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Theirs to Control by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

“Do you live here alone?”

“Of course not. Kobar cadres always reside together. As I said, this location is new. More of my challenges have been on land lately, so I decided to move my headquarters planet-side.”

That’s right. The supreme commander had been using one of the ships as his headquarters. He’d wanted to prevent any country—or sector—from seeming preferred to any other. It was easy to see why he’d chosen this location. The island was relatively centralized and the setting was breathtaking.

He moved to face her and grasped the crossbar connecting the wrist cuffs, then he triggered the release. She pulled her hands free as he set the restraints on a nearby table. “Because of the seriousness of the charges against you, I am offering to protect you on a probationary basis.”

It annoyed her, but she understood the precaution so she simply nodded.

“I usually leave the training of females to Macar, but he is unavailable so I will instruct you personally.”

Wonderful. She tried to keep her reaction off her face. The last thing she wanted was to piss off the most ruthless male on the planet.

He moved to the sofa and placed one of the seat cushions on the floor then sat down near one end. “Undress and kneel before me.”

Naked and on her knees; it was the Kobar’s favorite position for any female. Bailey fought back the need to rebel, to tell him off and storm back inside. He’d only chase after her and punish her for her disobedience. Or was that what she wanted? Did she want him to force her down over his lap and spank her butt until it was bright red? She had come fast and hard when Macar spanked her. Maybe that was—what the hell was wrong with her? Submitting to the supreme commander was going to be challenging enough without intentionally making him angry.

She pulled the makeshift poncho off over her head and then took off her bath towel boots. The coolness of the tiles against her bare feet was welcome relief from the heat rapidly rising inside her. She wore nothing under her lab coat so she hesitated. Why had he brought her outside? Sunlight was so unforgiving.

“Is there a problem?” he asked impatiently.

“No, Sir.”

“Macar claimed you, so he is your master. That title should be reserved for him. You will refer to Daehan as Sir. I prefer Commander. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Commander.”

“Good. Now take off that garment and get on your knees.”

“Yes, Commander.” She quickly unbuttoned the front but it took a moment to work up the courage to slip the lab coat off her shoulders. It dropped to the tiled floor and she turned her head, staring out at the water. They were in the shade, but the entire area was bright. He could see every imperfection, every scar. He could literally have any female on Earth. Why would he have any interest in her?

“Come here.”

She moved toward him, stubbornly keeping her arms at her sides. She reached the cushion and knelt, her face still averted.

“Open your legs and look into my eyes.”

After easing her knees apart, she turned her head and met his penetrating stare.

His expression was inscrutable, but his gaze smoldered with desire. “You told me you accept Macar’s claim. I want to make damn sure there are no miscommunications or regrets.” He said something in Kobar and a small, round drone flew into view, hovering over his right shoulder. “This will record our conversation. I will not allow this to progress unless it is a consensual arrangement.”

She was on her knees with her entire body on display and now he wanted to record it? “Who will see this recording?”

“No one, unless there are unfounded allegations, and then your body would be blurred.” A red light on the front of the drone began to flash. “Have you been notified that this conversation is being recorded?”

“Yes, Commander.”

“State your full name,” he instructed.

“Dr. Bailey Mitchell.” Using her title was a foolish formality in the current situation, but it eased her pride just a little.

The supreme commander was unimpressed. “Dr. Bailey Mitchell, do you agree to become the willing slave of Jesorax, Macar, and Daehan in exchange for our protection and support? If so, you will answer, Commander, I am the willing slave of your cadre. I transfer complete control of my body to the three of you.”

Why did he have to choose those words? No modern human wanted to be a slave, willing or otherwise. But even as the familiar argument filled her mind, heat cascaded through her body. Some dark and twisted part of her psyche was attracted to the idea of being a slave to their desires. Having no control, no choice about what they did to her made this easier and more pleasurable. She didn’t understand it, but she wanted to experience it.

“Commander, it is my intention to agree, but I would like to clarify one area of our agreement.”

“What area is not clear?”

“I would like to stipulate that this agreement gives me amnesty for my involvement in the Angel Fire program.”

“Very well. I, Jesorax Byrne, officially offer Bailey Mitchell a full pardon for her participation in the rebellion in exchange for her complete submission to my cadre.”

“Then I am the willing slave of your cadre.” Her voice dropped to barely a whisper as she spoke the hated word. “I grant complete control of my body to the three of you.”

“Stand up. I want a closer look.”

She maneuvered her feet beneath her as the drone flew away. Thank God he didn’t intend to record the rest. Being naked in front of a stranger was bad enough. She did not want to risk creating a celebrity sex tape that might end up on the internet. And Jesorax Byrne was the biggest celebrity in the world. Most might hate him, but everyone was interested in him.

He pulled her between his legs then casually fondled her breasts. “You are more pleasantly shaped than I anticipated.” He palmed one breast and then the other, squeezing each firmly. “Your body was made for fucking. No wonder Macar immediately claimed you.”

He was treating her like an object, a mindless toy. She wanted to slap him, or better yet punch him right in the nose. How dare he be so disrespectful—but she’d just agreed to be his sex slave! What the hell did she expect?

His right hand slid down her side obviously headed toward her hip, but his fingers passed over the scars on her back and paused. He turned her around and Bailey clenched her fists. Those marks represented the life she’d once known. She would not share the tragic events with this monster. He was incapable of compassion and she didn’t want his pity.

His fingertips drifted over the raised flesh, his touch shockingly gentle. “What happened?”

“I’d rather not say. The events have no relevance.”

“You can tell me now or I’ll strap your ass and you can tell me after.”

She was his willing slave. She’d better get used to being bullied, to surrendering to his will. “I was in an accident when I was seventeen. My parents were killed. The memories are painful and private. May we please move on?”

He turned her to face him again, his hands lingering on her hips. “I’m sorry you spent so much of your life without your parents. Do you believe in life after death?”

His interest surprised her. She hadn’t expected him to react with anything but impatience. “I don’t, but my parents did. I try to take comfort in that.”

“Do you have siblings?”

Why did she need to be naked for a getting-to-know-you conversation? “May I ask why you want to know these things?”

“We are going to be spending a good deal of time together. I simply want to know more about you.”

She didn’t trust his mood. The autocratic jerk who’d ordered her to strip and get on her knees was more like his reputation. “I have a sister, but I lost my only brother to suicide.”

“I am sorry there has been so much tragedy in your life. Are you and your sister close?”

Bailey tensed. Would admitting how deeply she loved her sister put Jill in danger again? For that matter were Jill and her children still in danger from Sam Caldwell and his overzealous soldiers? Bailey was under the supreme commander’s protection but Sam didn’t know that. Should she tell Jesorax what was going on?

Jesorax’s warm hand pressed against the upper curve of her breast, drawing her attention. “Your heart rate just accelerated considerably. I don’t smell fear, but something upset you. Explain.”

She licked her lips, fighting hard not to squirm beneath his casual touch. “Sam Caldwell was using our loved ones to ensure our cooperation. It has been three days since Macar took me from the compound. I’m afraid Sam might have gone after my sister Jill.”

“Where does she reside? I will have her picked up and moved to a safe location.”

“Jill has done nothing wrong,” Bailey stressed. “Please assure me she will not be treated like a criminal.”

“Did she participate in the resistance?”

“No. She follows all of your rules and tried hard to talk me out of joining. She has two small children that also need your protection.”

“I cannot protect them unless you tell me where they live.”

She didn’t know that they were still in danger, yet she didn’t know that they weren’t. Sam was volatile and vindictive. If he thought she’d had anything to do with Macar’s escape, he wouldn’t hesitate to go after Jill. “They live in Florida.” With a heavy sigh, she told him the address.

He nodded then issued a terse serious of commands in Kobar. “An extraction team will be there shortly.”

An extraction team? That sounded horrible. “They won’t be harmed?”

“They are under my protection. No one would dare.”

She accepted the assurance with a nod then asked, “Where will they be taken?”

“Somewhere safe.” The sudden sternness in his expression warned that he considered the subject closed. “Were you a virgin when Macar fucked you?” he abruptly digressed.

“No,” she objected, humiliated by his conclusion. She was twenty-eight years old. Did he think no human male would want her?

“No, Commander,” he corrected.

“No, Commander. Macar was not my first.”

“How many came before and how long did each relationship last?”

Why the hell did he care about her past? So much had happened since her last relationship that it seemed like someone else’s life. “You own my present and part of my future, Commander. You do not own my past.”

Disapproval thinned his lips and a tense pause followed. “I thought this would be easier for you if we became better acquainted. Apparently, I was wrong.”

He leaned forward and caught one of her nipples between his lips, sucking hard enough to make her gasp. She tried to twist away, to object or apologize. He simply wrapped his arm around her waist and anchored her against his body. He had offered protection to her sister and in return Bailey spurned his attempt at civility. Not a good start to their relationship.

He pinched the other nipple while he continued to suck on the first. She clenched her fists and arched her back, helpless to escape the unwanted sensations. His fingers released and gave the mound a little slap. She gasped from surprise rather than pain. Then heat spiraled through her body and her core tightened.

He did it again. Suck, pinch, slap, each sensation building on the last. Suck, pinch, slap.

She tossed her head and pressed her thighs together, confused by her body’s response.

“You’re getting wet,” he muttered as her nipple slipped out of his mouth. “Do you always want cock this quickly?”

“I don’t,” she cried, humiliation deepening. “I’m not.”

He looked at her, his fingers twisting her nipple. “You’re not wet and you don’t want cock. Is that what you want me to believe?”

The Kobar sense of smell was much stronger than a human’s. He didn’t need to touch her to know she was wet. “I don’t want this. I don’t want…”

He grasped her legs and pulled her thighs apart, then pushed two fingers into her slick pussy. Sliding in and out, he illustrated just how wet her core had become before he brought his fingers to her face. “What is this?”

Heat crawled up her throat and burst across her cheeks as she looked at his shiny fingers. “I can’t help that. It doesn’t mean I want you.”

Irritation sparked in his gaze. He was the supreme commander. No one rejected him. He pushed the wet digits into her mouth. “Suck it off.”

Reluctantly, she tightened her lips and let the taste spread across her tongue. Salty, slightly sweet, undeniably aroused. Her mind might not accept her new role in life, but her body was eager to begin. Despite her pointless denials, she wanted his cock, wanted it badly.

Sliding them in and out, he captured her gaze. “The sooner you accept the new reality the sooner you will enjoy our encounters. My cadre and I will enjoy them either way.” He slowly withdrew his fingers as he added, “Lying to yourself is still lying. What happens when you lie?”

“You punish me.” A shiver dropped down her spine as she heard her own words.

“Is that why you lied to me, sweet slave? Do you want me to punish you?”

It was a trap. If she admitted that Macar’s discipline had aroused her, Jesorax would indulge the cruelty gleaming in his eyes. Yet if she denied it, he would punish her even more severely for lying to him. “I’m not sure,” she confessed.

“Let’s find out, shall we? Lie over my lap and spread your legs.”

Damning her body for betraying her again, she draped herself over his muscular legs and tried not to tense up. Anticipation thrummed through her, speeding her pulse. She’d had no idea pain would arouse her until Macar’s palm connected with her butt for the first time. Now she could think of little else. She wanted the heat and the sting, the rush of endorphins and the ache that led to hot, sweaty sex.

Jesorax rubbed her upturned bottom, squeezing each side as he muttered, “Your ass cheeks perfectly fit my hands. It is almost as if your body was designed for the pleasure of me and my cadre.” He slapped one side and then the other. “Will your pussy fit us as perfectly?” He thrust into her with his fingers, fucking her aggressively.

Bailey found the tiles with her toes and lifted her hips, offering him better access to her pussy. It felt so damn good to be filled, if only by his fingers. She moaned, tightening her inner muscles as he shuttled in and out, an unmistakable preview of what was to come.

He pulled out and spanked her again, one hard slap for each side. “Your body is flushed and ready for fucking. You’re distracting me from my purpose.” He fingered her some more, then returned to the spanking, his hand falling fast and hard.

She breathed through the sting and reveled in the spreading heat. Her core tightened greedily as he focused on the spanking. The discomfort mounted as his palm struck her cheeks over and over. He swung upward, landing firm slaps to the lower curve of each cheek. She cried out then moaned as the intensity propelled her closer to an orgasm.

“You do not have permission to come,” he snapped, then paused. “Your pussy is so wet I can’t decide if I want to spank it or lick it clean.”

She shivered, desperately wanting the latter but suspecting what his choice would be. “Do I get a vote?” she whispered.

“Of course not. You are no longer in control.” He slowly pushed his fingers back into her pussy, but he didn’t keep them there. Pulling her burning butt cheeks apart, he moved his fingers upward and teased the tightly puckered hole. “Your body is ours, Bailey. Every part of you belongs to us.” He pushed hard enough to insert one fingertip then stopped. “Who owns your ass, sweet slave?”

Trembling and struggling not to clench, she whispered, “You do, Commander. You and your cadre.”

“That’s right.” He pushed the finger deeper then pulled it nearly out. “When we want to fuck your ass, what is going to happen?”

“I’ll have no choice.”

He worked his other finger into her tight hole as well and Bailey moaned. His fingers were large and the stretch was starting to burn.

“You had a choice and you made it. You wanted my protection and offered your body as payment. Try again. What happens if I want to fuck your ass?”

“I will let you, Commander.” A sob shuddered through her chest. He made it sound so dirty, so sordid. “I chose this. It is your right to fuck me any way you want.”

“Much better.” He fucked her bottom for several moments then left his fingers inside her as he brought his free hand up between her thighs.

His fingers slapped against her wet folds and pain dragged a startled cry from her throat. As the discomfort ebbed, however, her core throbbed with needy demand. The unwanted spasms only accented the penetration in her ass and she couldn’t decide if she wanted it gone or thrusting deeper. “Please.” The word slipped from her unbidden.

“Please, what, sweet slave? I thought you didn’t want me to fuck you.” His fingers slid in and out, mocking her even more effectively than his words.

She squirmed on his lap, helplessly lifting her hips as sensations ricocheted through her lower body. It felt unexpectedly good, yet oh so naughty.

He slapped her pussy again and Bailey cried out in frustration. Each time the pleasure built he used pain to keep her orgasm just out of reach. “Please,” she moaned, no longer caring if she sounded pathetic. “I really need to come.”

“Pleasure is a privilege that you have yet to earn.” He pulled his fingers free and pushed her up off his lap. “Back on the cushion.”

Confused and angry, she returned to the cushion while he went to the wet bar and washed his hands. She knelt as he’d ordered her, but pressed her thighs together. God, how she ached.

“Are you busy, sir? Or may I join you?”

“You are always welcome, Daehan,” Jesorax assured.

She whipped her head around and watched the final member of the cadre as he crossed the veranda. He wasn’t quite as tall as Macar and was more sleekly muscled. There was a strong resemblance, but they were not identical. Daehan’s hair was brown with just a hint of red and his eyes were coppery rather than golden. Despite the fact that they were twins, Daehan appeared somewhat younger.

“How is Macar?” Jesorax asked as he returned to the sitting area. “Has he regained consciousness?”

“No, but Dr. Parsett said that is by design. Macar’s medi-bots can work much faster while he is sedated.”

“There have been no complications?”

“No, sir. Parsett is confident that he will recover and there will be no lasting damage.”


Daehan moved in front of Bailey and crossed his arms as he stared down at her. “May I question our prisoner?”

“You are welcome to question her, but she is no longer our prisoner. According to Bailey, Macar staked his claim on her. She just accepted, so Bailey is now our willing slave. Before either of us releases our seed inside her, however, I would appreciate a confirmation. Can you sense a connection between Bailey and Macar?”

Daehan’s hostile gaze collided with hers. Without warning he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, then his mouth covered hers and his tongue plunged inside. It wasn’t really a kiss. There was no passion in it, certainly no tenderness. He was tasting her, literally tasting her.

He released her just as suddenly as he’d grabbed her. “Macar didn’t just fuck her. He formed a transfer link. There is no reason he would have done that unless he planned to keep her.”

Then the tingling rush hadn’t been her imagination. For just a moment she’d sensed Macar’s emotions. The realization made her sad. His treatment of her had been similar, but knowing he cared on some level made it feel less punitive.

“If you have questions, ask them now. I’m anxious to continue her training,” Jesorax directed as he walked around to the front side of the sofa.

“Open your legs,” Daehan ordered. “We should be able to see your pussy at all times.”

Begrudgingly, she obeyed.

“What have you already established?” Daehan asked Jesorax as his gaze moved over her naked body. “I’m sure you questioned her before I arrived.”

They stood side by side in front of her, which made her feel small and defenseless.

Daehan cut right to the heart of the matter. “Does she have blood on her hands?”

Jesorax shook his head. “If she had taken a Kobar life I wouldn’t have allowed Macar’s claim to protect her. She is a rebel and we will deal with that, but right now I think it is more important to establish our expectations of our pleasure slave.”

“All right. Clearly, you spanked her. Did she disobey or were you simply putting her in her place?”

“A bit of both. Did you bring what I requested?”

“Of course.”

He handed Jesorax a screw-top jar. They were speaking in English so they wanted her to understand what they were saying.

“She has been relatively obedient so far,” Jesorax admitted. “Macar fucked her pussy first, so you may be the first to enjoy her mouth.”

Bailey tensed. If Macar went first in her pussy and Daehan was going to use her mouth, there was only one opening left for Jesorax. She looked at him, unable to conceal her concern.

“Oh, yes, sweet slave. I’m going to fuck that tight little ass before the night is through.”

Macar was so damn big he stung in her pussy. How in God’s name was she going to take a Kobar cock in her ass? “I don’t want—”

“You willingly joined the resistance,” Daehan stressed. “You used your skills and expertise with the intention of doing us harm. It is right that you suffer for the choices you have made.”

Guilt and anticipation combined in an intoxicating rush. “What choices? Humans don’t have choices. You issue orders and we must obey.”

Jesorax was happy to clarify. “Did you willingly work on a biological weapon meant to kill every Kobar on this planet?”

“You took my home, broke up my family, and destroyed the work I’d poured half my life into. My brother liked your ‘new reality’ so well that he put a bullet in his brain!” She hadn’t meant her defense to be quite so vehement and she definitely hadn’t planned to share the details about her brother’s death, but she refused to regret it now. “You treat us like garbage. Of course we rebel.”

“I am very sorry about your brother.” Jesorax sounded sincere, “but how did I break up your family?”

She shook her head. He was trying to figure out if she’d lied to him. “I went to live with my sister after my parents died. She is ten years older than I am. We were relocated to different sectors during the reorganization. I had nothing and no one in the city to which I was assigned. My brother wasn’t the only one who found the new reality intolerable. I’m a geneticist. I have a doctorate and I was assigned to a distribution center. Chris Phaeton called two days after I arrived in my assigned city. I thought joining the resistance was a better option than taking my own life.”

“Everyone must sacrifice so that those with nothing can be saved,” Daehan insisted, unmoved by her explanation. “No one is hungry. Few are sick. Humans are no longer at war with each other. How can you not celebrate that outcome?”

“You have taken away our freedom, neutralized our purpose for living, and extinguished creativity. We don’t make good slaves, as you’re about to find out.”

“That sounds like a challenge,” Jesorax said, his features utterly expressionless. “Hands behind your back.”

Heaving a sigh of frustration, Bailey did as she was told. The restraints felt particularly heavy as he closed them around her wrists. “I must equip you with a training aid before Daehan enjoys your mouth.”

“A training aid?” she echoed, watching him closely. “What do you mean?”

“I’ll show you.” He unscrewed the top of the jar and handed it to Daehan. Then he dipped his fingers in the jar and withdrew a colorless gel. “The gel contains hundreds of micro-stimulators. They will attach themselves to strategic nerves and create a variety of sensations.” Daehan moved behind her and grabbed her bound wrists while Jesorax smeared the gel over her nipples. “The sensations can be quite pleasurable, or they can be intensely painful.”

Tingling quickly gave way to sting and Bailey twisted and moaned, trying to pull free of Daehan’s grasp. “I did not give you permission to alter my body.”

“Your body belongs to us. We can do anything we like with it. I made that fact perfectly clear.” He reached between her thighs and coated her clit with the gel, then quickly moved behind her and applied it to her anus.

Bailey cried out, jerking and twisting in an effort to evade the pain, but it faded almost as quickly as it had erupted. “This is not what I agreed to,” she panted angrily.

“It is exactly what you agreed to,” Jesorax insisted. “Like most humans, you are willful and selfish. You have great potential, but you will require months, perhaps years of training before you can find contentment as a Kobar ma—pet.”

He’d started to say something else. She was so distracted by the slip that she ignored the fact that he’d referred to her as a pet. “I will serve you because the alternative is prison, but I will never be content as your pet.”

“Another challenge.” He smirked then pinched her nipple. “Daehan, she’s all yours.” Then Jesorax moved back to the sofa and sat down.

Daehan stepped in front of her, his gaze narrowed and bright. “The nanites also monitor your responses, and you do not have permission to come.”

That was the only warning she got before the stimulators began to buzz. She gasped, then rolled her hips and hunched her shoulders. None of the contorting did any good. Her nipples hardened and her clit sent pulses of sensation deep into her pussy. And she refused to think about what was going on between her bottom cheeks. “Please, Sir, turn it off. There is no way I can keep from coming unless you do.”

“You will fight off your orgasm or you will be punished. Now stop squirming and open that lovely mouth.”

Unable to think past her rioting nervous system, she quickly licked her lips then opened her mouth.

“Get me nice and wet so I slide more easily.”

Desperate for any distraction, she happily obeyed. She licked his tip as he pushed into her mouth. She sucked, then licked some more. He drove a bit deeper and she bathed his length with her tongue. His scent grew stronger each time she inhaled and his taste was unique and intriguing. She sucked, wanting more of his spicy/sweet taste.

He pushed his hands into her hair, anchoring her head at just the right angle. “That’s right. Be a good girl and suck nice and hard.”

His condescending tone should have infuriated her, but combined with the stimulations and her helplessness it just sounded right. His thick length slid between her lips, over her tongue and bumped the back of her mouth. He rocked his hips, filling her mouth completely with each stroke.

“You’re going to take it all now. Keep that throat nice and open.” He drove deep for the first time and she gagged, tears escaping the corners of her eyes. He fisted the back of her hair without pulling out. “Relax. You will do this.”

He eased back, allowing her to breathe, then pushed deep again. Tears continued to flow from her tightly closed eyes, but she controlled the urge to gag. It was so intrusive to be fucked this way, so demeaning.

“Such a good girl,” he murmured. “Now open those eyes and look at me.”

She didn’t want to see his smug face, didn’t want to accept what was happening. Darkness allowed her to remain slightly distanced. He used her body, but he wasn’t affecting her. Or so she tried to convince herself.

Someone slapped her ass hard. “He told you to open your eyes.” Apparently, Jesorax was no longer on the couch. He probably wanted a better view of his third’s cock going down her throat.

Angry and resentful, she forced her lids to open. Rather than smug triumph, Daehan gazed down at her with warm encouragement.

“You’re doing very well.” His tone was gentler now than it had been before. He pulled back, paused as she took a deep breath, then pushed his entire length inward again.

She relaxed, giving herself over to him. Their gazes locked as Daehan drove his entire length into the warm wetness that she offered. Jesorax pressed against her back and brushed her hair off her face. Daehan slid in and out of her mouth, fucking her more gently now. She let her mind go blank and just existed in the moment. She didn’t think about right or wrong, good or evil. She just sank into his copper-colored eyes.

As she surrendered control, her mind and body synchronized. Sensations rolled over her in endless waves, not triggering her orgasm, yet maintaining a level of arousal that allowed her to float.

Daehan moved his hands to each side of her face and carefully fucked her mouth. “You are so beautiful like this.”

See me. Know me.

The words whispered through her mind and then she felt the same tingling rush that she’d sensed with Macar. Daehan’s energy was less aggressive, offering rather than demanding. He reveled in her surrender, pleased by her submission even more so than the pleasure of her mouth.

His rhythm sped as his features tensed, and then his head dropped back. “Fuck, oh, fuck.”

She felt his cock buck and then warmth slipped down into her belly. He pulled back and finished coming on her tongue, spreading his taste all through her mouth. She sucked eagerly, drunk on his taste and teetering on the brink of climax.

“Perfect,” Daehan whispered. “That was absolutely perfect.”

She instinctively licked him clean as he slowly withdrew. Each lick reawakened her senses, making her entire body tingle.

“Come for me. You earned your release.”

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