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Theirs to Punish by Ivy Barrett – Serialization (Part Five)

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Chapter Six

To appear as neutral as possible, Jesorax chose to keep his headquarters aboard his ship, the Fetcossa, which translated roughly as Victory. Remaining on his starship also allowed him to oversee any problem area on the planet in person if necessary. Endar looked around the long oval table at the other sector leaders. Ten were there in person. Two attended via holo-comm.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I ordered you all here so suddenly,” Jesorax began once he had everyone’s attention. He sat at the head of the table as was his custom. The foot was always left vacant. His long dark hair was drawn back from his face and bound at regular intervals to the middle of his back. His gold-toned skin accented the golden flecks in his green eyes. The combination was unique among the Kobar and many were disconcerted by it. Because of Jesorax’s ruthless nature, females either found him irresistible or terrifying. “This explanation might meander a bit, so bear with me.”

There was some subtle grumbling, but no one commented.

“As most of you know, intel indicates that there are growing clusters of rebellion all over Territory Two,” Jesorax began.

Territory Two, or North America, Endar automatically translated. The U.S. and her allies had been the most aggressive and irrational entity to deal with ever since the Kobar fleet arrived. Were it not for the brash Americans, it was likely the other countries would have surrendered without a fight. And the worst part was they had never accepted defeat. They simply took the resistance underground and began attacking in fast, focused strikes. It was all pointless, of course. Their primitive weapons were about as effective as throwing pebbles at a fortress.

“Luckily for us,” Jesorax went on, “all of these clusters seem to have different objectives. They spend as much time fighting amongst themselves as annoying us. However, their outbursts often result in Kobar deaths and that is unacceptable. As I see it, there are two options. We can retaliate with escalating force each time they lash out.”

Several of the section leaders offered immediate encouragements to that plan. Endar watched and listened. Jesorax seldom led with the option he favored. He preferred to use contrast to make his idea seem obvious. Besides, slaughtering helpless humans seemed counterproductive to integration.

Or we can be creative.” Jesorax paused, waiting for his advisors to realize they were about to hear his chosen plan. “The tactic was actually Sector Leader Six’s idea. Endar, would you please share with everyone how you dealt with your problem employee.”

Endar tensed. Three weeks ago, he wouldn’t have hesitated. But the dynamic between him and Anna had changed dramatically. Still, no one refused SC Byrne. “One of my directors was challenging my authority at every turn. When warnings and even a public spanking didn’t curtail her behavior, I arranged for her number to be chosen in the next lottery and promptly bought her contract.”

The table erupted in laughter and congratulations. Endar was about to stress when and how the story ended, but Jesorax did it for him.

“The female’s name is Anna and she turned out to be quite remarkable. She saved the life of Endar’s third through great risk to herself, and it is Endar’s intention to claim her as mate to his cadre. This all fits in perfectly with my original order that each of you find a mate as quickly as possible. So, I have decided to expound upon his fine example.” He slid his fingers across the controls inset in the tabletop and a holo-grid appeared in the center of the table. The image of a young human female appeared in each square. “My research team put together a prioritized list of influential females, or females with familial connections to influential males. These are the top one hundred. Each has a direct connection to the rebellion or is in a position to put significant pressure on the rebels. For example, this female is marketing director of the largest telecommunications firm in the world, this is the American president’s daughter, and this is the admiral of the unified military’s granddaughter. By controlling these females, we can finally gain control of this ridiculous planet.”

“We’re going to fuck them into submission?” Sector Leader One concluded with a chuckle. “Hell, I’m more than willing to give it a try.”

“There are only twelve of us and one hundred of them,” Sector Leader Eleven pointed out with a grin. “Do we each get eight females?”

“I’m giving you first choice,” Jesorax clarified. “Once you have made your choices, I’ll start contacting other trusted cadres to include. Look over the profiles my research team compiled. They are remarkably comprehensive. Do your own research if you must, but make your choice quickly. Use their Civil Service term as an intense courtship. If they will not make an acceptable mate, simply release them from the contract and try again. However, each female must be allowed a minimum of three months to adjust to our expectations before you move on. I expect each of you to approach this with the seriousness it deserves. You are not simply contracting a lottery girl. You are training a potential mate.”

Even with the warnings, Jesorax made it sound so simple, so straightforward. Winning Anna’s affection had been one of the most challenging things Endar had ever done. She challenged him in ways he never expected and surprised him even more often than she angered him. As Jesorax said, she was remarkable. “Sir, it’s not going to take long for the humans to figure out what we’re doing. Many, if not most of these females have been exempted from the lottery,” Endar cautioned.

“That could work to our advantage,” Jesorax insisted. “Once word gets out that no female, regardless of position or wealth is safe from the lottery, politicians, military leaders, and moguls will suddenly be more reasonable.”

“Or they will discontinue the program,” Sector Leader One said.

“Let them,” Jesorax countered. “I’m trying to avoid bloodshed, but I have put up with their defiance long enough. If they want us to simply show up at their front doors and seize the desired females, we can do that too. It was never meant to be this confrontational, but humans are irrational.” He shook his head and released a sigh of frustration.

“You said the list is prioritized.” Sector Leader Four pointed toward the first square. “Tell us about number one.”

Jesorax deactivated the grid and brought up three images of the same red-haired female. “This is the rebel leader known as Vixen. She has a number of aliases—Rebecca Forester, Vicky Lang, Bret Manteno, the list goes on and on. However, digital information regarding Vixen predating our arrival has been scrubbed clean. Someone with serious power wants this female’s true identity to remain a mystery.”

“Then how do we know she’s even worth the effort? She could simply be a gutsy soldier,” Sector Leader Nine supposed.

“Even if that’s all she is, it’s enough. She is a compelling leader and she has been directly responsible for five deadly attacks since the capture of Chris Phaeton,” Jesorax explained. “We briefly believed she was Phaeton’s daughter. There is definitely a connection, but we’re unsure of the nature. If we can capture Vixen, I suspect it will make questioning Phaeton infinitely more productive and that man has information we desperately need.”

“You weren’t able to track her?” Four asked Endar, sounding surprised, not accusatory.

“The camp had been scrubbed clean of psychic energy,” Endar told him. “Vixen told Ranzek she had hired Hefftos. I honestly thought it was just a threat until I walked through that camp. Very few people can control the power necessary for that sort of sweep, but Hefftos is one of them.”

“Fucking mutant,” Nine muttered. “We should have killed him while we had the chance.”

“Agreed,” Jesorax said. “We’ll deal with Hefftos when and if he steps out of the shadows. Stay focused on the females. I want your top three choices by the end of the week. I haven’t decided if we’ll draft one female off the list each week for twelve weeks or draft them all in one fell swoop. There are advantages to each approach.”

“I want Vixen,” Sector Leader One announced.

Jesorax laughed. “You haven’t even seen her profile.”

“I know all I need to know. She’s brave, clever, and spirited. She will give me many strong sons.”

“You’re presuming she is capable of having children,” Jesorax challenged.

That made One pause and his brows drew together. “Is she unable to reproduce?”

“Examine her profile,” he reiterated angrily. “If you’re still interested, go out and find her for me. The lottery staff can’t bring her to you if they do not know where she is.” Clearly annoyed by One’s presumption, Jesorax turned back to Endar. “Tell the others what they can expect. I do not want this entered into without due consideration.”

Endar nodded to Jesorax, but looked at the others as he spoke. “I can only tell you what it was like to deal with Anna. She was incredibly stubborn, so it was necessary to be exceptionally strict in the beginning. She required more discipline than I expected, but she is highly intelligent so she quickly began to choose her battles.”

“She saved the life of your third? How did that come about?”

For the next hour and a half, Endar explained everything he could without embarrassing the female he wanted as his mate. He answered the other section leaders’ questions as completely as possible without revealing anything overly personal.

When the questions finally ceased, Jesorax took back control of the conversation. “While I have everyone here, there are several other things I wanted to discuss.”

Endar did his best to pay attention, but speaking so candidly about Anna left her image lingering in his mind. This was the longest he’d been away from her since she saved Ranzek’s life. Tonight he planned to ask her if she would consider being their mate. He didn’t expect an answer tonight. Anna liked to take her time and think over big decisions carefully. But hopefully by morning he would know if Anna would allow them to claim her or if they needed to continue their search.

The thought was so depressing that Endar dismissed it from his mind. If Anna rejected him, rejected them, he would give up the search. He didn’t care how angry that made Jesorax. Endar knew Anna was meant to be their mate, so if she refused them, it would be irrefutable proof that he could not trust his own instincts.

Anna stood at the railing to the rooftop garden and gazed out over the city toward Elliot Bay. When she’d invited Ranzek to kiss her earlier, she’d expected him to make love to her right there on his bed. Instead, he brought her up here and stood holding her hand as they watched the sun go down. It was so unexpectedly romantic that it brought tears to her eyes. But no sooner had the sun disappeared beyond the horizon than the dominant Kobar male surged to the surface again.

“Unbutton your dress all the way down then put your hands on the railing. Do it now.” His voice was deep and commanding just the way she liked.

Her fingers trembled as they worked the small buttons. She’d stripped naked for Endar and Tekel over and over, but she’d never done so for Ranzek. To her knowledge, he’d never seen her bare body before and it made her feel nervous yet excited. She started to slip the dress off, then realized that wasn’t what he’d told her to do. Instead, she left it hanging open and placed her hands on the railing in front of her.

He gathered her hair and draped it over one shoulder, baring the other side of her neck. His lips drifted across her skin, pressing kisses to her sensitive skin as he reached around and cupped both her breasts. “I’ve eased open the door and watched my cadre mates fuck you so many times.” He squeezed her firmly, then stroked her nipples with his thumbs. “Your breasts are perfect. They are not given nearly enough attention.”

As if to prove his point, he spun her around and bent to her breasts, urging her back against the railing. She pushed her fingers into his hair without thinking about what she was doing.

He lightly pinched her nipples, clearly a warning. “Keep those hands where they belong. You do not have permission to touch me.”

She spread her arms and arched her back so she could grasp the railing. He boldly stroked the rest of her body while his mouth focused on her breasts. A temperate wind played through her hair and wafted over her skin. The sun might have set but they were out in the open and she might as well have been naked. It didn’t matter. She had transcended modesty weeks ago. Now there was only pleasing her males and reveling in their attention.

Ranzek kissed his way down her body then lifted one of her legs to his shoulder. She gasped and held on tighter, feeling off-balanced and out of control.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you.” He traced her slit with his warm tongue, then pushed between her folds and found her clit.

Anna let her head drop back and stared at the stars while Ranzek ate her pussy. She was usually so desperate to be fucked by the time Endar and Tekel finished disciplining her that foreplay was the farthest thing from her mind. Tekel loved to use his mouth to tease her, but he seldom let her come. Ranzek seemed focused on her pleasure and she was more than happy to be a greedy little bitch.

“God, you taste good,” he murmured as he gently sucked on her folds. He pushed his tongue deep inside her then circled her clit. “I could do this all night.”

“Yes, please,” she responded and he laughed.

“Be careful what you ask for, Lottie,” Tekel warned.

She gasped and looked around. Tekel sat a short distance away in one of the garden’s wrought-iron chairs, a glass of wine in his hand.

“He’ll give you nothing but fingers and tongue for the rest of the night, no matter how sweetly you beg for cock.”

Ranzek caught her clit between his lips and sucked hard. A not-so-subtle warning. This is our time, angel. Ignore him.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered and closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensual caress of Ranzek’s mouth and the selfless pleasure he gave her.

Taking his time, he thoroughly explored her pussy with his lips and tongue. She wiggled and moaned, enraptured by the unusual setting and the sensations unfurling inside her. His mouth shifted, centering over her clit as he pushed two of his fingers into her aching core. His tongue swirled over and around her clit while his hand shuttled steadily between her thighs. It was heaven, yet it felt too good. Her arousal built rapidly, which meant it would soon be over.

Come for me, angel. Come hard all over my fingers.

He carefully sucked on her clit, ensuring her obedience. She cried out, not caring who heard her. Her breasts jiggled and her inner muscles rippled around his fingers. She thought he was finished, but he lifted her again and draped her other leg over his shoulder. The railing bit into her shoulder blades, but she didn’t care. His mouth fit over her pussy and his tongue continued its sensual dance. He alternated thrusts with circular swirls and another orgasm hit so fast she wasn’t sure the other one actually ended.

She was limp and moaning when Tekel lifted her into his arms. “I warned you. He loves to eat pussy almost as much as he loves to fuck.”

“Sometimes more,” Ranzek agreed cheerfully.

Tekel carried her into Endar’s bedroom and Anna tensed. “I don’t want to be restrained. Please, Sir. Just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.”

“All right.” He set her down and helped her out of her dress. “Endar is half afraid Ranzek is going to fall over dead if he raises his heartbeat for any reason. I’ve seen how often he stands outside the door and watches us fuck you, so I know his heart rate has already been sky high. I want you to get on your knees and suck Ranzek’s cock as long and as hard as he wants. Then you’re going to offer him your pussy.”

“I love this plan,” Ranzek reinforced with a wide grin.

Anna took Ranzek in her mouth, sucking in long, slow pulls while she caressed his balls with her hand. But she had barely found a steady rhythm when he pulled out.

“On the bed,” he ordered. “I want your pussy more.”

Without hesitation she crawled onto the bed and raised her arms to her third male. Ranzek joined her on the bed and moved her legs apart. She felt his cock brush against her wet folds and then he arched over her body. He wrapped his hand around her neck and looked deep into her eyes. “Are you willingly mine, as you are the others?”

“Yes, of course. I serve Lott cadre willingly.”

He slowly pushed his entire length into her aching core. She sighed then shivered as her words echoed in her mind. She was so much more than willing to serve these three. They each had come to mean more than she ever thought possible. She submitted to them eagerly, happily—forever? The word came spontaneously but she didn’t argue. She was honest enough to admit that she hoped they would claim her, making this union permanent.

Ranzek’s mouth settled over hers and his tongue pushed into her mouth, mingling the taste of their pleasure. She arched, taking him even deeper as he started to move.

I have imagined this for so long, he groaned in her mind, unwilling to separate their mouths.

She raised her legs high against his sides, lost in the pleasure of finally sharing herself fully with her third male. She had felt him in her mind, wanting her, needing to feel the grip of her wet pussy. She’d wanted to call out to him, to include him in the pleasure, but the decision was not hers to make.

He caught the backs of her thighs and rocked her hips up nearly off the bed. His mouth finally released hers as he thrust into her hard and fast.

She raised her arms overhead, reveling in his aggression, more than happy to remain passive and take what he gave. “So good,” he muttered, features taut with strain. “So fucking good.”

Tekel leaned over her and kissed her, stroking her breasts as Ranzek pounded into her pussy.

That was better, but she could sense Endar’s restlessness. He was aware of them, was sharing in the pleasure without intruding.

“Come, angel,” Ranzek ordered urgently. “I’m not going to last.”

Her body was so used to coming on command that she instantly obeyed. Her inner muscles tightened, squeezing his cock hard enough to trigger his orgasm. He threw back his head and growled, the sound so wonderfully savage that it curled her toes. Then his hot cum splashed her inner walls and she came again.

“Fast, but hot,” Tekel concluded with a chuckle. “Even Endar would approve.”

Do not fuck her ass until I get home. I want to be there when you do it.

Understood, Ranzek assured as he rolled to her side.

Anna’s heart fluttered as she heard the exchange. Finally, she had been waiting for this night ever since she met Ranzek. Knowing he would be the one to take her final virginity had been ridiculously titillating. The other two loved to use toys in her bottom while they fucked her pussy, but she still wanted the intimate connection of having another person inside her tightest opening. No, that wasn’t quite accurate either. What she really wanted was all three of them inside her at the same time and that wasn’t possible until Ranzek initiated her bottom.

“Go take a shower and dress in something special,” Tekel told her. “We have something important to discuss with you, so dress accordingly.”

She sat up, heart thudding wildly. “Can you give me a hint?”

Tekel just grinned and shook his head.

She looked at Ranzek, hoping he’d be too passion drunk to care if he pissed off Endar. “Do you know what this is about?” she asked him.

“Sure do, but I’m not telling.” He laughed and rolled off the bed, barely getting his feet under him before he sprawled on the floor. “I think all your pussy juice went to my head.” He looked down and added, “And my cock. I never get hard this fast.”

Tekel laughed and slapped him on the back. “A cold shower will help, but our Anna is wonderfully addictive. The more you fuck her, the more you’ll want her.”

Ranzek tucked away his cock and paused for a lingering kiss then followed Tekel from the bedroom.

Endar’s bathroom was decadent, but her clothing was in the guest room so Anna went there to shower. Were they going to ask her to be their mate? She couldn’t think of anything else that they didn’t already talk about freely. She ran ideas about work past them frequently and they shared a surprising amount of Kobar business with her. She would occasionally ask Endar a question he wasn’t allowed to answer, but when that happened he would at least explain why it was classified.

So if this was about a permanent union, what should she tell them? It didn’t seem possible, but they had only been together forty-one days. Forty-one intense and drama-filled days, but still an incredibly short time to form such a monumental opinion. While that might have been true if they were all human, the breeding link made everything different. She sensed their emotions and shared in their pleasure in a way most humans would never experience. She knew instantly if they lied to her or if they were hiding something important from her. There was simply no way to deceive anyone with whom you shared this sort of link.

She finished in the shower and moved to the closet wrapped in a towel. She’d liked Tekel more in the beginning, found him easier to relate to and loved his sense of humor. But she’d come to rely on Endar’s unfailing strength and his deep integrity. Yes, he could be black and white, but there was a certain comfort in that sort of consistency. Tekel had a tendency to brood that she hadn’t noticed to begin with.

She was still getting to know Ranzek, but what she’d learned about him she really liked. He was younger than the other two and clearly more romantic. She kept dreaming about kissing him and finally realized that he was using their link to kiss her good night because Endar wouldn’t let him touch her. It was so sweet and yet left her aching for so much more than gentle kisses.

Well, that all ended tonight. If this was what she thought it was, she would either accept them as her mates or move on with her life. Feeling compelled to at least think about what that would look like, she chose a dress and sat down on the foot of her bed to brush out her wet hair.

Instead of the usual simple braid she had taken to wearing, she worked her hair into a French braid down the back of her head, then left the ends loosely flowing down her back. As she worked, she thought about her life without Lott cadre. If she asked Endar to transfer her to a different department, he likely would. He wouldn’t want to see her if she rejected him. And he was an honorable male. He would make sure her new position was equal to or better than the one she lost because of her interaction with him. So she would still make a comfortable living, have nice clothes and the freedom to buy anything she wanted. But what she wanted most was them. Her choice was so obvious she stopped trying to be sensible. She was in love with Endar, Tekel, and Ranzek. End of story. If they wanted her as their mate she would gladly say yes.

At peace with her decision, she finished dressing and went to find her males. The apartment was empty, but she tried not to panic. They must have gone out to get something they lacked. But she couldn’t imagine what that would be. With the sustenance replication kiosk and the utility unit in the hall bathroom, they could manufacture almost anything onsite.

The holo-com activated and Endar’s image appeared in the middle of the living room. “We’re nearly ready for you, Anna. Shall one of us come get you?”

She could see enough of his surroundings to realize they were up on the roof. “I think I can handle the elevator all by myself,” she said with a sweet smile.

He inclined his head then added, “Give us five more minutes then come on up.”

She slipped on a pair of sandals that went well with her flowy, boho summer dress. She worked almost entirely from the penthouse now, so she chose comfort over formality. She meandered around the apartment trying not to drive herself crazy.

The elevator dinged so she spun around in time to see Ranzek walk out. “I vetoed my boss,” he said proudly then held out his hand. “May I escort you to the roof?”

“That would be lovely.” She walked to him reminding herself to breathe. He had showered and dressed in a formal uniform of black and gold that she’d never seen before. It made him look debonair and rakish all at the same time.

He tucked her hand into the bend of his elbow and guided her into the elevator. It was only one floor up, so the ride was brief, but what awaited her was just plain magic. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she looked around. The pergola in the center of the rooftop garden had been decorated with fairy lights and a cloth-draped table waited with their dinner, complete with candelabras. “Where did all this come from? How did you do this so quickly?” She moved under the pergola and turned around slowly, taking it all in.

“We Kobar are an industrious breed,” Endar said proudly. He too was dressed in a formal uniform, his even more impressive than Ranzek’s.

“Do you like it?” Tekel asked, seeming confused by her reaction.

“It’s amazing,” she assured him. “I’m just shocked that you were able to accomplish all this in the time it took me to shower and throw on a dress.”

He smiled and his gaze traveled the length of her body. “But what a dress you chose. You look wonderful.”

“Thank you.” She curtsied playfully, but felt her cheeks warm. The dress was her absolute favorite and it made her happy that he liked it too.

They had prepared her favorite Kobar dishes—rich creamy kloxton, spicy terstill, and succulent lon berries. She had grown so fond of the berries that she kept a bowl of them on her desk and ate them like an exotic candy treat.

The conversation was light and playful while they ate, but anticipation was tying Anna’s belly in knots. She didn’t want to rush them, especially if this conversation wasn’t going to lead where she hoped it would lead.

“So,” Endar finally began once everyone had finished eating and they lingered over their auline wine. “Jesorax asked what I was up to when I asked him to arrange for your number to be chosen in the next lottery. He thought it was amusing, but I didn’t think much of it until today.”

Anna wasn’t sure which stung more: being a source of amusement for the supreme commander or thinking this conversation was going to be about making her their mate, not the morning’s meeting.

“He decided that he wants all the sector leaders to follow my example and draft strategic females so we can gain control of this territory without starting another war.”

“He wants to do what?” She set down her wineglass and scooted to the edge of her seat. “Who does he consider strategic, and why must females always pay for the decisions of males?”

“It’s a valid question,” Tekel agreed. “Give me an example of who Jesorax wants targeted.”

“The two specific examples he gave were the president’s daughter and some admiral’s granddaughter,” Endar supplied. “Why do you both seem annoyed? I was surprised by the choice but I happen to agree that it’s sound strategy.”

Already tense and disappointed, Anna’s reaction was more negative than she intended. “I presume SC Byrne meant President Delacroix, and she has two daughters old enough to be eligible for the lottery. They have both been exempted, of course. But that didn’t stop you. Did he mention which one he wants drafted? Or was he going to draft both?”

“One would likely be enough. Do you have a preference?” Endar’s gaze narrowed on her face.

She could sense his simmering annoyance, but she sensed something else too. Cunning. Endar was plotting something. “What?” she demanded. “What are you thinking now?”

“You know these females. You could be a vital resource in connecting them with the appropriate cadre. I know the sector leaders. We could work together to ensure the best possible match.”

She shook her head. “I want nothing to do with this. I think it’s a horrible idea.”

“His other suggestion was to respond with escalating force to each rebel strike. Do you like that idea better?”

“Slaughter innocent soldiers or force innocent females into sexual servitude? Those are my options?” She scooted back from the table and started to stand.

Tekel put his hand on her arm as he snapped, “This couldn’t have waited until tomorrow?” Anger pulsed off him in waves.

“I had no idea she would react like this,” Endar objected.

“Why the fuck would I react any other way?”

“Remain respectful,” Endar cautioned sternly.

“I apologize, Master, but I don’t find this amusing.”

“It was not meant to be.” Following his own advice, Endar’s expression calmed and his tone softened. “The rebels nearly killed Ranzek. That act has gone unpunished, but it is not forgotten. They kill us without thought or regret and the human leaders are enabling them. We can either launch a military offensive on a bunch of primitives with sticks, or motivate the leaders to stop emboldening them.”

“And there is no other way to motivate the leaders?” She fought back her temper while her heart ached for the night she thought this was going to be.

“I’m open to suggestions. As you know I can speak frankly with Jesorax. That is not true of very many people left alive.”

“Let me think about it.” She blinked back her tears, not wanting him to realize how badly he’d hurt her.


She reluctantly looked into Endar’s eyes.

“I would not have brought this up if I’d had any idea that it would upset you. This is not why we asked you to come up here.”

Relief flooded in and the tears escaped faster than she could blink them back.

“Angel.” Tekel scooped her up and placed her on his lap. “Please, don’t cry. This night was meant to be magical.”

Endar rounded the table and knelt, bringing his face closer to hers. “Please forgive my ridiculous blunder. We’ll save the conversation for another day. I think we all agree the mood is ruined.”

“I think we should go downstairs and start over,” Ranzek suggested. “We all sensed how disappointed she was when this took a wrong turn. I don’t see the benefit in waiting.”

Endar touched her face gently, guiding her gaze back to his. “Which do you prefer? I don’t ask very often, so take advantage of the opportunity.”

Now she wasn’t sure. All she really wanted to do was have a good cry all by herself.

“You are making her even more unhappy.” Ranzek went to Tekel’s other side and pulled her up off his lap. “You, my lovely mate are going inside with me. My cock has a hot date with your sweet little ass. Any objections?”

Thrilled by his approach, she immediately took his hand. She was a strong independent woman, but whenever these three males were around, all she really wanted to do was surrender her control to them. Ranzek seemed to be the only one who understood that tonight.

He pushed her up against the elevator wall and kissed her deeply as they made the short descent. Then he blocked her path as soon as she stepped off the elevator. “Dress off. I’ve been polite and nice as long as I care to be. I want you naked and on your knees.”

Hot liquid flooded her pussy and she moaned. “Yes, Sir.” Not willing to take time to undo all the buttons, she pulled the dress off over her head and started to kneel.

“Not here. The floor’s too hard. Let’s go to Endar’s bedroom.”

She smiled, unable to help it, and asked, “Do we have to include him? I’m still angry.”

“I bet I can make you forget about your anger before you make Ranzek come in your mouth,” Endar said from behind her.

She looked over her shoulder and found Endar and Tekel standing there. She’d been so focused on Ranzek that she hadn’t heard the elevator move. “All right. It’s a bet.”

Endar caught her wrist and swung her around, pulling her into his arms. His mouth captured hers in a long, deep, consuming kiss.

“How is she supposed to suck my cock if you won’t stop kissing her?” Ranzek complained playfully.

Soon, puppy. Go get undressed.

She heard Ranzek walk away, then Tekel pressed in close behind her. His lips brushed over her shoulders while his fingers skimmed up and down her spine. As soon as Endar came up for air, Tekel turned her and claimed her mouth with his. Endar’s kiss was always focused and precise, while Tekel varied his touches, pouring more emotion into the exchange.

When Tekel released her, Endar took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom. Ranzek sat on the foot of the bed completely naked, cock in hand.

“Now I promised Anna a contest and I’m willing to proceed, but I’d rather ask her the question first. If that’s all right with the rest of my cadre.”

She smiled when Endar didn’t ask for her input. This was the Endar she knew and loved.

“I can wait,” Ranzek assured him, and even stopped stroking his cock.

“Nothing is more important than this question,” Tekel stressed.

Accepting their decisions with a nod, Endar turned to Anna and gathered both her hands in his. “These past six weeks have been the most meaningful of my life. Your willingness to change and your capacity for selflessness are awe-inspiring. All three of us will be grateful to you for the rest of our lives, but we very much hope that we can offer you more than gratitude.” He moved one of his hands to the side of her face and brushed her lips with his thumb. “I love you deeply, Anna. I’ll allow my cadre mates to speak for themselves, but I want you as my mate and the mother of my offspring. I hope with everything I am that you will accept my claim.”

It hadn’t actually been a question, which only made it more perfect. But before she could respond, Tekel turned her toward him. “I have loved you from the first moment I saw you and I will carry my love for you into the next reality. I never dreamed it possible to love another being as I love you. Please, accept our claim and agree to be our soulmate.”

Ranzek stood and pulled her into a light embrace. “I’m not sure why Endar wanted me naked for this, but I hope you’re enjoying the show.”

She laughed, loving Ranzek’s playfulness. She hadn’t realized how series the other two could be until Ranzek was there to call them on it.

“Our love is just beginning, but I have no doubt that it will grow into something truly epic. You are extraordinary and I’m just plain awesome, so how could our love be any less?”

The other two groaned, but Anna loved every silly word of it.

Then Ranzek’s gaze grew serious and his smile softened. “I owe you my life, but I choose you as my mate. Please accept our claim and spend the rest of your life being adored by us.”

She was suddenly glad no one had asked her a question because she was too choked up to speak. Instead, she turned back to Endar and kissed him with all the love overflowing her heart. I am yours, now and always.

His arms tightened around her as her words reached his mind, but she gently pulled away.

Then she kissed Tekel, letting him feel how special she found him, how worthy of her love. I need you just as much as the others. Never forget that.

She briefly pressed her lips against Ranzek’s then grinned and sank to her knees. Holding his gaze, she slowly took his cock into her mouth, then tilted her head back and took him even deeper, not stopping until her nose pressed against his flat abdomen.

“Holy fuck,” he groaned, shaking with the pleasure of it. “Does this mean yes?” he cried.

And she burst out laughing, quickly pulling off his cock before she choked herself. “Oh, my God. Do you ever take anything seriously?”

“I seriously want to fuck your ass, but I want my cadre mates inside you while I do. How about that, mate? Serious enough for you?”

Ranzek wrapped his arm around her waist and pressed against her back as he whispered in her ear, “This will make it everyone’s first, not just yours and mine.”

“Yes,” she whispered, then louder, “I want everything and I want it with the three of you.”

They surrounded her, kissing and caressing her as emotion flowed freely across their mind-link. She moved from mouth to mouth, touching them almost as boldly as they touched her. Needing to feel more submissive, she sank to her knees and took each into her mouth, sucking them lovingly before moving on. They let her play, sensing her need to surrender.

Finally, Endar pulled her to her feet and guided her to the bed. She started to straddle his lap, but he shook his head and motioned her down across his legs. “You’ve been disappointingly obedient lately. I’ve missed the feel of your ass warming beneath my palm. Offer me that pleasure now.”

Without hesitation she draped herself over his lap and parted her thighs so her pussy was visible to her other mates. Endar didn’t hesitate either, his hand fell fast and hard. She gasped, then groaned as sting turned quickly to the sinking painful heat that quickly drove her crazy.

“Who do these soft white cheeks belong to?”

“You, Master. Always, you.”

He rewarded her with another flurry of swats, moving from one side to the other and back. “Do you like it when your master spanks you?”

“Very much, Master. I’ve missed this too.”

He rubbed her warmed skin and the heat flared back into sting. She cried out, but her clit tingled and the sweet tension of an orgasm gathered low in her belly. “Please, may I come?”

“Not yet,” Endar said firmly. “Get your feet under you and open your legs wider, offer your pussy to Tekel to spank.”

“But Master—”

Endar silenced her objection with a blissfully hard spank. “Now you will submit to the spanking until it makes you come.”

They loved this game, and so did she, but it hurt so damn much.

“Is this going to leave her too sore to—”

“No,” Tekel and Endar snapped together and Ranzek fell silent.

“Tell Ranzek how much you love this, Lottie.” Tekel pulled up on her hips until she put her feet on the floor and moved them wide apart. He swatted her lightly. “Tell him what happens every time we hurt you.”

“I get really wet, Sir.” She looked at Ranzek and smiled though tears were swimming behind her lashes. “I can’t explain it, but pain makes me come even harder than pleasure.”

His smile turned cocky as he said, “We’ll see about that.”

Tekel slapped her pussy harder and she turned her head back around. “Thank you, Sir. Please, spank my naughty pussy again.” And he did. It was a familiar routine by now. He spanked her three times then paused to lick up the liquid overflowing her folds. Another three swats, then he sucked on her clit and made her come screaming.

“Okay, that was fucking hot,” Ranzek admitted when Tekel helped her up.

“If we weren’t planning to fuck her pussy immediately, I wouldn’t have used my mouth,” Tekel explained.

“You can make her come with just pain alone?” Ranzek sounded incredulous, which only made Anna blush that much hotter.

“It’s not that unusual,” she objected.

“Yes, it is,” Endar told her. “Many humans are capable of it. They just can’t get in the right headspace to let it happen.” He drew her closer to the bed then looked at Ranzek. “I want to watch while you enter her for the first time. Do you mind pulling out briefly while we join you for the rest?”

“Not at all. I’d want to watch too.”

She covered her face, thrilled yet embarrassed by what they were describing. They were all going to stand there and watch as Ranzek impaled her bottom with his long, hard cock. Her clit twitched and her nipples tingled. Maybe she wasn’t horrified by the thought after all.

“Bend over, sweet mate,” Endar urged. “You’ve one last hole and one more mate.”

She bent forward and rested on her forearms, reminding herself to breathe.

“Do you want this, angel? Do you want my cock deep inside your little puckered hole?” Ranzek reached between her cheeks and circled the opening in question.

“I do, Sir. I’ve waited a long time so it could be you.”

“Then show me. Open yourself up and show me where to put it.”

Seriously? Why did they enjoy humiliating her so much? Because you enjoy being humiliated, her bitchy inner voice answered and Endar chuckled, reminding her he could hear her thoughts whenever she was aroused.

Refusing to be distracted by anything, she reached back and pulled her bottom cheeks open, offering Ranzek her last virginity.

He coated her opening with something slick and warm, easing his finger just inside her. “So very tight. You’re definitely going to feel this.”

She was so ready for whatever pain he caused. In fact she needed it to sting just a little, wanted him to know she willingly submitted to the pain.

“Ready, angel?”

She nodded, too tense to force words past her dry throat.

He positioned himself then moved her hands back to the bed. His hands then grasped her hips and he pushed against the snug opening. She felt her body unfurling slowly, reluctantly as he kept up the steady pressure. She’d taken trainers and fingers but already he felt bigger. Instinctively, she started to tense.

Ranzek steadied her. “Take a breath. You’re fine. I won’t hurt you.”

“But you’re huge,” she whispered, wanting this desperately yet unable to banish the fear.

“He’s not that much bigger than the last trainer you took,” Endar told her. “Just relax. He’ll do the rest.”

Ranzek advanced slowly, but steadily. Her body opened for him, stretching tight around his very tip. Her reluctant hole burned for a moment, but she breathed through the pain, absorbing it greedily as he eased past her tightness. He breached her fully and the rest just flowed right in. She groaned loudly, but the momentary flash of pain faded as quickly as it flared. He slid back and forth a few inches at a time until she grew accustomed to the feeling, then he pulled nearly out and thrust in hard. Her pussy clenched needfully, but that just tightened her other passage around Ranzek’s surging cock.

“If you are going to join us, do it now,” Ranzek warned. “I’m not going to last long like this.” Rather than separate their bodies, however, he pulled her up off the bed and Endar sat down, easing his legs in between hers. They lifted her together and she automatically folded her legs as they set her down astride Endar’s lap. Through it all, Ranzek managed to keep his cock buried in her back passage.

“Come on, mate,” Endar murmured as he guided his cock to her pussy. “This is what you were born for, what we all dream about.”

She closed her eyes and let her body sink down onto his thickness. Her inner muscles were always stretched tight by his length, but today it was nearly painful. It felt so much different than it had with the trainer, so very much more.

Sensing her panic, Endar took her face between his hands and kissed her deeply. You are our mate. You will do this. Now relax and let your body pleasure ours.

His silken commands were like salve to her nerves. She relaxed against him and followed him down as he lay back across the bed. Ranzek began moving in her ass, but Endar’s hips remained still until she had fully relaxed. Once she submitted to them completely, he began to move too, his hips pushing up as Ranzek’s pulled back.

Endar released her lips and said firmly, “Now offer your mouth to Tekel. He’s patiently waiting for his pleasure.”

Bracing herself on Endar’s chest, she turned her torso then bent slightly so she could reach Tekel’s cock. He guided her down and went right to work, obviously highly aroused by watching her with the other two.

She was so focused on pleasing Tekel that it took her a moment to comprehend what was happening. All three of her mates were inside her body as well as flowing through her mind.

That’s right, mate, Endar’s mind-voice reinforced her realization. Now make it official so I can expand the link. Do you accept our claim? Do you welcome the soul-bond?

They were questions this time, but she was more than ready to answer. Yes, I accept all three of you and I can’t wait to feel the soul-bond.

Their rhythm changed. They thrust inward together, filling her as one.

It felt better like that, more natural.

It was her last coherent thought and then reality changed forever.

The breeding link dilated, filling her mind with vivid emotions, colors, and images. Their lives came rushing in, every event, every detail, but she wasn’t afraid. She was exhilarated. They breathed as one, felt as one, existed as one.

Pleasure flowed like a river, sweeping from one body into the next in a continuing circle. They thrust faster and Anna soared, lost in the new reality. Ranzek came first and she felt every shudder, every pulse. Her own orgasm echoed his, but Tekel came half a second later. Endar came last and hardest. His pleasure was so intense it had everyone shuddering all over again.

Anna swam in the currents of pleasure, far from reality. She sensed her mates, knew they were easing out of her body and arranging her in a more natural position, but still she soared.

“Wow,” Ranzek chuckled. “She is really gone.”

“I can sense her mind, yet she’s still floating just beyond this reality,” Tekel agreed.

“Come back to us, Anna,” Endar ordered. “You’re starting to worry me.”

That would never do. She eased back into her body with a sleepy sigh then blinked open her eyes. “That was wild. Will my spirit always leave my body like that?”

“You’re accessing one of my abilities,” Endar told her. “But it’s dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. For now it’s better if you leave the astral projecting to me.”

She felt her jaw drop then snapped it shut. “You can astral project? Why am I just hearing about this now?”

“You weren’t my mate before,” he said simply.

“What else can you do?”

“It’s all there in your mind, mate,” he told her. “You tell me.”

She searched her memories, sifting through all the new information. “Your strongest ability is tracking, but you enjoy scanning more. It allows you to learn more without requiring so much energy.”

“Very good.”

“You are all telepathic and not just with me. Are all the Kobar telepathic? That’s definitely not in the briefings.”

“We don’t tell enemies what we can and cannot do,” Endar said tersely. “Your people made us their enemies shortly after we arrived.”

“A foolish lapse in judgment that we’ve been paying for ever since,” she countered.

“Children,” Ranzek chided. “This is our… what do humans call it? Oh, yes, wedding night. We are not talking politics of any sort.”

“Agreed,” Endar said and kissed Anna lightly on the mouth. “So what does that leave, mate? You and I are both pretty wrapped up in politics.”

Ignoring Ranzek’s suggestion, Anna said, “Tell me more about Jesorax’s plan. I think I might have disregarded it too quickly. If we are actively involved in the process, maybe we could ensure that the right cadre ends up with the right female. If we could prevent a war and create loving unions like ours in the process, that would be pretty cool.”

Tekel just shook his head and looked at Ranzek. “They are impossible. I’ll go print more wine.”

“And I’ll get a bucket of water to throw on them if they start fighting again,” Ranzek threatened.

“You do that, puppy,” Endar challenged. “I’d love to see you try to use it.”

Anna just grinned, hopelessly in love with all three of her mates. She wouldn’t be happier if she won the lottery, because from her perspective she already did.

The End


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