented with three cadres. Did you willingly choose this one or not?”

He was ignoring her point, intentionally twisting the issue. “I’m not saying this is illegal or that you did anything wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t want to have sex with you.”

“Really?” He moved so fast that it made her gasp. His hand pushed between her thighs, and he swiped her slit with his fingers then showed them to her. “Your pussy says otherwise.” The proof of her arousal wet his first two fingers and he’d barely touched her.

She covered her face with her hands, so frustrated she wanted to scream. “I can’t control what makes me wet, but I can decide who I fuck.”

Varren pulled her hands away from her face and captured her gaze. His features were hard now, uncompromising. “We don’t want to be on Earth any more than you want us here. Life requires everyone to do things they don’t want to do. You don’t want to be our lottery girl, but it is a legal obligation like any other. Human males have a lottery also. Do you think they want to serve in the Planetary Defense Force, to continually risk serious injury or death?”

“That’s different,” she objected.

“I agree. Their obligation lasts four years, while you will only serve us for one. Now, do as you’re told or suffer the consequences. Have I made myself perfectly clear?”

Struggling to keep the defiance out of her expression, she whispered, “Yes, Sir.”

“Speak up. I couldn’t hear you.”

She wanted to slap him, to rail and scream and run from the room. But she had nowhere to go. Sheltering draft dodgers was just as illegal as refusing to perform civil service. She was trapped, helpless, legally obligated to be their whore. “Yes, Sir. I understand.”

Varren nodded once then added, “Do not bring it up again. I am finished debating this with you.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said with less conviction.

Obviously annoyed, Varren scooped her up and walked over to the bar. He set her down none too gently on the marble bar top.

She gasped as her butt connected with the cold stone. Her pelvis aligned with his chest like this, so he must not mean to fuck her. At least not yet. Like Shaedon, Varren wanted to humiliate her first, teach the human her place.

Varren pushed her knees toward her chest then moved them outward until her legs were open wide. “Hold yourself just like this.”

Humiliation crashed down upon her. Having Shaedon finger her ass had been horrible, but Varren expected her to participate in her own defilement. The position was awkward and lewd, displaying her pussy and breasts between her bent legs. Tears filled her eyes and she shook her head. “I can’t,” she whispered with a sob. It was too much. It was all too much. “I won’t.

Varren sighed. “It is your first day, so I will warn you once. Defiance will earn you discipline. Now do what you’re told or I will—”

“Fuck you,” she sneered, trying to kick him. She didn’t care what he did. Admiral Lenard Scott’s blood flowed through her veins. She was not going down without a fight.

Instead of being impressed by her spirit, Varren released her legs and flipped her over.

She cried out and struggled as he effortlessly arranged her on top of the bar. The bar top supported her hips and belly, but her breasts hung down on the far side. She braced her hands on the lower counter to keep herself from pitching forward. Her legs dangled freely, not reaching the floor.

“You were warned repeatedly,” Varren reminded. “I do not make idle threats.”

His hand cracked down on one side of her butt and then the other. The shock at being spanked was quickly eclipsed by the sting. “That hurts!” she yelled angrily, self-pity forgotten. She kicked and twisted with renewed vigor, but he simply moved out of the way of her kicking feet. He easily held her down with one hand and disciplined her with the other. She continued to struggle as his palm repeatedly connected with her upturned behind. Each stinging slap accented her helplessness and utter lack of control. “You beast! Stop hitting me!”

His spanks didn’t even slow down and a strange sinking heat wove through the pain. She squirmed, horrified that such intense sensations could be rekindling her arousal.

“Disobedient lottery girls must be corrected. You have been argumentative and disobedient with both Shaedon and me.”

Varren’s hand fell over and over, spreading pain as well as heat evenly over the entire surface of her butt and onto the backs of her thighs. Each impact jostled her breasts, causing her nipples to tighten and tingle. She’d been wet ever since she removed her dress, but much to her chagrin, the slickness had become so profuse that it was making the insides of her thighs slippery.

With an exasperated shriek, she reached back and covered her butt with her hand. “No more, goddamn you. I said stop!”

Varren pulled her off the bar and for a millisecond she thought she’d won. But he only dragged her to the sofa and pulled her face down across his lap. He pinned her arms at the small of her back and threw one of his legs over hers. “Shaedon, would you like to drive this lesson home? Our lottery girl is slow to learn.”


Marissa tensed. The mountain was going to spank her now? “I’m sorry,” she all but shouted. “I’m very sorry.”

“Not yet, you’re not.” Shaedon stood beside her and picked up where Varren let off, only Shaedon’s hand was larger, and he swung with much more force.

She cried out sharply as the first spank cracked through her entire bottom. Her core clenched and her clit twitched, which compounded her embarrassment. It would be so much easier to hate them if she felt nothing but pain.

Shaedon paused between swats, giving her body time to fully process the cycle of pleasure and pain before he spanked her again. Emotions swelled inside her threatening to shatter what was left of her composure. It hurt even worse than before, but she was horribly aroused by the blazing intensity. She didn’t want to feel anything but fury. Like these males, her body didn’t give a damn. She sobbed and hot tears bathed her flushed cheeks. She squirmed and twisted, terrified that she would come and reveal the shameful way their harsh treatment was affecting her.

“If I keep going, she’s going to come,” Shaedon warned Varren in Kobar.

Another sob broke free from Marissa as her nanites translated the words. He was right. Her pussy throbbed almost as hard as her ass, yet she teetered on the brink of orgasm. The reaction was bad enough, but it was mortifying that he knew it. This wasn’t natural. They had to have given her something at the processing center that made her interpret pain as pleasure. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

No one has ever dared to lay a hand on you before, her hateful inner voice mocked.

“She hasn’t earned pleasure yet,” Varren told his friend in the same language. “But we have.”

She knew what that meant. She was about to get fucked by her owners.

Varren stood, taking her with him. He led her back to the coffee table where her humiliation had begun and said sternly, “Get on, hands and knees, legs wide apart.”

Sobbing harshly, she started to assume the degrading position. She didn’t move fast enough, so Varren picked her up and placed her on her knees on top of the table then pushed her forward. She quickly put out her hands and ended up doggie style facing away from him. This was clearly meant to humiliate her, and it worked. She had never felt more ashamed, never regretted her actions or attitude more. “Please, Sir. May we go to your bedroom? I don’t want to be taken… like this.”

Varren hesitated and Shaedon said something in a low, muffled tone. She hadn’t heard it well enough for her nanites to translate it. But Varren’s voice was emphatic when he said, “No. You will be taken when and how we choose.” He moved behind her and unfastened his pants. “This is not what I had planned for your first time, but your defiance made it necessary.” He positioned himself at her vaginal entrance and grasped her hips. “Who owns this wet pussy?”

Survival. She had to survive, and more defiance would bring even harsher punishments. “You do, Sir.” The word tasted like ash in her mouth.

He drove his cock into her with steady pressure, and she had no choice but to open for him. Her inner muscles stretched and she whimpered, then sobbed miserably. Varren was the nice one. She didn’t even want to imagine what Shaedon had in store for her.

Varren’s pelvis pressed against her still burning ass, and she realized his entire length was inside her. It didn’t hurt, not really. Just felt incredibly intrusive. He pulled back then thrust deeper and she groaned, reassessing her conclusion. Her pussy ached and not in a good way. If his cock wasn’t as thick as the other two, she was in serious trouble.

He moved a little faster, and a fresh rush of shameful wetness eased his way. Even the discomfort of being made to accept a huge alien cock was triggering the unwanted response. Her emotions might be in total upheaval, but her body was thrilled by her new role. The realization brought more tears to her eyes.

“You’re tensing,” Varren growled, hands tightening on her hips. “Relax your pussy muscles, and this will be less painful. Resisting me only hurts you.”

“I’m trying. You’re really fucking big!” She hadn’t meant to yell at him, but all of this was overwhelming, the physical discomfort, the loss of control, not to mention the shame.

Varren reached around her hip and slapped her pussy.

Pain ricocheted through her core and Marissa cried out, but her clit tingled. Before she could fully recover, he spanked her pussy again.

“Stop!” she wailed, tossing her hair and arching her back. All she managed to do was drive his cock deeper into her resistant body.

“I said relax and accept this.” His hand returned to her pussy, but rather than spanking her again, he covered her clit with two fingers and pressed against the sensitive nub. He rocked in and out, his rhythm slow but steady. All the while, his fingers rubbed over and around her clit.

Marissa shifted her weight from her hands to her forearms and closed her eyes. Her inner muscles relaxed and pleasure swirled through her pussy. It didn’t seem to matter what these two did to her. All roads quickly led to orgasm. But this was just sex. They might own her body, but she still controlled her thoughts and emotions. And she would despite the Kobar until her dying day!

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