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Theirs to Correct by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

Nayez undressed with fast, efficient movements then crawled onto the bed. Emily stood there staring at him as if she’d never seen a naked male before. Lahval shook his head. Nayez had this effect on females, but he seemed unaware of his physical appeal. When they first met, Lahval thought it was false modesty but they had known each other for eleven years and Nayez’s indifference to flattery remained.

“What’s the matter?” Nayez asked, sounding a bit annoyed.

“Nothing,” she whispered, shaking away her momentary stupor.

“Then come here.” He held out his hand, looking like temptation personified.

She crawled across the bed, glancing at Lahval as she did so.

Lahval undressed too, just at a much slower pace. He was leaner than Nayez, his features less striking. Did she find him lacking after gazing at Nayez? It did not matter. He had other attributes to offer. A cadre was about balance. Each member complemented the others. Each had their own strengths and weaknesses.

“Enough gawking,” Nayez chided. “Eyes and lips on me.”

His back rested against the headboard and his legs were spread, knees slightly bent. She crawled toward him, her emotions settling into an uneasy simmer. Having them both naked made this feel less confrontational, yet Brydon’s threat about ass-fucking still lingered in her mind. Lahval didn’t usually monitor anyone this closely but he had to make sure she was not overwhelmed by their demands.

Emily thought she was a lottery girl, and technically she was, but they hoped that her terms of service would develop into so much more. The survival of the Kobar race depended on cadres successfully claiming human mates. Six years ago Kobar, their home world, had been destroyed by a super volcano. The actual eruption had been devastating, but it also triggered a series of other natural disasters. In a matter of weeks, the entire planet was uninhabitable and the number of Kobar had been reduced from over four billion to not quite seven million. And because military outposts orbited the planet, the vast majority of the survivors were male.

The families and female refugees were welcomed by neighboring planets, while the warriors were met with hostility and mistrust. Lahval didn’t blame them. Kobar warriors were known for their ruthlessness and aggression. The other planets were willing to assist those in need, but they would not risk an armed invasion.

Homeless and disheartened, the warriors set their sights on a distant, nearly forgotten colony. Earth had been seeded by the Kobar many thousands of years ago. Human cultures were still primitive, technology barely beginning to evolve, but human females were capable of producing Kobar young with only minor genetic alterations. Human governments, however, were even less hospitable than the other planet leaders, so the Kobar were left with no choice but to establish their supremacy. Shaking away the past, Lahval refocused on the current situation, seducing their potential mate.

Nayez pushed his hands into her hair as soon as she reached him and guided her head toward his lap. He pulled her down so quickly she barely caught herself against his thighs. Lahval sighed. If Nayez would just kiss her, or stroke her, put her at ease, all of this would be less traumatic. Nayez pushed his cock between her lips and filled her mouth. So much for tenderness. Nayez clearly had something very different in mind. She settled on her hands and knees as he controlled her movements.

“Eyes on me,” he reminded firmly. He moved her head with persistent pulls and pushes, sliding her mouth up and down his shaft. This put him in complete control, which was how Nayez liked it.

Unable to just stand there and watch as she was ruthlessly used again, Lahval joined them on the bed. She tensed, anxiety spiking through her chaotic thoughts. Would he spank her, finger her, or shove his cock deep and fuck her pussy while Nayez fucked her mouth? She waited in uneasy suspense, her core starting to ache.

Lahval slid his hand down the length of her back, determined to soothe her. “Your skin is so soft,” he whispered reverently. If they succeeded in courting her, this female would be their mate and the mother of their children. They would share her and build their lives around her. But first they had to establish their claim, warn every other Kobar male that she belonged to them. “And your breasts…” He reached beneath her and squeezed both soft mounds, his chest pressing against her back. “Extraordinary.”

Nayez triggered the nipple stimulators. She startled then moaned as the nanites created a rhythmic whir in her flesh. Lahval could feel the faint buzz against his palms.

“This setting won’t let you come, but it will make your orgasm more intense when I finally turn them off.” He activated the clit stimulators and then the ones surrounding her sensitive pucker. She arched her back and shifted her hips, obviously bothered by the teasing sensations. “Finger her ass,” Nayez suggested gruffly. “She needs to get used to being penetrated there.”

He was right, but she wasn’t ready to hear it, much less accept the concept. Lahval kissed his way down her spine, still playing with her breasts. She savored the gentle touches, needing the tenderness. Then he slid his hands down her sides and squeezed her bottom, carefully pulling the sides apart. “He’s right, Emily. You need to get used to being touched everywhere. You will be taken in all three holes. Once your body has adjusted to the stretch, it will feel really good when we use your ass.”

She shivered, trying to keep her emotions distanced from what they were doing. Even as distracted as Lahval was by her soft body, her mind was an open book to him. Her body responded to their skill, but she would never enjoy being used. Or so she was valiantly trying to convince herself.

Nayez moved her head faster, giving her more than half his length with each long stroke. She would need to be taught how to swallow their entire length, but that was a lesson for another day.

Needing to judge her response to his touch, Lahval turned off the nanites. Then he caressed the insides of her thighs and her wet pussy. He traced her crease, easing his fingers between her folds until he found her slick opening. If she wasn’t dripping Brydon’s cum, it would be his tongue not his fingers exploring her flesh. That pleasure too would have to wait for another day.

“There is no way all of this is Brydon.” Lahval pushed two of his fingers inside her and rubbed her clit with his thumb. “Something about this appeals to you or you wouldn’t be this wet.” She groaned around Nayez’s cock and shivered. Oh, yes, she definitely liked that. Sliding his long fingers in and out, Lahval matched the rocking of his hand to the slide of Nayez’s cock between her lips.

With their minds this closely linked, Lahval sensed the tingling pleasure as it gathered in her core. His fingers slid more easily as her passage grew even wetter. Lahval inhaled deeply, craving more of her unique scent. His dark nature stirred, filling his mind with images and urges. He wanted to spank her upturned ass until her cheeks glowed nice and red, then he’d push his cock into her tight virgin hole. She’d cry out and sob as he stretched her, but she’d submit just the same.

Shaking away the feral need, he concentrated on the slide of his fingers and thumb. He had to keep his head. If he gave in to these urges too, she would never see them as anything but Kobar savages.

She groaned even louder but was still fighting against the sensations racing toward her. She didn’t want to come, didn’t want to submit to their control. Amused by her stubbornness, Lahval rotated his wrist and rubbed her other hole with his thumb. She murmured a futile protest as he pushed against the puckered opening. This was the first of many ways this hole would be penetrated. She tried to wiggle away from the intrusion but Lahval wouldn’t be denied. He drove inward steadily and her body yielded to his probing thumb.

“That’s right, love. Let me in.”

Soothed by his coaxing tone and the care with which he took her, she relaxed and his thumb slid deeper. No doubt it felt strange to her, unfamiliar yet he hoped it was pleasant. He pulled back then made her take more. Soon his hand rocked back and forth filling both passages in one persistent motion. All the while Nayez continued to fuck her mouth.

Lahval tuned out his own enjoyment and concentrated on what Emily was feeling. Sensations washed over her in languid waves. In and out, in and out, cock, fingers and thumb. She could easily imagine being filled by three long, thick Kobar cocks. Good, she would not need to imagine it soon. They would surround her, stretch her, then fill her to overflowing as they claimed their human mate.

“Soon,” Nayez whispered, his thoughts clearly echoing Lahval’s. Then Nayez tilted his head back and shuddered violently as he came down her throat.

Each hot splash launched a dart of sensation from her mouth to her pussy. Pleasure detonated between her thighs and her inner muscles rippled around Lahval’s fingers and thumb. She swallowed and shook, dazed by the intensity of her orgasm. Lahval prolonged the sensations with his free hand, gently rubbing her clit until the last spasm faded.

“Your turn, L,” Nayez muttered as he pulled out of her mouth. “You’ve waited long enough.”

“Then turn her over. I want to see her face while I’m inside her.” He went in the adjoining bathroom and quickly washed his hands. He wanted nothing distracting him from their first joining.

When Lahval returned, Nayez had turned her onto her back and draped her legs over his. Her head rested against his abdomen rather than his shoulder, but Lahval couldn’t help thinking of all the possibilities. “We’re going to devour an Emily sandwich? Shall we tell her what that position is for?”

“I’d rather show her,” Nayez growled.

Lahval shook his head. “She’d struggle to take me. She’s definitely not ready for you.”

“Well, get busy or I will,” Nayez told him. “This conversation is making me hard again.”

Emily wasn’t a fool and it didn’t take much imagination to figure out what they meant. She was picturing being pressed between them, one fucking her pussy, the other her ass. She shivered, much more aroused by the idea than she was ready to admit. “I don’t want that.”

“Yet,” Lahval corrected as he knelt between her thighs. “Soon you will beg to be fucked like that. You’ll beg for a cock in all three of your holes at the same time.” He stared deep into her eyes as he drove into her soft, wet pussy. She was tight and hot, and Lahval nearly came just being surrounded by her.

Nayez caught the backs of her knees and opened her legs even wider. Lahval took a deep breath and began to move. He dragged his cock nearly out then drove it back in. Over and over he fucked her, amazed at how perfectly she fit him. Possessive passion surged through his being and his hips rocked faster. Nothing had ever felt better, nothing more natural. She was their mate and every stroke confirmed the fact to Lahval.

His face was directly above hers, pleasure tensing his features. Her eyes stared up at him, wide and guileless. She was confused by all she was feeling when she wanted to feel nothing at all. He gripped the headboard with one hand and caressed her breasts with the other, while his cock shuttled in and out. If Nayez weren’t there this would feel intimate, almost as if they were human lovers. He started to lower his head, meaning to kiss her, but she quickly turned her head to the side.

“There is nowhere to hide,” Lahval whispered into her ear as he slipped his hand between their bodies. He covered her clit with his thumb and gave the sensitive nub a firm stroke with each inward thrust. She might resist him with her mind, but her body would obey.

She lifted her hands to his chest, trying to push him away, but he easily resisted her light shove. He thrust harder, driving her back into Nayez. Nayez released her legs and moved his hands to her breasts, squeezing and tugging on her nipples.

“Come for him, Lottie,” Nayez ordered as he gave both nipples a painful twist. “Show Lahval how much you like his cock.”

She fought the sensations with everything she had, not understanding her body’s reactions. Pain had never turned her on before her capture, and she never came on demand. “What’s wrong with me,” she wailed as the orgasm ripped through her.

Unable to resist the combined stimulation of her rippling cunt and her surrender, Lahval pounded into her. He continued to stroke her clit with his thumb, determined to give her as much pleasure as she was giving him. She lifted her hips and arched her back. The next orgasm unwound gradually, pulsing slowly at first, then faster and faster until she screamed with the intensity.

A few seconds later, Lahval pulled her hips clear off the bed and released his seed deep inside her. His gaze locked with hers. He felt predatory and possessive as his balls contracted over and over. Mine. He didn’t need to say the word out loud. He had no doubt that it was written all over his face.

She lay sprawled across Nayez panting harshly as her pussy fluttered around Lahval’s cock. “I don’t understand why I keep reacting so strongly. It must be pheromones or chemicals in your cum. This isn’t natural.”

“It’s perfectly natural for the Kobar,” Nayez argued. It’s my turn, L. Go print an anal trainer. You can get her started while she rides my cock.

Reluctantly, Lahval pulled out of her pussy and crawled off the bed.

Nayez turned her over then positioned her astride his hips. “Reach down and put me in. You’ve got one more cock to empty before we let you sleep.”

“I already emptied your cock,” she pointed out softly, her hands braced against his chest.

“That was just a warm-up. Now, do as you’re told.”

She heaved a sigh of frustration, but rocked forward onto her knees and positioned him at her opening. Lahval watched her sink down onto Nayez’s cock then went to the adjoining utility room to print the anal trainer. She wasn’t going to like it, but it was better than stretching her with his cock like his instincts were urging him to do. The trainer was self-lubricating and could provide stimulating sensations while it gradually increased in size.

Much to Lahval’s surprise, when he returned Nayez was kissing her. His hand ran over her back and hips while his tongue explored her mouth. She returned the kiss eagerly, obviously ravenous for the intimate reassurance. Lahval tried not to give in to jealousy, but she had turned away when he tried to kiss her. Maybe Nayez hadn’t given her a choice. He was being more aggressive than Lahval had been.

“Such a good girl,” Nayez murmured as he eased her back. “Ride me, angel. Let me feel that tight, wet cunt siding along my cock.” She pulled her hips up until only Nayez’s tip was still inside her then lowered herself onto him again. He groaned loudly, cupping her breasts. “So fucking good. Do it again, Lottie. Just like that.”

And she did. Over and over, she caressed his length with her willing body. She kept the tempo slow, almost relaxing for a while then gradually built her speed as she became more aroused.

Don’t just stand there. I’m not going to last long. This feels too damn good!

Lahval crawled back onto the bed and eased her ass cheeks apart.

She froze. “What are you doing?”

“Eyes on me, Lottie. He’s going to help prepare your ass to take our cocks.”

“But I don’t want that. I told you already.”

“You don’t get a vote,” Nayez said sternly. “We are in control. Now stop arguing and fuck me.”

Lahval primed the anal trainer and a thin film of lube made the long shaft appear shiny. Unlike human butt plugs, anal trainers expanded once they were inserted so it wasn’t tapered. Holding her open with one hand, he rubbed the rounded tip against her pucker to transfer some of the lube before easing the slender shaft well into her bottom. “Not too bad?”

“It feels like your thumb, just a little more slippery.”

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” Nayez grasped her hips and took over the motion. “I didn’t realize it would be this much of a distraction.”

“Give me a moment and we’ll fuck her together,” Lahval promised.

“Wait, what?” she cried, looking back at him with obvious concern.

“I’ll fuck you with this,” he slid the trainer in and out to demonstrate, “while he fucks you with his cock.”

“Oh. I can deal with that.”

He chuckled. It wasn’t her decision, but there was no reason to gloat about the fact. He pushed her forward until she was resting on Nayez’s chest and then increased the circumference of the trainer.

“Did that thing just get bigger?” she moaned as her muscles began to stretch. “It’s growing. It’s definitely growing.”

Rather than discuss it, Nayez took her hips and slid her up and down. Lahval matched his motion only in reverse. He pushed the trainer deep as Nayez pulled out and vice versa. Soon Emily joined in, rolling her hips as well as raising and lowering them. Lahval triggered another expansion and she gasped, shaking visibly.

“Did she just come?” he asked, surprised by the reaction. He hadn’t expected her to enjoy it this much.

“Without permission and hard enough to bruise my cock. What a naughty girl.” He sounded amused not angry, so Lahval kept the trainer sliding in and out of her ass. “Does that feel good, naughty girl? Do you like having your pussy and ass fucked at the same time?”

“Yes.” The admission was torn from her as another orgasm shuddered through her.

“That’s twice you came without permission.” Nayez lifted her off his cock. He turned her and pushed her down across his lap. His hand fell fast and hard against her ass cheeks. The trainer was still in her bottom, but Nayez’s sudden movement had jerked it out of Lahval’s hand.

“Stop,” she cried, clutching the bedding. “I’m going to come again if you don’t stop!”

“Fight it off.” Nayez pulled the trainer out then shoved her legs apart. He stroked her wet folds then slapped them. She shrieked and tried to crawl off his lap. Nayez held her down and swatted her sensitive flesh several more times. “Your pleasure belongs to us. You come when we tell you to or not at all.”

She was so wet that the insides of her thighs were slick with it. Nayez thrust his fingers into her cunt and fucked her punitively. She didn’t struggle. Instead she moved her legs even farther apart and lifted her hips. Lahval inhaled her evocative scent and watched Nayez’s long fingers fill her hole with brutal possession. He needed to be part of this, to spank, fuck, and claim her, make sure the entire universe knew where she belonged.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed as Nayez went back to spanking her bottom.

Lahval’s cock hardened and his balls ached as Nayez’s hand slapped against her reddened cheeks.

“You belong to us now,” Nayez snarled as he delivered two resounding slaps to each side. “Who owns your pussy?”

Slap. Slap.

“You do, Sir,” she sobbed.

“And who owns your tight virgin ass?” Nayez emphasized the question with a flurry of hard spanks.

“You,” she cried. “You and Lahval.”

Hearing his name in that submissive tone sent feral hunger thrummed through his body. He wanted her laid out beneath him, helpless to resist as he pounded into her cunt, or better yet her ass. His eyes hazed over and a buzz like a swarm of insects filled his ears.

Nayez growled, sounding as savage as Lahval felt. Then Nayez picked her up and placed her astride his legs. “Put me in,” he ordered.

She immediately obeyed.

After pressing her against his chest, Nayez reached down and parted her ass cheeks. “Join me, brother. We all need this.”

She gasped, then stilled, obviously waiting to see if Lahval would accept the invitation.

Grasping his cock, Lahval moved in close then hesitated. He wanted this with every fiber of his being, but she was afraid not aroused.

“Do it,” Nayez urged. “We’ll make sure she enjoys it.”

“Please,” she whispered, starting to shake. But was she begging him to continue or to stop?

Forcing himself to concentrate through his rioting hormones, he scanned her mind. She was afraid, but she was more aroused than she had ever been before. She wanted this, needed it just as badly as they did, which was part of what frightened her so much. She didn’t understand her body’s reaction to the pain and their domination, but she wanted to explore.

Silencing the last of his inhibitions, Lahval positioned himself against her virgin hole and slowly pushed through the tight ring of muscle. She cried out then moaned, her inner muscles fluttering. Lahval panted harshly. She was still slick inside and out from the trainer, but the pressure was almost painful. After a brief pause, he advanced. She whimpered as he slid deeper, and then deeper still.

Nayez released her bottom cheeks and buried his hands in her hair. He pulled her mouth to his and kissed her passionately. Glad for the distraction, Lahval gave her a bit more. He progressed by increments until she had taken his entire length. He paused, savoring the firm grip of her body and giving her a moment to adjust to the stretch of having two Kobar cocks deep inside her.

She suddenly turned her head to the side and pushed against his chest. “It hurts. It really hurts.”

“Relax into the pain,” Nayez directed. “It will pass. Your body was created to pleasure ours. You can and will do this.”

A frustrated cry tore from her throat and she shoved even farther away. Lahval wrapped one arm around her waist and collared her throat with his other hand. He didn’t squeeze, just kept her from moving and illustrated their control over her. “Breathe for me, Lottie. Let your body go limp. Just relax and let this happen.” Gradually he felt the tension leave her muscles and her breaths grew deep and regular. “Good girl.” He slid his hand down from her throat and caressed her breasts, teasing her nipples with his thumb. “Now move your hips. Fuck Nayez and I’ll fuck you.”

Hesitantly she rolled her hips, sliding her body along the length of Nayez’s cock. Lahval pulled back then drove inward fast for the first time. She gasped and rocked her hips a little faster, creating another long stroke. Nayez didn’t remain passive long. He grasped her hips and took control of her movements. Lifting her off his cock, he pushed her onto Lahval’s. It took them a few minutes, but they found an angle and rhythm that gave all three what they needed. She braced against Nayez’s chest, but let them move her lower body. They used her as they saw fit, which freed her from guilt. The only thing that would have made it better was if Brydon were fucking her mouth.

Their mutual need built quickly as the two males thrust into their mate. Lahval continued to monitor her emotions as his hands slid over her breasts and belly, her hips and thighs. This was not what he’d intended. He’d wanted to be the calm center of his cadre’s storm, but she was simply too arousing and his need to claim her too profound.

“Please, please may I come,” she cried out, head tossing as she fought back her orgasm.

“Come for us,” Nayez ordered. “Come really hard.”

She cried out sharply, her entire body shaking as her passages contracted rhythmically. Nayez growled, hands gripping her hips. He rocked her back and forth almost violently. Lahval arched, coming with a savage cry. Seed exploded from his cock, staking his claim on her back passage. Lights burst behind his eyes and pleasure detonated along every nerve ending in his body. Nayez echoed his cry, no doubt filling her pussy with his cum.

They huddled together for a long moment, unable to do anything but pant. Never in his entire life had Lahval experienced pleasure so explosive or intense.

“You all right, angel?” Nayez asked, brushing the hair back from her face.

“I’m not sure,” she whispered then laughed. “I can’t feel anything yet.”

Lahval carefully separated his body from hers and fought back a pang of guilt. This was not what he had planned for tonight, but it had been inevitable. She had three mates and each would enjoy every opening in her lovely body. Someone had to be her first. Besides, she had clearly enjoyed being overwhelmed.

He stroked her back and watched with savage glee as a few drops of his cum dripped out of her well-fucked ass. “You are officially filled with cum in all three holes, sweetheart. I guess we can let you sleep.”

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