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Tyrant: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“Be careful what you ask for, Aspen,” Montgomery whispered in his husky, sultry voice.

“I wasn’t asking,” I managed.

“Oh, yes, you were.”

I was quivering to my toes, pushing my fists against him in some crazy effort to get away.

But I wasn’t entirely certain I wanted to.


I’d been around powerful men before, the kind who used their wealth and influence to their advantage no matter the destruction they caused. The majority of them succumbed to greed and their own sense of self-worth. I’d learned that the hard way.

Montgomery Wolfe was entirely different. He lived and breathed his persona incapable of walking away from whatever he felt belonged to him. And at this moment, I’d become his possession. Robert’s warning about him hadn’t been strong enough. Now I knew why.

There was such a deep, intrinsic darkness about him that he both frightened me and took my breath away. I’d never been drawn to someone like this before, but I knew that anything shared between us would be uncontrollable. I held my breath, trying to shove aside the connection we shared. I couldn’t do it.

There was no denying the burn in my stomach from the raw desire coursing its way through my system. I’d never felt such electricity with any other man in my life. My mouth watered at the thought of having him kiss me. Touch me.

Fuck me.

I’d never reacted this way. Never. I was sick inside from trying to push the dancing vibrations away, but his savage actions only proved to allow me to succumb to my crazy longing. I knew little about him, but what had occurred in his office had remained in the forefront of my mind the entire afternoon.

He’d spanked me like a bad little girl, humiliating me in front of his secretary. He’d treated me like a child and nothing more, all while he’d lorded his power over me. And I’d never been so aroused in my entire life.

I couldn’t stop trembling as he lowered his head, the heat coming off his rugged body searing every nerve ending. He was so rough and tumble, refusing to take no for an answer. A series of vibrant lights rushed across my field of vision as my pulse increased. I could no longer breathe, had no understanding of what was happening between us.

I should hate him, reporting his wretched conduct to anyone who would listen. I could ruin his company, and that wouldn’t take much. But I couldn’t. No, a part of me didn’t want to. A huge portion of me wanted more.

“No,” I said with as much anger as possible. I had to fight. I couldn’t succumb to this brutal man.

But you hunger for him.

No. No! This was insane. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

He laughed, his mouth twisting. “You have no choice.”

As he crushed his mouth over mine, I was pulled into a vacuum, the entire world around us ceasing to exist. He had some crazy kind of control over me, causing my body to betray me. I was forced to cling to him, wiggling hard in some crazy attempt to get away.

Yet our bodies molded together, the electric current increasing. We were like live wires dancing in the middle of a thunderstorm. As he dominated my tongue, his actions becoming more savage, I moaned into the kiss. His scent was all masculine, the woodsy fragrance of his cologne filtering into my sense, creating another wave of tingles. I was lightheaded, the hard hammering of my heart the only thing I could hear.

Except for his savage growls.

The kiss was the most passionate I’d ever experienced, the slight hint of wine only accentuating the moment. He took his time exploring the dark recesses of my mouth, shifting his body back and forth across mine. The feel of his throbbing cock pressing into my stomach was scintillating, pushing my heart into overdrive. My blood was boiling, every inch of my skin on fire. My nipples ached like they’d never done before and as they scraped against the bodice of my dress, my blood pressure increased. I wanted him to lick and suck them, pinching and twisting until they ached from the fire raging through my body.

When Montgomery broke the kiss, he dragged his tongue around my mouth, taking his time. Then he nipped my bottom lip, his growls becoming more barbaric.

A laugh slipped up from his throat, the sound dark and dangerous. But it was the words he issued that sent a bottle rocket into every cell and muscle.

“I’m going to fuck you in every delicious hole, Aspen, not once but several times. Your voluptuous mouth. Your sweet little pussy. And your tight asshole. I’m going to explore every inch of you, taking what I desire, licking and tasting your wet heat. I’m going to shove my cock deep inside your mouth, forcing you to accept every drop of my sweet cream. Then I’ll start all over again. After that you’ll belong to me.”

His filthy words echoed in my ears, matching the hard thumping of my heart. I wanted to tell him to stop, to get the hell away from me, but the words never formed on my lips.

After releasing his hold on my hair, he jerked one of my arms over my head then the other, pinning them both together with one massive hand.

He slipped his hand under my dress, caressing my bruised bottom. I was thrown into a frenzy, my pussy aching and my panties soaked. The moment of raw passion was explosive, just like the man himself. As he slowly slipped his fingers around the thin elastic of my thong, I held my breath. I could tell by the dark look in his eyes exactly what he was going to do.

The man was going to ravage me.

I realized I’d parted my legs, as if allowing him access. What the hell was I doing? Shuddering, the moment I heard the slight snap of his wrist, I couldn’t hold back a husky moan. Within seconds, my panties were ripped away and I watched as they floated toward the floor. The moment was surreal, tingling every portion of my body.

He used the power of his arm muscles to hold me in place as he fingered my inner thigh. I tossed my head back and forth, longing to close my eyes but needing to see everything he did. All time seemed to stand still as he crawled a single finger closer to my slickened pussy. My muscles were already clenching then releasing, almost pushing me into an orgasm with his gentle touch alone.

“Oh. Oh…” I couldn’t keep the exclamation from erupting, exposing my own desire. He knew what he was doing to me. He could tell that I couldn’t refuse what my body had already commanded. And I hated him for it.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered as he dared to slide his finger closer and closer to my swollen folds.

All I could do was gaze into his eyes, searching for what made him tick. Maybe I was still searching for any sign of his soul. The second he teased my clit, swirling his finger around the tight nub twice, I bucked hard away from the wall.

That forced a smile to cross his face. “Are you going to be a good little girl for me?”

“Uh-huh.” My tiny statement was automatic, as if I wanted to please him.

“Do you know what will happen if you aren’t?”


He tilted his head, taking a deep breath as he repeated the move. Then he pinched the tender tissue between his fingers. The pain was biting yet oh-so stimulating. “I think you need to learn all about respect. Don’t you?”

I wasn’t certain at first what he was getting at. Then I realized. I continued to shake as I struggled to find the courage to say what he was looking for.

But I did.

“Yes, sir.” This wasn’t the girl I was used to. I’d never been one to tolerate a dominating man on any level. Why was it so easy to do so with this man?

Almost like a beautiful reward for my obedience, he resumed flicking his finger back and forth across my clit. Within seconds, I was shoved into a wonderful moment of nirvana, continuing to roll my hips. I wanted him to drive his finger deep inside of me, finger fucking me until he brought me to an orgasm.

“That’s a good girl. Yes. You’re so wet. So hot.”

“Mmmm… Yes. Sir.”

Chuckling in a whispered voice, he brushed several fingers up and down the length of my pussy, enticing me even more. “When you obey me, you’re going to receive more pleasure than you can handle. But when you rebel against me, you will be punished.”

Why were the words now so exciting? All I could do was nod, my tongue tied once again.

He kept a sly smile on his face as he thrust several fingers inside, flexing them open then immediately plunging in and out in rapid succession.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. My. God.” The sensations were more explosive than the electricity coursing back and forth between us. My muscles clamped around the invasion immediately, pulling his fingers in even deeper. I was completely intoxicated by the combination of scents. His testosterone. His cologne. My pussy juice.

There was no doubt he sensed my body was surrendering, allowing him to take and use me in any way he desired. His hold remained strong as he slowed his pace, rolling his thumb around and around my clit. Then he drove his fingers in and out several times, every stroke more brutal than the one before.

Within seconds, I could tell I was close to climaxing, unable to hold back.

“Do you want to come?” he asked.

Was that seriously a question? “Yes. Yes.”

He immediately pinched my clit again, twisting and pulling until I cried out from pain. “What did you say to me?”

“Yes, sir. Please, sir.” I was prepared to beg him to allow me to come. I knew I was bucking wildly, struggling with his strong hold, my mind nothing but one huge blur.

“Better. Yes, you may come.” He thrust harder and faster, tossing me into the kind of bliss I hadn’t experienced in years. Maybe ever.

As the orgasm rushed up from my toes, shooting into my pussy, I opened my mouth but there was only a silent scream. The pleasure was intense, stealing my breath. Dancing vibrations shot through me as he continued to pump like some crazed man. “Oh. Oh. I…” I closed my eyes, succumbing to the dazzling sensations as a single orgasm moved into a sweeping wave. I continued to shake for at least thirty seconds, another series of stars in dazzling colors floating across my periphery of vision.

He growled then blew across my jaw until my body was like putty in his hand. “You are stunning when you come.”

I was shocked when he gathered me in his arms, yanking me away from the wall then turning. The moment he swept his arm across the table, sending papers and files flying into the air, several gasps flew from my mouth. As he plopped me down on the table, immediately yanking my dress over my head, I was paralyzed.

I was completely naked in front of him, wide open and exposed while he remained fully dressed.

He’d pulled us away from the broken glass, but I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at the mess we’d both created. This was filthy and sinful, a once in a lifetime event. Right? Or was he serious about keeping me?

His eyes never leaving me, he ripped his shirt over his head, yanking and tossing it across the room. As he kicked off his shoes, I bit my lower lip to keep from crying out. His chest was exactly as I’d imagined—perfectly chiseled in every manner. Forget about the six-pack. The man had an eight, every indentation making my mouth water.

I felt dragged into a vacuum as he unfastened his belt buckle. A smirk crossed his face as he noticed exactly what I was looking at. He inched closer, taking my hand into his, forcing me to brush the tips of my fingers across the smooth grain of leather.

I shuddered all over again from the memories of being spanked with that very strap. Even the burn from the harsh discipline was heightened by performing the simple deed.

“A good reminder,” he muttered then pulled my fingers to his mouth, rolling the tips across his lips. When he stepped away, I sucked in my breath.

He ripped off his jeans, exposing his thick, throbbing, and very hard cock. Montgomery was simply a gorgeous man with broad shoulders leading to a sculpted chest, a perfect waist, and narrow hips framing his long and muscular legs.

I wasn’t allowed to study him for more than a few seconds before he shoved me down on the table, immediately lifting and spreading my legs. Now I was completely wide open. A rush of utter embarrassment crept along every inch of my naked skin. I couldn’t help but think back to his secretary. What would she think if she saw us in such a carnal position?

He jerked my bottom until it was on the edge of the table before sitting down on one of the chairs. My God. The man was going to feast on my pussy in the middle of the kitchen table.

I pressed my hand over my mouth, goosebumps popping along every inch of skin. Shaking like a leaf, every muscle in my body was tense. As he dug his nails into the skin on my thighs, a short whimper escaped my mouth.

After blowing another swath of hot air across my wet pussy lips, he opened me even wider, pushing my knees down to the surface of the table. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know he was licking his lips in anticipation. Everything about the man was dramatic, a telling statement just by his slight actions.

The first dart of his tongue across my aching clit was enough to push an entire series of whimpers up from my throat. I instantly jerked up, gasping for air.

He pressed his hand against my tummy, a small reminder that he was very much in charge. I couldn’t process the delicious round of sensations as he pulled the tender tissue between his lips, sucking as if savoring the sweetest lollypop. There didn’t seem to be a time option, the man enjoying himself over the next several minutes.

I was pushed to the very edge of a climax before he pulled back again. When he finally slid his tongue inside, lapping my cream, I couldn’t stop shaking. Everything was so sensitive, adding to the excitement surging through me.

Every sound he made was barbaric in nature, a wild beast consuming his prey. I was cognizant he’d shoved several fingers inside my pussy, creating a perfect orchestration with his long tongue. No man had ever taken the time to find every nuance I enjoyed, providing the kind of rapture that was only possible in romance books.

I didn’t need to ask him to slide his tongue in another location or move his fingers a single inch. He took me to new heights of pleasure using masterful control. Finally, I couldn’t take the pressure any longer, my moans escalating to stifled screams.

“Please let me come. Please.” My God. I was pleading with the man.

Montgomery didn’t respond at first, continuing to torment me with his mouth. But the moment he slipped his thumb down the crack of my ass, pushing the tip inside my dark place, I knew I was about ready to lose any sense of reality.

“Please! Sir!”

“Come for me, sweet Aspen. Come.”

As soon as he’d issued the command, I exploded, rearing up from the table, my fingernails clawing the wooden surface. “Yes!” The single word was all I could manage, guttural whimpers taking over.

He held me tightly, keeping my legs pinned open as he shifted his head from side to side, his tongue probing my clenching pussy.

A single climax roared into a second, my body shaking involuntarily. Stars floating in front of my eyes, I slowly fell back against the table, my body entirely spent. Now I was over-sensitized, struggling in his hold to close my legs. No woman could handle this much pleasure.

There would be no rest for the weary. Within seconds, he jerked up from his seat, tossing the chair aside then dragging me by my hair across the table until my head was off the edge. There was no menace in his actions, just the need to maintain his level of domination.

As I stared up at the ceiling, my chest heaving, I was aware he’d walked around the table. His face was pinched, but his eyes were sparkling with the same kind of heated hunger that I continued to feel. I remained ashamed at my body’s reaction, but no woman in their right mind could resist the kind of ecstasy I was experiencing. I watched in fascination as he stroked the base of his cock for a few seconds before sliding the tip across my mouth.

Blood rushed to my head not only from the position I was in but the thirst to taste him that overwhelmed me. Without being instructed, I opened my mouth, waiting to accept his gift. He was still enjoying toying with me, making me wait as he rubbed his other hand around his balls. When I reached for him, he issued another series of low-slung growls. But there was no pushback. Instead, he slid the tip of his cock around my lips as he stared down at me.

“I can’t wait to shove my cock deep into your throat.”

Why did his words continue to turn me on so much? I was almost giddy from the anticipation, fighting the good girl side of me more and more.

Exhaling, he slowly slid several inches inside, the look on his face more carnal than before. I wrapped my lips around his thick shaft, darting my tongue back and forth. The taste of him was so sweet.

“That’s it, little girl. Suck me. You’re going to take every inch.” Montgomery thrust the remainder inside until the tip hit the back of my throat.

I gagged almost immediately, my heart racing as I tried to accept all of him. At least he allowed me to wrap my hand around the base, trying to take some level of control. I did what I could to relax my throat muscles, my reward the first few drops of pre-cum. He tasted even sweeter and I craved to drink every drop.

Within seconds his body started to shake, the man immediately resuming his position of power as he gripped both sides of my face, pumping his cock in with wild abandon.

I wiggled across the table, gripping both his legs in order to maintain my position.

“That’s it. Every. Single. Inch,” he huffed, his body tense and tight, plunging harder and faster.

His balls swung back and forth, swelling more and more every second that passed. I could tell he was close to coming.

He issued a long and husky growl, the sound penetrating the entire room. Then he pulled away entirely, taking several steps backward and raking his fingers through his disheveled hair. I realized I was reaching out for him, fighting to take shallow breaths. His needs were overpowering and within seconds, he’d scooped me off the table, forcing me to straddle his waist all over again. As he held me aloft, he tilted his head.

It was his turn to search my eyes and I could feel him managing to slide past my defenses, digging into the deep dark secret he assumed I was holding back from him. I realized I was pushing my palms against his chest, my fingernails scratching his perfect skin.

If he was troubled by my actions I couldn’t tell, but as his smile continued to grow, I trembled to my core. He lifted me even higher, positioning the tip of his cock just past my swollen folds.

I couldn’t stop shaking in his arms, clinging to him as if he was a lifeline. He held me that way for a minute, maybe two before bringing me down with a hard yank, impaling my pussy. I threw my head back, blinking several times in an effort to focus or even think straight. It was no use. I was lost to the moment of ecstasy, purring as if I’d joined him in the wild.

“Fuck. So tight. I could fuck you for hours,” he whispered before pulling me almost all the way off then slamming me down again.

And again.

Even as I entwined my feet together, I couldn’t believe the power of the man as he held me, his muscles straining. He took his time repeating the move several times, finally developing a rhythm. I slipped my arms around his neck, bucking against him as he fucked me. While this wasn’t about anything but fulfilling a primal need, I continued to be mesmerized by the look in his eyes.

He was as engaging as he was dominating, his need to consume me evident by his dilated pupils. There was something about his expression that confirmed the man was holding secrets of his own. Anguish and anger had nearly consumed him, destroying at least a portion of his personality. That made me drawn to him even more. While there was no way to repair the damage he’d suffered, I hungered to try to console him.

That threw me even more than his brutal actions, almost pushing me into a tailspin. I dug my knees into his sides, dragging my tongue back and forth across my lips.

“Naughty vixen,” he muttered then snapped his hand around the back of my neck, squeezing with enough pressure he startled me. “You will learn not to tease me.” He forced my head lower until our lips were mere centimeters apart. His breathing was as ragged as mine, his hot breath cascading over me like a warm blanket.

As he captured my mouth, I sensed him moving backwards. Then he slowly eased onto the chair, his fingers kneading my skin.

I shifted against him until my toes were able to touch the floor. The kiss was sweeter than before, somehow more intimate as he darted his tongue inside. I pressed my hand against his face, quivering from the way his beard skimmed against my fingertips. Without being asked, I started to ride him, shifting forward and backward. We were in sync for a few beautiful minutes, but as the kiss grew more ferocious, I knew it wouldn’t last.

He was far too hungry, his control amazing me.

When he pulled away, he cupped my chin, digging his fingers in. “That’s it, baby. Ride me. Show me how much you crave having my cock inside of you.”

His challenge yanked on some aspect of darkness inside of me. I started to rock him more aggressively, enjoying the hard thudding our bodies made as they were slammed together. He held me in the same position, our eyes locked together, the pounding of my heart matching his. I wanted nothing more than to make him come.

I was no longer myself, sucked up in a vacuum of darkness and light, a blatant need that defied good graces. As his breathing became even more labored, I squeezed my muscles until he threw his head back and roared. The sound was like nothing else he’d made, so guttural and savage. I refused to stop, clenching then releasing several times. I could tell he was fighting to hold back, not finished with me yet.

He slowly lowered his head and for a few seconds, he bared his beast, the darkness of his monster living under his gorgeous façade. I was thrown even more, realizing the man wasn’t just going to continue ravaging me.

Or devour me.

He was going to attempt to break me.

I was thrown into a moment of never-never land, uncertain why the excitement refused to leave my system. He’d managed to strip away too many of my barriers, refusing to accept any consequences for his actions. I wasn’t certain if he was trying to prove something to himself or to me.

I could have sworn by the look in his eye that he’d grown angry with me, preparing to issue another round of discipline. He rose from the chair, pushing me away. The move was confusing as hell, dragging my self-confidence into the toilet. I realized I was prepared to sputter an apology, as if I had anything to apologize for.

As he towered over me, he did something that shocked me more than anything. He brushed the backs of his fingers across my cheek, lowering his head until he was able to whisper into my ear. “You surprise me, Aspen, and no one ever does any longer. You are a bright shining star that I shouldn’t touch, but I will find it impossible to keep my hands off you after tonight.”

They were tender words, almost loving words. I was pitched into another moment of self-doubt, maybe even denial as I planted my hands on his chest. I have no idea how long we stood together, the gentle touch pushing me into a moment of bliss, but I knew I would find it difficult to stay away from him as well.

Within seconds, his dominating side returned. He swung me around, shoving my waist over the edge of the table and kicking my legs apart. The man had two distinct personalities, the Jekyll and Hyde aspect even more confusing. I was slow to react until realized what he was going to do.

Make good on his promise to take me in every hole.

“Please, you can’t.” I pushed up from the table only to be smacked on the bottom several times. The pressure and force he used were just enough to cause me to yelp.

Montgomery wound his hand around my hair, holding me in place. “You don’t seem to understand that whether in business or in pleasure, you will never be in charge. I guess we’re going to need to work on that further.”

I felt the pressure as he pushed the tip of his cock to my dark hole. “I’ve never done this. I don’t think I can…” The words trailed off. I was horrified at admitting something so personal, especially to a man who was determined to have all of me. Then there was the humiliating fact that tears were threatening to give me away, pushing me out of control. I could tell I was ready to lash out, unable to control my actions.

But when he pressed a series of kisses down my spine, he threw me once again. The dichotomy of his actions as well as his words was so damn confusing.

“Relax, sweet Aspen. The only pain you’re going to receive is from the lash of my belt, the flat of my hand.”

His words were comforting, allowing me to take a series of deep breaths. He peppered another series of kisses on my skin before pushing his cock in another inch.

The instant slice of pain was biting, forcing me to jerk up, fighting his hold all over again. “Oh, God. I just…” I was blubbering like some child. God, I hated myself. He replaced his lips with his fingers, sliding them down my spine sensually. I squeezed my eyes closed, concentrating on his actions. By the time he’d reached the base of my spine, I was no longer as tense. That’s when I realized he’d slid several additional inches inside.

My muscles strained to accept his girth, the pain becoming nothing more than discomfort. When he thrust the remainder inside, I let out a ragged moan.

As he began to drive into me, every move slow and easy, the last remnants of any level of anguish disappeared, the sensations now pleasant.

“Tight everywhere. Just the way I like it.” His tone was dark and just as demanding as before, the silky vibes drilling through me. He gripped my hip as he began plunging in and out, taking the final step at fulfilling his promise.

Making me his.

I kept my eyes closed, sliding my arms over my head as I thought about the ramifications of our actions. I’d defied my own principles for one night of raw bliss, surrendering in every way.

I’d become his toy.

His sinful treat.

His possession.

Whatever would happen after this, I knew couldn’t be good for either one of us. In fact, I had a gut feeling that my world would be destroyed.

Not by my work ethic.

But by his unbridled desire.

He was brutal in his actions, thrusting harder and faster. I clung to the edges of the table, the force he used jarring, but as I fully relaxed, I realized how much I was enjoying the moment. Panting, I tried to hold on as he continued, butterflies swarming my stomach. Within seconds, I knew he was finally ready to release, filling me with his seed.

And once again, I disobeyed him, squeezing my muscles.

As he exploded deep inside, he issued another ragged roar.

Only this time, it was one of conquest.

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