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Theirs to Punish by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

He draped the flogger over his shoulder like a dishcloth and pulled a small container out of his pocket. Without explanation, he flipped open the lid and dipped his first two fingers into something that looked like Vaseline. He smeared the goo on one of her nipples and then the other. It felt cool and slick like the substance it resembled. Why put Vaseline on—tingling heat erupted, sinking deeper with alarming speed.

She tried not to hyperventilate, but her nipples tightened and began to pulse as the mystery substance was absorbed by her skin. “What is that?” Tingles became prickles and then stinging burn. “It hurts,” she cried, twisting to one side and then the other. Her breasts swayed but there was no escaping the sensations. “It really hurts.”

“The discomfort will only last a moment. The nanites are implanting themselves in your flesh.”

“The what?” Oh, my God! Kobar nanites could do all sorts of nefarious things—deliver targeted bioweapons, stop a person’s heart, rupture a blood vessel in her brain. “Why did you put nanites inside me?”

“They will not harm you and you will soon understand their purpose.”

They had just spent a small fortune on her. If Endar wanted her dead, he could have shot her in his office and no one would have cared. She was an expendable human and he was a sector leader. With the exclusion of the supreme commander, Endar was the most powerful male on Earth, or at least one of them.

As Tekel said, the pain fizzled as quickly as it erupted. She blew out a ragged breath, but Tekel wasn’t finished. He casually parted her folds and smeared her clit with the nanite-infused goo. She cried out, tears gathering behind her lashes. Worse, he stepped behind her and applied the medium to her bottom hole as well. Soon she was surrounded by a buzzing, stinging cloud of sensation. Her entire body pulsed and tingled as the triggers all fired simultaneously. Her core clenched so tightly she moaned and let her head drop back. She was instantly on the verge of orgasm, but she hung there, burning with pleasure just out of reach.

“Please, oh, please. I need to come.”

Tekel didn’t respond to her plea. Instead, he swung the flogger. It fanned out across her butt cheeks and she cried out. Stinging pain drove back the pleasure, but the arousing buzz made the discomfort pleasurable. It was so damn confusing. Which was exactly what Tekel wanted. With sensations swinging from pleasure to pain and back like a pendulum, it kept her off balanced and emotionally raw.

The flogger’s strands landed again, a little harder this time and the nanites increased their intensity as well. She shook her head and tugged on her bonds, twisting as much as the restraints allowed. Images swam through her mind, fragments of memory. She’d been indifferent to the complaints of one lottery girl, rolling her eyes at the pleas of another. She was supposed to be their advocate, the person willing to fight for them.

“No more, please,” she sobbed. “No more.”

“Talk to me, Lottie,” Tekel directed. “Why are you here?”

Lottie? Short for lottery girl, she realized. It was a reminder that she was one of them now, those girls that she’d failed. The flogger lit up her nerve endings and made her muscles tense. She was starting to ache inside and out.

“I’m still waiting.”

The next swat was harder than ever and she yelled in frustration and pain. “I’m a diva,” she cried. “Just ask Susan. I protect myself instead of thinking of others, especially those counting on me.”

“Go on.”

She tried to organize her thoughts, but her body was running riot. Her lips parted but all that escaped was a miserable moan. She needed to come and she needed to scream. Each stinging swat from the flogger heightened the stimulation, making her desperate for the demanding fullness of a cock. She was restless and angry, and wet. Her pussy lips felt heavy and slick and her breasts ached almost as badly as her core.

She focused on the physical sensations, trying to avoid memories of her childish behavior, her bad attitude. Her shame. He snapped the flogger again and again, targeting her ass and the backs of her thighs. The images faded, but regret remained. It hadn’t been an isolated incident. Most of the lottery girls who turned to her for support received excuses or useless platitudes instead.

The human race is counting on you.

This is for the greater good.

Being a lottery girl is an honor. Accept your service with pride and dignity.

Gradually the nanites backed off and there was only the painful intensity of the flogger. She welcomed the pain, knew she deserved this and more.

“Why are you here, Anna? What lessons do you most need to learn?”

She was prideful and self-absorbed, far too comfortable in her ivory tower. “Humility,” she whispered miserably. “And compassion. I need to be humbled. Someone needs to treat me the way I’ve treated them.” She braced herself for the flogger’s next impact, but it never came.

“Very good,” Tekel said and set the flogger aside.

The restraints released and she collapsed into Tekel’s arms. He lifted her and carried her toward the bed. She buried her face in his shirt, ashamed and feeling horribly guilty. Her chest shuddered with cleansing sobs and static filled her ears. She knew it wasn’t over, that the worst was likely ahead, but her mind refused to move beyond her regret.

“Lottery girls contact you when they feel helpless and abandoned,” Endar stated. He stood beside the bed, pants loosened, his intention obvious. “I heard rumors that you were cold and unfeeling, so I started monitoring your calls.”

“I’m sorry.” She raised her head and looked at him. “I’ll do better, so much better.”

“I know you will. We’re going to make sure of it.”

Tekel set her down beside the bed then moved back, returning control to Endar.

Endar turned her to face the bed and bent her forward. She quickly braced her weight on her forearms so her face didn’t hit the mattress.

“I am not by nature a cruel person, but you deserve cruelty.” He kicked her feet apart. “You need it.”

Anna knew what was coming, and part of her wanted to be punished. She wanted cathartic fire to burn away her shame. And she wanted Endar to light the fire, wanted an emotional connection to the object of her obsession.

He positioned his cock at the opening to her pussy then grasped her hips. “Your heartlessness has left other females feeling abandoned and abused. You need to understand exactly how that feels.” With no other warning he thrust his full length into her core.

She cried out more from shock than pain. He was huge, but her pussy was sopping wet. Even so she stretched tight to take him and the brutal penetration made her feel even more ashamed. He only gave her a moment to adjust to the overwhelming stretch then pulled back his hips and fucked her with ruthless speed. His pelvis slapped her punished ass and their thighs collided while his long, thick cock pounded into her pussy.

This was not meant to bring her pleasure, but arousal curled through her anyway. She was genuinely sorry she hadn’t been more compassionate. And the relentless slide of his big body over and into hers was commanding her responses. She felt used, yet there was a certain release in the degradation, a perverse sort of pleasure that hummed through her body and made her head swim. Her actions and attitudes had been inappropriate. This was the consequence for her actions, an inescapable step toward reformation. Even with the pain, part of her reveled in her shame.

The nanites buzzed and her inner muscles rippled, igniting sparks of pleasure. It was an orgasm and yet it was not. It made her ravenous for a stronger release. He continued his unforgiving pace, but her clit tingled, pushing her ever closer to the explosive orgasm she needed. His hands slid up her sides, grasping her shoulders to keep her from sliding forward. Her bottom cheeks throbbed in time with her pussy, and her over-sensitized nipples rubbed against the bedding with each brutal thrust.

She’d expected it to be over quickly, but it went on and on. Each forceful thrust of his hips felt like a mini-spank against her tender cheeks. Despite the pain, his cock was awakening sensations she hadn’t expected to feel. Confusing surges of enjoyment swelled within the discomfort. She’d feel the tingling start of an orgasm, then he’d pull her hair or pinch her nipple and there would be only punishment again.

He pushed her all the way down on the bed, using her hair to turn her head to the side. Instead of angering her, however, her traitorous body reacted to his aggression with a surge of excitement. She wanted to be dominated, controlled. His hands returned to her hips, pulling her up until her toes barely touched the floor.

“Who does this pussy belong to?” he demanded as his pace sped up even more.

The aggressive pounding dragged another cry from her throat. “You,” she panted. “You and your cadre.”

“When can we fuck you?” The clit nanites pulsed, ensuring that her answer came quickly.

“Whenever you want,” she cried.

He paused with his cock deep inside her. “Who owns your pleasure?”

The nipple nanites joined in and Anna threw her head back, yelling in frustration. “You do, Sir!”

“You only come when I tell you to come. Isn’t that right, lottery girl?”

“Yes, Sir. Please, please, please.”

He thrust twice and a painfully intense orgasm gripped her abdomen. Her inner muscles contracted around his cock so hard that it dragged another cry from her throat. The nanites continued to purr, prolonging the spasms as she writhed on his cock.

The pleasure had just started to fade when he pulled her tender cheeks apart, holding them open lewdly. He deactivated the nanites and brushed her other opening with his thumb. “Where can we fuck you, lottery girl?”

Her moan morphed into a whimper of defeat. His meaning was inescapable. “Anywhere you want.” She tensed, horrified that he might prove the claim right then and there.

Instead of his cock, he drove one of his fingers into the rippled opening. It didn’t hurt, exactly, just felt strange and so damn intrusive. She sobbed into the bedding. His cock still stretched her pussy. It didn’t take much to imagine how another long, thick cock would feel in that tight back passage.

“I don’t want that,” she sobbed. “Please, don’t.”

His finger slid in and out, and then he echoed the motion with his cock. “Your body is no longer your own. We can and will use you anyway we want, and we want all sorts of dark and twisted things.” He adjusted the motion of his hand so it matched the thrust of his hips. He fucked her ass and pussy together, the strokes fast and hard.

She wanted to hate it, tried to convince herself that ass play of any kind was revolting. But her treacherous body wasn’t listening to her brain. She clawed at the bedding as her back arched, driving her hips up to deepen his penetration. He activated the anal nanites but left the rest dormant. The message was clear. If she wanted another orgasm, it was on his terms.

His cock continued to slide in and out of her pussy, but he was intentionally avoiding her clit. She shifted restlessly, groaning as her frustration grew.

“Let go, Anna. Trust me. I will always give you what you need.”

Not what you want. What you need. She smiled, knowing he couldn’t see her. Now she sounded like a Rolling Stones song.

The anal nanites intensified, stinging in a strangely pleasurable way. “Pay attention,” he warned then carefully worked another finger into her reluctant hole. “If this lesson isn’t intense enough, I’ll go ahead and fuck this sweet little ass.”

“No. I’m sorry.”

He pushed his cock all the way in and stopped moving. “Focus on my fingers.” He drew back slowly, then thrust in fast.

She gasped then shivered as unexpected sensations radiated through her abdomen. Her clit twitched in concert with the anal nanites.

“Surrender. Let it happen. You have no choice.”

He growled the last phrase with a strange sort of menace that should have frightened her. Instead it flipped a switch in her psyche and she came. Both passages tightened rhythmically and tingling sensation pulsed through her entire body, leaving her dizzy and spent.

He withdrew his fingers and quickly thrust into her pussy a few times. A loud groan escaped him as hot jets of cum spurted deep inside her. He shuddered against her back, his hands running up and down her sides.

Stunned and emotional, she lay limply against the bed as Endar separated their bodies. Should she thank him again or rail against the brutality of this treatment? Yes, she’d been a selfish bitch, but did she deserve all of this? Self-pity washed over her, quickly rebuilding the emotional defenses their treatment had just dismantled. She wasn’t any worse than anyone else at the DCS. They had no right to—to what? Treat her like every other lottery girl? Why should she be spared when so many suffered this fate?

Suffered? her inner voice mocked. You call that suffering? Her body was still tingling from the orgasms Endar had given her. It would be hard to convince anyone that this was suffering.

“Don’t move,” he ordered and walked away.

Her head was turned in the opposite direction from the secret panel, but she recognized the subtle swish of the compartment opening. What now? Her ass and legs still ached, and now her pussy did too. How much more punishment did they expect her to take in one night. One night? Her sentence was for one entire year. A fresh rush of tears filled her eyes and a sob built deep in her chest.

She heard footsteps but wasn’t sure which male moved. She didn’t dare look. Endar had told her to stay put. Her bottom cheeks were pulled apart and fingers dipped into her well-used pussy long enough to gather Endar’s cum. Then her tormentor used the warm fluid to lubricate her bottom hole. She sobbed into the bed, thinking she was about to lose her last virginity. Instead of a cock, something smooth and cylindrical was pushed into her tight back passage. She’d seen butt plugs on the internet. This felt different, not nearly as tapered, just long and hard.

“This is an anal trainer. It will prepare your ass so you can take a Kobar cock,” Endar told her as he slid the trainer in and out. “It is our right to fuck all three of your holes, but it is not our intention to harm you.”

It felt so strange, similar to his fingers but so much… worse or better? She refused to answer. They’d twisted her thinking enough for one night. Her bottom cheeks were still being held open, so Tekel must be assisting Endar. They were both back there watching something slide in and out of her bottom hole. A shiver dropped down her spine and she struggled not to squirm. Her traitorous clit twitched needfully and it had nothing to do with the nanites.

Gradually the stretch increased and her reluctant opening began to burn. “Is it getting bigger?”

Endar chuckled. “That’s the point of the trainer. Relax and accept it. We’ve almost reached the first setting.”

“The first?” she cried. “How many are there?”

“As many as I determine you need.”

He pushed the trainer all the way in and she felt her opening constrict around some sort of narrowing. The burning stretch decreased, but she still felt unnaturally full.

“You will wear this until I take it out or give you permission to remove it. Do you understand?” Endar asked sternly.

“Yes, Sir.”

“I am your master and should be addressed accordingly. You will refer to Tekel and Ranzek as Sir.”

“Yes, M-master,” she muttered uncomfortably. Having a master made her a slave. That might be the brutal truth of her circumstances, but it was not a mindset she would ever willingly accept.

He pulled her up off the bed and turned her around. Pulling her hands to the small of her back, he told her, “Now kneel and offer your mouth to Tekel.”

Would this horrible night never end? As if to answer her question, she felt warm cum leak out of her pussy and wet her upper thighs. Her skin felt tight and warm from the flogger, a ‘trainer’ was lodged in her ass, she reeked of cum, and now a long, hard cock was going into her mouth. A fresh rush of self-pity made her lips tremble and she scrambled for a way to escape this task.

Tekel moved in front of her and she gasped. He was naked now and his sexy smile was back, along with the mischief in his eyes. “Wrap those soft lips around me, Lottie. Watching Endar fuck you made me nice and hard.”

In an instant her misery was forgotten. She wanted to touch him, wanted to run her hands all over his long, lean body. There wasn’t a hint of fat on the male, just six and a half feet of toned muscle wrapped in flawless cinnamon-colored skin. She licked her lips and watched as he guided his cock toward her mouth. Like the rest of him, it was long and lean. She hadn’t seen Endar’s cock, but it had felt almost painfully thick inside her.

Tekel rubbed his tip back and forth across her lips. She curled her tongue around him as he slowly pushed inside. He tasted strange, not unpleasant just very different from a human male. She sucked deeply as he slid against her tongue and his taste grew stronger. She tried to define it, but it was exotic and unique.

“That’s right, doll. Suck me nice and hard.”

Endar shifted her wrists into one long-fingered grasp so he could fondle her breasts with his other hand. She’d never done this without being able to use her hands. It was awkward, yet freeing. All she had to do was suck and keep from scraping him with her teeth.

Suddenly, the nanites surrounding her nipples activated. She moaned helplessly. The pulsing felt wonderful, but it was a cruel sort of pleasure. Her clit and anal nanites joined in and her senses were soon humming.

Tekel rocked his hips, pulling almost out before driving in deep enough to bump the back of her mouth. She kept her lips snug but her jaw loose, allowing him to slide easily. His tempo was leisurely, as if he meant to enjoy the pleasure for as long as possible.

It felt so strange to be utterly passive. She wasn’t even licking him anymore, just holding still and offering her warm wet mouth for the pleasure of one of her owners. He pushed his fingers into her hair as his hips pumped faster. He was bumping the back of her mouth with each thrust now and still several inches were outside her lips.

“Take it all and I’ll let you come,” he offered in a rough whisper.

She wasn’t sure what he meant. She had her mouth open as wide as possible. He simply didn’t fit. Oh, God, he wanted her to swallow him. She’d seen it done on the internet, but this had never been an issue before.

Tekel took her face between his hands and tilted her head back. “Keep your throat relaxed and I’ll do the rest.”

Fear prickled at the base of spine and she tried hard to follow his instructions. His cock touched the back of her mouth then kept going. Her eyes widened and she fought the need to gag, but lost. She tugged hard against Endar’s grasp as her throat contracted.

“Relax,” Tekel ordered, but he pulled back until she stopped gagging. “You can do this, just stay nice and open.”

Have you ever swallowed a cock? she grumbled mentally.

Endar chuckled and she tensed. There was no way she’d said that out loud. Her mouth was busy at the moment. And this wasn’t the first time he’d reacted to something she’d thought. The rumors that the Kobar were psychic suddenly seemed likely. Endar’s authority was second only to the supreme commander’s. No Kobar warrior attained that level of power without being exceptional in some way.

Tekel drove inward again, but she was still analyzing the implications of Endar’s chuckle. She felt a faint need to gag, but Tekel didn’t hesitate. He steadily advanced and her gag reflex ebbed. She’d done it. Her nose touched his flat abdomen. Then her eyes widened as she tried to inhale. She couldn’t breathe!

Panicked and tired of these lessons, she struggled all over again. Endar wrapped one arm around her torso, trapping her arms at her sides. His other hand wrapped around her throat, applying only enough pressure to make her aware of his grasp. “Take it,” he ordered. “He’ll let you breathe in a moment. His pleasure is more important than your breath. You will relax and do this. You will do it for me.”

Ordinarily his commands would incite her rebellious nature, but her emotions were so raw, and she’d already come so far. This was punishment, penance, a much-needed catalyst that would allow her to change. Her pride stung and her body ached, but she relaxed against Endar and gave herself over to their domination.

Tekel fucked her throat with long, steady strokes. She timed her breathing to the rocking of his hips and let reality slip away. She had no identity, no objections. She existed for pleasure and pleasure alone.

“Good girl,” Endar whispered in her ear. “You look so fucking hot with his cock down your throat. I’m getting hard all over again.”

Somehow Tekel heard Endar and pulled out of her mouth. “I’ll finish in her pussy. Your cum should be the first she swallows anyway.”

Lost in a surreal haze, she didn’t resist when they pulled her to her feet and turned her toward the bed. Endar sat on the edge of the mattress and guided her head down toward his waiting cock. She bent from the waist rather than going back down to her knees. Tekel held her elbows and Endar held her face as he pushed his cock into her mouth. Tekel thrust into her pussy, driving her farther down on Endar’s cock. Thanks to the anal trainer all three of her holes were stuffed full. This was what lottery girls were for, their primary purpose during their term of service. They were vessels, willing toys focused entirely on the pleasure of their owners.

The males started moving and she reminded herself to breathe. Endar set the pace, which meant the fucking was fast and hard. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but she wasn’t sure why she was crying. She was teetering on the brink of orgasm, more acutely aroused than she’d ever been before. They weren’t hurting her. It was just so savage, so aggressive. There was no tenderness, no hint of affection. This was animal lust, fulfillment of a biological need. They used her body selfishly, and then they’d casually walk away.

This is what those poor girls were trying to tell you, trying to make you understand. Her own conscience was the cruelest teacher of all. There was no escaping her lessons.

Endar splayed his fingers against the back of her head and pulled her down onto his cock. Her nose pressed against his flexing abdomen while his cock bucked inside her mouth. He grunted and moaned as his cum pulsed down her throat. She didn’t struggle even though she couldn’t breathe. She just waited for him to finish and thought of the other lottery girls.

“Pull her up,” Endar directed his second and they finally freed her mouth. She sucked in a breath and would have collapsed onto Endar’s lap if it weren’t for Tekel’s hold on her elbows.

“I promised her an orgasm,” Tekel reminded.

“She’s earned it,” Endar agreed as he righted his clothing and moved out of the way.

Tekel pulled out of her pussy, and caught her around the middle as her knees buckled. “I want to watch that beautiful face as you come all over my cock.” He placed her on the bed, on her back this time, hips right at the edge of the mattress. Then he draped her legs over his arms and pushed back into her pussy. “Look at me, Lottie. Look right into my eyes.”

She met his gaze and he resumed his strong, steady rhythm. Her clit vibrated and her arousal spiraled up from the ashes. Her nipples hardened and her core tensed around his surging cock. Tension gathered low in her belly, the first hint of her long-neglected orgasm.

His whiskey-colored eyes reflected more than animal lust now. She wouldn’t call it affection, but he finally saw her as a person not just a receptacle for his cum. Proving her assessment, he freed his arms and arched over her body, bringing their faces much closer together. “You’re so damn beautiful.” He brushed her sweat-dampened hair back from her face and bent down and kissed her. Endar’s taste lingered in her mouth. It was faint, but Tekel didn’t seem to care. His lips sealed over hers and his tongue boldly explored.

Surprised by his choice, yet desperately needing the tenderness, she lost herself in the kiss. His hips pumped faster and the tension gathering in her belly wound even tighter. He slipped one arm under her neck and caressed her breasts with the other hand. His thumb teased one of her nipples, then he pinched the other. The pressure on her tender flesh sent a surge of heat into the mix of sensations and emotions.

His mouth tore from hers as he ordered, “Open your eyes.”

She did and a gasp escaped her lips. His expression was ravenous now, demanding and possessive. “Come for me, Lottie. Come right now.”

The clit nanites intensified, ensuring her obedience. She arched into his next thrust and her inner muscles gripped his cock in rippling spasms. Pleasure blasted through her entire body, passed from relay to relay until it felt as if every nerve in her body hummed.

A hot gush deep inside her was her only clue that Tekel had released his seed. He seemed more interested in watching her lose control. “Do it again,” he whispered, but Endar stopped him.

“Enough. She needs to clean up before she rests,” Endar said firmly.

“Fine,” Tekel grumbled, clearly not happy about the decision. With obvious reluctance, he pulled out of her pussy and straightened his back.

Anna sat then started to stand, but her legs were still rubbery. When she faltered this time it was Endar who swept her up into his arms. She gasped and looked into his eyes as he strode toward the bathroom.

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