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Unchained Beast: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

The knock on the door sounded more like gunshots in my mind. I remained quiet, trying to consider the best option.

“Coraline. I know you’re inside. Open the door.”

Gabriel’s words weren’t a request. They were a command. Just like in the restaurant. I should say no, forcing him away. I should threaten him with calling the police, although he’d saved me from another unsavory jerk. Or maybe the asshole had intended on doing what the others had planned. Yes, I should do one or both of those things.

Yet I opened the door.

Moose immediately growled, the sound deep and entirely different than I’d heard him use before.

Gabriel’s massive frame loomed in the doorway, his gaze remaining on my face for a few seconds before lowering it to the weapon I had in my hand.

“I suggest you leave,” I said defiantly.

“That’s not going to happen. Hand me your weapon.” He held out his hand, those damn gorgeous eyes of his piercing mine.

Piercing my very soul.

I want you. I need you.

The haunting words rushed into my mind. Hell, no, I wasn’t going to fall for a round of exhaustion.

“Then I’ll be forced to shoot you if necessary.”

Exhaling, Gabriel shook his head. Then he yanked the weapon from my hand, shoving it into his pocket. After that, he stormed inside, slamming and locking the door.

“You bastard!” I snarled, although instead of terror prickling every cell, there was excitement. I knew exactly what he wanted. Me. All of me.

“I’ve been called many things, Coraline.” Maybe it was the way he looked at me in such a carnal manner or maybe it was my refusal to accept my body wanted him, but I reacted without hesitation.

I bolted toward the door. “Come on, Moose!” My God. I didn’t hear the scramble of my dog’s claws on the hardwood floor or a single growl. He’d remained inside. What the hell?

“Enough, Coraline. You will obey me.” Gabriel was right behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and dragging me inside.

I smashed my fists against him, able to get away from his hold. He stood still, shaking his head, disapproval in his eyes.

I was breathless, uncertain if the man was going to kill me even though my instinct told me he was here to provide protection. The burning question was why?

When Moose didn’t make another sound, instead moving by Gabriel’s side, I couldn’t take my eyes off the man. Gabriel reached down, brushing the backs of his knuckles across Moose’s nose. My pup seemed to be in heaven, his eyes half closed. I couldn’t believe how much he trusted the stranger.

Still, I backed away, my mind having difficulty processing everything that had recently occurred. “I know who you are.” I spat out the words with as much hatred as possible.

“I’m certain you do. You’re an intelligent woman, Coraline, which means you know what I’m capable of.”

“You’re going to kill me.”

Laughing, he kicked the door shut again. “If I wanted to kill you, I assure you that we wouldn’t be standing here talking.”

“Fine. Then you need to tell me exactly why you’re here.”

“Why?” he asked as he removed his jacket ever so slowly, placing it over the arm of my chair. As he started to unfasten his sleeves, I realized I was holding my breath.

The dim lighting from before hadn’t done him justice. He wasn’t just handsome. He was gorgeous, tall and muscular with incredible obsidian hair and full red lips. He exuded the kind of savagery that was only depicted in romance novels. But he was a living, breathing man standing in my living room.

And my God, my body had already betrayed me, desire unlike anything I’d ever known shifting through me like a wildfire.

As he moved closer, a wry smile crossed his face, the look of hunger in his eyes unmistakable. “Because we are connected, you and I.”

“Connected. How?”

I took two additional long strides away, but I was losing real estate, almost at the back wall. I could barely swallow, my heart was thumping so hard.

He took three long strides, coming within a few inches. With one inhale, the scent of his exotic cologne filled not only my nostrils but also every cell. I was lightheaded, trying to maintain some sense of focus.

There was something so primal about him as well as his actions. However, I felt no fear.

“You will learn that soon enough,” he muttered, his husky tone washing over me.

When he cupped my jaw, I pressed my hand against him. Whatever was happening between us, I couldn’t seem to avoid.

Nor did I want to.

His grip firm, he pulled me onto my toes, forcing my back to arch. There was no hesitation this time. He simply lowered his head, capturing my mouth. I found myself clinging to him, fisting his shirt as he lightly brushed his thumb back and forth across my skin. The heat built between us, tingling every portion of my body. Within seconds, I fell into the kiss.

While he was gentle at first, pushing his tongue past my pursed lips, I sensed his needs increasing, his actions becoming rougher. He dominated my tongue, dancing his back and forth as his breathing increased, his chest heaving. I could feel a rumble erupting from deep within him, the guttural sounds he made like an animal.

Like a wolf.

The taste of him was spicy, evoking a series of filthy thoughts in my mind. I’d never felt this way around a man, my desire surging while my rational mind still wanted nothing more than to push away. I shouldn’t want this man. I didn’t need any complications in my life and this was one complex individual, the mystery surrounding him creating another haze in my mind.

He slid his arm around me, cupping my bottom and lifting me off my feet. I could sense his hunger becoming more explosive, was able to sense he wasn’t going to be tender in any way. When he broke the kiss, he shoved me against the wall, his fingers shifting to my neck. A dark chuckle erupted from his throat as he dragged his tongue down the side of my face, nipping my chin.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking you, Coraline.”

I was even more lightheaded than before, holding onto his arms as he licked down the side of my neck.

No. No! I couldn’t do this. This was completely out of character for me. When he eased away, a lurid smile remained on his face as he yanked his shirt over his head with one hand.

Another moment of clarity filtered past the haze of lust. I jerked to the right, heading around the other side of the couch, able to slide my hand into his jacket and grab my weapon. His reflexes were immediate, but not nearly as much as mine. I pointed the gun at his chest, holding it with both hands.

“You get one more chance to get the hell out of here, Gabriel. I don’t care if you are the prince of some mafia family. I couldn’t care less if you’re a criminal. I have a quiet life I intend to live. Without you!”

Instead of lunging at me, he remained exactly where he was, scanning the room as if I’d invited him inside as a guest. “They will return for you.”

Snorting, I was forced to wipe beads of perspiration from my face. “I don’t think so. Some animal ripped them apart.”

Gabriel snapped his head in my direction, a sly smile forming on his face. “There are more of them, Coraline.”

“Okay, why and who the hell are these people? I’m nobody. I just arrived back in town to run a clinic. They can’t know me.”

“You were born here.”

“Yes, so?” Why was he telling me this?

“You are a member of the community as was your family.”

I cocked my head, trying to keep my hands from shaking. “Yes, for at least three generations. I think. What the hell does that have anything to do with this moment?”

He took a step closer. “Because you’re important to them.”

I lifted my gun then pointed it once again, shaking my head. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“I’m going to take the gun from your hand. Then I’m going to punish you.”

Now I couldn’t stop from laughing. “Are you out of your mind? I don’t know who you think you are, but you’re not going to touch me.”

“You hunger just like I do. You need, just like I do. Soon, you will become insatiable. Just like… I… will.”

Why did his words bother me so much?

“Just go. Just get out and I won’t call the police,” I said, barely able to recognize my words.

“That’s not going to happen.” Now the bastard lunged toward me.

And I fired a single shot.

All time stopped. Ceased to exist, frozen like my mind as well as my heart. I’d just killed a man. After blinking, I realized he wasn’t dead. In fact, the force of the bullet hadn’t pummeled him backwards by a single inch. He stood with his massive chest heaving, glaring at the wound on his shoulder.

Fuck. Fuck!

After a few seconds, he moved his arm.

“Please, Gabriel. Just…” Of course I wasn’t going to let him bleed out or something. If the bullet was lodged inside, I would need to get it out and tend to the wound. Wait a minute. He was a freaking criminal, a murderer.

Maybe I’d been shoved into a moment of shock. Or maybe my mind had shut down. Either way, I wasn’t aware of what he was doing until it was too late.

He easily wrangled the gun from my hand, tossing it all the way into another room. Then he wrapped his hand around my wrist, yanking me toward the couch. To my surprise and horror, he sat down. What the hell?

“Remove your jeans and panties.”

His command was so unexpected, I couldn’t respond for a full five seconds. “What did you say?”

“You heard me. If I need to remove them for you, they will be shredded. It’s your choice.”

“I… Whoa, asshole. I just shot you. What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“As I told you, I will punish you.” His gravelly voice was now unworldly, wrapping around me like a thick, warm blanket.

The man was serious. Blood was trickling down his arm and he was going to punish me? I must have had a psychotic break. There was no other explanation.

Because I hesitated, he growled, deep and throaty. Like a monster.

No, like a wolf.

Fuck me. Jesus.

“Three seconds, Coraline.”

The man was serious. My mouth remained dry but for some crazy reason, I obeyed him, unfastening my jeans then struggling to rip off my tennis shoes. A powerful feeling of hot embarrassment formed the minute I shoved the dense fabric down my hips. Then I couldn’t look at him, my body swaying. Hunger. Yes, I’d felt hunger, but what woman didn’t? I’d also felt a pull to him that was unexplainable. Fine. What the hell was he trying to tell me?

When I looked down, I realized I’d complied with his command, now shaking like a leaf as heat rose from my chest to my cheeks. Panting, I’d never felt so awkward in my life.

Or so stupid.

He didn’t speak, only pulled me over his lap. Fuck me. The asshole was going to spank me like some stupid child. The big, bad mafia dude was resorting to this? I lifted my head, hissing at my beautiful dog. He wasn’t paying a damn bit of attention, comfortable on his bed with his eyes closed. Did that mean Gabriel wasn’t actually a bad man after all?

Ha. Not a chance.

I squirmed until he pressed his hand on the small of my back. Instantly, I felt more comfortable, at peace with what was about to happen. I also had another round of intense visions, even stronger than the night before in the clinic. Why was I drawn to this man with such explosive power that I couldn’t breathe normally?

There were no definitive answers, at least none that a sane person would use.

When he brought his hand down, I jerked up out of shock more than pain. Reality settled in, the hard-working rational woman kicking in again. “Bastard!”


Every word he issued was seductive in nature. He wasn’t threatening me. He was simply enjoying being in control. God, I wanted to hate him, to feel justified about shooting him, but I remained mortified.

He smacked me several times, the pain finally starting to roll up from my toes. Panting, the moment I wiggled again, two things happened. I felt his throbbing cock and he grabbed my arm, holding me in place. Both were… There were no words.

The spanking began in earnest, his hand moving from one side to the other in rapid succession.

“Ouch! That hurts. You asshole.”

“If you don’t stop fighting me, I will pull off my belt. Are we clear?”

If he wanted confirmation, he was going to be disappointed.

While I did everything that I could to hide my anger as well as the almost all-consuming anguish, I couldn’t seem to stop fighting him. When he thrust his leg over mine, I was forced to take a deep breath. This was really happening. A man I didn’t know was spanking me. It remained laughable that Moose wasn’t bothered in the least, his slumber obviously a good one, his body twitching as he chased rabbits in his sleep. While he’d always been accepting of people around me given his happy nature, the fact he had no concerns about the man holding me hostage was incomprehensible.

After another round of brutal cracks of his hand, hatred for my body’s reaction only intensified. My pussy was wet, likely trickling down my thighs and staining his expensive trousers. While a part of me didn’t give a shit, another continued to feel shame that a single part of me had accepted this on any level. Who the hell did he think he was? My savior?

Only seconds later, the pain was significant enough I issued several whimpers, unable to hide how much the fierce man was getting to me. Grimacing, when he rubbed his fingers across my heated and bruised bottom, I bit back a moan, undulating my body against his hardness involuntarily.

His breathing remained ragged, the sound filtering into my ears as he continued stroking me like a pet he’d just purchased. He rubbed the tips of his fingers down one leg then the other, creating such a wave of desire that I was fearful I’d orgasm from the simple touch alone.

But I didn’t.

I refused.

No man would get the satisfaction of knowing their domination pleasured me. I closed my eyes, praying this horrible moment would be over soon. I remained stupefied that the arm he was using was the one I’d shot. Clearly the man had no sense of the kind of agony he should be facing.

When he trailed a single finger down the crack of my ass, lingering over my pussy lips, I held my breath. A part of me wanted to beg him to drive his fingers inside, another terrified that if I did, there would be no turning back. The moment he slid the tip of his finger around my already swollen clit, I almost lost my resolve, begging for even more.

This couldn’t be happening. I shouldn’t be attracted to him for any reason, but I couldn’t deny the pulsing electricity. I was thrown into another dimension, no longer able to feel my fingers or toes.

He slapped his hand down four more time then squeezed one side of my bottom. I didn’t have to be a mind reader to know what he wanted, what he craved.

There was something so intimate about the way he eased me off his lap, taking his time to perform the act as if I would break in the process. My survival instincts kicked in and before I knew what I was doing, I slapped him hard across the face.

Then I noticed his wound.

It had almost entirely healed.

That wasn’t possible.

I realized I was digging my fingers into his arms as I stared at his shoulder. “How is that possible? You’re almost healed.”

The savage man didn’t bother to answer me. As he rose to his feet, towering over me, I lost all my ability to breathe. He didn’t waste any time, using both hands to rip my shirt apart, yanking the sleeves off my shoulders and pitching the unwanted material aside. His intense glare kept me mesmerized, the lust I’d felt earlier only increasing.

Even the way he slipped his arms behind me, unfastening my bra then removing it entirely didn’t push me into a tailspin. I allowed him to. I almost encouraged him to. Unblinking, I locked eyes with his before moving my hands to unfasten his belt then unzipping his trousers. I couldn’t stand to look at him as I rolled the material over his chiseled hips, pushing until gravity allowed the hindrance to fall to the floor.

The man wasn’t wearing underwear, as if going commando allowed him to fuck any woman he craved whenever he made the determination to do so. Somehow, my instinct told me that he wasn’t that kind of man. How ridiculous. I didn’t know him. I wasn’t certain I wanted to. This was nothing more than a blip in time.

His cock was already standing at full attention, veins throbbing on both sides, the tip the color of crushed purple velvet. I was ashamed my mouth watered at the sight, longing to have his thick shaft in my mouth.

Unable to resist, I trailed my hand down the length of his chest, marveling in his muscular structure. He was built like no other man I’d been with, as if he’d spend years in a gym perfecting his body. Somehow, I knew that not to be true. Given the scars crisscrossing his torso, I had a feeling every muscle had been earned by something else entirely. I shuddered to think what that would be. The man was a killer. I knew that by instinct alone, but he was also a savior, a man with a conscience.

That had to make him an anomaly in his dark and dangerous world.

When he kicked his pants away, I took a step back, trying to control my nerves. Nothing made rational sense any longer. Not the circumstances. Not the desire for the stranger standing in front of me.

But I couldn’t seem to resist him, the draw becoming more powerful with every passing moment. Lights flashed in front of my eyes as he advanced. There would be no denying him.

Not that I wanted to.

I’d spent my entire life being a good girl, playing by all the rules. Tonight, I wanted nothing more than to live on the edge, to forget about all my responsibilities and inhibitions. Now was my chance.

His approach was slow, the look on his face unrecognizable. However, I knew what was about to happen, the savagery he would display. While I’d thought his actions predictable, he approached cautiously, cocking his head when he was finally only inches away. His breathing became irregular, his nostrils flaring. Then he slid his hand around to the back of my neck, squeezing seductively as he pulled me against him.

Breathless, I had no idea what to expect. When he tilted my head, forcing me to look into his eyes, I knew there was no way I could look away. He had me locked in a world of his own, a man ready to consume a woman for entirely different reasons than I’d experienced before.

As if the need was unbearable.

As if I belonged to him.

While nothing made any sense, the moment he crushed his mouth against mine, there was little else I could do. All thoughts of fighting him were put on hold, my body taking over and demanding satisfaction. Before I knew what I was doing, I threw my arms around his neck, arching my back until I was able to feel the pulse of his cock pressing against my stomach.

The kiss was no longer gentle like the one from the bar. His actions were forceful and demanding, pushing me to the limits of acceptance.

But I did.

I entangled my fingers in his hair as I wrapped one leg around him, my nipples so hard they ached. Every part of my body was on fire as he dragged his fingers down my spine, cupping my bruised bottom and lifting me into his arms. As he explored the wet heat of my mouth, I kept my eyes closed, every nerve standing on end. The taste of him only added to the excitement surging through my body, my pussy clamping then releasing several times.

There was no possible way this was real.

Seconds later, he broke the kiss, pushing my head back with his until he was able to breathe across my cheek. I closed my eyes, issuing several scattered moans as I squeezed his muscular forearms. Nothing had ever felt this incredible in my life, vibrations shooting down my legs until I could no longer feel them.

His breathing wasn’t just labored, it was laced with the same dark and husky growls I’d heard before. They enticed me. Hell, they excited me, pushing me into a fantasy world if only for a precious and very limited amount of time.

He wound one hand around my hair, yanking until I was placed in a deep arc. Chuckling softly, he rolled his lips across my chin then down from my neck to my breast. When he pulled my nipple into his mouth, I couldn’t hold back a moan. Still lightheaded, I did everything I could to keep my grip on his arms, but it was almost impossible. Every sound he made only added to the desire that continued to build between us. His actions were almost feral, as if he wouldn’t be able to survive without fucking me.

“So beautiful,” he whispered before rubbing his lips across to my other breast, engulfing my hardened bud.

I shifted my hips back and forth, gasping for air. There was no doubt in my mind I would have fallen to my knees if he wasn’t holding me in place. He bit down on my tender tissue, the pain blinding yet his action almost threw me into a climax.

Only a few seconds later, I was in his arms. He took two long strides toward the couch, sitting down, his eyes never leaving mine. There was no pretense, no other foreplay. He simply positioned the tip of his cock against my pussy lips then yanked me down with enough force the wind was knocked out of me.

“Oh. Oh. Oh…”

There was no adequate way to describe the utter dazzling sensations rocketing through me. His cock was so large my muscles were forced to stretch in order to accommodate his girth, yet there was no hint of discomfort, only blinding and beautiful rapture rushing through me.

“Ride me, Coraline. Ride me hard.”

The sound of his voice as well as his intense command spurred me on, dragging me out of my comfort zone. I did exactly as he asked, bucking against him as I tossed my hair back and forth. Within seconds, I was no longer the girl I’d once been, turning into someone I didn’t recognize.

His cock continued to expand, filling me completely, throbbing against my pussy walls. Every guttural sound he made only fueled the fire raging between us. Stars in vivid colors floated in front of my eyes, preventing me from focusing on anything. Not that I wanted to. Everything became savage in nature as he gripped my hips, yanking me almost all the way off his shaft then pulling me down.

The jarring motions as he repeated the move several times were spectacular. This wasn’t about romance. This was about hard fucking, brutal in nature and delicious in execution.

I clawed at his chest, still finding it difficult to breathe as I bucked against him. He was ferocious. Even his eyes had changed colors, his golden irises shimmering in the light. I couldn’t help but remain mesmerized, drawn to him like a lamb to slaughter. The thought should have been revolting but I found it adding to the desire since it was the truth.

While the man obviously meant me no harm, this wasn’t about starting a love affair. There was no true definition for why my attraction was this strong.

Without notice, he pitched me onto the sofa, throwing one of my legs over his shoulder as he thrust hard and fast, the force he used tossing me up and down by several inches. He continued leaning over me, planting one hand on the edge of the couch, the other along the back edge. A smile crossed his handsome face as he angled his hips, the sounds of our bodies slamming together further fueling his animalistic behavior.

I pressed my hand against his chest, digging my nails in, realizing within seconds that an orgasm was close. Everything about the interlude was sinful, but I knew neither one of us could stop our actions.

The climax still managed to catch me off guard, shooting into my aching pussy. Gasping, I arched my back, throwing one hand over my head and clenching my fingers around the decorative pillow.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” There was no holding back, no possibility of stopping the powerful blast of raw ecstasy. Shaking almost violently, I shut my eyes tight as my pussy muscles clenched and released dozens of times. One climax burst into a second, this one even more intense than the one before. I’d never felt this kind of pleasure, never knew it existed.

When I finally stopped shaking, I slid my hand away, dangling my fingers over my mouth. He slowed, but there was no doubt he continued to stare at me. Seconds later, he gathered me into his arms, pulling me onto my knees. Why I thought he was going to be softer in his actions was beyond me.

As he’d done before, he tossed me over the back of the sofa, yanking my legs apart, once against plunging his cock inside my tight channel.

His silence was almost unnerving as he continued fucking me, his actions so brutal that the springs in the couch squeaked. I had no idea how long he continued driving like a wild beast. Within several seconds, I lolled my head, doing everything I could to control my breathing.

But I knew the minute he was unable to control his needs by the harshness of his growls, the shaking of his body. I closed my eyes, biting back a scream as I clenched my muscles on purpose.

I’d heard men roar before, but the primal bellow he released was entirely different. Deeper. More resonant.

More like a true animal.

As he erupted deep inside of me, he wrapped one hand around my throat, holding me in place. When he lowered his head, blowing another swath of hot air across my skin, that was the moment fear entered my system.

This wasn’t the last I’d see of him.

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