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Thirst: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

In awe, I fell to my knees on top of the plush cushion of leaves. Absentmindedly, I touched one of them, noticing that they were soft, like velvet. Picking up a leaf, I traced its surface with the pad of my thumb, still staring at the amulet that was positioned in the trunk of the white oak.

“It’s a mystifying sight indeed, isn’t it, Ruby,” Cain murmured softly. I tensed at the unexpected sound of his voice.

While I’d been distracted, he had strolled up behind me. His fingers grazed over top of my naked shoulder, his palm settling calmly on top of my skin. His magic flowed through me and the pleasure racing through my body surged forth, stronger than ever. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. All I could do was feel.

He lifted me up to my feet and pulled my body against his. My sore and aching backside pressed up against the length of him, his cock nestled in between my naked cheeks. I could tell he was big, hard, and very thick. My inner walls fluttered, and I hoped for the briefest of seconds that he would throw me down on the ground and fuck me.

I shook my head, trying to push away the thought, but his fingers ventured between my legs and I breathed out a sudden sigh of shock.

My eyes nearly rolled back in my head. There was so much pleasure, so much unquenchable need, that I could feel myself losing more ground as those fingertips circled over top of my clit once more.

The full force of his power hit me. Seductively intoxicating and incredibly addicting, I wanted more of it and I took it all greedily. My hips rolled and his digit pressed backwards, his fingertip continuing to tease and torment my throbbing clit.

I could have sworn I saw stars. A brilliant inferno of desire swirled through me, igniting every single nerve in my body on fire. I felt like I was burning alive with arousal. I moaned low in my throat and I arched back against him.

What would it feel like to have his cock deep inside me?

Somewhere within my mind, I knew I should be fighting back, but the thought was so much weaker now, and I quickly pushed it away. Cain’s teeth scraped against my throat, promising the world with his bite, and I was helpless against it. I wanted it. I needed him and I didn’t know if I could go on without him.

“What do you want from me?” I whispered hoarsely.

“I want you to beg me for it,” he answered, his tone strong, confident, and entirely expectant. He wanted my obedience, and for a moment I considered it.

His fingertip pressed backwards, venturing toward my pussy. That same finger breached my entrance, grazing across my inner walls, and I sucked in a breath. Exquisite pleasure burned hot, my blood pumping through my veins. My heart beat wildly out of my chest. It was all too much. He pushed his thick digit in and out of me slowly and I whined, unable to find my release just yet.

Every inch of my body pulsed with need. I was so aroused that just the pressure of his body against mine was an agonizing pleasure that left me needy and craving so much more. I knew that if I came now, it would shatter me completely, leaving me senseless in its wake. Leaning backwards, I turned my head and rested my cheek against his chest.

His cock was throbbing with his own desire and my mouth watered for it. I could feel it pressing up against me through the fabric of his pants.

I wanted to be fucked. I needed it. I’d suffered for so long and now I just wanted to ride his cock with wild abandon. Arching my back, I rubbed myself against him and he groaned softly in approval.

“That’s a good girl,” he murmured, and my heart lit up with hope.

I gave in. I said the words he wanted to hear.

“Please. Just fuck me already,” I begged. He pulled me in closely, peppering soft wet kisses along my throat, and I moaned quietly. My pussy convulsed with excitement, the chilled breeze racing through the trees igniting gooseflesh all over my skin. I felt my arousal grow and it spiraled out of control. I could focus on nothing else.

So hot. So needy. I craved release.

“Please,” I pleaded.

He lifted his arm, making a come-hither motion with one finger, and I watched with fascination as the amulet hovered toward us. He caught it and held it before me.

“Take it,” he murmured. “And tell me what you see.”

I lifted my palms and took the amulet from him, just as he pressed his lips against the birthmark on the back on my shoulder.

My world exploded with a bright red light and my eyes rolled back into my head. Ancient magic hurtled through my body, forcing me to tremble and cower in its wake. My mind fractured, my walls caved in, and something deep inside me came rushing forth.

My true self.

For a period of time, Ruby the demon hunter was gone. In her place was someone entirely different. I was no longer me. Memories of my former life faded away, until there was nothing left.

My vision wavered and suddenly it was as though I was in another place and another time. Cain and I sat together on a throne made from silver and gold, as well as countless priceless gemstones. He held my hand and I could see our power crackling together as one.

Both of our eyes were blood red.

All around us were people worshipping us at our feet. Offering goblets of wine and blood, as well as untold amounts of silver and gold. A beautiful blonde woman walked up to me, completely naked, and she knelt before me. She turned her head and pushed her hair aside, offering her throat to me.

I shivered. She wanted me to bite her. And I wanted to. I could see the vein in her throat throbbing with blood and I licked my lips.

My teeth were sharp. I’d soon be a vampire too.

“I see me,” I answered. “I see us.”

“That’s our future, little hunter. Should you choose it,” he began.

The sharp pointed ends of his teeth pressed against the edges of my birthmark and I gasped at the exquisite pain that blossomed across my flesh. I turned my head and kissed his shoulder.

“Why all of this? Why didn’t you just force me to submit and show me what could be?”

“You bear the mark of Cain, little hunter. Do you know what that means?” he asked.

“No,” I replied, shaking my head. What he said puzzled me.

“It means you are special. Had I broken you completely or even killed you like I had planned, the damage I imposed on you would have rebounded on me seven-fold. Instead, I devised a different plan, one where I would conquer your every desire once and for all without destroying what you were. Then, I’d be able to give you the world,” he answered.

“Explain,” I answered, the pleasurable pulses racing through my body dulling my confusion.

“A long time ago, I had the good fortune to come across an ancient shaman, one that had a strong connection to the fallen angel, Lucifer. She foretold that there would only be one woman in existence that would bear such a mark, that it was a mark indicative of the seventh gate created just for me by the devil himself. If I found her and turned her, she’d gift me with unimaginable power, allowing me to rule over the world of the living with her, just as Lucifer ruled over the world of the dead. I searched for years, finding nothing, and eventually I decided that her words were just the mad ravings of a lunatic. I had given up looking for the woman that would bear such a mark long ago, but here you are, naked, beautiful, and more than worth the challenge of taming you,” he answered.

My old self drifted away, leaving a new woman that grasped to take hold. The magic of the amulet swirled all around me, a magical red aura that touched my skin, caressing me, comforting me, and I lifted the relic up. I stared at it, studying the beautiful gemstone that had held such incredible power inside it. It had changed me.

I wasn’t Ruby. I was someone else completely. The amulet had awoken her and now she was here to stay.

She wasn’t good. She wasn’t evil. She was a woman who would be both loved and feared. A woman who was worthy of the position of a queen.

I squeezed my fingers around the amulet and the ruby gemstone dug into my flesh, fully awakening the powers inside me. Cain’s arms loosened and I turned in his embrace, pressing my bare breasts against the hardness of his chest. I reached down and rubbed my palm against his cock.

“Conquer me then. Teach me what it means to be by your side,” I dared him. I wanted him to take me. I wanted him to make it hurt, but most of all, I just wanted to come all over his cock. I’d been suffering for so long. I needed release and I needed him to give it to me.

The side of his lips edged upward at my challenge.

“I’m beginning to think you enjoy this, Ruby,” he murmured, and I frowned. As the devil’s magic worked its way through my mind, memories of Ruby faded further and further away, until they felt like just a distant recollection. In this moment, it was as though Ruby was a stranger and I no longer identified with her.

“Fuck me already,” I whined.

“You’re going to have to earn it,” he chided.

“Make me,” I challenged, and he chuckled softly.

His hands reached down and cupped the cheeks of my ass, lifting me up off the ground. My legs straddled his waist and I purred softly in approval.

“Naughty, naughty,” he chided with a grin. “I’ll punish this sinful little body of yours with my cock and when you beg me to stop, I’m going to fuck your disobedient little ass,” he answered.

I moaned softly, feeling the head of his cock nudge against my entrance. Frustratingly, his pants still blocked his conquest. He lowered me to the ground, pressing my back against the velvet leaves.

“Spread your legs. Show me where you need to be fucked,” he demanded, and I obeyed, lying down on my back and spreading my thighs lewdly for him. A quiet sense of wrong lurked in the back of my mind, but I didn’t care. I pushed it away. Now I felt empowered. The feeling of his gaze on my most secret of places was arousing.

He unlaced his drawstring pants and pushed them down, revealing his thick cock. Its girth was wider than I expected, and it was even longer than I had imagined. Thick veins rose up to either side, pumping with both his own blood and arousal. I moaned low in my throat. This was going to hurt, yet I couldn’t wait for every last second of it.

He knelt down on the ground in between my legs and leaned forward, towering over me and placing a hand to either side of my head. His shaft pressed against my slit and I gasped at its heat.

Fuck. This was hot.

My clit pulsed. With a low growl, he dragged his hips back and forth, sliding his cock through my wetness and across my clit. I moaned and he did it again. Liquid heat gathered between my legs and the ball of pleasure deep in my belly folded in on itself, blossoming into something much bigger and far more consuming.

He teased and taunted me, driving me wild with desire before finally flicking his hips backward and slamming straight into my pussy with his cock. He claimed me in one smooth motion, forcing his thick length all the way inside me without a care. It hurt and I cried out, but he continued anyway, fucking me roughly as he claimed me for his own. My back arched and I moaned, the sound rumbling in my throat as he used my tight hole for his pleasure and mine.

My arousal flared hotly, burning like wildfire until I could do nothing but give in to its brutal demands. My inner walls trembled around his thick cock, craving every last heated stroke. He gave me everything, but he wasn’t gentle, nor was he kind. He took me hard, his movements rough, and my body shuddered beneath him.

With one hand, his fingers splayed across my lower belly, spreading widely so that his thumb just skimmed across my clit. The sounds of wet sex echoed around me and I felt a flush blossom across my face as I trembled with arousal.

His thumb circled my clit, pressing it harder and harder until I couldn’t stand anymore.

“Please,” I begged.

“Come, my little hunter,” Cain murmured, and my world shattered into a million little jagged pieces. My body swirled in the never-ending hellfire of pleasure, white-hot light blinding me as I rode wave after wave of hot, boiling desire.

Cain growled beside me and the sharp edges of his fangs pressed against my throat. He breathed hotly against my skin before biting into my vulnerable flesh and a second, more powerful orgasm raced through me. I felt his magic coaxing my passion higher and higher, causing me to moan and scream until my throat became raw from it.

He drank from me and my body throbbed, the beat of my heart pounding in my chest. I rode his cock, rocking my hips back and forth, taking him deeper with every motion. He never stopped and I adored him for it.

Electricity burned underneath my skin and something almighty and powerful burst to life deep in my chest. Cain continued to drink his fill and my body began to feel languid, deeply satisfied now that I’d come not once, but twice.

His shaft pulsed inside my channel and my pussy fluttered around it insatiably, begging him for more. Finally, he pulled away from my throat and stared down at me, his lips dripping with my blood.

“Such a greedy little cunt,” he mused, and I met his seductive gaze.

His eyes, once blood red, were a much brighter scarlet, brimming with life and sensual promise. I sighed and he slammed his hips harder into mine, thrusting his wide girth into my entrance time and time again. His fangs were stained with my blood, his mouth wet with it. He rolled his upper lip and lifted his wrist to his mouth, biting down hard on his own flesh. His wrist bloodied, he pressed it to my lips, forcing me to drink deep of his own life essence. It tasted like copper at first, but then it transformed into something that hinted of sweet wine, decadent berries, and delicate fruits. I drank deep until finally he pulled away from me.

He drew me up into a deep kiss, his tongue dancing between my lips and twirling with my tongue. My core throbbed and I jerked my hips upward, trying to make him fuck me harder once again. His eyes darkened at my boldness and a smirk grew on his lips.

“You may be destined to be my queen, Ruby, but that doesn’t mean that you get to decide where, when, and how hard I’ll use this delightful little body of yours,” he warned, and I moaned demurely in response.

“Such a naughty girl. Spanked twice in one day and still you haven’t learned your lesson,” he said darkly, and I shivered beneath him. Quickly, he pulled free from my pussy and flipped me over onto my hands and knees. He spread my bottom cheeks with one hand and quickly used my copious arousal to moisten the entrance to my naughtiest hole.

“This is going to hurt,” he warned, and I whimpered in response. He lined up the head of his cock with my asshole, pressing its heat just against my tight rim. I tried to protest, but it didn’t stop him. I knew it wouldn’t.

Then he began urging his cock forward, stretching my tight little hole and making my entire body ache with a painful burning sensation. Despite the terrible initial pinch, pleasure bloomed deep in my core, twisting with the pain and melding together as one. When the head of his cock finally popped inside me, I cried out with shame, desire, and incredible need. It still hurt, but that only made me want it even more.

He was relentless. He pushed hard into my body, forcing me to take every single thick, long inch until his hips rested against the cheeks of my ass. He spanked both sides of my bottom, one after another, hard enough to make me cry out in shock.

“Bad little girls get their naughty bottoms punished, don’t they, Ruby,” he declared, his voice low and sensual.

“Yes, sir,” I answered anxiously.

“Arch your back. Show me that you want it,” he demanded, and I did. I arched my back and he pulled away, before slamming his thick length back into my dark channel. He fucked my ass hard and I knew I would feel his efforts for days, but I didn’t care.

I wanted it. I wanted all of it.

He used me roughly, before sliding one hand up my back and into the hair at the base of my scalp. He fisted his hand and wrenched my body up by the strands of hair at the back of my head. Immeasurable pain burst across my flesh and I keened from it. With his other hand, he teased my pulsing clit and my pussy clenched hungrily, desperate to be filled too.

He forced one orgasm after another from my body, leaving me a sopping wet mess of cum and throbbing ecstasy. I screamed. I moaned. I whimpered and sighed until my voice became hoarse and still Cain didn’t stop. His cock used my hole roughly, forcing me to come again and again until I was sure I couldn’t stand any more.

My body was overwhelmed with sensation. Every time he pulled my hair, I saw stars. Each time his fingers grazed against my clit, I shuddered with exquisite, uncontainable ecstasy. Each time he thrust into my asshole, my entire body shuddered with passionate desire like nothing I had ever known.

He groaned, his thighs trembling behind me.

My body was on fire, a veritable inferno that threatened to obliterate me entirely. His cock pulsed deep in my ass and I cried out, coming one more time as I felt his hot seed spurt deep inside me. It burned at my insides, marking me as his forever and for always.

My eyes rolled back in my head.

It was all too much.

Quickly, he pulled free from my backside and flipped me on my back, his fingers diving into my pussy and dragging the last remnants of my orgasm on and on until I screamed for mercy.

“Please, please, I can’t take it,” I begged, my throat raw.

“You’ll come again because I say you will,” he demanded, and I whined pitifully.

His fingers fluttered within me and I cried out. I was too sensitive, and his movements quickly sent me hurtling off the edge of another precipice, straight into one final orgasm that was far more powerful than all the rest.

My mind shattered.

I closed my eyes, entering into a blackness that consumed me.

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