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Theirs to Tame by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

Without a word, Rytez pushed her over the apparatus and quickly connected her wrist cuffs to some sort of catch near the top of the padded surface. She kicked wildly, twisting her hips and tugging against the restraints. It was all futile, of course. But it made her feel somewhat better.

The device adjusted again. Both ends lifted and bent until she was more or less on her hands and knees. Her ass was still higher than her head, but the angle was much less dizzying than being bent completely over.

Rytez moved behind her and pressed her legs against the table while one of the others secured her ankles. Something wrapped around each thigh and tightened until her legs were firmly secured. Her heart raced and she wiggled, instinctively testing the bounds. She didn’t like being this helpless, or at least that’s what she tried to convince herself to believe. She had sure as hell liked being controlled by Cassik on the shuttle.

There was still a bit of movement in her hips, and she could twist her shoulders, but her legs were completely locked down. Suddenly the table started moving, slowly drawing her legs apart. She tried to look back and see how he was doing it, but the rest of the table blocked her view. Currents of air wafted across her pussy and dread passed over her in a chilling waves. She’d thought this was about discipline. Why did he want her pussy on display?

Fingers trailed down her spine, the touch light and gentle. She thought it was Xoktal, but an awkward twist of her neck revealed that Rytez was touching her.

“This body no longer belongs to you. You are entirely under our control.”

Arguing the point when she was strapped down and helpless would have made her look like a fool. But hearing the words made her want to slap him.

“We can and will do whatever we want with you, because it is our right.” His mocking caresses continued over her bottom cheeks and down her legs. “Your body is lush and pleasing. You are tortured by the fact, but your senses respond to us eagerly.”

“I wonder why that is, you fucking monster! I know about Project Evolution.” His fingers paused and she twisted her head trying to gauge his reaction.

He removed his hand entirely and tension filled his tone as he asked Xoktal, “Do you know what she is talking about?”

“I do, but I am very curious about how she knows.” Xoktal moved into her line of sight, tucking her hair behind her ear so he could see her face. “How did you learn about Project Evolution?”

“Fuck you!” She struggled against the restraints, unable to just lie there and take their abuse.

“We are all anxious to share pleasure with you. Unfortunately, that is not possible until your attitude changes.”

“What about your attitude?” she shouted. “I’m just as offended by your behavior as you are by mine.”

“I have no doubt that is true, but we are in control. Now answer my question or I will add to the punishment you already have coming.”

She turned her head and stared down at the padded ledge supporting her forearms.

Xoktal sighed and moved back to the other end of the table. “Hand me a baktah.”

She refused to ask what that was, refused to make a sound. Focusing only on how much she despised all the Kobar, she let the situation feed her anger.

Xoktal held her pussy open and rubbed something against her inner folds. There was a definite texture to it, almost coarse, though it didn’t actually hurt. Everywhere he’d touched began to tingle as he circled her opening. The tingles gradually intensified, making her squirm. He pushed the item into her core, penetrating her with slow, steady pressure.

She was soon tingling inside and out and uncertainty won out over anger. “What is that?” She gasped, trying to twist away from the unseen tormentor. What the hell had he put inside her?

“It is called a baktah or a fire stick, and it has a number of uses.” He withdrew the baktah and stroked her clit with it, focusing the heat in that one spot. She cried out, bucking helplessly. “It can spike arousal without allowing you to come.” Before she could work herself into a panic attack, he stopped rubbing her clit. “But today, I have something else in mind.”

Her passage still tingled and waves of heat swelled and receded. Thank God he hadn’t left it inside her any longer than he had. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than he pulled one of her butt cheeks away from the other. She tried to twist away, but Xoktal held her firmly.

“You must learn manners and the baktah has proven to be quite effective at taking the fight out of rebellious females.” He pushed the mysterious item inward, cruelly breaching her tight back opening. It didn’t hurt at first, just felt obscene and horribly intrusive. He pulled it nearly out then drove it even deeper. She moaned as the slow creeping heat she’d experienced before swirled through her back passage. No wonder they called the damn thing a fire stick. The burn was especially intense where her bottom stretched around the baktah.

The tingling heat was more intense than it had been in her pussy. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to shut out the unwanted sensations. It burned, but it also stirred the strangest longings. She wanted to be held down and taken, completely overwhelmed. He slid the baktah in and out, building the heat with each rotation.

“How did you learn about Project Evolution?” he persisted. “Half of the Kobar have not yet been told.”

“A report,” she cried. “We intercepted a report.”

“Who sent the report and who was the recipient?”

“I’ll tell you. Please, just take that thing out!”

“Tell me and I will.”

She let out an exasperated cry as the baktah continued to slide in and out of her tight bottom hole. She cried out, twisting her hips as much as the restraints allowed. It was much too easy to imagine that he was fucking her with his cock, stretching her virgin ass, using her simply because it was his right.

“Parsett,” she yelled. “The report was from Dr. Parsett. Who it was being sent to was not clear. Now, please take it out. It really burns.” Much to her chagrin a sob disrupted the last sentence. Her ass was on fire and the irrational ache in her pussy was even more upsetting. “The bastard was bragging about the effectiveness of the nanites and how quickly human females were mutating.”

“What is she talking about?” Cassik’s tone held an element of demand.

Pausing to remove the baktah, Xoktal began his explanation as he moved in and out of her line of vision. He disposed of the baktah, though she never saw it clearly, and then washed his hands. “Jesorax was concerned that human females would never be content as Kobar mates. Too many were finding our demands on them overwhelming, so he contacted Dr. Parsett. Parsett developed a way to merge our needs more seamlessly with those of human females.”

“Oh, my God.” As the fire began to ebb, her spirit reignited, instantly fueled by anger. “My DNA was mutated without my consent, but it was all done for my good. Are you listening to yourself?”

“We will discuss this at length when you are calm. You are angry right now and I would rather not add to the punishment Rytez is about to administer.”

Hands clenched, chest heaving, she silently seethed.

“Make sure she understands her place,” Xoktal instructed. “I do not like repeating our lessons.”

“Nor do I,” Rytez assured him.

She didn’t know what Rytez intended and didn’t really care. She could not hate them any more than she did right now.

Pain exploded across both her ass cheeks and she instinctively clenched as hard as she could. Stinging heat pulsed through her back passage, radiating into her abdomen. What the hell? The damn thing wasn’t in there anymore.

“Unclench and the heat will recede,” Cassik instructed. “The baktah secretes an oil that has coated your passage. Clenching amplifies its effects.”

Breathing deeply, she focused through the pain and gradually relaxed. As he promised, the fire ebbed, but it didn’t extinguish.

“You will obey without argument,” Rytez’s sharp voice cut through her misery. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she nearly shouted. “I get it. Please, stop.” Rytez swung again, and she caught a glimpse of the torture device. He was spanking her with a strap!

“You will be respectful at all times.” He accented the order with another swat.

She cried out as much from frustration as pain. This was so damn unfair! They twisted everything she said and treated her like chattel. They demanded respect, yet offered none in return. “I’m sorry!” she yelled.

He swung twice then asked Cassik, “Is she feeling remorse?”

“She is too angry to feel anything else,” he admitted with a sigh.

Rytez swung the strap and Tori blew out a shaky breath. The sensations were starting to blur. Sting, heat, throb, it all meshed into one jumble of misery. He continued though each swat was not nearly as hard, or maybe she was just getting used to the pain. It still stung, but worse, each slap was an echoing reminder of their disapproval. She shouldn’t give a damn if they were upset with her or not, but she did. Which only upset her more.

Her bottom throbbed inside and out, the pulsing heat mimicking a different sort of ache. Her pussy felt empty and needful, ready to submit despite Tori’s resentment. More nanite-induced mind tricks. Her body was no longer hers to command. Her pussy answered to another master.

Sensing her arousal, or maybe smelling it, Rytez lightly stroked her folds. “She is wet and ready for you, sir.”

Tori was so deep in the endorphin haze that she didn’t even tense at the thought of being fucked by her master. Her head swam and her entire body tingled. If the position were a little more natural, she could easily have drifted off to sleep.

Fingers brushed over her bottom, casing the heat to flare. “I prefer to see the females I fuck, but this is probably more appropriate.” Xoktal sounded disappointed. “You have been a very bad girl.”

She felt something broad and rounded press against her opening and her eyes widened. The pleasant euphoria dissipated in an instant and reality came crashing in. “Wait. I—”

“You are not a pleasure giver. You are my prisoner, my enemy.” He drove into her with steady pressure, not stopping until his pelvis pressed against her burning skin. “You will welcome my cock because it is what I want and you have no other option.”

Her core opened wide to accommodate his size. He filled her to the point of pain, but she must be sopping wet because his entry hadn’t hurt. He pulled back and thrust in harder, sliding easily even as her muscles stretched. She might as well have been an inanimate object. She couldn’t move, couldn’t respond. She was a thing, a lubricated hole into which he shoved his cock. She didn’t want this, did not want to become a sexual plaything for three Kobar warriors.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, and she was but not for the reason her words implied. She was sorry she couldn’t resist him. She was sorry they had found her. And most of all she was sorry human weapons weren’t powerful enough to blast them all to hell!

It was so impersonal, so humiliating to be taken like this. The only part of his body that touched hers was his cock.

He grasped the table as his pace sped, each thrust becoming more impactful. “This is not what I want, Tori. I want to share pleasure with you. Are you ready to submit to your master or would you rather be punished by your enemy?”

Neither, her mind whispered, but anything was better than this. “I want to submit. Please, let me up.”

“If you reject my mercy a second time, the consequences will be much, much worse and not just for you,” he warned.

“I won’t, Master. I will submit.” Vixen was furious with Tori, but Tori didn’t care. If she were to survive with her sanity intact, there had to be compromise between her personas.

He slowly pulled out as the restraints released, then he helped her up off the table. Her legs shook so badly that he swept her up into his arms and carried her from the strange room.

His unexpected gallantry shattered what little remained of her composure. Hard sobs shuddered through her chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She pressed her face against the side of his throat, humiliated by her weakness. She was the leader of the resistance, not that she wanted to be. But thousands counted on her for strength of purpose and direction. How disgusted they would be if they saw her sobbing in the arms of their enemy.

The room that Xoktal took her to was a conventional bedroom. The bed seemed too big for the space, but everything else was constructed with sleek, clean lines. Xoktal sat down on the foot of the bed, still cradling her in his arms. He let her emotions run their course, stroking her hair and back as she snuggled quietly against his chest.

His legs were hard and her rear end was still tender, making it nearly impossible to find a comfortable position. How long would the soreness last? She had never been spanked with a strap before and Rytez had given her quite a walloping. “Now what?” she whispered once she was calm enough to speak.

“Look at me,” Xoktal directed. She raised her head and met his compassionate gaze. “Many Kobar warriors enjoy taking control of their females. Rytez cannot enjoy fucking unless he is in complete control. I enjoy a female most when she offers me control of her body.”

She’d thought it would be easier if they just took what they wanted. If she didn’t actively participate, no one could blame her for what took place. But she’d been wrong. Feeling utterly dehumanized had been horrific. She would rather take responsibility for her choices and retain some thread of control. “What do you want me to do?” She automatically licked her lips, presuming that getting on her knees would be his next order.

He smiled, raising one of his hands to her face. He traced her lips with his thumb as he gazed deep into her eyes. “Take out my cock then straddle my legs.”

She scooted off his lap so she could obey the first directive. His pants were only partially fastened so it didn’t take much. His long, hard cock sprang free, clearly eager to resume their earlier activities. Unable to resist the temptation, she stroked him several times before swinging her leg over his and arranging herself across his lap.

“Put me back inside that hot, wet pussy. It about killed me to pull out.”

Rocking up onto her knees, she positioned him at her entrance then moved her hands to his broad shoulders. Staring into his gold/green eyes, she sank down onto his shaft inch by breath-stealing inch. It felt so much better like this. Being able to see his handsome face and touch the rest of his body allowed her to pretend that this meant more to him than a few minutes of pleasure.

With a throaty growl, he triggered something on the back of the collar and took it off. Then he tangled both hands in her hair and claimed her mouth. His lips sealed over hers and his tongue eased inside. The invasion was smooth and tender but his taste exploded across her senses. Her inner muscles clenched so hard they both moaned and her nipples instantly peaked. Cassik’s taste had done the same thing to her. Would her mutated DNA ensure that she react to any Kobar male this way? She was too passion drunk to analyze the possibility.

“Ride me,” he ordered against her parted lips. “Make us both feel really good.”

She rocked on her knees, lifting and lowering her body. His cock slid in and out, filling her completely then leaving her so empty that she whimpered. And the only way to escape the empty ache was to fill herself with his long, hard Kobar cock over and over again.

“That’s right, Vixen,” he urged. “Fuck your master really hard.”

His graphic words were like fuel to her smoldering fire. She slammed down onto him, yelping as her body stretched even more. Damn, he was big and so wonderfully hard. Cassik had been too. If Rytez was similarly built, she could be in trouble.

“Rub your clit,” Xoktal directed. “I want to feel you come.”

Without hesitation, she slipped her hand between their bodies and rubbed her clit. It was already swollen and so sensitive that it almost hurt to touch. His hands grasped her hips, holding her steady as he began thrusting up into her willing body. She rubbed harder, desperate for a few moments of oblivion.

Suddenly, Rytez pressed in tight against her back. He squeezed one of her breasts and brushed her hand aside so he could rub her clit. She looked at Xoktal, unsure if he was okay with his second crashing their party.

Xoktal smiled at her. “Very soon his cock will be deep in your ass while I fuck your pussy.”

Panic drenched her like a bucket of ice water. “How soon?”

Both males laughed. “Not tonight,” Rytez assured her. “But soon.”

The interruption disrupted her arousal so she placed her hands on Xoktal’s shoulders and concentrated on the slide of his shaft in and out of her core. Rytez’s fingers felt better than her own, she had to admit, and she loved having her breasts fondled.

She had just reestablished her rhythm when Cassik decided to join in. He turned her head to the side and kissed her deeply. Unlike Xoktal’s gentle kiss, Cassik’s lips and tongue plundered, immediately taking control. He touched her breasts also, his hand sliding over, around and under Rytez’s.

Quickly losing track of who was touching her where, she just let the sensations wash over her. Fullness and motion, tension and heat melded into an intoxicating rush. They ceased to be enemies for one blissful moment and just became males and a female exchanging pleasure in a harsh, brutal world.

She surrendered, entrusting her body into their hands and offering her passion in return. She touched them and responded to Cassik’s kiss. She tightened her inner muscles around Xoktal, wanting to feel him lose control. Rytez pinched her nipples, adding a sharper edge to the pleasure.

Her orgasm hit suddenly and she cried out, tearing her mouth away from Cassik’s. Her back bowed and her inner muscles rippled as pulses of sensation rocketed through her body. Xoktal grasped her hips tightly, thrusting fast and hard. He came half a second later, his cry echoing hers. She collapsed into his arms, her heaving breasts rubbing against his uniform.

He rubbed her back for a moment, allowing her composure to return before he looked at Rytez and asked, “How do you want her?”

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