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Training His Mate by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

Darghon had sensed the change in the girl as she stood before her contract. Agitation, arousal, and fear had all moved through her. He was knowledgeable enough about human nature to recognize the emotions swirling inside of her.

A Wolf less expert in humans perhaps would have read her elevated blood pressure, her quick pulse, her wide, dilated eyes, as mere fear of the unknown. Most humans had this same reaction when faced with any decision of moderate complexity and consequence. They were very emotional beings.

But Darghon saw her eyes move to the exit, and he knew her next move before she even made it.

He also knew that she was giving him false compliance when she relaxed in his arms and agreed to recite her contract. He was never sure, himself, of how he knew these things. But Astrid was a special subject, he had always known that. Especially willful, especially defiant.

He was actually quite thrilled at the opportunity she presented. It would be so much more fun to tame a girl like this, to make her submit and behave, than if she were like so many of the other he had trained.

He stepped away from her, knowing full well that her next move would be to run into the night air, calling upon her security services. He felt himself fill with the very hot blood of conquest and pleasure as he watched her running away, and he imagined what would happen next.

Because Astrid, sweet Astrid, had earned herself more than one punishment with her very naughty behavior. And he could sense, beneath her defiance and non-acceptance, the stirrings inside of her. Astrid craved the very punishments she sought to avoid, and she craved discipline and domination. Perhaps she even knew that, at some level. But her biometrics did not lie: the heat between her legs, the moisture gathering there, the electricity boiling over in her nervous system, especially in the little bundle of nerves at her clitoris—these were unmistakable signs that Astrid would someday be a most willing submissive slave, and a most enjoyable one.

And he was more than happy to be the one to take her on that journey.

But first things first. He let Astrid run away, pounding on her embedded emergency signal and screaming for security.

He himself had already contacted them, in order to speed up this little piece of theater. Their disc-like vehicle were already rising up from over the horizon by the time Darghon stepped casually into the Earthland and began to follow his ward, who looked behind her and met his eyes.

He read her expression: it was one of guarded triumph. Perhaps somewhere in the back of her mind she suspected that Darghon’s words were true, and they would not save her.

The orbs advised Darghon to halt, and he complied, and Astrid moved closer to them, putting herself on their side, convinced that she might actually escape, he could see. He could see, also, that the thought brought her as much trouble as it did triumph, because there was, then the question of what she would do next. She was flailing, throwing fits like a child, and she was ripe to receive discipline now. She dearly needed it, in fact she probably already suspected that she wanted it. After all, she clearly had no idea what to do with herself, or for herself.

They waited like this, a light rain falling on them. Astrid was breathing rapidly, refusing to meet his eye. She brushed away an offer for a rain protector.

A commandant arrived in short order.

Astrid rushed over to him, her arm extended at Darghon, her mouth open and words spilling out of it before the commandant could even speak. “This man! This… Wolf! He’s trying to force me into acquisition! I want to leave and he… he won’t let me! I want him arrested. Or at least… at least I want him… you know, I want an order against him. I want him restrained.”

The commandant looked at Darghon, who remained calm, a light smile on his lips. The commandant surely had an inkling of what was to come; orders of the type Darghon was about to relay to him were rare but rumors about them abounded within the security services. Specifically, that when such an order landed at the feet of an unwitting commandant, his discretion would be well-rewarded in the form of immediately revenue-generating mineral rights and status points that could be redeemed for travel. Most of these Earth-security types knew their children’s days on this planet were numbered, if not their own, and had their sights set on travel. There was very little they wouldn’t do for travel status.

The commandant urged Astrid to calm down, by holding up a hand to her and lowering it toward the ground. “Miss,” he said. “Stay calm. Sir,” he looked at Darghon, “are you attempting to acquire this citizen against her will?”

Darghon’s smile curled upward. “I am,” he said calmly.

The commandant blinked. Darghon could see that he was hopeful for a bonus, but unsure if the rumors were really true. Well, let him simmer a bit. It was also making Astrid simmer, which he liked. She would be even more receptive to his punishments if her hopes were first let to soar and then dashed on the pavement with nothing more than a wave of Darghon’s hand.

She was folding her arms now, across her chest and with impatience. Darghon sensed the indecision in her, but even so she maintained the expectation, he could see, that the officer would side with her.

The commandant waited. When there was nothing further from Darghon, he sighed and raised his arm to begin issuing his commands. “In that case I will have to ask you for identification and begin proceedings for—”

“My alien identification number is Q349106529RTW91,” Darghon said smoothly. Honestly, these humans and their wild inefficiencies with written information. “I request that you verify my identity before we continue.”

Darghon saw the light glimmering in the man’s eyes. Darghon knew his request was unusual, and it had tipped the man off to the possibility of his much-coveted and only rumored bonus. Darghon read his biometrics. His entire body was practically palpitating with desire.

Ah, yes. And arousal. For there was another, more sexual element to the rumors, and he was certainly looking forward to that as well.

“I don’t see why it’s necessary to verify his identity before you intervene,” said Astrid shrilly, extending her hand in Darghon’s direction. “He’s confessed to you that—”

The man’s eyes were lighting up as he read the return of his verification; Darghon didn’t know exactly what those missives said. It was the first time he had ever had an acquisition as brazen as Astrid and been required to use this protocol.


“Darghon,” Darghon said smoothly. No sense listening to the human butcher his name.

“Sir. My apologies.” He turned to Astrid, who had a look of confusion dripping over her face like a glaze. “How would you like me to restrain the subject?”

The question was for Darghon, but Astrid did not yet realize the turn in her fate. Confused, she shook her head. “I don’t care, I just want him… just… that’s your job! Just get him—”

“Place her hands behind her back, please,” Darghon said calmly.

Astrid’s eyes went wide as realization made its way into her mind. The officer reached forward to take her arm, and the drones, the very drones she’d hailed to be her rescuers, moved toward her now. “No,” she said, shaking her head. “No! What are you doing?”

“Miss,” the officer said quietly. “Please don’t make this any more difficult than it needs to be.”

There was a thinly veiled pleasure in the man’s words. He was certainly hoping for a spectacle here.

The man was taking Astrid’s arms, and she was relenting, though mostly out of shock. She looked at Darghon, who drew a stern face and nodded slightly. “I warned you,” he said, his voice calm.

“This is—this is… no! What are you doing?” Astrid objected.

Astrid’s arms were now cuffed and she had begun to struggle, but a drone had magnetized the restraints behind her and was now holding her in place, so her resistance was as futile as it had been in Darghon’s arms.

The officer stood back. “Do you, uh… require assistance returning the… subject to … the…” He looked at Darghon.

“What are you talking about?!” Astrid screamed. “Him! He’s the one! What are you doing!”

“If I may,” Darghon said to the officer, who was now looking quite flustered. “Mr.—?”

“Steele,” the man said weakly. His resolve was falling apart; Darghon would fix that.

“Mr. Steele here is merely acting upon the orders he’s received from his superiors. Exactly as I advised you that he would, my dear Astrid. And so now, Mr. Steele has orders to do as I say, and detain the subject—one Astrid Elcroix—and deliver her either to the Wolfian Compound for acquisition, or to… what is it, Mr. Steele, that your orders say there?”

Mr. Steele could not quite hide his surprise or his glee as he read them from his wrist comp. “To publicly subdue the subject through caning or flogging, until such time as she is subdued and willing to submit to acquisition.”

Darghon watched Astrid’s face with pleasure. She was still for a moment, then her jaw fell open, then she began to struggle against the drone. “This is… crazy! This is absolutely crazy! You can’t… this is a lie! Get me your superior! I want him now! You can’t do this! I have rights!”

Darghon watched her for a moment. “Now, Astrid. Surely you don’t want to be spanked out here on the road.”

Astrid looked at the security officer. “Miss,” he explained. “There’s no choice here.” He tapped his wrist, where the orders spelled it out clearly.

“I want to speak to your commanding officer!”

“That’s… not an option,” Darghon said smoothly. “Now, are you going to go back and take your pledge of acquisition, or do you need some more… motivation?”

Astrid stopped struggling for a moment. “You wouldn’t. You can’t.” Her face took on a sudden, defiant tone. “You can’t do that.”

Darghon removed his gloves. He did it slowly, loosening the fingers and then tugging on the leather. Astrid watched in horror, and the commandant watched with a rising excitement, his biometrics suggested. Darghon tapped his gloves on his hand. “These are made,” he said, surprising everyone with what seemed like a sudden change of subject, “from the hides of an animal from my own planet. I’d tell you the name but it’s much too difficult for human tongues and ears. Like your extinct ‘rhinoceros,’ I believe. The hide is flexible, and very strong. The material works well as gloves, and, if employed with precision…” he let this last sentence linger in the air, watched fear and arousal play over the young girl’s face, as she predicted, at least in her subconscious, his next words, “as a strap for doling out punishments to willful little girls.”

He turned away from Astrid’s face of shock, to the commandant. “Mr. Steele. Will you please command the drone to position Ms. Elcroix so that she is bent over to properly receive a sound punishment on her bottom?”

Astrid was too stunned to say anything as the drone moved over her back, pushing her torso forward.

Darghon wasted no time. He moved around her body, to where her round bottom was now on display, protruding, bent over. He grasped the waist of her leggings, found the additional material the human women loved so much—panties—and jerked on both sets of fabric. The fabric tore as he pulled hard, down, and bared the young girl’s bottom.

It was such a pretty bottom, he mused.

He shook his gloves out and twisted them together to form a strap. Astrid stared at the transformation of the gloves in aroused and fearful fascination that he could feel.

Wolfian technology far exceeded human technology in some areas, and materials manipulation was one of them. The gloves were infused with the same tech that allowed things like furniture to form ceilings and walls, so the leather of the gloves braided itself into a strap and then seemed to fuse along the seams of braids, to form one solid leather-like strap.

The animal skin would sting sharply, but leave no permanent marks on the young girl’s skin. Not in his capable hands. Just enough, for now, to make her realize that she had no choice, and no other desire, than to be acquired, trained, and to finally submit.

Darghon let his eyes linger on the downy blonde hair between her legs. He could smell the girl’s arousal, which served as just another confirmation that she was perfect, ripe, and ready for training.

He reached his arm back, and smiled as his hand with the strap cut through the air toward her virginal white skin.

The slap of the glove-strap against her skin burned first, and then its sharp, biting sting followed after, almost like it wanted to settle in a bit to her skin before gnawing at her. She yelped, and the sound came from her mouth involuntarily. Then she felt tears welling up in her eyes, the kind of tears you simply can’t stop because something smarts so much.

But the sharp sting was quickly gone, and in its place was a burning, radiating throb on her bottom.

The heat seemed to jump from her butt to her face, where it flared under the streams of water trickling from her eyes.

She was in the middle of the road, being spanked by a Wolf, while her own security services watched.

And the look on that guy’s face! Like a glutton. He was enjoying the show, probably licking his lips by now.


The sound of the whipping glove against her skin hit her first, then the sharp pain, then the burn. She sobbed. The heat on her cheeks flared even hotter.

“Stop!” she cried. She struggled against her restraints. “You can’t do this!”

Another crack against her skin, followed very rapidly by another, and then another. They knocked the wind out of her, and her bottom felt like it was set on fire. She couldn’t speak, and simply squinted her eyes shut, hoping there was nothing more coming. The pain was too much.

The pain… and then, there was something else.

Darghon paused, and her bottom burned in the air, a wind teasing the throbbing stripes he had branded into her skin with his gloves. She cringed, expecting another, and nearly jumped out of her skin when his voice cracked through the air instead of his gloves. “Now, Astrid,” he said, and he was suddenly next to her, crouching on the ground.

He was amused, and this humiliated her even further. He brought his finger under her chin and turned her face toward his. “Do you need more… convincing? Or are you ready to come and deliver your acquisition notice, with no more nonsense?”

Astrid’s bottom was throbbing with even greater intensity now, and her cheeks burned with humiliation. She could feel her torn panties and pants around her thighs, the wind on her ass; she could imagine the humiliating position she was in.

“No answer,” Darghon said. “Okay.”

He stood up, and started to move behind her again.

“No! No!” Astrid said. “No, please, I’m sorry, I just didn’t—”

Her voice was cut off as another stinging slap of the glove cut across her bottom. Darghon was delivering each blow to new, fresh skin, and now he was at the place where her bottom met her thighs.

Astrid sobbed. “I just didn’t have time—”

Another slap. Tears burst from her eyes and she spluttered, her nose running. “Please! No more! I’m sorry!”

She tensed, awaiting another merciless spanking, but instead, she felt the Wolf’s fingertips on her sore bottom. He traced lightly over one of her welts, and it sent a shudder through her.

Dear God. She hoped he didn’t notice what she could now feel, the most unexpected and unwelcome thing that could happen. The aching, pleasured feeling in her abdomen had drained down and out of her, and she could feel it being cooled by the summer breeze. The more her ass throbbed, the more she ached.

This made her cheeks even hotter. The tears streamed down her cheeks now, uncontrollable.

Darghon returned to crouch next to her. “Now then. Are you going to do as I say?”

She nodded. “Yes,” she said.

He turned her face to his with a finger under her chin again. “Yes, sir,” he said coldly, and this sent another chill through her, along with an exasperating… thrill.

“Yes, sir,” she repeated.

He moved his fingers so that he held her jaw in his hand. Then he turned her head so that she was looking up at the surprised but obviously delighted Mr. Steele. “Please tell Mr. Steele you’re very sorry for having wasted his time,” Darghon said.

Astrid was too humiliated to open her eyes. Tears splashed down her cheeks.

“Look at Mr. Steele, Astrid, and apologize for being such a naughty girl and wasting his time. Or do I have to discipline you again?”

Astrid’s ass throbbed, and though there was a shameful part of her that almost craved another humiliating whipping, she didn’t think she could take any more. She lifted her eyes to Mr. Steele.

The man was looking down at her, and he had a smug grin on his face. He had really enjoyed the show of her being humiliated.

With shame, Astrid suddenly remembered that she had seen Steele hundreds of times before, and bossed him around and treated him rather poorly—security services were, after all, dredged up from Outside and hardly a respectable lot. He now had a satisfied look on his face, and Astrid could see he had enjoyed watching her humiliation.

She sobbed.

“Say it,” Darghon growled.

“I’m sorry,” Astrid whispered.

“All of it.”

Astrid could barely choke the words out, but her burning bottom screamed at her and she wanted desperately to pull up her pants and for Mr. Steele to go away with his lecherous grin. “I’m sorry for having wasted your time.”

Darghon nudged her with his knee, as though prodding a cow.

“All of it. And look at him. Look him in the eye.”

Tears welled up in her eyes again. “I’m sorry for wasting your time by being such a naughty girl.”

Steele’s aroused superiority dripped all over her and sent pangs of humiliation through her core.

Darghon patted her bottom, and the humiliation of his little pats washed over her. She squeezed her eyes closed.

The drone released her, and she reached for her pants as she began to stand up, her cheeks burning with shame.

Darghon caught her by the neck and brought his mouth to her ear. “I don’t think we’ll need those,” he said, and his breath sent a wave of terrible pleasure through her. It soared over the humiliation.

“Wh-what?” she stammered, and pulled on the panties. Surely he wasn’t going to…?

His hand covered hers and squeezed her firmly. “Drop them,” he said. “Bad girls don’t get to wear any panties. Now stand up.”

Astrid stood up, her cheeks burning almost as much as her bottom. She caught Steele’s eye as he looked her up and down. She tugged on her sweater, which was just long enough to cover her… pussy… but at the expense of not covering her bottom entirely.

“That is all, Mr. Steele. Thank you for your compliance.”

Steele’s wrist screen lit up, and his eyes widened as he watched his immense bonuses pouring into his personal credits. “Thank you,” he said.

Darghon turned his attention to Astrid. “Now turn around, and let’s try this again, shall we? I am starting to lose my patience with all these delays.”

Astrid sniffled and started to turn.

Darghon’s firm hand on her neck squeezed slightly. “Please always let me know that you have heard and understood my commands.”

This sentence set Astrid’s insides to quivering hotly.

She was furious with herself. What was wrong with her? This beast was humiliating her and here she was… getting… excited!

“Yes,” she said meekly.

Another squeeze, and Astrid grew angry and aroused by degrees, the feelings tearing her apart.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Very good,” Darghon said. He tapped her lightly on her ass, and the touch of his hand sent a ripple of painful pleasure through her. “Let’s go, then.”

The red welts from his gloves—superficial, they would fade in hours if left alone—pleased Darghon as he watched his ward walking meekly toward the entrance to the compound. Her little outburst had annoyed him at first, but he could see now that it had actually sped up her progress quite a bit. He could not have predicted that the security commandant would be so very compliant and so expressive in his humiliating enjoyment of Astrid’s first punishment.

Nor had he predicted that his subject would be as stimulated as she was. Though she seemed to be in firm denial, she was incapable of hiding the reaction of her body to the punishment designed to instill submission in her.

Perhaps he would be able to get her very well trained in time for the next launch, after all, without having to resort to the extreme measures he had been pondering.

He stood at the entrance of the tunnel, just in case the troublesome girl decided to make another run for it—she was impulsive and, he sensed, still torn about the decision she had to make.

In fact, she looked over at the entrance with longing, and Darghon stepped forward menacingly, meaning to startle her into compliance. After all, once he had her in the compound, she was really his to train as he pleased.

But properly training a girl like Astrid required her coming to understand her submission on her own. If he tread too harshly, he would have a rebel masquerading as a submissive on his hands, and that could spell problems for everyone.

So he changed his tack as soon as he stepped toward her. His face softened.

The girl was very pretty, he had to admit. A lovely specimen, one he would certainly remember. Her face was delicate and her features exuded youth: big eyes, light-colored hair and skin. She was a rarity on Earth, and nonexistent on Wolf. She would be high-priced and probably bought by nobility. He would need to train her very well.

“Astrid, darling. You know what needs to be done. You have no choice. I promise you will be very comfortable in your new life, if only you learn our ways. It’s the only choice you have, and I think you may find that if you give yourself over to it, you will like it.” He let these kind words sink in, saw the calming effect they had on her biometrics—resignation, at least, was evident in her measurements.

Physical submission, though, was much easier to obtain than the submission of the mind and soul.

The Wolf soldier pointed the camera at her.

She began to speak.

“I, Astrid Elcroix, being of sound mind and body, hereby willingly contract myself to the Wolfian High Commission for acquisition. I have been advised that there is no revocation of my permission once given for a period of no less than ten years and that my rights as an occupant of Planet X645D (Earth) will terminate fully thirty earth seconds from the end of this voice capture. I am entering into this contract willingly. End transmission in three, two, one.”

Her voice became softer until it was barely audible at the end, but no matter.

Darghon stepped closer to her and placed his hand on her collarbone. “Now,” he said gruffly, just to keep her on her toes, “you are mine to train. And I will enjoy that very much, because you are a very naughty little girl who needs to learn to submit to a man properly.”

A shudder of delight went through him as he read from her biometrics the pleasure that this gave her.

And as he read from her eyes that a defiant thought, the belief that never, not her, was still alive and well in her naughty little mind.

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