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Under Daddy’s Roof by Jaye Elise – Extended Preview

The next couple of days went by like a dream. Cassie seemed to be enjoying her new home and the rules he’d imposed on her. She’d been studying and cleaning like a machine, attending all her classes, eating all her meals, and settling into the routine they’d established together. James beamed with pride whenever he thought of the progress she’d made.

Best of all, they’d kissed again, exploring each other and learning to trust one another on a deeper level. And this time, she’d initiated it. It happened Wednesday evening as they finished watching The Usual Suspects. The credits rolled and James waited in silence to hear her reactions to the final plot twist. She sat stunned for a couple of minutes before leaning back into his body and thanking him profusely for showing her the film. “That was incredible. I kind of want to watch it again, like now. You know?”

“I hear you,” he responded, wrapping his arm around her chest. “I had the same reaction the first time I saw it.”

She twisted herself around and looked up at him out of the corner of her eye. Without another word, she grazed her lips against his jawline, running the tip of her tongue along his rough stubble. He quickly spun her around and pinned her on the couch, peppering her cheeks, lips, ears, and neck with insistent, unyielding kisses. To his delight, she let him take charge and cover the entire length of her body with his own. It was heaven. And he could only imagine how it would feel to be inside her for the first time.

When Thursday came around, however, James wasn’t so sure that Cassie’s progress was permanent. Their day started much like Tuesday had, with breakfast and a hike. He noticed she seemed more antsy than usual—agitated in a way he hadn’t seen from her before—and the tension only escalated as the day wore on. When she couldn’t decide what to study first, he sat her at the desk and got her started on her reading for her women’s films class. When she dawdled after finishing her reading, he set her to work on a written assignment on Hemingway for English, offering her some constructive criticism on what she’d written so far. By the time lunch rolled around, she was practically having a full-blown tantrum, sighing and huffing away at her computer.

“Time for lunch, Cassie. I think you need a break,” he called to her from the kitchen.

“Thank God!” she exhaled, disdainfully slamming her laptop and books shut.

“Everything okay? You seem worked up. Anything I can help you with?” He couldn’t figure out what had changed between the previous couple of days and now, but there was definitely something off about her and he was determined to find out what it was.

“I’m fine.” She took a bite of her taco and stared out the window. “Thanks for lunch,” she mumbled to the squirrel perched on the oak just outside.

“You certainly don’t sound fine, so tell me what’s going on. Let me help if I can.”

“I said I’m fine, James. You don’t have to solve all my problems, you know,” she snapped at him. “Oh, and by the way, I won’t be doing the bathrooms today.”

A shitty attitude and willful defiance? She wasn’t going to get away with any of it, but at least he’d finally figured out what was off about her. He’d gone through a similar phase with Laura at the beginning of their relationship, and he understood how difficult it could be for a strong, intelligent, capable woman to express her latent sexual needs and to make herself completely vulnerable with her partner. James was convinced that this was exactly what Cassie was struggling with.

She wanted to be spanked and she was deliberately provoking him into giving her what she wanted, what she needed, without having to admit it out loud to him. Or to herself. And he knew exactly what he would do to fix it.

“Watch your tone with me, young lady.” She shot him an angry look, but held her tongue. “And why won’t you be cleaning the bathrooms today?” For now, he needed to keep her talking.

“Don’t feel like it,” she shrugged and kept her eyes trained on the squirrel.

“Hmm, we seem to have backtracked a bit, haven’t we, Cassie? You were behaving so well earlier this week, but now you’re acting more petulant than the day you first arrived. Care to explain?”

“Not really.” She had tempered her tone, but she still wouldn’t meet his stare. And the air between them crackled with tension. The situation was set to blow and the time to act had come.

“Fair enough. I guess you need some more discipline. Come with me.” He watched as the conflict raged across her face—pupils dilated and lips puffy with arousal, nostrils flared with the slightest bit of apprehension. He stood up and held out his hand for her to take before leading her down the hallway to his bedroom. She offered no resistance as he brought her into the room and turned on a few lights before shutting the blinds. There was nobody for miles around, but he knew the closed blinds would help her feel a little more comfortable with what was about to happen. Little did she know that the spanking wasn’t going to be the most challenging part of her ordeal.

Grabbing a hairbrush from the nightstand drawer before sitting down on the edge of the bed, he pushed up the sleeves on his black Henley shirt and focused his attention squarely on her. “Tell me something, Cassie. Do you remember what I told you after your last spanking?” She nodded. “So please remind me. Do naughty girls get to keep their panties on for their punishments anymore?” Shaking her head, her eyes widened, then blazed with a need he recognized and understood. “You know, for a moment, I thought I might let you leave them on like last time, but you’ve been such a bad girl today, breaking all sorts of rules and being disrespectful, I think you need some additional sting in that bottom of yours if we’re going to give you the correction you need.” He trained his gaze on her and possessed her with his stare. “Now, time to take off your jeans and your panties for me, Cassie.” When she complied as quickly as she possibly could, his suspicions were confirmed. She wanted the spanking, and she was going to get it. Only not on the terms she expected.

Getting his first look at her naked form—at least the bottom half of her—his eyes perused the gorgeous curve of her thighs leading up to a neatly trimmed thatch of light pubic hair. Although she tried covering herself up with her hands, he knew he’d be getting an even better look at her within a couple of minutes. “Now come here and lie across my lap.” He kept the tone of his voice as even as possible, hoping to keep her calm. She wanted this. He wanted her to want this. But she was going to have to understand that he was the one who was in charge. In all things.

Blushing a beautiful shade of crimson—one he intended to match across her gorgeous ass—she bent over at the waist and slid across his denim-clad thighs. He loved feeling the weight of her as she got into position. “That’s it. Keep moving forward until you touch the floor with your outstretched hands.” Cassie did as she was told and her rear end popped up in front of him, giving him ideal access for her spanking as well as a peek at her swollen labia. Just as with her first spanking, she was visibly aroused at what they were doing, at the situation she found herself in. Not only could he see the dampness of her folds, but he noticed that her inner thighs were coated in her essence.

“Now, you and I are going to have a little talk, Cassie. First, I want you to tell me why you’re about to get spanked.”

She wasted no time responding, her voice throaty and rushed. “I broke the rules.”

“And tell me, which rules did you break?” He began to stroke her rear end, gently massaging and comforting her.

“I, uh, three and eight, I think. I refused to clean the bathrooms, and I disrespected you.”

“Mmhmm. Yes, you most certainly broke those rules. And do you think you deserve your bare-bottom spanking today?” He laid his trap carefully. His little bunny rabbit had no idea that she was already snared.

“Yes, I do. I deserve a spanking.” She wiggled around on his lap for a brief moment before he stilled her with a hand to the small of her back.

“You know, I’m inclined to agree with you, Cassie. Except there’s one small problem we have to address first.” She tried to turn around, caught off guard by the change in tack, but he held her in place. “While Rules Three and Eight are important—and I’m so pleased you remembered them, even though you willfully chose to disregard them—I think you broke another rule as well. And, right now, it’s the only rule that matters.” He resumed his massage of her exposed bottom, further unsettling her with his blend of stern words and soothing touch.

“Wh-which rule, James? I don’t know what I did,” she pleaded with him.

“You’re a smart woman, Cassie. Think about it for a moment. Think about everything you’ve done this morning to end up across my knee with your bare bottom about to be spanked. Think about why you’re really in this position right now and if there’s another, better way you could’ve dealt with it. Be honest with yourself and with me, and think about Rule Nine.”

In a spectacular show of her quick mental recall, and despite the emotional turmoil of her current predicament, she quoted the rule verbatim, “Should Cassie need assistance, she will ask James.

“That’s exactly right. Good girl,” he purred, feeling her clench against his thighs. “Now, tell me why you’re here right now.”

He felt the fight pour out of her as she slumped across his lap, her previously charged body turning into dead weight in a matter of moments. Her sniffles alerted him to the fact that she was starting to cry, and as much as it killed him, he had to let her tears fall and to let her find her own way back to him. “I’m here… I’m here because I tried to provoke you into punishing me again. I wanted you to spank me, James,” she whispered, still stiff-armed against the floorboards.

“And why did you want a spanking, Cassie?” He had no intention of allowing her to hide from this or from herself. She was going to come clean. And now.

“I’ve been thinking about the other night—the first time you spanked my bottom—all week. It’s like I can’t turn it off. And every time I think about it, I want it again so badly it hurts. And that’s… wrong, isn’t it? I shouldn’t want that, right?”

His heart swelled with pride, but he needed to nip her doubts in the bud. “Okay, first and foremost, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ about wanting something that makes you feel good. We’re both adults, we can do—or not do—anything we want together. And what makes you think you shouldn’t want something your body and soul are clearly telling you that you do? It’s perfectly normal to explore different aspects of your sexuality—along the entire spectrum of pain and pleasure, dominance and submission—and find what works for you. There’s nothing wrong about it at all.” He squeezed one of her rounded cheeks in his firm hand before adding, “In fact, some of us quite enjoy it.” She peeked at him out of the corner of her eye and he gave her a reassuring smile, letting her know she was in a safe place, a place where nobody would judge her. “And remember, spanking and other forms of discipline don’t always have to be about punishment.

“Now, if you’ll be a good girl for me, and tell me how you could’ve handled today without breaking any of my rules, I’ll give you that nice spanking you’ve been wanting.”

She was so turned on, her arousal had started to seep into his jeans and her natural scent clung to the air, filling his bedroom with the aroma of pure lust. “I wanted—needed—a spanking today,” she started. “And instead of pushing your buttons and breaking the rules, I should’ve asked for your help. I should’ve asked to be disciplined by you.”

“Good girl. I’m so proud of you, Cassie. And now you’re going to get what you’ve been wanting. We’re going to start with a little warm-up as punishment for being disrespectful and not doing your chores.” He continued to stroke her gently. “And make no mistake, this is most definitely a punishment—it’s going to hurt, honey—but I’m sure this is exactly what you need right now. What we both need.” His throbbing erection dug into her hip, but was painfully entrapped by too much fabric. He’d have to take care of that later, because right now, she was his only focus. “Now be a good girl and stay nice and quiet for your spanking.” With his final caution, James began to pepper her delectable bottom with dozens of light, stinging swats, covering each creamy inch of her and building in intensity as her cheeks took on a deep rosy glow. Aside from a few light gasps and a couple of errant kicks, she managed to keep herself under control for her first bare-bottom spanking. He was impressed.

“Tell me, Cassie. Are you going to be naughty again and break my rules?” He continued to rain down quick, biting spanks across her bottom and down to the join of her thighs.

“No.” She sucked in a deep breath as he popped his hand against her exposed flesh. “I won’t break the rules. I promise!” Her voice had taken on a note of desperation, but he knew that she could take more. If he was going to give her the discipline she needed, she’d have to take more.

“And I believe you, my good girl. Now, we’re going to move on to the harder part of your punishment. You’re going to take twenty swats with the hairbrush and I’m going to count for you. And after each one, I want you to thank me for your spanking. Understood?”

“I understand,” she whimpered, stoically resigning herself to her fate.

“Excellent. Let’s get started.” He pulled his hand up from where he’d been caressing her bright red bottom, picked up the hairbrush, and connected it with the center of her right cheek. Based on the resounding smack and the gorgeous rippling across her backside, he knew it had hit home. “One.”

“Thank you for my spanking,” she cried out, arching her back and clenching her butt in response.

The next one caught her in the same place, but on the left side. “Two.”

“Thank you for my spanking!” Her voice was a little more desperate this time. And he knew it was going to get worse for her before it got better.

After a several more painful swats across her tender sit spots, she thanked him, but tried to pull away from him. “Stay still for me and be a good girl or I’ll have to hold you down for your spanking.” He knew full well he’d have to restrain her before they were finished. He was punishing her bottom thoroughly and it would’ve taken a miracle for her to not fight him.


Thankyouformyspanking!!” She yelled it out in one word as she reached her arms back to protect her tender rear end and kicked her legs wildly in an attempt to get away.

“Ah. You don’t cover yourself during your discipline.” He wrapped his left arm around her elbows, and threw his right leg over her thighs, effectively pinning her in place. Although the position didn’t give him great access to her exposed bottom, he enjoyed restraining her with his body and making her feel the extent of his control. “You’re not going anywhere until we’re done here, baby girl.”

Oh, shit. He hadn’t intended on calling her that quite yet. The punishment itself, her reddened ass in his face, her willing submission to his rules, her interest in being spanked by him… it had all come to a head and it slipped out.

But it felt right.

And based on her response—he knew she’d heard him loud and clear—it felt right for her too. She immediately relaxed into him, accepting his restraint and exhaling a long, pent-up sigh. “I won’t fight anymore,” she whispered. “Please give me the rest of my punishment.”

“Yes, baby girl.” He said it again, savoring the words he hadn’t uttered in nearly fifteen years. The cat was out of the bag and he’d be damned if he’d try to force it back in, especially after seeing how well she’d responded to it.


Thank you for my spanking.


Thank you for my spanking.


He kept his blows concentrated on her sit spots and the backs of her thighs, wanting her to remember her punishment every time she sat down for the next couple of days. Wanting her to remember who punished her. And why.



Nineteen, almost there, baby girl.



Her last scream took his breath away. “Thank you for my spanking, Daddy!!” And she collapsed into tears, shaking against him as he pulled her to her feet then laid her across the bed on her stomach.

She’d called him Daddy. He never thought he’d hear another woman call him that again. Although he wanted nothing more than to revel in the swirl of emotions that surged through him in that moment, having her call him Daddy filled him with a possessive, protective instinct and he knew he needed to take care of his baby girl now and process his complex feelings later.

She sobbed into the pillow as he grabbed the bottle of lotion from the nightstand drawer. “We’re gonna do some aftercare now, baby girl. Daddy’s going to make a little of that sting go away for you.” He squeezed some of the cool liquid into the palm of his hand and proceeded to massage her pink, mottled buttocks and thighs. Although she flinched at first, she gradually accepted his touch and let him tend to her. “Is that a little better now?”

“Y-yes,” she mumbled into the pillow before turning her head to meet his protective gaze.

“Good girl. Now you stay here for a moment—I’m going to go get some tea started for us—and I’ll be right back.”

When he returned from the kitchen, she was in the same position, although her tears had subsided and he caught her running her fingers over her thoroughly punished bottom. “How’re you feeling?”

“It hurt so much. I didn’t think I could take it… but I did. Because you were the one doing it. And I wasn’t getting punished because I’d forced your hand. I was getting punished because I broke the rules and didn’t ask you for help when I needed it.”

“Thanks for letting me in, Cassie. And for understanding how the rules work in this house. I can’t give you the discipline you need if you’re trying to undermine the structure we’ve agreed to. It’s all or nothing. We can’t go halfway on this.”

“I understand. I really do.” She brushed a thick hank of hair away from her face and focused in on him.

“And how did it make you feel when I called you ‘baby girl’?” Of all the questions he’d ever asked her, of all the moments when things could’ve gone sideways between them, of all the times he’d had to build up the nerve to push forward with her, this was one of the most difficult experiences he’d ever had. He needed to know definitively how she felt about being his baby girl. This was the crux of the future of their relationship together, and waiting for her response filled him with terror.

Thankfully, she didn’t make him wait long. “I, uh, I liked it. It got me into a different headspace, you know? It’s like you said before, it’s not wrong. We’re adults, and we can do whatever we want together. Whatever works for us. So, I guess I’m saying that ‘baby girl’ works for me if it works for you… Daddy.”

He thought his heart might explode and, as he cupped her face in his hands, he pulled her into a deep, soul-searching kiss that sealed their new bond as Daddy and baby girl.

At one point, James had feared he might be pushing her too hard and too fast, but now that they’d bared their innermost feelings to one another—had confessed their true desires—he knew they’d established a solid basis upon which to build the future of their relationship together. It wasn’t too hard or too fast. It was just right. For them.

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