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Two Daddies for Olivia by Isabella Laase – Extended Preview

Despite the fact her marks were slowly disappearing, Olivia proudly spent the rest of the night tugging on her leggings to show off her bottom. “See, he got me here and here and here.”

Lilly ran her hand over the effects and whistled. “Holy hell. Your first night, and you’ve already played with Marcus’ whips. Is Linc’s paddle next?”

Olivia backed away from the evil man until she was hidden behind Dan’s huge body. Gage was strength and power, but Dan was still her comfort. “He’s not touching me, he’s mean,” she replied with her eyes narrowed to a death stare.

Linc crossed his arms and lowered his chin. “Then you’d better behave yourself, because there’s nothing I like better than turning a saucy little bottom over my knee.” Her playful night had been filled with the dark innuendos that hinted at adult entertainment. His response sent more tingles of electricity throughout her body, and she ran away from him, shrieking with excitement.

By midnight, she’d been swimming in the heated pool with a half-dozen other happy submissives, soaked in the hot tub while curled on Dan’s lap, and had a late evening snack of cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit. The warm, accepting family, the comforting proximity of the two men, blissful periods of nudity where the warm night breeze tickled her exposure, all provided a growing relaxation and a gnawing ache that formed from a deep spot in her core.

She nervously looked forward to doing something about it… later. Wrapped only in a big towel between Dan and Gage on an oversized chaise, she was enjoying a simple people-watching game. Colors, sequins, costumes, and fancy dresses filled Cloudcroft’s venue with a profusion of erotic scenes taking place in every direction. Littles playing with their doms, pets frolicking around their masters, even a Roman slave girl with a shimmery gold costume provided easy entertainment under the twinkling lights.

The moon was full, and the soft illumination from the flickering lanterns glistened off the water in the pool to splash shadows on the deck and furniture. She drowsed lazily, nestled in the most comfort she’d ever experienced, her eyes struggling to stay open. She stuck her finger in her mouth, prepared to rest… for just a moment.

Without warning, a little came running to her side. “Olivia, come to the playset with me! It’s right over there, and it has swings and a slide. My daddy can watch both of us, if your daddies don’t want to come.”

Jolted awake, she tried to push the towel aside. “Please, let me go,” she whined, wiggling frantically. “I want to swing too.”

“It’s late, bright eyes,” said Dan. “You were almost asleep right here on the chaise. Let’s get you to our cabin and tuck you in. We’ll play more tomorrow.”

“S’not fair…” she mumbled. Her heart was almost breaking; her need to swing was so very important at that moment. But when Dan picked her up and held her to his shoulder, she melted into his arms. Comforted, cared for, she had no decisions to make and no stress. Her past was a problem that could be dealt with later, and the future felt just as distant.

She was half asleep when smooth, firm hands helped her to the cabin and get settled for the night. Still blissfully nude, she settled into a soft nest in the middle of the king-sized bed before Dan joined her from the right, Gage to her left. Each man had stripped as well, and the simple, majestic sight of their hardened bodies warmed her even further, but Gage’s scarred leg brought tears to her eyes. “Daddy, your leg is hurt,” she whimpered.

Wrapping his giant hand around hers, he helped her trace her fingertip over his wounds. “See, princess? Daddy’s been better for a long time. It’s just the outside that’s still broken.” The soft white scars still left her sad, and she gently kissed each one.

Dan pulled her close; his skin enveloped hers. Sliding his hand along her back all the way to her bottom left a thousand prickly tingles in its path. His hard shaft pushed against her thigh, and she wiggled with uncertainty. She’d never taken a man’s cock and had no idea what to do next, but she trusted the men to do right by her.

“Go to sleep, little one. We’ll be here all night.” Gage spoke softly while pushing the hair out of her eyes.

“Sleep?” she mumbled. “But, I thought…”

“I know what you thought, bright eyes,” said Dan with a gentle kiss to her forehead. “But let’s wait until tomorrow. You need a good night’s sleep, and we have all weekend. There’s no rush.”

She managed a tiny whimper of protest, but surrounded by their comfort, the soothing night sounds of cicadas singing in the sage bush, sleep came quickly. A deep slumber that left no trace of a turbulent past, her nude body regulated by the temperature of the two males on either side of her.

The sun was peeking through the curtains when the noise woke her. Loud, frightening, as though somebody was gasping for air. She tried to sit up quickly only to find her legs wrapped around Dan’s thigh, her already wet pussy rubbing along his muscled body.

He was awake, waiting for her with a smile. Pulling her close, he said, “Easy, bright eyes. It’s okay…”

The life-ending noise returned, accompanied by a gagging sound, only this time Dan looked annoyed. Gage was snoring, loud, raucous noises. She cringed, putting her hand over her ears with a frown. It didn’t help. “Did you know he did that?” she asked Dan suspiciously.

“Hell, honey. We’ve shared a willing submissive, but I’ve never actually slept in the same room with him. He sounds like a chainsaw.”

Untangling herself from Dan, she sat up with a frown. “How do you stop it?”

“How the hell should I know?” asked Dan, a little startled by the question. “I’m not his wife.”

“Well, you’re a doctor,” she insisted. “He sounds like he’s dying. Do something…”

Dan got a little gleam to his eye. “Pinch his nose shut, honey. That’ll stop him. That’s what Lilly does when Linc is snoring.”

Olivia was skeptical, but Gage took that moment to gasp, accompanied by an ungraceful snort as though he’d stopped breathing all together. Reaching over, she hesitated a second time before pinching his nostrils together.

It only took a second for all steady breath to stop, and he gasped. Sitting up, he shook his giant head and ran his fingers through his hair before he turned to Olivia with a growl. “Are you trying to kill me, little girl, because there has to be an easier way.”

“It was his idea,” Olivia insisted with a squeal, digging back into Dan’s side. “Help me. Daddy’s going to kill me.” Dan ruthlessly tickled her dragon tat to move her back to the middle of the bed.

Gage grabbed her with another horrifying growl. He covered her with his body, delicious skin tickling her breasts and belly, nudging her legs apart to settle between them. His hot, thick shaft rubbed her inner thigh to send a bolt of pressure to her empty pussy.

“I think our little girl is awake, Gage,” said Dan with an evil grin. “And… it’s somebody’s birthday too. Isn’t there some tradition that we need to follow to make sure she grows big and strong next year?”

“Definitely,” responded the big sheriff, tugging on her nipple ring with a gentle firmness. “Twenty-one of them as a matter of fact, right across that cute little bottom of hers. Do you want to go first, then I get my twenty-one?”

“No,” shrieked Olivia in a panic. “That’s not fair. Just because I have two daddies doesn’t mean I get two birthday spankings. There… there’s only one bottom, so there should only be one spanking.”

“Well,” drawled Gage as he rolled off her. “I guess there is a certain logic to that.” He flipped her to her stomach, and his large hand held her in place. Desperate kicking and screaming got her nowhere.

“Settle down there, bright eyes,” scolded Dan. “Gage and I are going to have a little fun this morning, then we’ll move onto your birthday present. But if you fight us on this, we’re going to have to take things up a notch. Maybe take you out to the ranch library and look for Linc’s paddles. I bet he’d even help us…”

“No… no… I’ll be good… I promise. I can hold still,” she vowed with her whole heart, but had no idea how she was going to deliver on the commitment.

To cement her dedication, she dug her breasts into the crisp sheets and tightly closed her eyes just as the first smack hit her tender target. The tiny sting was barely recognized when a small, comforting warmth took over, and she squealed with delight.

One after the other, each connection built as the counting commenced. Three… four… five… The hands continued to fire across her bottom, and she wasn’t sure whose palm was connecting. Deep down, she recognized that the pain was increasing, but the dull ache from her pussy somehow lessened its impact.

The last five, however, just plain hurt… seventeen… eighteen… She fought in earnest, trying more desperately to escape when… nineteen… twenty… “Ow, fuck. This hurts, stop…” Twenty-one.

They stopped, but they chuckled while a slow metamorphosis occurred across her burning skin. The stinging pain methodically turned to a deeper, warm redness across her bottom to slowly heat her pussy, but she rolled on her back and scowled at both of them. “That was mean, you, you… daddies, you. You both hurted me…”

Dan tickled her breast with his tongue, sliding his hand to the soft folds between her legs. His finger explored her need until he teased her tight opening with a small, exploratory intrusion. “Hurt? Hmm… is that why you’re so wet down here, bright eyes? You could take two of us in here.”

The thought of two huge cocks terrified her when she suddenly realized that a single cock did too. The scoldings from the Cloudcroft submissives returned, and she knew that she had to be honest with her daddies, no matter how hard it was. “Uh, Daddy. There’s something I should tell you. But you gotta promise not to be mad at me.”

Gage had slid to her other side and wrapped her in his arms. “Don’t worry, honey. We know you aren’t ready for both of us at once. Daddy’s just teasing you.”

“No,” she drawled while aimlessly scratching the end of her nose. “I think that I should tell you I haven’t actually had a lot of experience with… this.”

Dan looked amused. “We know you aren’t experienced in BDSM, honey. You told us that.”

Gage, however, had better detective skills. He sat up and looked at her sternly. “Olivia, are you trying to tell us that you’re a virgin?”

The information was enough to get Dan to stop playing with her pussy. The dishonest skills that had served her for so long failed her completely, but in her defense, there was something uniquely vulnerable about lying naked between two powerful doms. “I’m sorry…” she whimpered. “I should have said something earlier…”

Dan tapped her chin, but she refused to look at him. They wanted a grownup in bed. The games, the brattiness, all of it was fun for her, but when it came time to find their own release, they would turn to one of the other subs and send Olivia to the swing set or pool. Maybe they would even leave her with Linc for the day, and he would use his mean paddles on her without any cuddling at all. The thought filled her with dread, and a few tears came to her eyes.

“Look at me, bright eyes,” Dan demanded. She complied slowly, but his face was full of acceptance. Gage had the same expression. “It’s not a bad thing, Olivia. We’re proud to be the ones who help you, on your birthday, no less. We promise to make this an experience you’ll never forget.”

“But I have to admit,” laughed Gage. “This must be some kind of record. I bet we’ve got the only submissive in the history of Cloudcroft to lose her virginity at one of our events with two doms. We’d better not tell Elijah. He’d probably have a special release form for her to sign.”

“Elijah is Linc and Jack’s dad,” explained Dan, his finger returning to inspect her soft furrow. “He started the resort with them, but moved to Texas a few years ago. He’s a lawyer and still does all the legal work for the ranch.”

With a tickle, Dan found that magical nub, and she groaned under the heightened sensation. “God, that feels so good. What’s that called?”

Gage laughed. “I don’t think we’re putting this Pandora back in the box, Dan.”

Dan tickled it a little further, and she squirmed under his relentless attention. “We need to start our little one in school. Let’s learn some simple vocabulary. First, Olivia, this… this is your vulva…”

With a single hand, he enveloped her entire aching channel, and she twisted toward him in a vain attempt to grind him closer. He continued in a professional tone. “Your vulva has all of your external sex organs that are begging for Gage and me to explore. It includes your pretty little mons, right here…”

His tickling fingertips prodded her freshly waxed pussy and the ensuing sensation shot throughout her system in a firestorm of erotic sensitivity. With a quick change of her tactics, she rolled away from him, pulling her thighs together. “Stop, Daddy. I…”

Dan sighed heavily. “I suppose, Sheriff, you’re just going to have to hold our little prisoner down and open those legs for me while I continue my examination. We really should make sure that this virgin entrance is as she says.”

Gage growled while pulling her onto his lap. “It would be a pleasure, Doctor. I’d like nothing better than to see what her hot little secrets look like while I’m holding her in my jail.”

Leaning against the headboard, Gage pulled her into his chest before wrapping each of his muscled forearms simultaneously around her arms and upper thighs to force her legs apart; her pink, swollen pussy was easily exposed to Dan’s inspection.

The cool breezes from the open window blew over her channel, but the heat enveloping her body was unwilling to dissipate. She whimpered softly, pushing her back into Gage’s chest, his silky, hardened cock notched into her bottom in relentless pursuit of… something.

“Now, this was… What was this called again, Olivia?” asked Dan, still using his most professional tone. “If you can’t remember, there is going to have to be some punishment. That’s how school works, you know.”

There was no escaping Gage’s ironclad grasp. The restraint combined with Dan’s exploration of her most erotic nerves to feed an unimaginable ache. Her entire body demanded more; more touching, deeper, harder than his gentle probing that could only highlight her empty, tight need. She feared their punishment, but equally feared that there would be none at all.

Dan leaned toward her swollen pussy with a mysterious grin, but when his tongue tickled her outer slit, spasms of unimaginable pleasure stopped her breathing as her insides turned to jelly. She moaned, a low guttural sound that sounded almost animalistic, even to her.

Gage just laughed, pulling her legs a little further apart. “Stop pressing those thighs together, Olivia. The doctor isn’t done with his exam yet.”

“So, our next lesson is the labia,” said Dan, slicking his tongue along her glistening folds with a methodical diligence as though he wanted every drop of her nectar. “This is the labia major… and this is the labia minor. Their job is to hide your pretty sex from me, so labia are naughty. Am I right, Gage?”

“I have a nice flat piece of leather in my bag, Dan. It’s the perfect size for giving naughty little labia a good smack if she doesn’t behave herself.”

The ache had become so powerful that she’d begun to pant. Sweat covered her body in a fine layer of shimmering dew as she struggled against Gage’s chest. When Dan used his fingertips to open her labia, she thought she’d cry from the pressure that relentlessly built from her pulsing core, provoking a rhythmic movement of her hips to seduce him into doing… something… anything to stop the hidden force.

She hadn’t seen the clamps. With a firm pinch that barely registered under her current state of arousal, each one attached to the soft folds of her labia, and Dan pulled tightly to wrap the cord around her open thighs. With a grin, he used a tiny mirror to show her the glimmering secrets hidden between her legs.

“Look at what you can see now, bright eyes. All pink and swollen, wide open, and just waiting for Daddy to play with her.”

He blew gently on her channel, sending a pulsing of uncontrolled electricity to chill her hot sex, but the effect only increased her endless ache. She couldn’t stop the gasp, but Dan continued the physical examination while Gage tightened his grip.

“Now this…” Dan said. “This is where my fun starts. These little bulbs on either side of your channel are so swollen with your arousal right now that you feel like you’re going to explode, don’t you? If we stop here, it’ll take hours for you to release that energy, but if we take you to an orgasm, they’ll ignite in a fire that will leave you screaming. Which do you think we should do, Gage? Let her come, or let her wait?”

Tilting her slightly to the side, Gage took her nipple in his mouth and sucked hard before running his teeth over the nub. “I think we should see how she does, Dan. I wouldn’t want all of this to be too much for our little girl. But, I think it’s time for a test. Do you remember your vocabulary?”

When she didn’t answer, Gage spoke with a sad sigh. “She definitely needs to be punished, Dan. Go ahead.”

With a grin, Dan moved his hot, wet tongue to taste the spot held open by his clamps. She cried, “No… please… I can’t…”

He didn’t stop. With her thick folds pinned out the way, his demanding lips sucked and teased her pink, swollen channel. Up and down, he taunted her, stealing long, luxurious tastings of her honey until she cried under an agonizing force of sensual pain. No matter what the Cloudcroft submissives had told her, the men were torturing her with her own arousal.

Gage’s hard cock pressed into her bottom, pushing against an entirely different orifice that she’d never imagined as being part of her arousal, but there was no pulling away from him. She shuddered under the weight of a gazillion sensations twirling throughout her body with cyclonic force.

“Last lesson before we get inside to your vagina,” said Dan. “Underneath this tiny hood, this… this is your clitoris.”

With that single word, his thumb and forefinger drew out the tiny nub that she’d been playing with for weeks, and she cried out, consumed by the pleasurably painful ache, her release desperately trying to fight its way to the surface. Still struggling against Gage’s hold, small tender spots were evident on her inner thighs, but she didn’t care.

Tickling, twisting, taunting the little bundle of pure sex, Dan’s fingers worked her passion to a mouthwatering need. Her cries, demanding they stop, were thankfully ignored as Dan ruthlessly pinched and prodded her sticky slit. She writhed and vainly fought their control, but when his mouth latched onto her over-sensitized clitoris, she cried out. He sucked hard, but the pressure was too much, too fast, too intense.

Then she released. It came without warning, and she screamed under the agony hidden behind her pleasure. Microbursts of release fed her pulsing vagina to fuel a wet, sticky glaze that coated her thighs.

Dan grabbed a condom from the small end table and tossed another toward Gage. With a quick touch between her legs, Dan grinned as she widened for him… willing to take anything in her swollen channel to keep the pleasure going.

“Easy, baby, go slow,” he whispered in her ear.

His cock pushed slightly against her labia, inching into the depths of her hot, wet pussy. Filling her with an entirely new level of angst, she continued short, panting breaths as she willed her body to give into his demands. Stretching her from the inside, he pushed in and out until his own soft hairs tickled her over-sensitized folds.

With Gage firmly supporting her back, playing with her nipples, toying with the tiny silver ring that decorated her butterfly tattooed breast, Dan moved inside of her. Slowly, rhythmically, he built her to another level of desire, his cock reaching far into her most private of spaces. The feeling was different, darker, more complex than the sensations he’d coaxed from her clit. The pressure rose again, but he took his time, moving in and out until she’d built to another level of urgency.

A twirl of her clit under a layer of wet, sticky friction, and she failed to fight her second release. Starting from a place so deep that she wasn’t even aware of its existence, the second climax roared through her system under a fury of sensational liberation. Her entire body shuddered, and his simultaneous shouts accompanied hers. Waves of pleasure accompanied her spasms, and she embraced the gratification with her head back thrown back in abandon. Dan groaned as he grabbed her hips and thrust harder, deeper than she’d ever imagined possible. He filled her so completely, so perfectly.

After a moment to catch his breath, Dan rolled away from her body, but she wasn’t done. She wanted to continue, wanted more, the pleasure, the need was so powerful that her whole body continued to spasm, drunk under the endorphins that refused to be silenced.

“Do you have another in you, little girl?” Gage moved her off his lap to lie on her back. “I don’t want to wear you out on our first night.” She couldn’t answer, but he unexpectedly kissed her. Hard, driving, his tongue explored her previously neglected mouth, and she sucked greedily on what he offered.

Dan laughed, “Yeah, I think she can take care of you too, buddy.”

Lying beside them, Dan lazily played with her nipple, but her throbbing had returned. Gage groaned, sliding his huge body to fit perfectly between her tiny legs. She tentatively touched his girth and was rewarded by a smooth, velvety hardness and his guttural groan.

He squeezed her hand over his unyielding shaft. “Don’t be afraid, little one. You can touch all you want later, but right now, I have a different game in mind.”

Grabbing her wrists, he pinned them over her head to expose her nipples to his hungry mouth. Before she could adjust to the burning assault to her mounds, he entered her pussy with a single thrust. His demands were more forceful than Dan, but she was hot and ready for him, viscous with her own arousal.

Moving forcefully, Gage’s hard cock was different in length and girth to create a new experience; her breathing grew shallow as the ache returned. Already released twice, the experience wasn’t as intense, leaving her more aware of the physical and emotional sensations. The thousands of nerve endings sliding along her wet channel. The tip of his shaft rubbing along her clit before reaching its rightful place deep inside. His girth filling her with an intense pleasure, that had to be wrong, but felt so very right. Like Dan, he came with a roar, his spare hand moving to her hair with a tight grasp, the subtle pain mixing with her own pleasure.

Her heart was pounding, her breath in staggers, but wrapped in Gage’s warm embrace, she slowly became more aware of her surroundings. Spent, she couldn’t say a word, but they cared for her, Gage and Dan, carefully, as if she were a piece of fine china. They filled the tub with hot water and bathed her, taking their time to wash her whole body, her hair. When they moved between her legs, she gasped at the pleasure-filled ache that languished in her pussy, like another rite of passage into this wonderful new world.

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