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Under Alien Influence by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Nick moved the hand on Janice’s shoulder down two inches, so that he could take hold of her upper arm. Still seated, unmoving but trembling, in the high-backed wooden chair where she been eating her casserole and arranging her online pictures, she gave a little cry at the movement and the pressure, though Nick didn’t squeeze hard but only adjusted his grip to make sure he could get her out of the chair.

It seemed he would have to stand her up and put her over his knee by force, this time. Nick hoped that when Janice got used to the idea that she would from now on be a spanked wife she would assume the position more obediently when her husband decided the time for discipline had arrived. Tonight, though, he didn’t mind making it clear to her with his superior strength that her bare bottom would henceforth be the place she received the lessons she needed so badly. Janice would learn to be the good wife she had never managed to be before, upended over her husband’s lap as often as necessary to ensure she stayed responsive and attentive to her domestic duties, her little bottom made an agony to her with Nick’s firm hand or his stout belt.

If necessary, Nick thought as he began to pull her easily up from the chair, he could make for his wife a wooden paddle, and as a lesson in obedience in itself have her personalize one side of the blade with pretty painted flowers and with her name, making it a special implement for tanning her backside when she had been naughty. Or maybe when she says she doesn’t want to take my cock in her mouth.

The last thought took Nick a little by surprise, but he refused to shy away from it. He hadn’t asked Janice to suck his penis since their honeymoon, so thoroughly had she put him off with her look of disgust. That would change tonight, he thought, his lips curling into a smile as he felt her struggle a bit against his hand, but nowhere near as urgently as he had expected. Janice’s face wore a slightly dazed expression, as if her own thoughts flowed along surprising channels in her mind—as if she understood that the time had come for her to begin at last her training as the submissive wife Nick meant to have from henceforth.

A proper wife didn’t refuse the cock when her husband, on his masterful whim, put it to her lips, let alone look at him as if he needed psychiatric help when he asked politely if she would suck his penis, offering—the way Nick had known a good husband always should—to return the favor with his own mouth on her sweet pussy. That part of their marriage had ended now, though: he would indeed taste her, after he made her shave for him, but it wouldn’t be after asking politely—and she would give him head the way a dutiful bride learned to do on her wedding night, though Nick had, he understood now, neglected from the start his own duty to teach her the ways of a man’s pleasure.

If Janice didn’t think she wanted to kneel and receive the hard penis between her lips, well, the paddle would lie ready in her nightstand drawer, Nick decided now. He would tan Janice’s hide until she did as she knew she must.

In her blue eyes, now, he thought he saw some reflection of that growing knowledge: his light manhandling of her up out of the chair, and his turning her so that with his other hand he could pull it out from the table into a position suited to taking her over his knee, widened her eyes and made her shiver, but her struggle against his grip seemed almost half-hearted. Instinct told Nick that Janice understood she would now finally receive a husband’s merited justice, and then serve his pleasure the way he had every right to expect she should.

Her eyes had brightened with unfallen tears, and a pang of sympathy went through his heart—not of guilt or of regret in any way, but the compassion that came from loving his sweet, pretty wife for so long.

“It’ll be alright, Janice,” he said softly. “This is what you need. You’ll learn. Take your spanking like a good girl, and it will be over before you know it. If you behave yourself over my knee, you’ll earn a special reward.” Nick couldn’t resist adding that last part, or giving her a wink as he said it. He could see deep in his wife’s eyes that a sort of naughty spark had arisen there, alongside her alarm: he felt sure that though she would never admit it to him, she had grown damp in her panties at the idea of his teaching her to obey him in every way.

Janice’s eyes went even wider. “What kind of reward?” she whispered.

Nick smiled, and sat down in the chair before he answered, guiding her with his right hand so that she stood up against his thigh and he could put his arm around her waist ready to draw her down over his lap for her punishment.

“Wait and see, sweetheart,” he said. “Now raise your skirt for me. I’m going to pull down your panties. A wife needs to be spanked on her bare bottom.”

“But…” Janice protested quickly, but then her voice trailed off. Her hands, held folded in front of her in a sort of beseeching way, twitched downward, touched the front of the floral-printed cotton blend of her knee-length dress. “Why?” she whispered, as her fingertips pulled just a little at the fabric, not ready to obey him yet it seemed, but trying to prolong the time before Nick grew strict and did something to enforce her compliance with his shameful instructions.

“Why does a wife get spanked on the bare, do you mean?” Nick asked, raising his eyebrows. He didn’t mind lingering a little at this point: having his arm around Janice’s waist and knowing that he would soon begin to give her what she had earned for her misbehavior, and after would enjoy her just as he pleased with his already very hard cock, made this stage of her training delicious in its own right.

Janice nodded, biting her lip. A deep crease had appeared on her forehead.

“Because a good wife doesn’t get to keep her clothes on when her husband wants them off, Janice. I haven’t enforced my rights the way I know I should have, but that’s going to change.” He watched her lips part, as if to protest, but no sound came out. Something in him that must have lain buried deep until tonight seemed to rise just as his cock had, and instead of keeping it down in his mind, examining it, and putting it away, Nick spoke it out—as he intended to voice all such impulses in the future. “From now on, Janice, you’ll be naked a good deal of the time. When you’re allowed to put on panties, I will choose them, and then you will ask me for permission to take them down when you need to use the bathroom.”

Janice had begun to shake her head, but that only seemed to inspire a greater flow of dominant arousal in Nick.

“Don’t shake your head, sweetheart. We both know you’ve needed this kind of discipline for a long time. Things are going to be very different now, especially in the bedroom.”

She drew back, pulled a little against Nick’s arm, but he had never felt as sure of anything as he did that the time to spank the woman he loved had arrived. He drew her firmly down over his lap, and transferred his grip on her waist quickly to his left arm, so that he could start to raise her dress for her, since she had disobeyed him. Her backside would pay the price for that hesitation, Nick promised himself, and next time Janice would pull up her skirt or pull down her pants when her husband instructed her to prepare for punishment—or for fucking.

“Nick! Please… don’t… I’m not ready…” Her voice had a sort of trance-like quality to it, now, as it rose from where her head hung below his left thigh, since he had upended her completely to make her bottom available for the stern lesson she would get.

He had her skirt up over her waist, to expose her blue-flowered panties. His cock gave a leap at the sight, and the knowledge that he would take them down, now, whether Janice liked it or not. She struggled under his restraining arm, growing more frantic as she seemed to grasp that he truly did mean to punish her as she deserved for her disrespect to her husband.

“You’re ready for discipline when I decide you’re ready, sweetheart. And you’ll prepare yourself for fucking when I want to have sex, too. That’s why a wife gets punished on the bare—so that her husband can have his way just as he likes, afterward.”

He put his fingers inside the waistband of the modest, little-girlish cotton panties, and pulled them down with a forceful yank, to leave them almost at her knees. Janice’s pretty little bottom met his eyes, with a peep of her cunt (why was he thinking of her private parts this way? He had barely even called Janice’s vagina a ‘pussy’ in the privacy of his own thoughts before tonight!) and a few stray blonde hairs showing between her thighs.

Nick couldn’t resist, and he didn’t mean to: he put two fingers there. “You’ll shave this for me tomorrow, Janice, or I’ll spank you again when I get home. I like a bare cunt on a wife. It shows she understands she has no privacy from her husband, inside her panties.”

Janice gave a low moan, and a gasp. “You… you won’t…” she whispered.

But Nick could tell just from the heady scent of her arousal that his wife had gotten very wet at the idea of his new mastery of her body. He raised his right hand and brought it down hard, in the middle of her bottom, spanning both cheeks with a hard smack, the very first spank he had given his wife, but by no means the last.

Janice cried out and writhed under his arm, but Nick knew he couldn’t show any lack of resolve: he kept spanking her, hard and fast, putting both her thighs under his right leg when she started to kick and going right on, assuring her with the severity of this first punishment that she didn’t want to repeat the educational exercise tomorrow night.

“You will shave that pretty cunt, Janice,” he said, as he spanked her over and over, right, left, and center. “And you will suck your husband’s cock, and you will spread your bottom, too, for the penis to enter there, whenever I tell you to get ready for anal.”

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