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Under His Control by Stella Blanche – Extended Preview

The smell of coffee had Sage up and out of bed, rushing toward the kitchen like a kid on Christmas. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Caleb in her small living room, drinking coffee and reading the paper. She started nervously playing with the hem of the oversized T-shirt she was wearing. Wait a minute. How in the name of all things unholy did she get into this shirt? She crossed her arms and glared at him, but he was apparently oblivious as he didn’t look up from his paper.

“You looked uncomfortable, so I just helped out a little.” He had a hint of a smirk around his lips as she huffed and went into the kitchen to get some coffee. She had just taken a sip when a hand trailed up her leg, beneath the shirt to cup her ass. She gasped and spun around, but before she could protest, his lips were on hers and he was lifting her up and carrying her back to her bedroom.

He laid her down on the bed and stood back just looking at her. “You know, Sage, I’ve never met anyone who gets me as mad as you do.” He paused as he glanced over her body. “Or as turned on as you do.”

Sage swallowed nervously and made to get up, but he pushed her down again. “What were you thinking, driving off yesterday? And then you drive around without your helmet? And you take drugs?” He sighed and walked toward her closet. Her heart started thrumming furiously, but she didn’t know if it was from fear or excitement. He rummaged around a bit and her eyes widened when she saw he had selected three of her favorite belts.

“I think your reckless behavior needs to stop and I think the only way to get through to you is to punish you every time you act out the way you did today.”

Sage felt the heat pooling between her legs and almost without realizing it, she nodded. She gasped as he flipped her over and before she could utter a single word of protest, her arms were tied to the bedpost with one of the belts. He tested the tightness of her restraints by pushing two fingers between her skin and the soft leather of the belt, making sure it would restrain her and not hurt her. His hands encircled her waist, lifting it as he pushed pillows into the space beneath her, ensuring that her ass was in the air. She felt very exposed and vulnerable, but that didn’t even come close to the nervous excitement that was coursing through her body. She gasped as Caleb ruthlessly ripped her panties from her body, the cool air in the room hitting the heat between her legs, and she moaned slightly as Caleb brushed his hand over her ass cheeks. He pushed her legs further apart and his fingers trailed up her thighs, grazing over her already drenched pussy lightly. Her moan was much louder this time. The palm of his hand hitting her ass had her body jolting from the unexpected assault. “Count with me, kitten,” he murmured as he slapped her again.

“One.” She groaned at the pleasure the pain evoked in her body.

He hit her again. “Two.” She gasped as this hit was a bit harder than the previous one, landing on the exact same spot. He rubbed her ass gently, causing goosebumps to rise across the sensitive flesh, before hitting her again. Each slap was harder than the previous one and by the time they reached ten, she was writhing in pain but she felt that the pillows beneath her were wet with the slick juices leaking from between her legs.

She was panting hard as he flipped her over, yearning for a touch of a different kind. “Now, kitten, you didn’t think I was done yet, did you?” His fingers trailed down her stomach, which was now exposed as he had pushed her shirt up. He gently traced his fingers up and down her soaking slit, pushing two fingers deep inside her and she moaned like a wanton woman and thrust her hips up to meet his hand. He pulled away suddenly.

“I think you are enjoying this way too much. You are supposed to be punished, kitten, not pleasured.” He tapped his chin as though he was thinking about something. His smile alone had her leaking more juices onto the already soaked pillow. He smiled suddenly and walked over to her closet again. He came back with another belt, placing it at the foot of her bed before grabbing her feet and pulling her farther down the bed, her arms stretched straight above her head, still tied to the bedpost. With the pillows now beneath her back, her torso was arched and her lower body was slightly sloped. He spread her legs as far apart as they could go without being painful or uncomfortable, tying her ankles separately to her bed’s bottom posts, once again testing the tightness of the restraints. He smiled widely as he stood back and observed her. Caleb just stood there watching her with his obsidian eyes until she started squirming beneath his gaze. Not that it helped her much since she was bound up tightly, spread-eagle. He walked back to the bed slowly and the expression that lurked in his eyes now had her slightly scared.

“If I ever find out that you are using again, this will be the least I will do to you, do you understand?” Sage gulped; what the hell was he planning to do? “Do you understand?” His voice was raised, borderline yelling but not quite there. She nodded nervously and had no time to prepare herself as the end of her belt came into contact with her pussy harshly, bringing with it a searing pain that had her crying out at the burn and her back arching as far as possible.

“Count, Sage.” His voice was stern and for the first time in eight years, she was scared shitless.

“One,” she whispered.

Smack! The belt sounded again.


Tears pooled in her eyes and she closed them, not wanting him to see them. Her body reflexively tried to get away from his hand that was fast swooping down again.

“Three,” she whimpered.

Another cracking sound resounded through the room and she had to bite her lip to contain her scream. He halted his movements and waited for her to regain whatever composure she could.

“Four.” Her voice was strained and weak, but with her eyes closed tightly she didn’t see the fleeting flash of regret in his eyes before he straightened his shoulders and brought the belt down again, the hardest blow yet and she couldn’t help the small scream from bursting past her lips.

“Five.” He counted for her as she tried to control her breathing, then she heard him leave the room. She couldn’t keep the one lone tear from escaping from beneath her tightly closed eyelids and she had no way of wiping it away either. Her body jerked and she gasped, eyes flying open as she felt something cold and wet pushing against her tender, sore, and most likely bruised pussy.

Caleb sighed as he swiftly untied her legs and arms, rubbing the stretched and aching limbs, before lying down on top of her, careful not to crush her completely. He gently wiped away the tear and this only caused another to fall.

“Baby, you have to understand that I am trying to help you.”

He was going to help her by belting her sore pussy? If she wasn’t trying so hard to contain the sobs bubbling in her chest, she would have snorted at his ridiculous statement. She did not really see how this was helping her so she merely shook her head as a response, closing her eyes again. Her heart felt nearly as bruised as the tender and swollen lips between her legs. He kissed her gently then, his hands trailing up and down her body in a soothing manner. She didn’t know what the fuck was going on with her body, but despite the hard belting she just took, arousal was soon rushing through her veins. Tears and sobs forgotten, she wrapped her arms around him. She didn’t know for how long they were making out, but she gasped and pulled away in a moan when he thrust into her suddenly, hard and fast. She pulled his head down to hers again and kissed him furiously. She met his hips thrust for thrust as she felt the tension in her building at a rapid pace. Suddenly and without warning the dam burst and she cried out at the intensity of her orgasm. Caleb grunted as he found his own release, his lips turning softer and gentler as they rode the gentle waves, coming down from the high of orgasm. She was nearly asleep again when he pulled her closer to him, pressing a tender kiss to her exposed shoulder.

“Please don’t run from me again.”

And her heart clenched, because she knew that she would. She would always run, because leaving was so much easier than being left.

Caleb stretched lazily and put out his arm to pull Sage closer but the bed was empty and cold next to him. She must have left the bed a while ago then. His heart sank and felt just as cold and empty as the space next to him. Was it because he was too harsh on her? He always knew he had a dominant side to him, he has even explored a bit of BDSM, but was always left unsatisfied afterwards. But not with Sage, never with her. She turned him inside out and never even realized it. He let out a heavy sigh, rubbing his eyes tiredly. What was he going to do with her? He couldn’t leave her alone, hell, he tried that and failed miserably, but if she didn’t want him, could he keep forcing himself on her? How far could he push her, before she felt it was too much and she disappeared from his life completely, like she did after school? He didn’t think that he’d be able to survive losing her, not after having her surrender to him so completely as she did when he was deep inside her. Just the thought of her pulsing, tight heat around him had him semi-hard again and he let out another sigh, trying to rid himself of the crushing disappointment lodged in his chest. But then he heard something from beyond the bedroom door that was left slightly ajar. Her low, sweet voice and the strumming of a guitar somewhere in the small apartment and he realized that that was in fact what woke him.

He got up and pulled his pants on quickly before going in search of her. She was sitting cross-legged on the small balcony, on the ledge with nothing but his dress shirt on. Her hair was down and falling in soft waves to her bent knees. Her face was clear of makeup and her lips were still slightly swollen from all his kisses. Just thinking about the last night had his semi-hard-on raging to full life again and he suppressed the urge to curse. What was it about her that made him so… out of control… of everything: his emotions, his actions, his anger? He wanted to fuck her and love her in equal measure, if that was even possible. She looked up at him and gave him a slight smile and right then and there his heart stopped beating as the realization slammed into him like a sledgehammer, nearly bringing him to his knees. He was in love with Sage.

Caleb was just standing there looking at Sage and it was kind of starting to freak her the fuck out. She decided to break the awkward silence. “I just made a fresh pot of coffee.” She slowly took a drag of her cigarette, enjoying the feeling of the nicotine spreading through her lungs and the slight burn from the tar in her throat. Her eyes narrowed as he followed the movement with his eyes, his lips pressing firmly down. She was just waiting for him to give her the usual lecture about how bad smoking was for her and how she was throwing her life away and blah the fuck blah. Instead he simply turned around and disappeared into the kitchen. She was so shocked that she was afraid she was going to fall off the ledge. She quickly got down and put her guitar back on its stand before sauntering into the kitchen after him.

“Would you like some more coffee?” Caleb asked without turning to look back at her. Wordlessly she placed her mug next to his and hopped onto the counter. The silence between them stretched and was only broken when she quietly thanked him for the coffee. He leaned against the counter next to her and lazily, like he wasn’t even aware of doing it, he started drawing patterns on her inner thigh. He seemed distracted and for once it was nice to not fight with him, to just sit in silence and enjoy his finger’s lazy pattern. It felt comfortable and Sage didn’t, for once, feel the familiar panic at the fact that she wasn’t feeling anything but content. The burning need to feel something, anything, was missing and it didn’t scare her like it usually did.

“Let’s go away for a couple of days.” He didn’t look at her but his words came as such a shock that Sage’s mug fell from her suddenly lifeless fingers. Caleb calmly bent down, picked up the broken pieces, and threw them in the trash, and then he started mopping up the mess left on the floor.

“I can clear my schedule for a few days, we can go to my private island, away from the people and the noise and the drama and just be.” He straightened and handed her his half-empty mug while he poured another for himself.

“Just be? Be what, exactly?”

“Whatever we want to be. We can laze around on the beach, you can take your guitar and lie in a hammock all day and drink all the cocktails you want. Just two rules—no drugs and no hard liquor on the rocks.”

Sage looked at him like he’d grown a second head. “Okay, who are you and what the fuck have you done with Caleb?”

He sighed and placed his mug down on the counter, gently cupping her face in his hands. “Come on, Sage. I thought you were the thrill seeker? Don’t you want to come away with me?” His deep brown eyes were searching her for an answer and the truth was, yes, she did want to go away with him. Live in a fantasy world for a week or two? Pretend she was not completely fucked up and that someone actually wanted her? Caleb’s presence alone was enough to keep her nightmares away and she was so tired. Tired of seeing her demon every night she closed her eyes. Tired of lying awake, trying desperately to not fall asleep in the vain hope that he wouldn’t be there, with the hate in his eyes and the threats spilling from his lips, seeping into her skin and chilling her to the bone. Yeah, she could totally take a break away from that.

“I can do anything I want?” Sage questioned him quietly.

“Anything—as long as you follow the two rules,” he confirmed with a slight nod of his head.

“So, I can have all the kinky sex I want?” Her hands trailed up his bare chest and he sucked in a breath, dropping his hands from her face to pull her closer. He was standing between her legs and Sage was acutely aware of the fact that she was not wearing any panties. His hands roaming her back left a fiery trail that had her cursing the fabric that separated her skin from the feel of his rough palms.

“Kinky sex? Please elaborate on that, Miss Dunford?” His voice was rough and deep and it pulled at something low in her abdomen where a desperate heat was starting to pool.

“Well… I might do something bad again.” She raised one eyebrow in a challenge and he pulled her even closer, making her gasp as the breath caught in her throat.

“You like me spanking you?” His eyes darkened as she bit her lip and nodded.

With a growl, he lifted her from the counter and started heading toward the bedroom.

“Dear Miss Dunford, I don’t need a reason to spank you if you like it. You can just ask nicely.”

Caleb’s voice in her ear and his hands, firm and strong beneath her, already had her soaking wet so all she could do was ask, beg actually.

“Please, please, Caleb.” His teeth nipped at her skin and she moaned as he lowered her to the bed.

Sex with Caleb was better than any adrenaline rush, any prank, and any uppers Sage had ever taken. The quivering need, the bubbling excitement, the erotic sensation, and the exploding orgasms were all followed by melted bones and complete, utter satisfaction. She could seriously get used to living off him for the rest of her life. His arms suddenly disappeared from beneath her, just before she was actually laid down on the bed; the small drop made her stomach flip and she couldn’t contain the giggle that escaped her lips.

“I’m certain we’ve had the discussion regarding giggles in the bedroom, didn’t we?” She glanced up at him, but he was smiling down at her and Sage realized that he was merely looking for a reason to give her what she wanted, needed—another spanking.

“Yes, we did.” She didn’t know when it happened, but she was suddenly breathless, her voice husky.

“Turn over, ass up.”

“Ass up? What?” He flipped her onto her stomach so quick that she had no time to catch her breath. His hand was beneath her, raising her until she was on her knees but hunched over, face still on the mattress. He spread her legs as wide apart as they could go and she couldn’t contain the moan that escaped her even if she wanted to. She was spread wide open and raised for his viewing pleasure and she knew, she just fucking knew, that he was watching. Just standing there looking at her drenched and still slightly swollen pussy.

“So fucking beautiful.” His hand landed on her ass with a resounding smack and she gasped before moaning as he slapped her again. He gave her another hard slap, and another and another until she was writhing and moaning like a prize-winning porn star. “Please, Caleb.” He was stroking his fingers up and down her soaking wet slit.

“Please what?” He dipped a finger inside, but only a little ways and she groaned at his teasing.

“Please, just…” Her words failed her as he started spreading her slick juice all the way up to her asshole. Her breathing become ragged and he continued his sweet torture of dipping his finger slightly into her pussy and trailing the juices up to her asshole, lubricating the puckering hole. He started circling with just the tiniest bit of pressure and she nearly came from the sensation spreading from the sensitive bud.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” His voice sounded strained and she yearned to see his face as he fucked her, but she also want to see the way he would be fucking her. Suddenly an idea occurred to her.

“Wait!” His hands were gone in an instant and she quickly got off the bed, took her full-length mirror off the wall, and pulled her dresser chair up to the side of the bed. Sage glanced over at Caleb and saw that his pants were gone and he was lightly stroking himself. Just the sight of him doing that had her creaming again. She got back on the bed in the position he wanted her in but this time she had a side profile view of him and everything he was doing. He continued with his stroking, dipping, circling and she so desperately wanted more that she bucked into his hand. Another smack on her ass was her reward and the excitement continued building until he finally, swiftly thrust into her drenched pussy. She cried out and shut her eyes tightly at the incredible feeling. Her pelvis tilted in this angle meant that he was stroking that one sweet spot with every single movement he made. He was thrusting violently when he suddenly stilled. Sage was still trying to catch her breath when she felt it. His finger gently, but persistently pressing against her asshole. The tiny pucker tightened against the intrusion but then suddenly gave way and Caleb pushed his finger in knuckle deep. He kept it there and slowly started circling, stretching until he pulled out and she held her breath as she felt the more prominent pressure of two fingers. Just as they were slipping in, he thrust back into her pussy and she nearly screamed at the double penetration. His fingers in her ass felt so wrong but so good, so full. He was just circling her asshole while furiously fucking her pussy. She looked over at the mirror and the erotic scene they made had her transfixed. His other hand reached around and opened her folds until he found the bud of her clit and started circling it. He was grunting with each thrust and it was too much. Too much sensation, too much feeling, too much Caleb and she simply let go and became undone beneath his skilled ministrations. She cried out his name as shudders racked her body relentlessly and then he groaned her name as he reached his own climax as well. He collapsed on top of her, gently extracting himself from her. He pulled her closer and pulled the covers over them. She looked into the mirror and saw him, holding her like that. Like she was something worth holding onto.

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