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Twisted Embrace: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“If you put the bat down and come with me quietly, perhaps you’ll stay alive.”

He was threatening me? Me of all people? “That’s not going to happen. I’ll tell you what. If you leave quietly then I won’t bash your brains in.”

The beast of a man’s eyebrow quirked, then furrowed. Then a satisfied smirk lifted the corners of his voluptuous lips.

“Do you enjoy playing games, Joy? I’m all for them, the filthier the better.”

Was did he think he was doing, trying to seduce me?

“Sadistic bastard,” I muttered, horrified when his dark gaze zeroed in on my lips, his face still showing amusement. Now I wanted nothing more than to bash in his brains for his insufferable attitude. He was enjoying every moment of my fear.

When he issued a slight grin, amusement tinging his deep blue eyes into the color of murky waters stained with blood, I knew I had no other choice but continue fighting him if I wanted to stay alive. “You’re right, Joy. I am a sadistic bastard, and it would appear you’re going to learn just how much of one I am.”

Now I’d had it.

I didn’t give him any advance warning, swinging the bat with all the strength I had. I worked out on a regular basis, could bench press more than most men. But in this instance, it was as if I was nothing more than a slight bother. He snapped his hand around the bat in full swing. Just as he’d done before, he easily wrenched it from my hand, pitching it with enough force that when it hit the wall, he dented the wallboard.

Shock tore through me to the point I was paralyzed until he took a single step in my direction. That’s when I lost it again, doing everything I could to drive my fingers into his eye sockets. I was foiled again and he grabbed my wrist, swinging me around then wrapping his arm around my neck, yanking me against his chest.

For a few seconds neither one of us moved, his heavy breathing matching mine.

“That wasn’t very nice of you, Joy.” His hot breath cascaded down the side of my neck, tingling my skin.

“I’m not a nice person. Especially when it comes to assholes accusing me of something I didn’t do.”

He snickered, nuzzling into my neck and I was instantly sickened by how my body responded to him. Goosebumps appeared, trickling down my arms, my breath caught in my throat. Even worse was the fact my nipples had been completely transformed into hard pebbles, my panties soaked. How in the love of God could I still be attracted to a man who had every intention of killing me?

The only answer was temporary insanity.

“Keep struggling, little princess, and I’ll be forced to discipline you.”

Was the fucker kidding me? “Discipline me?” I hissed between clenched teeth. Then I stomped on his foot. He didn’t react at first. Then he tossed me onto the bed as if I weighed nothing.

I scrambled to reach the other side, but his hand snapped around my ankle a split second later, dragging me to the edge of the bed. I kicked out with my other leg, my aim a direct hit but he didn’t budge, nor did he grunt in pain. I was running out of ideas on how to free myself and exhaustion was about to render me powerless. Gasping, I stretched my arm, the tips of my fingers just able to reach the bedside lamp. With another brutal kick to his stomach, I gained enough momentum to jerk the thick piece of ceramic into my hand.

Without hesitation, I used the last of my strength, twisting and smashing the lamp against the side of his head, shattering the base. He was thrown, maybe dazed as the force was enough to break his hold. His body swayed for a few seconds and I was frozen, unable to think let alone move.

Enzo shook his head as if tossing aside cobwebs. Blood trickled down from a cut near his eye. He didn’t bother to wipe it away as beads slipped dangerously close to his eye. He threw himself on top of me, the full weight of his body pinning me to the comforter.

His scent sizzled my senses, the exotic spices mixed with testosterone and timber intoxicating. I fought, flexing then fisting my hands, undulating under him. His rock-hard cock was pressed between my legs and I was lightheaded, a crazy image of him fucking me entering my mind.

What’s wrong with you? He’s a monster, a killer.

The rush of adrenaline was fading, my strength all but gone.

When I stopped struggling, he seemed appeased, cursing in Italian under his breath.

“You’re a very bad girl, Joy. You also created serious trouble for yourself.”

“I didn’t do anything.” Were my words even audible?

“We are going to talk.”

“Then what?”

“That depends on what you tell me. If your information is valuable, then I may consider being lenient with you.” He buried his face in my hair, taking a deep breath. What in God’s name was he doing? The deep rumble of his single growl permeated my mind, the softness of his lips pressed to my ear unsettling.

“Fuck you.”

The instant the words slipped from my mouth, I knew I’d made the wrong decision. I didn’t realize he’d released his hold until I became cognizant that he’d fisted part of my dress, easily ripping it into two pieces.

I managed to get off a single scream before he pressed my head down, wrapping a single finger around the elastic of my panties and ripping them off. Now my entire backside was exposed to the horrible beast.

“You like it rough, Joy? Is that what it’s going to take to get you to behave?” He pressed his hand on the small of my back and it was as if a boulder had been placed on my body. I couldn’t move. Even though I kicked out, I quickly realized I wasn’t going anywhere.

I managed to push up from the bed, still fighting as I twisted my head around to see what he was doing. The realization that he was unfastening his belt hit me hard. He was going to punish me?

When I screamed again, he shoved my face into the bedding. I was momentarily stunned until he grabbed my arms, yanking them over my head then wrapping my wrists with rope. Where the hell had he gotten it? Did he carry it around with him in case he needed to shackle somebody?

Still winded, I craned my neck to see what he was doing.

He crawled onto the bed, hovering over me. A dark, husky laugh erupted from his throat. He fisted my hair, twisting my head until I was forced to look into his eyes. “Let’s do it your way, Joy. I’m going to punish you. Then I’m going to fuck you.”

“You’re out of your fucking mind if you think I’m going to have sex with you.” The shock of what he’d just stated as if it was simply a matter of business lingered, the butterflies in my stomach turning into a swarm of angry queen bees fighting for their existence.

“Trust me, princess. Taking you into my bed is me playing nice,” Enzo said with the kind of menacing growl meant to terrify me.

It was working, but I refused to allow him to know how petrified I was. “First of all, you Neanderthal, this is my bed. Second, you weren’t invited.”

His laugh sent another wave of mind-blowing desire to both kill and embrace him. “You don’t seem to understand who or what I am.”

“You’re a sanctimonious beast on steroids.”

I expected him to pistol whip me or worse, but when he trailed the tip of his finger all the way down my spine, my body reacted involuntarily, shivering visibly to his heated touch. “That may be so, but you’ll learn soon enough I take what I want.”

How had I suddenly gotten on his radar? Sure, we’d flirted a little at the restaurant, but he acted as if he’d discovered some deep, dark secret. My thoughts drifted to the letter once more. Should I show him it? I doubted that would make things any better.

My fingers wrapped around the bedding as he pulled away, the bastard adjusting my legs so they were inches apart. The moment he cracked the thick leather belt against the floor, I jerked up, trying to scramble to the other side once again. He jerked me back with such force the breath was knocked out of me.

Enzo pressed his hand on the small of my back, rubbing his thumb back and forth. “I suggest you stay still and accept your punishment. If you don’t, I assure you that I can provide something much more painful.”

I closed my eyes, willing my mind to drift somewhere else, but when he brought the belt down across my bottom, I let off a scream so loud, I was certain the neighbors heard the sharp cry. But would they care or simply walk into another room, used to the violent sights and sounds the city offered?

He didn’t tell me to shut up, merely yanking my head by my hair, forcing something into my mouth. Oh, my God. It was my damp panties.

Then he brought the belt down several times, the cracking sound floating all around me almost mesmerizing. I clawed at the bedding, the taste of my desire disgusting me. I’d never felt the sting of a belt or anything else my entire life. Up until now, my world had been a fairytale. Now I knew that I’d been living a lie. The person I’d called my father was someone I didn’t know. Why was I choosing to believe some asshole who’d sent me a letter?

Because I’d always known I’d been adopted. It strangely had been something that had dawned on me as a child. But when I’d asked my mother and father, they’d laughed, my mama even telling me the story of how difficult labor had been. What was real any longer? I wasn’t entirely certain.

There was a rhythm as he spanked me, taking his time to caress my aching skin more than once. The fact he was careful, practiced at using the belt meant he’d done this before. How many women did he control, forcing them to do whatever he wanted, sucking his cock at all hours of the day? As sickening as it was, my mouth watered at the thought of wrapping my lips around his shaft.

I kept my eyes closed as the spanking continued, still writhing and kicking out. The cracking sound would remain echoing in my ears for a long time. When he stopped issuing brutal strikes, I took a deep breath, unable to keep from moaning. The muffled sound was a reminder of how in control he was. God, I hated myself for my reaction to his forceful actions, the utter betrayal more treacherous than I’d ever experienced.

I heard his labored breathing and shut my legs only to have him yank them open again. Then he placed a single knee on the bed, leaning over as he’d done before. “You will learn to obey me, Joy. That’s the only way you’re going to stay alive.” He raked his fingers down my back for a second time, rubbing one side of my buttocks then the other. “You’re wet.”

Dear God, I was. I could feel the stickiness on my inner thighs, the scent of my longing overwhelming. Tears formed in my eyes from the horror of my hunger, the embarrassment too much to take. When he slipped his hand between my legs, I whimpered, the sound muffled from the lacy material but recognizable. A series of vibrations danced through every cell, my mind foggy. I twisted my hips, my muscles stiff.

He responded by smacking his palm against my bottom.

“I like it when you fight me, Joy. The tease is almost irresistible.” He laughed softly as he cupped my mound, using the tip of a single finger to torment my already aching clit, flicking it back and forth.

Anger and hatred kept my stomach in knots, but the lingering desire was more powerful than the revulsion. I hadn’t realized I’d opened my legs even wider until his breathing changed again. There was no gentleness in the man, no pretense that this was anything other than what it was. He thrust several fingers past my swollen folds and I used everything I had to push up from the bed. Only this time, I wasn’t trying to get away. I writhed as he pressed one hand on my back, holding me down, the other providing pleasure that I hadn’t experienced for almost two years.

He seemed to know my body instinctively, curling his fingers and hitting my G-spot. I was floored that he dragged me so close to an orgasm that it was impossible to shut down my body’s reaction.

And I hated myself for enjoying even a single second of what he was doing.

I allowed tears to slip past my lashes as he stroked my pussy. When he pulled his hand free seconds later, the loss was felt immediately, the dazzling sensations lingering. Dear God, if I could talk, the darkest part of me, the one I didn’t know existed would beg for him to continue.

He resumed the savage spanking, bringing the belt down several times in rapid succession. The pain was breathtaking, anguish shooting down the back of my legs, but there was also pleasure in the brutal actions. I finally drifted into a place where no time existed, vibrant colors dancing in front of my eyes. He cracked the strap across my upper thighs and the anguish didn’t register, at least not right away.

It was as if he sensed my brain was processing the punishment differently, accepting his control over my mind and body. With every labored breath he took, every growl that came from his chest, his desire heightened the same way mine had. I could no longer process what was happening, no longer struggling as he delivered four additional strikes. Then I sensed he’d tossed the belt aside.

Seconds floated by as I tried to catch my breath. Then I felt the weight on the bed change, his presence even closer. Exhausted, I glanced over my shoulder, able to catch a glimpse of his long, thick cock, pre-cum glistening on the tip. Dear God, this was real. He was going to fuck me.

And there was nothing I could do about it.

Why was I excited? Why was my heart racing, the anticipation of having him fill me shoving aside every wretched thought of what he was doing to me?

There was something so enticingly dominating about his expression, his chiseled jaw covered in a dark shadow only adding to his dangerously delicious appeal. When he rolled the tips of his fingers along the inside of my thigh, I closed my eyes, fighting the urgency and longing, but it was useless.

The bastard said nothing as he thrust his cock deep into my tight channel, my muscles immediately aching and stretching. He was enormous, his shaft filling me. I gasped through the gag, clawing at the bedding. When he reached under me, caressing my breast through the thin layer of material, I could no longer breathe. He pulled out, sliding into me again, only this time taking it slow as if allowing my body to become used to his tremendous girth.

“You feel so good, my precious jewel.” He pushed another few inches inside, twisting my nipple until I moaned from the pain, but it only made me wetter, accepting the thick invasion.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

In a million years, I never would have expected to find myself in this position, my entire world turned upside down. This morning I’d awakened, eager to see my best friend for the first time in months. Panting, the taste of my desire rested on my tongue. I was nauseous from the thought of craving this… horrible person. How could they be related?

The way he touched me seared my skin, staining me for what seemed like the rest of my life.

However long that was.

There was no doubt he had every intention of killing me for the atrocity I had nothing to do with. When he shoved his fingers into my pussy, I screamed through the gag, writhing from the pleasure. I hated myself, praying I could shut down every emotion, but the way he was manipulating my body, the ecstasy hovering just under the surface, the best I could hope for was locking the memory away.

“Yes. I was right about you. You prefer someone taking you like a little whore. Don’t you? The filthier and rougher the better.” He pulled out again and I wanted nothing more than to slump against the bed but he wouldn’t allow it. His fingers were tangled in my long strands, the tips occasionally digging into my scalp.

I muttered my reply, hissing as I yanked at the bedding, but as he stroked me, rubbing my clit until friction developed, I knew I was already falling from grace.

He took his time, rolling his fingers against my pussy lips, acting as if the time we were spending together was anything other than what it was. A sin against God. I held my breath, trying to ward off pleasurable sensations, but his touch was enigmatic, igniting a fire deep within. When he drove his fingers inside, I kicked out my legs, struggling with my emotions.

He said something in Italian that I couldn’t understand but it sounded seductive and twisted, just like the man. My foot connected somewhere on his massive body, but he ignored it even if he felt pain, concentrating on driving me insane.

How he’d become masterful in pleasing a woman with his fingers was something I’d mull over later, but the dark, dominating, and very threatening man was pushing me close to an orgasm. I was crazed from guilt, impure thoughts driving my mind to a place of total insanity.

My cheeks flamed as the pleasure became utter rapture.

He exhaled deeply, the sound skittering through my bloodstream. When he pressed the full weight of his body over mine, every muscle stiffened. Just the act of brushing hair from my face was by far more intimate than I’d shared with anyone. I moaned through the sheer lace until my throat felt hoarse.

When the asshole leaned over, removing the soaked material, I gasped for air.

“You are trying to ask me something, precious jewel?”

Why the hell was he calling me that?

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, the suffocating feeling remaining in my throat. I doubted I’d get a decent answer.

“Hmmm… You already know a part of the reason, precious jewel, but I’ll give you another just became you asked so nicely. In this world of sabotage and sacrifice, I take what I want.”

The smooth, rich velvet of his tone wrapped around me like the softest blanket.

His words were a statement of fact, as if there wasn’t a court in the world that could argue with him. He changed the angle, rubbing my clit while impaling me with jabbing strokes. Lights flashed in front of my eyes. “You’re terrible.”

“We’ve already established that.”

“I don’t want this.”

“Your body betrays you, your juice soaking my fingers.”

Oh, God. How had this happened? As his actions became more aggressive, drilling into me with rapid fire actions, my mind blanked out entirely. Raw, unwanted ecstasy rushed into me, the treachery of my body capturing my breath as the orgasm created tremors all over me. I buried my face into the comforter, refusing to give him the satisfaction of knowing he’d broken through at least one barrier. I hated him for it, although the thought seemed childish.

But his words were a stark reminder that as of now, I belonged to him, the deep, rich timbre becoming a rhapsody.

“No. No. No!”

The rush of ecstasy was pure and unconditional, causing vibrant colors to swirl in front of my eyes. I no longer recognized my voice, the strangled sound only issued in rare moments of bliss. He didn’t deserve to hear my exclamation of joy. When I stopped shaking, the fog remaining over my eyes, I could tell by the tone of his voice how pleased he was with himself.

“My precious jewel. We’re just getting started. When I’m finished, you’ll scream out my name.”

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