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Under Daddy’s Protection by Serafine Laveaux – Extended Preview

She thought she could handle any punishment he doled out. She’d even told herself it would be worth it.

She was wrong.

When Gage had spanked her before it had been with his bare hand, and while it had stung like a bee it hadn’t been painful. The belt was an entirely different story. The flat leather concentrated the swing to a narrow swath of fire across her tender bottom. Even worse, the pain seemed to build with every passing second. Gage must have been aware of that fact too, because he allowed enough time between each strike for the burn in her cheek to reach a fevered pitch before adding the next layer onto it.

“Tell me why you are being punished.”

“I’m sorry, Daddeeeee!” she squalled, dancing from one foot to the other as if that would somehow ease the searing burn across her backside. Breathing rapidly, she tried to copy the breath technique she’d seen pregnant women do in movies when they went into labor, hoping it would help take her mind off the pain, but no sooner did she manage a few puff-puff-puffs than the belt lashed across her backside again and made her completely forget to breathe at all.

“Tell me why you’re being punished,” he repeated as the belt whipped across her bottom again, this time cutting across the previous two lines that already felt like they were glowing. “And stand still or I’ll give you twice as many swats.”

“Cuz I snuck oowwwwwt owwww!” Nikki tried to make herself relax but her muscles refused to listen, clenching tightly against the oncoming belt, which made it hurt that much more. To make matters worse, there was no predicting where the next one would land or how hard it might be. Gage was mixing things up, one easy swat with a long pause followed by two really hard ones back to back. Just trying to guess what might come next was exhausting.

“And… and I lied owwww!” That one wasn’t so bad, barely a swat really. Nikki let her breath out in a sob of gratitude, but her relief was short-lived. The next one made up for it, slamming into her bottom with enough force to knock her forward against the bed. Nikki bit the bedspread and squeezed her eyes shut, promising she would never, ever be bad again, never lie, never sneak out, never disobey Gage again. Not out loud of course, she’d stopped being able to make any sense verbally after the last smack, but she meant every word of it.

“Have you already forgotten the third reason?”

Gage’s finger impatiently tapped the sorest spot on her backside, one that seemed to have served as the focal point for every lash she’d received. Nikki knew his finger would be replaced with the belt at any second but her mind was a blank, all memory pushed aside by the searing agony of her raw bottom. What was it she’d forgotten? She couldn’t remember! She snuck out, she hid the shopping bags. Shopping! The money! “I stole!” she shrieked just as the belt slammed into the very spot his finger had been tapping. It felt like a bomb went off, radiating white hot pain across her entire backside as she went limp, sprawled over the edge of the bed like a broken doll.

Something plopped down on the bed beside her head. It wasn’t easy to see through her tears and swollen eyes but after staring at it for a moment Nikki realized it was the belt. Her punishment was over. Gage sat down next to her and gently rubbed her back while she cried into the bedspread.

“I want you to promise that you’ll mind me, and mean it this time.”

“I promise, Daddy,” she blubbered. “I’m … I’m sorry.”

“You know I love you, Kitten. I did this for your own good. Do you understand?”

Talking was too difficult so she simply nodded, keeping her face pressed into the bedspread as she tried to regain control. There was nothing she could do about the pain, that would be a constant misery for days to come, but at least she could get a grip on the crying. And what did he say? He loved her? Nikki usually rolled her eyes when men said that, knowing how easily they told that lie in order to get sex, but this was different and not just because she’d already slept with him. When Gage said something, he meant it, and she could tell love wasn’t a word he used lightly. Hearing him say it to her almost made all the pain go away. Almost. Love or not, she was going to need some Percocet just to sit down for the next few days.

He stayed with her for a good twenty minutes, rubbing her back and stroking her hair until at last she began to relax. “I think you need a nap now,” he told her, carefully easing her all the way onto the bed before removing her shoes and pulling the sheets out from under her. “You want to sleep on your tummy or your side?”

“Side,” she whispered.

Gage rolled her smoothly onto her side, tucking the pillow under her head before leaving the room. She could hear him rummaging around in the refrigerator. When he came back he had her stuffed bunny, a small glass of orange juice with a bendy straw, and a small bottle of Ibuprofen. Gage fished two pills from the bottle and held them in front of her face. “Open wide.”

Nikki opened her mouth so he could give them to her, then waited for him to get the straw angled so she could take a long sip of the orange juice. It was cold and sweet, and she continued sucking it down even after she’d swallowed the pills.

“Those should help you sleep a little easier,” he assured her as he tucked the stuffed bunny under her arm and carefully pulled the sheet up over her. “And so will Mr. Bun.”

Sleep came easily. The sugar high from earlier had worn off, and the excitement of her shopping and sightseeing trip with Miyu would have been enough to cause her to crash. When coupled with the worst spanking of her life, it was no surprise she was out like a light just minutes after Gage tucked her into bed. By the time she woke up again the sun was setting and her tummy had begun to rumble loud enough to hear in the next room. Gingerly she eased out of bed and turned to examine her backside in the large mirror above the dresser.

Her bottom was a horror show of angry red welts, each one giving testimony to the punishment she’d earned. Cautiously she caressed one with her finger, wincing slightly as she did so. Being severely spanked for misbehaving had been an odd fantasy for her for many years. Now she knew what it was really like. The swollen, angry flesh hurt to touch but she felt an unexpected sense of pleasure just looking at it. Imagining what she must have looked like bent over the bed as Gage spanked her bare ass, she slipped a finger between the damp folds of her pussy and teased her clit. A soft moan escaped as nerve endings lit up in response. Nikki had no clue how she could be so aroused when she was in such pain at the same time, but there was no ignoring the ache welling up between her thighs or the slick juices that now coated her finger.

She found him sitting on the sofa staring at a piece of paper. Sitting down next to him, she rested her head on his shoulder, snuggling against him when he leaned back and put his arm around her. Before she could lose her nerve she leaned forward and kissed him, sweetly at first then with growing heat as his lips parted to allow her eager tongue access. Smoothly he pulled her across his lap, careful not to touch her bruised bottom as he settled her on top of the growing bulge that threatened to break through his zipper. “Daddy,” she whispered huskily as his fingers found her nipples and began to massage them. “Daddy, I’m sorry I was bad.”

His only reaction was replace his fingers with his mouth, hungrily wrapping his tongue around one quickly tightening nipple.

“I was really bad,” she gasped as he caressed her sensitive sides, leaving goosebumps in their wake. “Aren’t you still mad at me?”

His answer was to devour her nipple in his mouth as his hand made its way down her side and across her tummy toward the eager divide between her thighs.

“Don’t you want me to show you how sorry I am?” This wasn’t going at all how she’d imagined. In the books the girl never had to ask because the guy just knew. He would tie the girl up and take her however he please. He would make her come, even when she begged him to stop, and he would fuck her until she nearly passed out from pleasure. Best of all he would make her do all the things she’d secretly wanted but was too embarrassed to ask for. Maybe even things she’d never imagined. But this wasn’t a book, or a free story online, or even a badly written movie. None of her words were coming out right, her face was turning beet red, and Gage had stopped sucking her nipples and was now just staring at her while she stuttered and stammered about like an idiot.

She was about to tell him never mind, kiss him on the mouth and have what would no doubt be mind-blowing sex if the other night were any indication, when a sly smile turned up the corners of his mouth.

“Stand up and take off your clothes.”

Any doubts he’d had about Nikki’s desire to be completely possessed by him vanished when she obediently rose from the sofa and took off her robe, turning slowly in a circle so he could feast his eyes on every inch of her. She was beautiful, he’d always thought so, but now she was positively jaw dropping, squirming with desire before him as she carefully removed her dress and bra. The red marks across her backside excited him. She’d certainly earned them, but it pleased him that she hadn’t tried to run away from her punishment. Instead she’d submitted to it, and him, completely, and the fiery welts across her ass were proof she was his to do with as he pleased. Within limits of course—he wasn’t a monster—but the possibilities made his mouth water.

As gently as possible he stroked the angry raw flesh where he’d whipped her. “You have a magnificent ass,” he continued as he stroked the smooth round curves of each cheek, then carefully spread them apart to reveal her tiny asshole. She gasped as he massaged it with his index finger. “I want to fuck your sweet ass tonight,” he told her. “Has anyone ever fucked your ass before, Kitten?”

“No, Daddy.”

Gage turned her around to face him and was pleased to see she was blushing. “That will change tonight.” He stood up and unbuckled his pants, allowing his rigid shaft to spring free of its irritating confinement as Nikki’s eyes widened. “Has anyone ever fucked your mouth before, Kitten?”

“No, Daddy,” she whispered, shaking her head as his cock jutted out the front of his pants. “Is that going to change tonight too?”

Gage put his hands on her shoulders and gently but firmly pressed down until she kneeled on the floor before him. “You’ll need a lot of practice, so I’ll go easy on you this time.” Taking her head in his hands, he guided his swollen cock between her lips, pleased to feel her tongue immediately swirl around the head as he pushed further in. Her mouth was heaven, hot and wet and hungry, and it took considerable restraint to go slowly. Gage wasn’t the kind of man who bragged about the size of his cock, but he knew it was larger than average and Kitten was quite small. One day she would be able to swallow his entire shaft but until then he would have to take it slow.

Her nose was a few inches from his groin when he felt himself come up against her throat. Gagging slightly, she tried to pull back but he held her head in place. “Relax,” he said softly as he eased off a hair. “Focus on your breathing and relax.” When she got herself back under control he pushed forward again, this time pressing his cock against her throat and counting to three out loud. On three he pulled back again, and she took a big gulp of air. “Perfect,” he praised her as he resumed fucking her mouth, shallowly for four thrusts and then one that returned to press against her throat. This time she was prepared, remaining steady as he counted to three before pulling back. “Good girl.” The urge to go deeper was almost overwhelming, the need to fuck hard and fast until he shot his seed deep in her throat unbearable, but he held back. She was his, entirely his, and there was no rush. He would take his time in order to train her to enjoy it as much as he did.

He spent nearly fifteen minutes cradling her head as he fucked her mouth, and would have gone another fifteen minutes if he thought he could have kept from coming. Already she had learned to anticipate his moves and relaxed when he thrust deeply, her mouth the perfect sheath to his cock as her throat learned to accept its intrusion. It would be easy to test her limits but at last he reluctantly pulled back, determined to end her training session on a good note. Besides, he still had her pussy to explore, and the juicy wetness that trailed down her inner thighs told him it was more than ready.

As he helped her to her feet he reached between her legs and slipped two fingers inside her, smiling when she whimpered with need. “Look at my horny girl,” he chuckled as he withdrew his fingers, now coated in her sweet juices, and pressed them against her lips. “Clean them off.” Immediately she took them in her mouth, bathing each one with her tongue and sucking them clean as she kept her eyes trained on his. He debated giving her a bath, taking his time to thoroughly clean every inch of her naughty little body before getting it all dirty again, but his cock demanded he get a move on. Instead he took her arm and led her into his room, then ordered her to get on the bed on all fours with her backside presented to him.

As he watched her scramble into position and angle her eager pussy and virgin ass directly at him, he went into the hall to retrieve his earlier purchases. It was time to put them to good use.

Nikki’s jaw was exhausted and sore to the point it almost eclipsed the burning pain on her bottom. It had been scary at first, having his massive cock fill her mouth until it closed off her throat and stopped her breathing, but with his reassurance and guidance she’d quickly learned how to catch a quick breath in time, and how to relax and wait until her airway opened up again. Hearing him praise her was almost as much of a turn-on as the act itself, and although her mouth and tongue were worn out she was sad when he finally pulled out and sent her to the bedroom.

Now on all fours on the bed with her privates on display for him, she fidgeted nervously wondering what would come next. She didn’t have to wait long. Standing behind her, he quickly rearranged her like a doll on a shelf, pulling her back to the edge of the bed and spreading her legs slightly to lower her hips to be level with his, then pressing her shoulders down until her chest was flat on the bed. Taking her right wrist, he pulled it behind her back, then did the same to the other. Nikki felt something flat and wide, possibly his belt, wrap around her elbows and tighten. At the same time she felt his cock insistently push between her flushed lips and burrow deeply into her pulsing pussy.

Whereas Gage made love to her the night before, now he fucked her, and hard. Using the strap around her elbows he pulled her tightly to him, keeping her from being knocked forward as he pounded into her. It was rough, demanding, and raw, everything Nikki had been craving, and from a distance she heard herself making an unfamiliar grunting with every thrust. Tightening his grip on the strap, Gage pulled her upper half up and back toward him, causing her back to arch even harder as he drove into her balls deep. With his free hand he began to toy with her ass, teasingly at first then with determination when Nikki started to moan. She’d never allowed anyone to touch her ass let alone fuck it, and her bottom was already so sore, but as he massaged her tightly contracted bottom hole she found herself craving more than just the finger he’d slipped in before.

Without warning he pulled out and let go of the strap that had held her suspended, letting her fall face forward into the bed. Nikki twisted her head around to watch as he retrieved one of the bags he’d brought in from the hall earlier. “You weren’t the only one who went shopping today,” he told her as he came back to the bed. One by one he pulled the contents of the bag out and set them on the bed directly in front of her face so she could get a good look at each one. First an amber bottle with a black label that touted itself as ‘Premium Bang Oil’ followed by a black box containing a vibrator labeled ‘The Midnight Rabbit.’ Nikki’s pussy tingled at the thought of how it would feel buried inside as the rabbit ears nuzzled her clit.

When he laid the last item from the bag on the bed next to her face she gulped nervously. It was a butt plug, and the only reason she even knew that was because one of the dancers at the club always wore one that had a sparkly blue crystal on it that covered her butthole. This one was black and sleek, with a wide base that sloped to a narrow neck before swelling back out again. The thick middle then gently tapered down to a smoothly curved end that, while much smaller than the middle, was still a lot larger than anything she’d ever had back there. As she gaped wide-eyed at it, Gage set a small remote control down beside it.

“I’m going to enjoy you tonight,” he said as he picked the bottle of lube up and poured some in his hand. “You’re going to enjoy it too, aren’t you, Kitten.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Nikki’s voice quivered as she twisted her head further around to watch as he rubbed a generous amount of oil on his cock and smoothly slipped it back into her pussy.

“I bought you a present today,” he said as he grasped her hips and pulled her back hard until his balls slapped against her and his cock bottomed out. Gage began to pump her on his cock like a toy, back and forth again and again. “After this afternoon you don’t really deserve a present, but if you’re a good girl tonight and make Daddy happy then I’ll give it to you in the morning.”

With her arms still bound behind her back and her face on the bed Nikki had to struggle to get her head turned enough to speak. “I’ll be good, Daddy,” she panted when she finally got her face clear of the bedding. No one had ever fucked her this hard, or tied her in such a way that she was helpless to do anything more than be fucked. Every thrust seemed deeper than the last and his cock seemed to have increased in girth as well. She wanted to get lost in the sensations, to let her focus narrow to the massive shaft driving into her over and over until she could go over with it, find the explosion that was just minutes away.

Gage wasn’t going to let her though. “You are so tight, Kitten,” he rasped, pulling her back up by the strap as he pounded into her. “Your ass will be incredible. Tell me how badly you want my cock in it.”

“I want your cock in my ass, Daddy,” she moaned, frustrated that he kept making her come back from the edge to talk to him. “I want it so oooooh!” She yelped as she felt his thumb push into her well-oiled back hole, then exhaled a grateful “ooooh” as he began gliding it smoothly in and out of her ass, slowly at first then gradually building speed to match the thrusting of his cock into her pussy.

“That’s my good girl.”

Nikki wondered how he could be so damn calm and in control at a time like this. It was all she could do to answer him, and it was getting harder and harder to even understand what he was saying in the first place. The only thing she cared about was the magic happening between her ass and her pussy, and at this point breathing was even becoming too damn complicated.

She had just begun to push back against his thumb when it was replaced with the tip of the now vibrating butt plug. Just the head at first, slick and soft, pushing and prodding until at last it slipped in with an audible pop. “Owww,” she whimpered as her ass reluctantly stretched to accommodate the plug. “That hurts.”

“It will only hurt for a little bit,” he assured her as he began to push it deeper, stretching her until a new crop of tears welled up in her eyes. “Just a few more inches, Kitten. Relax.”

She did as she was told, taking deep breaths and telling herself to relax, but her butt wasn’t listening. She was about to beg him to stop, tell him there was no way it would fit, when a low vibration began to thrum through her ass. A steady pulse at first, then swelling in intensity and speed to a high peak before dropping back to the steady pulse at first. Before she realized it, her ass relented and the plug slipped into place. The sensation was unfamiliar and awkward, but as the vibrations filled her ass and traveled to her pussy everything else in the room faded away and Nikki felt herself begin to float.

A painful slap on her already bruised backside snapped her back down to earth.

“I didn’t say you could come yet.”

She let out a soft sob of frustration, digging her nails into her palms as she willed herself back from the brink of orgasm. Her entire system was on sensory overload, no longer able to distinguish what hurt like hell and what it couldn’t get enough of. Between her legs was a yawning ache that demanded more while across her bottom a fire still raged. Her ass was stretched and strained but at the same time a million nerve endings came alive to the thrumming plug nestled deep inside it. The belt that kept her arms pulled back and her upper body suspended above the bed had caused a throbbing pain between her shoulder blades but knowing she was helpless and completely at the mercy of Gage’s desires was so damn hot it overrode the cramping muscles in her back. The only thing missing was a mirror so she could watch him taking complete control of her, fucking her to the very edge of coming and then demanding she pull back so he could do it again.

“You’re going to come with my cock in your ass,” he assured her as he pulled both his cock and the plug out of her.

Nikki howled in protest at the sudden sensation of being left empty and hollow, but before she could complain further she felt him slip the Midnight Rabbit into place, the pulsating rabbit ears snug around her clit with the curvy G-spot tickling shaft buried deep inside her pussy. “Oh, god,” she gasped as he adjusted the vibration settings to mind-blowing.

“Hold it in tight, Kitten. It doesn’t come out until I say so.”

Easier said than done. Just as she’d clamped down on the vibrating toy, she felt the tip of his cock eagerly push against her asshole. Its natural resistance to intrusion had been somewhat eased thanks to the magic the butt plug had worked on it just moments ago, but where it had been moderate sized, Gage’s cock was massive and it wasn’t taking no for an answer. Nikki exhaled and tried to relax her ass to allow him easier entrance but he was just so huge! How could she possibly take all of him that way?

And yet somehow she did, every last inch of his enormous shaft, until she felt his balls slap against her pussy and she knew he’d bottomed out. Closing her eyes, she surrendered her body to him, and as he began to slowly but steadily fuck her ass she found herself eager to take it all in, eager to please Daddy. His massive tool buried itself to the balls, stretching and spreading her as it thrust, slowly at first then with increasing speed and force until she began to grunt with each exhale from the pounding.

The effort it took to keep her pussy clamped tightly down on the Midnight Rabbit’s small shaft while keeping her ass relaxed for Gage’s huge one took all her concentration, but in doing so it narrowed her focus to a pinpoint. The only things she was aware of where Gage’s cock in her ass, the vibrating shaft in her pussy, and the relentlessly twitching rabbit ears flicking her clit, each one driving her toward a climax she’d yet to get permission to have. Nikki began to emit a desperate keening, greedy with need for release.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” he rasped, using her bound arms as leverage as he drove deep. “You like this, don’t you.”

“Fuck my ass,” she cried out in a hoarse, singsong voice. “Fuck my ass, Daddy, fuck my ass!” She did like it too, loved it in fact, loved having both holes stuffed, and if he could put his cock in her mouth at that moment she would have loved that as well, would have come immediately whether he said she could or not.

He pulled her body upright, her arms pressed against his chest now as he reached around and down between her legs to grasp the vibrator. Pulling it almost out of her pussy at the same time his cock pulled out of her ass, he whispered in her ear, “Come for me, Kitten,” and then thrust both deep into her at the same time.

That was all it took. Held in place with no way to escape, impaled on his cock and her new toy, she finally let herself come, every muscle in her body locking up tight in anticipation before surrendering to the spasms that came ripping through her. Dimly she realized Gage was right there with her, thrusting violently into her defiled ass as he wrapped his fingers in her hair and drug her head back against him, sinking his teeth into her neck and growling as he came.

All the strength had deserted her, leaving her limp and twitching against him. Nikki could feel his heart racing and hear his ragged breathing, but in less than a minute both had returned to normal. If only her own body would calm down so quickly. She felt as if she’d run a 10k marathon. Finally he unwrapped the strap from her arms, allowing her to collapse gratefully onto the pillows. The pain throughout her body still complained, but was easy enough to ignore in the wake of the orgasm she’d just experienced.

She was just about to drift off to sleep when he cupped her privates and whispered into her ear.

“Don’t fall asleep, Kitten,” he murmured as his fingers teased her pulsing clit and his thumb paid yet another visit to her thoroughly fucked ass. “We’re not even close to finished.”

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