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Torched: A Rough Firefighter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

My new insurance company had been less than thrilled with my call, but I’d finally heard back from them after nagging the hell out of them. They would cover the damage. I’d managed to secure the building myself, even grabbing several pieces of plywood from the local hardware store, nailing them over the broken portion without injuring myself. Three days of quiet, at least to a relative degree. There’d been no other signs of an unwanted visitor, no new notes or phone calls. Maybe the fact I hadn’t picked up a phone to hassle anyone had put an end to the bullshit.

I knew better. He, she, or it was biding their time, waiting. With every ping of my work phone, I found myself jumping. I’d learned to turn it off at night, at least pretending to live in a beautiful fantasy world after hours.

As the afternoon turned into early evening, I took my time showering, even creating curls in my hair. I had a feeling tonight was going to be special. The only raincoat I owned was black, creating a rather ominous look with my tall stilettos and ruby red lipstick. However, Blaise certainly had called the weather. A storm was on the horizon, bringing the possibility of significant winds, damaging lightning, and torrential rain. I’d scampered into the car seconds before the first raindrops hit the windshield.

I’d found another way to Blaise’s house, taking several additional side streets, all in an effort to avoid traffic as well as the possibility someone was watching my comings and goings. I had no reason to be worried regarding discovery, at least at this point, but I was determined to remain cautious. I even parked across the street from his driveway for a few minutes, studying the rearview mirror. I also took the opportunity to text him.

I’ll be there soon, sweet sir.

His reply was equally as thrilling as all the others.

Go into my office just off the kitchen and remove your coat. Stand in the corner and wait.

I slipped my hand past the dense material, fingering my nipple. They’d remained fully erect the majority of the day. My longing for this man held no bounds. I found the door unlocked and walked inside, able to hear music coming from another room. I wanted to call out, to make certain he knew I was here, but I was determined to follow his rules. His requirement wasn’t unlike others I’d received, but tonight the words held more meaning.

There was a single light on in the living room, highlighting the rugged appearance, furniture made of leather, and blond wooden floors. All the blinds were closed creating a romantic atmosphere, but I knew better about what to expect tonight. He wanted to make certain I accepted his dominance. As I walked by the opening, I allowed my fingers to trail across the door casing, a smile crossing my face. He was a simple man with uncomplicated needs. Some might even say a true cowboy. I highly doubted his buddies knew about his darker side.

I’d never been in his office and carefully walked down the hall, locating the partially opened door. The hinges creaked as I pushed it with two fingers. I stood outside in the hallway, staring at the small but masculine space. This was so very much Blaise. From the deep reddish-colored wood of the desk, to the high-back leather chair and the bookshelves flanking both sides. I drank in the scent of leather, tingling from the fragrance alone.

What I noticed on the credenza positioned off to the side created a wave of heat pulsing up and down my body, landing in my quivering pussy. He’d been shopping. Various implements were positioned on the surface. Spanking implements to be exact. I walked closer, studying the collection. A leather strap. A flogger. A wooden paddle. A cane. Even a piece of ginger, the stalk long and thick. He’d cut it perfectly, the tube-like formation ready to be inserted in my ass. I had difficulty swallowing. The man was certainly full of surprises.

Positioned at the very end of the narrow table was a vibrator, a Hitachi vibrator, the bulbous end making my mouth water. Pleasure and pain.

I brushed my fingers over the various pieces, goosebumps immediately popping along my arms. I even pulled the ginger to my nose, inhaling until the sweet scent made me weak in the knees. The cane drew my attention more than the others. As I brought the piece closer to my face, inhaling, I had a vision, a memory, and one I didn’t like.

“You’re a very naughty girl,” he said as he took a swig of his drink. I could hear the ice cubes clinking against the glass, the kind of crystal reserved for company, trying to impress. I’d been forced to watch as he poured the drink, taking his time to select the perfect three ice cubes. Not two. Not four. It was the same every time.

“Yes, sir.” I stated the words with more defiance than I should have, my hands clenched at my sides.

“We’ll take care of that. Lean over my desk.”

I gave him a single harsh look, knowing I’d be punished for that alone, and did as I was told. He had a particular method of whipping me, a manner in which he preferred my naked body draped over his sleek, modern desk. Bamboo, as he’d told me more than once. And very expensive. He’d cleared the top, except for the single desk lamp, the one with the Tiffany shade. I bent at the waist, making certain my hands were clenched around the back corners. This positioned my body just off the floor, my legs dangling, not allowing me to find any footing or secure my position. But he didn’t stop there.

Thick leather straps were placed around my wrists, the dangling clamp secured to special rings he’d created for this purpose alone. I was at his mercy, for whatever type, length, or severity of punishment he so deemed. Yes, I’d requested this, at least in the beginning. He’d given me exactly what I needed at first, reaching into the dark recesses of my mind, yanking out the submissive woman. And I’d hungered for more.

As he tapped the cane against my backside, swirling the muted wood against my ass, I took a deep breath. I knew this was going to be painful, drawing me close to the edge.

Exactly where he wanted me to be.

I could still hear the snapping sound echoing in my mind the second the cane was slapped across my naked ass. My buttocks had been on fire from the very first strike, the almost never-ending swats forcing me to cry. I never cried. I almost never reacted in any manner, but on those nights when he’d used the cane, I’d sobbed like a baby.

I took several deep breaths, gingerly placing the cane back on the table, adjusting twice before backing away. What I’d already experienced with Blaise was entirely different. While his mannerisms were dominating, they weren’t brutal or demeaning. They were simply controlling. I stole a look at the opening between the kitchen and living room, almost expecting that he’d be standing there, watching me. Angry with me. There was nothing of that nature, merely the lilting sounds of jazz floating in from the other room.

I whisked the curls from my face, their dampness from the rain making them heavier than normal. As I struggled to untie the sash, my fingers freezing cold and fighting against me, I noticed a picture, the only picture in the entire space. I walked closer, finally able to untie the belt and smiled. Blaise was much younger, but he had an almost happy go lucky look on his face, as if his entire world was in front of him. The girl in the photograph had her head tipped, her face beaming in admiration. I suddenly felt as if I’d stumbled onto his secret. Heat slid along my jawline from embarrassment, as if I was invading his privacy.

I looked away, jerking my body to the point I almost knocked the desk lamp to the floor. Why I was nervous was curious, especially given our intimacy so far. The exhale was deep, even exaggerated as I finally removed the coat, placing it ever so gently across the back of his stuffed leather chair. Being naked in this room was naughty indeed. I knew the corner he’d directed me to stand in. There was only one that was doable, free of clutter and furniture.

I took careful steps toward it, a buzz pounding in my ears. The reaction was strong, almost overwhelming but I managed to obey his orders, being the good little girl and standing with my nose pressed to the wall. This was the time to reflect, to consider all the bad deeds I’d done over the last few days, even hours.

I bit my lower lip to keep from laughing. As if that had ever worked. I was the kid who created trouble when there was none to be found. If there was a way I could misbehave taking a bath and getting into my jammies, I’d find it. In school, I was the girl most likely to land in detention, and all because of my caustic mouth. I couldn’t help but think my mouth had served me well over the last few years.

Laughter bubbled into my chest, almost giving away my latest round of mischief. If I’d only known earlier in my life what my mouth, lips, and tongue could be used for. I closed my eyes, allowing ten seconds of remembering the hot tub, sucking Blaise’s cock before shutting down the delicious and very wicked thought. Reflection. Bad deeds. Nasty words.

Wretched behavior.

Giving up my soul.

They’d all occurred in the last two months.

I clenched my hands, my nails digging into my palms. I wanted to feel the pain. I longed to be punished for every misbegotten deed. And Blaise had no idea why. A snarl interrupted my thinking process, and the bitter sound came from my own mouth. I’d made a promise to start a new life and I was keeping it, one way or the other. I kept my eyes clenched shut, fighting the panic trying to wrestle its way into my mind. Nothing was going to fuck this up.

Including me.

I honestly had no idea how long I spent in the corner before I heard his footsteps. They seemed to echo on the wooden floor, heels clicking against the grain, his muscular body giving weight to the powerful steps. I knew he’d stopped just inside the room, no doubt studying my form, the very way I was standing.

“Very good,” Blaise half whispered, his tone even more demanding than I’d heard from him before.

“Thank you, sir.” My reply was more like a little girl waiting for her father to dole out punishment.

He walked in a few additional steps, the sound moving away from me. I almost darted a quick look over my shoulder. Which implement would he choose? What would he tell me I’d done wrong? Everything. My entire face contorted from the laughing voice inside my head. You know what you did. And you can never. Take. It. Back.

“I’ve missed you.” His voice seemed closer and I could swear I felt his hot breath cascading down the length of my spine, even slicing across my ass. “I purchased a few things this afternoon, all with you in mind.”

“Yes, sir.” I kept the smile on my face, the excitement of what he would do building. His rugged Texas twang filtered into every pore in my body, creating a wild buzzing sensation. I heard the first crack of thunder, the sound rolling through the small room. As the rain began to pelt against the window, rattling the entire frame, I took several deep breaths. I was completely in the hands of this man, my dom, my lover. There was no place I’d rather be.

He closed the distance until the heat of his body was pressed against mine. As he tugged his fingers through my curls, he murmured sounds of approval. “I like. Suits you.”

“All for you, sir.”

A slight chuckle eased from his lips as he moved my long strands of hair to the side, dragging his fingers down my back. “Have you thought about all your misdeeds this week, the actions that create a need for punishment?”

“Very much so, sir.” My mouth was bone dry, a chill rushing through my system.

“Excellent. Ginger root is the perfect beginning.” He tapped his hand against my ass several times. There was no pain, no force used, just tapping. A reminder. Giving me a knowledge about what to expect.

I knew he was walking toward the credenza, could tell he was selecting the root. I’d experienced figging before, but it had never excited me in this manner. My body was swaying, my mind reeling. And my heart. The flutter was dramatic, almost curtailing my breath. How could this man have such an effect over me?

When he was close again, he pressed his lips on my shoulder, sucking for a few seconds. “Bend over the desk and open your ass cheeks for me.”

I did as I was told, moving so I could bend easily at the waist, my hands able to widen my buttocks. Air sliced across my crack as well as my asshole and for some reason, I jumped when I heard another clap of thunder.

“Don’t be nervous, my sweet. This is exactly what you crave.” He placed his hand on the small of my back, gently caressing. Everything about this man was so loving, enchanting me into a belief that this could be forever.

“I’m fine, sir.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Everything about you is important to me.”

I felt the slight touch of the ginger when he placed the slender tip to my dark hole, his hand remaining on my back as he wiggled and twisted the piece. Ever so slowly the carefully carved root was placed in my ass, my breath stolen and my mind reeling. Even my ass muscles seemed to accept without question, clamping around the invasion and drawing it further inside. Yes, there was pain, but glorious pain, creating a boost of blood flow, a wild surge of power rushing through every muscle and tendon. I was alive. I was floating. I was free.

“Go back to the corner and I’ll be sitting here, watching you, waiting for the right time. Then we’ll begin.”

I hadn’t expected the words would cause such a reaction furrowing from deep within. I panted, my entire body quivering to the point he had to guide me back in position. Beads of sweat spotted along places that I’d never sweated before. I was a mess, a beautiful, glorious mess and I couldn’t even think about being made to wait until the effects of the ginger took hold.

The waiting was excruciating, especially knowing he was sitting in the chair opposite the desk. There was no drink in his hand, no cigar as I’d known from before. He was…


His full attention was on me, on his submissive, on the woman who’d vowed to surrender to his needs. Everything about this was cathartic and enlightening and I had no idea how I was going to obey his command without begging.

But I did.

The ginger had no effect at first, merely a discomfort. At time ticked on, the secretions created a wave of heat, a slight tingling. I resisted clenching my ass muscles, but I knew that moment was coming.

Fifteen or twenty minutes passed and finally I heard the slight whoosh as the seat released his massive body and he rose from the chair. Flashes of lightning flickered from the window, even through the closed blinds, the sound of thunder getting even closer. Even the lights flickered more than once but I didn’t care. I was ready for anything he commanded, for any punishment he would dole out. I wanted to blurt out all my sins, those that I’d never be forgiven for, but he didn’t seem interested. He had his own needs and hungers, and he was ready for more. He would consume everything. “Clench your ass cheeks for me.”

I did as I was told, holding my breath, anticipating a stinging sensation. There it was. The sweet, blissful slice of a different kind of aching, leaving my mouth dry as a bone.

Blaise rubbed his hand across both ass cheeks and for some reason, I was embarrassed, feeling vulnerable. The intimacy was heightened. Either that or the increasing tingling sliding like spider webs out from the source. I could only imagine how a spanking would feel.

“I adore the way your face flushes, a beautiful rosy stain.” He brushed the backs of his fingers across my cheek, curling them as if seared from the heat of my skin’s blush.

I found myself quivering, longing to nuzzle against his hand. I wanted assurance that I would be safe. This startled me. I’d taken care of myself the majority of my life, refusing anything more than basic help and advice, especially from men. This man, this strong yet sensitive man wanted the job of protector.

And I would give it to him.

“Lean over the desk.” His tone washed over me, dark and rich.

“Yes, sir.” There was no hesitation. I wanted to obey him. As I leaned over, another rumble of thunder was quickly followed by a sizzling flash of lightning, the force creating a fervor of electricity skating across my skin. I grabbed the smooth, polished edge of the desk and for a few precious seconds, I was catapulted to another event, another man. This was completely different. This man was nothing like the asshole I’d learned to hate. I didn’t have to look to know he’d selected the cane. I could almost read his mind and I certainly had a better understanding of his dark desires.

He tapped the cane against both cheeks then rubbed the slender implement back and forth. “Such a naughty girl.”

The words were soothing, allowing me to close my eyes, relishing in the delicious anticipation. As he snapped his wrist, I sucked in my breath. The pain was biting, a strong flow of current sliding up along the insides of my legs. I didn’t cry out or even move, but he brushed his fingers along the same location, as if already concerned how I’d mark. I wanted to wear his stripes, a confirmation of our building relationship. The secretions from the ginger permeated into my skin. I was hot all over and so very wet, longing for my sexy firefighter. I blinked several times, realizing tears had formed.

He issued several more strikes, the whooshing sound as the carved wood sliced through the air penetrating the entire room. I could even hear his heavy breathing, almost matching my own.

Another half dozen strokes were placed exactly across my sit spot and this time, I dug my nails into the wood. He hadn’t chained me. He had no fear I’d run away or ignore my role. He knew I was trusting enough, hungry enough. Even more than he was.

I moaned, undulating my hips, the stinging sensations like a scalding blanket covering my extremities. I gulped for air, my toes curling. When he started again, the smack, smack, smack was followed by a whoosh of his hot breath dancing across what I knew were slight welts. The whimper slipping from my mouth couldn’t match the way my pussy clenched. Vivid visions of this man shoving his cock deep inside invaded my mind, every move brutal, the colors in the most vibrant hue. The ginger increased its effectiveness with every slap and when I clenched I moaned, my body involuntarily repeating the move. “Oh, God.”

He twisted the ginger back and forth then laid the cane next to me, only inches from my face. Oh, God, he was selecting another implement. I wanted to look. I had to look. I almost looked.

I remained a good girl, staying in position.


There was no additional warmup, only a hard crack of dense wood against my ass. I yelped, jerking up from the desk. Tears could no longer be held back. They simply trickled past my eyelashes as I took several deep breaths.

“The hard thudding you craved,” he whispered and rubbed his hand across my heated bottom.

“Yes. Sir.”

He pushed me down, waiting until my face was pressed against the surface before smacking the paddle again. And again. I struggled not to clench but it was useless. The anguish was blinding, beautiful, irrational. Wonderful. I was pulled into a sweet abyss of the beginning of subspace, floating free. I was vaguely aware he’d smacked me several more times, alternating with rubbing where the wood had landed against my skin. I didn’t care. There was no way for me to rationalize anything or focus on what was happening. La-la land was a beautiful place.

“I think you’ve had enough of that. Don’t you?” Blaise’s voice was a muffled velveteen covering, so soft and sensuous.

“Mmm-hmmm.” As he removed the ginger, I managed to open my eyes. The cane remained only two inches away, a subtle reminder of the power he wielded. I could almost dart my tongue out, licking up and down the stalk. The thought made me giggle like a schoolgirl. Yes, I was so free and peaceful.

Leaning over, he placed his hands on either side of me as he licked up and down the side of my face. Between his steamy breath and his wet tongue, I almost disobeyed, reaching for him.

“Your punishment is almost over,” he stated with firm authority.

“Yes, sir.” I noticed he lifted the cane, sliding the tip down my arm, my skin prickling.

After caressing my skin, he slid the tip of the cane down the crack of my ass, wiggling the piece until the slender pole was captured by my ass cheeks.

“Open your ass cheeks for me. Wide.” His command was to be obeyed without question.

I admit, I was trembling as I did what I was told, my quivering fingers grasping the tender flesh, pulling apart my cheeks, exposing my now vulnerable hole. I longed to watch, standing outside myself as he punished my puckered hole, but I could only imagine, waiting for the first strike. When it came, I was unable to stop the breathless yelp, my legs jumping.

“Be a good girl for me.”

“Yes, sir.”

He issued two more, then a third and I was thrown into the insanity of rapture. “Oh, God.”

“You like that?” he whispered, tapping my ass cheeks once again.

“Yes, I…” The laugh bubbling from my lips was inappropriate, reeking of embarrassment. This was an entirely different realm of pain, bold and strict. And I loved crossing another threshold.

“There will be more.” His hands rubbed my ass cheeks, the rough edges of his fingertips scraping along the tender portions but ever so gentle in a manner I hadn’t expected. Rolling me over onto my back, he gazed down as he lifted my legs, spreading them wide open. A light sheen of sweat covered his face and neck and his lips seemed fuller. “You’ve been a very good girl. I think it’s time for a reward. Keep them open, my sweet submissive or I’ll stop what I’m doing.”

“Yes, sir.”

He swirled his fingers around my clit several times, turning his head from side to side. “I can’t wait to bury my cock deep inside tonight.” His eyes twinkling, he thrust his fingers all the way inside my pussy, plunging several times before pulling all the way out and sliding them into his mouth.

I studied his actions and I hadn’t realized I was panting until he reached for the Hitachi. My anticipation had skyrocketed, and I wrapped my arms around my bent knees, yanking them as far back as my body would allow. The wait while he plugged it in, adjusted the speed, and rolled the head across his hand was excruciating. By the point he moved between my legs, I was panting, ready to beg.

Blaise fingered my erect nipples, the expression on his face full of authority, but his eyes would forever give him away. He was enjoying this almost as much as I was. There was no wait, no pretense. He placed the whirling head at my swollen, throbbing, and very wet pussy, allowing the vibrator to do all the work.

“Oh, God!” I immediately jerked up, arching my back as the sensations pulsed through every cell in my body. My muscles were almost instantly weak, twitching as the pleasure was so intense that it carried a hint of pain, a blissful rush.

He pulled it completely away as he leaned over, his fingers pinching my hardened bud.

“You… are…” I thumped down on the desk, trying to catch my breath.

“With pain comes pleasure. Agony and ecstasy.” The light in his eyes managed to shimmer even in the dim lighting. He lowered the vibrator again, moving it up and down from my clit to the base of my pussy.

I knew I was going to come. There was no way of holding back. Whimpering, I tossed my head from side to side, digging my fingers into my own skin. I couldn’t catch my breath any longer. He repeated the action several times. “Oh…” The screech was throaty as if all the sound had been ripped from my body. Every part of me was shaking, my heart thumping in irregular beats. “May I come, sir?”

“Not yet.” Blaise concentrated on his actions, driving me to the point of insanity then backing off. He moved his hand from breast to breast, pinching and twisting, pulling my nipples into a hard erection. The dichotomy of what he was doing was blinding.

My body was convulsing, fighting against me as I struggled to hold back the climax, but after another minute, there was nothing I could do. “I’m going… to…” As I reared up from the desk, my arms flailing, I feel the sweet release of his mouth over my swollen pussy lips. His tongue slid inside, taking every drop of my sweet cream.

I knew at that very moment, the ecstatic, amazing, incredible moment that I was falling in love.

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