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Top Dog: A Rough Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

Rhiannon glared at him, took a deep breath, and then removed her clothes before assuming the position he’d ordered. She’d barely managed to get settled before his hand came down in a hard arc, making her inhale sharply as she felt the shock not just on her ass, but radiating out through her entire body.

“Christ, Sawyer, that hurts! Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of warm-up?”

“Discipline is supposed to hurt. You want to try topping from the bottom? I can show you how I handle that.”

Without an additional word, he began to rain hellfire across her entire backside. She felt the immediate sting of pain and blossoming heat, but there was also an ever-increasing sense of pure, unadulterated pleasure coursing through her. The spanking in the desert had awakened her arousal in a new and exciting way she’d never even imagined before that day. This was every bit as intense even though she knew what to expect. Knowing how it affected her libido did nothing to diminish the wild swell of desire that surged through her system. Accepting that she wanted this had been difficult and confusing, but she hadn’t shied away from it. No, she had embraced the freedom that came with accepting Sawyer’s dominance.

Sawyer inhaled. “You’re enjoying this; you’re getting aroused.”

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement of fact, and it sounded as though it pleased him inordinately. She said nothing but nodded. He stopped for a moment and slipped his hand between her legs, fingering the petals of her sex, drawing out her warm, wet heat before bringing his fingers up to his mouth and sucking them. His hand left his face as he brought it down to spank her again.

“Why are you here, Rhiannon?”

“Because I heard about the club and wanted to see for myself.”

He chuckled. “Bullshit. You came looking ostensibly for what I gave you in the desert, but more specifically for me.”

“No, Sir. You’re an arrogant prick, do you know that? I admit that our interlude in the desert was the most intense and best sex I’ve ever had, and I want more. When you didn’t follow up, I figured you thought it was a mistake and started doing some online research. When you spanked me, I’d never been so turned on in my life. I realized all my life I’ve had to be in control, had to make all the decisions. The idea that I could turn at least some things over to someone else was incredibly attractive.”

He swatted her ass twice more in quick succession. “You want to submit?”


“To me?”

“Yes. I want some place in my life where everything isn’t crowding down on me, isn’t something I have to do… have to decide. Some place I can just give over and simply be. Sir?”


“What does a girl have to do to get you to fuck her?”

“I got news for you, brat, so much more than just getting her ass spanked. Stand up, wrists in front of you.” He bound her wrists together with a silken cord. “There’s a hook in the ceiling. I’m going to tie your arms overhead. You’ll be able to stand flat-footed on the floor, but you will be restrained.”

“Are you going to talk me to death? There’s a war going on. I swear if Fitzwallace breaks in before you fuck me…”

“God, you have a mouth on you. Trust me, Fitzwallace is the last man on Earth that would burst in here. And I’ll cut the balls off anyone else who dares.”

“Is that your idea of pillow talk? Cause if so, it could use some work.”

“Let’s try this instead. I think you are all kinds of turned on. I think submitting to a man sexually has always been there just below the surface… lying in wait, deep and dark, to come bubbling out. Arms up.” The last words were clearly a command.

He tossed the cord over the ceiling hook, making a loop and tying it off so that she could stand comfortably with her arms overhead. Rhiannon breathed in deeply, acutely aware of how very vulnerable she was and reveling in the feeling. She was naked and on display for him.

“Did you join the club, hoping either I’d be here or maybe that I’d meant what I said to Fitzwallace and that I was claiming you for mine?”

She realized by asking that question, he’d exposed his own vulnerability. “Yes. You are quite possibly the sexiest sonofabitch that ever lived. Can we fuck now because I’m really, really horny.”

His hand slapped between her legs, making her roll up onto her toes. “Watch your mouth. You’ll get what you want, sub, but you’ll get it after I’ve had a chance to look and touch what my sub offered me.”

His fingers moved over her skin, lightly exploring her body, smoothing along her muscles before tracing along her bones as though mapping them and committing them to memory. He circled around her and cupped the fullness of her breast, playing with her nipple and giving it a hard pinch before closing his mouth over it, laving his tongue over its pebbled surface. She gasped, which became a low moan, morphing back to a sharp inhalation of breath as he nipped it before turning his attention to her other breast for the same treatment. He took the second stiffened tip into his mouth.

Sawyer ran a single finger under the swell of her breast, following it around to her spine before moving it all the way down to trace the curve of her ass. Rhiannon moaned and arched her spine, thrusting her ass into his groin and rubbing the bulge she felt there.

“What a naughty sub you are. You hold still or the next thing you feel along your ass will be a camel whip.”

“Sawyer, this is my first time…”

“Who are you talking to, sub?”

“Sir. I’m sorry, Sir, this is my first time…”

“And it’s incumbent on me to see that you be taught properly.”

Rhiannon bit her lip. Sawyer continued his carnal assault on her senses until he was in front of her again. His finger trailed a line from the hollow of her throat, between the valley of her breasts, down the midline of her body, circling her bellybutton before dipping between her legs.

“I have to admit I didn’t really make note of it, but did you shave your pussy before joining the club?” he asked.

“No. The brochure mentioned that most doms prefer their subs to be bare. I have to say I like the feel of it and in some ways I think it should be easier and more comfortable in the heat, but it’s damn hard to do without nicking myself. I’ve never really mastered the art of shaving my legs.”

His fingers delved between her legs, seeking and finding her clit, tugging it before pressing it hard with his thumb. Her arousal spiked and unexpectedly she came hard, barely able to breathe as her body shuddered.

“Good girl,” he crooned. “I should cut you down and make you suck my cock. I ought to walk away after that and let you stew in your own juices. You are a brat of the first order, and I am always going to have to deal with you trying to top from the bottom.”

“What did I do wrong? You didn’t tell me I couldn’t come…”

“I ought to do all of those things, and if I was a better man and a better dom, I would, but I’m not, so I won’t.”

He reached up and released her from the hook. She slumped forward and he caught her easily, lifting her weight up into his arms as though she were nothing and carrying her to the bed. Once he had her laid out, he tied her bound hands to a ring in the headboard, shrugging out of his vest and tossing it aside. He unlaced the leathers that hung low on the cut V at the bottom of his torso and freed his magnificent cock, kicking out of the pants and his boots with one move. It was all she could do to keep from drooling. Had she not been tied, she would have sat up and at the very least licked the drop of pre-cum spilling out before it could be wasted on the floor.

“Last chance to use your safeword…” He stroked down her body again, sliding his hand down to her mons before bringing it back up over her belly and cupping her breast, smiling as the nipple seemed to stiffen further. “I’m going to want to put clamps on these at some point…” he said, pinching the one closest to him.

“Sawyer, please.”

He pinched the other one, much harder than the first. “What did I tell you to call me?”

“Sir. I’m not used to this. I’m used to calling you by name.”

“You need to learn when we’re alone or in a club not to do that… regardless of what’s going on. It’s part of the protocol of D/s.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. Please, Sir.”

“Have you ever submitted to anyone else?”

She shook her head. “No, you’re the only one.”

That pleased him more than it should have. He leaned down, running his tongue along her lower lip, before he plunged it into her mouth—sweeping, tasting, savoring. Straddling her body, he parted her legs before easing himself down between them, making a place for himself. He needed to make this good for her, take care of her, and make her need him like she needed to breathe in air.

From the first time he saw her curly blonde hair, luminous eyes, and dangerous curves, he’d wanted her… and not just for a couple of rolls in the hay. No, he’d kept his distance until that day in the desert because he knew that if he ever had her, once would never be enough. He’d instinctively known she was the one for him… the one he could get lost in forever. When she’d turned around the day they’d been introduced, he thought she had the most spankable ass he’d ever seen and he’d tried to stay away. Many were the nights he’d jerked off thinking of Rhiannon’s ass and all he’d like to do to it and her.

He’d told himself it would be bad for morale… told himself he wasn’t good enough. But when she’d gone off on her own without a word to anyone and then the village had been attacked, all he’d been able to think was that he’d almost lost her. Almost missed the opportunity to spank her beautiful backside, fuck her pussy, and build a life. He knew that he didn’t just want to play with her. No, he wanted to put a collar around her neck, a ring around her finger, and bind her to him in as many ways as he could.

He’d tried to tell himself being with her was against the rules and that it was a bad idea. But when he talked to Fitzwallace, Fitz had been pragmatic, reminding him they wouldn’t be enlisted forever and that technically as she was a medic, they were in different chains of command and so she was not under his or Fitzwallace’s control.

Sawyer meant to make this second time, and every time thereafter, the best sex she’d ever have. He’d use it to bind her to him, bring her closer than he’d ever allowed anyone to get.

Rhiannon pulled at her restraints as he watched with amusement. Given that he had manipulated the situation so that she would apply to the kink club, he probably should do something a bit more extreme as just restraining her was fairly tame. But right now, all he wanted was to get inside her… to feel her cunt contract all along his cock as he made her come.

“Be a good girl and spread your legs wider. Keep in mind I can always put you in a spreader bar.”

She relaxed her thighs and he burrowed between them.

“God, you’re gorgeous.”

He cupped both of her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples, enjoying the feel of her legs as she brought them up to intertwine with his. He kneaded and massaged her breasts, ensuring that he felt every inch of her flesh, but focusing on her areola and nipples. He tugged and rolled them between his thumbs and forefingers. He loved her tits; they were beautiful and so responsive. They led down to her nipped-in waist, which in turn flowed into her wide hips. He loved the way she was built. She had hips he could grasp and use to hold her in place while he gave her a hard ramming. And he wanted to fuck Rhiannon Farrell longer and harder than anything else he’d ever wanted in his life.

Sawyer sucked her nipples, moving between them, allowing his cock to throb between her legs against her clit. He smiled—the scent of her arousal was pungent and sweet and getting more pronounced. He looked down at her. Her skin was flushed, her nipples were hard, and he could feel how swollen and wet her sex was. He reached between them, rubbing his cock against her clit, loving how she moaned in need. There would come a time he would use the noises that she made as an excuse to spank her pretty ass before he fucked it. Oh, yeah, he was going to do all the dirty, nasty things he’d fantasized about when he’d jerked off thinking of her.

But tonight, he wanted to give her the greatest ride of her life. He wanted to make her come over and over and hold her close afterwards as his cum dripped from her pussy.

“Sir, I’m dying,” she pleaded.

“Submit, Rhiannon. You aren’t in charge. I can restrain your legs and then spend the rest of the night sweetly torturing you, bringing you to the edge over and over and not letting you come again. You don’t want that, do you?”

“No, Sir.”

“I really ought to spend more time teasing you, but the fact is, I really want to fuck you again. I might just die or my dick might explode if I don’t… and don’t do it fairly soon.”

“Please, Sir.”

All he could think about was thrusting up inside her, deep and hard. His mind had tried to tell him she was all kinds of dangerous and that Rhiannon was the kind of woman he could actually fall for. He’d been right about that as he had most definitely fallen for her. Sure, he wanted to fuck her, but it was so much more than that. He needed to take care of her, protect her. He wanted to send her back home to wait for him so they could start a life together. He needed her safe.

Sawyer planned to mount her, driving into her over and over until he could spend himself in her, flooding her pussy with his cum. He, who always prided himself on control, was in danger of being overwhelmed with a primal, almost feral need to fuck her so hard she couldn’t walk in the morning and so that every man who saw her would know she had been well used and well sated the night before.

His fingers played in her labia, drawing them apart and allowing them to fold back together. He touched her clit only briefly so that she didn’t come. No, he wanted her to do that when he mounted her and plunged his dick to the very end of her cunt. He wanted her next climax to be more powerful than the first and to feel her pussy clamp down on him, until he dragged himself back only to thrust in with increased strength. He meant to ensure she was sore come morning.

The blood was pounding through his cock and his balls were rock hard. He held himself still but stared down at the place where his staff began to sink into her sheath. Slowly, inch by inch, he allowed himself to press into her, reveling in the soft heat that encompassed him. Nothing had ever felt this good. He’d meant to thrust in a little at a time, but Rhiannon’s hips surged upward as she came a second time. He allowed her to ride the wave of her orgasm before dragging himself back out and driving determinedly forward, this time pushing all the way to the root of his cock. Rhiannon sighed in complete bliss as he plunged all the way home—opening for him, accepting his dominance, accommodating his cock.

Sawyer slipped his hands underneath her, grasping her ass and holding her close and restricting her movement. He was balls deep inside her when she came again. He ground his pelvis against her clit and watched as her eyes darkened. She struggled with the restraints. He chuckled as he drew himself back, almost sliding entirely out before driving forward and then establishing a hard, strong rhythm that had her thrashing beneath him.

He pounded into her pussy, hammering her with a twist that caught her clit with every other thrust. Rhiannon began to breathe again in short, sharp pants as her body stiffened in anticipation before he pushed her over the edge one last time as he gave a ferocious thrust deep inside her. She cried out in ecstasy, her pussy spasming, clamping down all along his length as he began to empty himself into her. Her body trembled as he pumped himself into her, greedily drawing every last shudder from her body, savoring every last bit of pleasure he could.

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