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Under His Jurisdiction by Missy McKay – Extended Preview


I’ve never shared this place with anyone but family. This is my private sanctum from the crazy everyday life I live. Most of the women I’ve seen in the past wouldn’t appreciate this place, but Harper’s wide eyes tell me everything I need to know. She treasures nature as much as I do. Now, I find myself wondering if she likes fishing, hunting, or any other outdoor sports. It doesn’t take me long to find out.

“Oh, my goodness… Look at that view.” She walks over to the edge of the deck and looks off. “I can’t wait to see the sunrise over the water or is it the sunset?”

“We see the sunrise here—the sun sets to the front of the cabin.” I walk up behind her, encasing her in my arms as I grab the bannister to each side of her. I lean into her ear. “I’m not sure you’ll be up in time to see the sunrise, darling.” I’m tempted to tell her we’ll plan another trip here soon, but I stop myself.

She turns and puts her face close to my chest, tipping her chin up to look at me. “Does that mean you plan on keeping me up late tonight?” She smirks. The little tease.

“It certainly does.” I need to go around and ensure everything looks good with the cabin, not that I am really concerned about them finding me out here. I bring my hand up to run through her locks before I wrap them around my fist and pull backwards, not too harshly, but enough to let her know what I’m thinking about. Her hiss is a welcome sound. “I’m going to make you mine tonight.” I didn’t want to add the tonight… I really wanted to say forever, but I’m not capable of a forever type of relationship. I watch her eyes shift to a deeper hue and her breaths begin to slam in her chest.

My other hand caresses her cheek and she turns further into it, but I pull her head back firmer, letting her know I’m in charge now. She bites her pink lip and I growl in return. “Don’t bite your lip in front of me—you have no idea what it does to me.”

The little minx takes her hand and caresses my already hard cock through my jeans. “I think I do.” I move her hand and grind against her, letting her feel the divine carnage coming her way. I tip her head further back and kiss from her ear down to her neck, taking a moment to nibble on her collarbone. As her lips part to sigh I take the opportunity to take her mouth in a rough kiss, finishing it with a bite on her lip.

I take a step back, releasing my hold on her. She takes a small step toward me, but I turn and walk away, leaving her standing on the deck. When she doesn’t follow after me I look back over my shoulder. “Are you coming?”

“Not yet, but I sure am wet,” she laughs, catching me off guard. I left myself wide open for that reply. Not that many women would have taken that opportunity around me. I haven’t exactly been as strict with Harper as I normally would be with others, but there is something different about this one.

“Just for that comment—don’t expect to come anytime soon, Harper.” Her frown tells me everything I need to know. “Go to the living room and wait for me there. I need to go ensure everything is secure.” When she doesn’t immediately move or reply I assist her. “The correct reply is ‘Yes, Sir,’ Harper.”

“Yes, Sir, Harper.” She’s really trying me tonight. I didn’t think she had it in her to be such a brat, but I’ll enjoy nothing more than showing her the error of her ways.

“Oh, Harper—you’re digging yourself into a hole you’ll have a hard time crawling your way out of.” I wait at the door for her to walk by and smack her hard on her glorious ass. “Harper, I feel like you missed something. I said ‘crawl’ your way out of.” I point to the floor.

“You can’t be serious.” Her face is full of shock. My face doesn’t change except a quirk of my lips. “You’re serious.”

“Entirely.” One word and then I wait for her to battle the questions in her mind. I know she must be thinking through it; is she willing to take that step? “I’m waiting, Harper.”

Her cheeks begin to redden as she drops to her knees and then to all fours. “Yes, Sir.” She wiggles her ass a little more than she needs to as she makes her way to the living room. Ignoring that, I begin making my way around the cabin, ensuring all is well. Flipping the switch on the wall will ensure the floodlights automatically turn on should there be anyone approaching the house. Finishing up the tasks, I keep her in my line of sight as she fidgets on the couch.

I walk up behind her and start massaging her shoulders. “Mmmm, that feels so good,” she moans and rolls her shoulders into my hands. I give her a few more minutes of massage before I move around in front of her.

“Up.” I give her my hand to help her rise to her feet. “Harper, do you trust me?”

“Yes, Sir,” she barely gets out through her nervousness. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.”

“Then let’s lay down some ground rules for tonight.”

“Yes, Sir.” She’s got the formality down.

“Tonight—you will be completely mine.” There is that word tonight again. “And with being mine, you’ll follow my rules to the T. Do you understand?”

She nods her head. “I need words, Harper.”

“Yes, Sir.” She begins nibbling on her bottom lip out of nerves.

“Stop biting your lip, Harper.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“One rule tonight—be honest.” I pause, waiting to see if she has any questions. “Be honest with your emotions, with your thoughts, with your questions or concerns.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her shoulders seem to loosen with that. Typically, I would have a lot more rules, but she’s still new to the scene. Or at least that is what I tell myself.

“Okay, beautiful. I’m going to strip you until you’re bare and I don’t just mean your clothes.” I walk around her and stop with her back to my chest. “Lift your arms.” She does without hesitation. With both hands, I run my fingers under the hem of her shirt and lift it, being sure to keep contact with her skin as I do. I pull her shirt over her head and throw it on the couch, next unclipping her bra and letting it fall to the floor. I can’t help but to play with her reddened nipples, squeezing them within my fingers.

She moans against my chest. “You like when I play with your nipples. Good.” I keep one hand caressing her tit as I move down and unbutton her pants with my other hand. I shimmy them down and over her firm ass until they drop to her knees. It’s my turn to suck a breath in with the sight of her black silk panties covering her beautiful ass. Her creamy white skin illuminated against blackest of black fabric is the sweetest juxtaposition of color. “My good God, Harper… You’re going to be the death of me.” I squeeze her nipple and love the tone of her moan. “These stay on… they look too good to remove right now.” I tap her leg as I bend down to peel off her pants. She lifts up one foot then the other as I slide the jeans completely off of her body, leaving her in nothing but her panties.


My body is humming with need—the urge to ask for more is on the tip of my tongue, but I know better. He’ll give me what he wants and nothing more even if I beg. His hand is still swirling around my nipple, making it peak with hardness. His other hand runs up my back to come to rest just on the outside of my throat. He’s not putting any pressure on me there, but letting me know he could if he wanted to.

He leaves it there for only a moment before letting it flutter down my body to come to rest at the apex of my legs over my silk panties, now wet with need. He doesn’t move his hand, testing my quickly depleting patience.

“You are so beautiful, Harper.” His voice rattles against my ear. “Tell me what you’d like.”

“I want what you want to give to me,” I say as sweetly as possible even though I can’t help to lace it with a speck of sarcasm. He nips my ear with his teeth.

“What would you say…” his hand moves to my ass and dips past the silky fabric to touch the sensitive area between my cheeks, “if I said I wanted to take you here.”

My heart thunders. My breath hitches. “What would you say, Harper?” His finger presses lightly against the hole.

“I’d say…” His finger presses just a bit harder, but not entering me. “I would be scared.”

“Good girl.” I feel relief as his finger leaves that spot to return to where I really want it. “But don’t think I won’t take you there at some point, Harper. I do appreciate the honesty I asked for, but beware what you ask for because that is what I want to give to you.” His finger slides through the wetness in my pussy to dance a delightful pattern of ecstasy doubled with need for more. I moan against him and try to create more friction against his hand, more than he’s willing to give because I’m immediately spanked… hard. It isn’t a spanking meant to turn me on, but instead one to deter me from trying to take control.

“You are so beautiful, Harper. I can and will worship your body.” He doesn’t seem to be speaking from the point of view of a dominant. Shouldn’t I be worshiping his body? He must sense my confusion. “This goes both ways, you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“A dom lives to care for his submissive. You give me an amazing gift with your trust and honesty. The least I can do is reward you for your submission.” He kisses my forehead.

A kiss on the forehead has always been my favorite way to show affection, but his forehead kiss sends shivers down my body like I touched a live wire. “I think I could get used to having you around, Harper.”

“Ditto, Sir.” He makes me feel as though I’m the only thing that matters in the world to him right now. Every bit of his attention is on me and that alone makes me feel treasured. It is definitely something to get used to—the pain that follows with pleasure. My ass cheek is sore and not just a dull numb sore, but a thrumming through my body sore.

His fingers work more in me while his other hand is massaging my tits. I lean my head back against his chest and he takes the opportunity to suckle my neck, making my body prickle with even more need. I feel my pussy constrict around his fingers. He continues to move in a rhythm to my dancing body against his. The friction of his fingers and my silky panties against my core is bringing me close to the brink of screaming.

Just when I’m about to come, Lucas moves his hand from my tits to my neck, wrapping his strong fingers around my throat and restricting my breathing just a touch. I’m not sure why but the feeling of his hand there makes me wetter and ready to explode around his fingers. He moves in and out faster and faster, making me whine out words I’m not sure I’m even forming correctly.

As I moan louder his hand wraps tighter, making each breath even more difficult, but still giving me enough to scream his name as I come on his fingers. I’ve heard rumors of women having such powerful orgasms—heck, I have even had a few of my own over the past several nights spent with Lucas—but this one is something else.

As I pant, he pulls his fingers out of my pussy and brings them up to my mouth to offer them to me to suck. I do and he releases his hold on my neck, spinning me around to watch me work my lips around his fingers. “Harper, I want you on your knees with your mouth wrapped around my cock.”

I don’t even hesitate to lower to the floor because I’m concerned if I don’t then my legs will give out on me anyway. There is a slight haze around me as my orgasm is still rocking through me. My lips are humming in anticipation of his hard cock.


Her fingers come up to my belt buckle, start to undo it, and unbutton then zip my pants down. She shimmies my pants over my hips and lets them drop to the floor at my feet. I step to the side and kick them away. She doesn’t hesitate to take control of the moment and take hold of my cock in her soft hands. Her fingers wrap around my balls, massaging them while her other hand is running up and down my shaft. She looks up at me and it is just about my undoing. Could this be what heaven on earth is all about? Her soft smile shakes me to my core right before she dips her head down.

It doesn’t take me long to feel my orgasm approaching at tsunami speed. I can’t help but to take her locks in my hand, helping to control her pacing and forcing her to take me deeper. Her eyes focus back on mine, sending a bolt of awareness through me. She’s falling hard for me and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to myself that she was digging a space into my heart with every moment I spend with her.

She does a swirling motion with her tongue from my balls down over my shaft to the tip of my cock, making it have a mind of its own. She quirks her mouth up in one of the sexiest little smiles I’ve ever seen.

I keep my eyes focused on hers. “I’m going to come soon.” Those are the only words I’m able to get out before I fill her mouth. My vision goes blurry, my thoughts go blank, and when I’m finally in control of myself I notice the little minx grinning up at me. If that isn’t enough to unravel any reasonable thought, she takes her tongue and licks my cock clean. “Get to the bedroom now,” I bark, trying to regain control of this moment.

“Yes, Sir. I’d be most delighted.” She puts one hand down to start pushing off the floor but stops before rising to give the tip of my cock a kiss. That’s it, this woman is all mine. I’m never letting her go; I can’t. She’s too perfect. I swat her ass when she’s finally up and making her way past me to the bedroom down the hall. I have so much to teach her.

I take a moment in the silence of the living room to gather myself. It’s been a hell of a long time since I needed to stop for a moment for my own sanity. I run my fingers through my hair then head in her direction. She’s lying on the bed with her head propped up by her arms behind her. She looks relaxed, sated. She has no idea how much higher I’m going to take her.

“Harper—have I worn you out already?” I smirk next to the bed.

“No, Sir. I was just waiting for your instruction.” She turns to her side, resting her head on her arms. Her natural submission arouses me beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

“I want you to lie on your back.” She lies back and I climb on top of her, still in my shirt, but nothing else, being sure not to crush her. She reaches for my shirt to tug it over my head, pausing to give me a chance to decline her movement if needed. I don’t and she removes it, tossing it off of the bed then returns her hands to my shoulders, rubbing and massaging. “Put your hands above your head and keep them there.” She lets out a puff of exasperation but complies with my command. “If you move them, I will restrain you.” Her cheeks flush and her body warms beneath me. She wants that. “I have a feeling you won’t be able to follow my instructions in a moment. Would you like me to tie your hands to the headboard to help you out? If you move them, I will have no choice but to punish you.”

She’s pensive for a moment, clearly deciding if she was to be a brat and get a spanking or if she’d rather relinquish the ability to move her arms. “Please restrain me to your bed, Sir.” Her plea is hushed and full of passion.

“Yes, Harper. I would be happy to.” I step off of her and head to the closet near the back left corner of the room. I open the doors, hoping to find a few ties I’ve left here over time. I head back with a few more than I’ll probably need. “Grab ahold of the headboard, beautiful.” She does as I ask and I make quick work of wrapping the material around her hands.

“Thank you, Sir.” I swallow. She is such a natural at submitting. There isn’t even much training because she just knows what to do by intuition.

“You’re welcome, Harper.” I check to ensure she’s fully secure. “I’m going to make you scream and beg so much tonight you’ll most likely forget your own name.”

She nods taking a quick swallow, understanding her predicament. I hold up another tie in my hand. Her eyes are quizzical. “So you won’t know what I’m going to do until I do it.” I let the fabric come to rest across her eyes, loosely at first, giving her the moment she needs to come to terms with it. I then reach behind her head and tie it, bringing it tightly across her eyes and blacking out all sight around her. “How do you feel, Harper?”

“With you, Sir, I feel safe.” Those words. Those words.

“Thank you for that, Harper.” I lean in and kiss her on her forehead. In this moment I’m glad I blindfolded her. If she saw the emotions that crossed my face only moments ago she’d know I was all hers. I kiss her on the cheek next, her lips, and then absolutely devour her mouth, taking all that I want and need from her. Need? I’ve never used that word in relation to a woman.


Surprisingly, being tied to Lucas’s bed doesn’t leave me questioning my sanity. The moment he finished securing me I felt more connected, more centered, more his. My heart is thumping—not from fear, but the anticipation of not knowing what is coming next. I feel him shift his weight off of the bed. I’m not certain where he’s gone until I feel my legs being pulled taut from the end of the bed by my ankles. “These stay here.” That voice.

“Yes, Sir.” I gasp and shift in reaction as I feel something making its way over my skin. It feels like a scrap of leather.

“What did I say?” His voice is strong, but patient.

“Not to move, but…” Before I can finish, he interrupts.

“No buts, Harper.” The smell of the leather pierces the air before it makes contact with my nipple. The sting is meant to keep me in place, but instead I buck against the pain. My other nipple is rewarded with the same sting. “Show me you want to obey and be my good girl.”

“Yes, Sir.” I try to still my body in reaction to the growing pain turning into a growing need for more. I want to shift my legs closed to create friction against my middle to bring some relief. The blackness around my eyes helps me to relax into the bed. I take a few deep breaths to get my breathing and control back in place. As soon as I feel like I’ve gained back the control over my own body I feel another whack, but this time on the inside of my right thigh, quickly followed by another to my left. I focus my breathing and let the pain dance around my body. My thighs feel on fire, sending the burning even further up to my core.

“This…” his voice pauses and I feel a snap against my pussy lips, “is called…” my right nipple then my left gain his attention, “a crop.” He continues to connect with my skin in various places. “It can be…” He rubs it against my nipple then down my belly toward where I very much so wish he would touch me and he does. He pushes the crop in between my pussy lips and moves it around slightly. “Pleasurable or…” he dances over my thighs then I feel it crashing down, “painful. My choice.”

“Please,” I cry out. I just need him to touch me again.

“Please, what?” he asks as he puts the crop back in between my lips. “You want this?”

I moan into the darkness, agreeing with the friction. I feel it leave a trail of my own wetness as he makes his way back up my body. He’s driving me insane with want. “Please, Lucas. Please.” My legs start to close together as the need for more continues to build.

“No, Harper. Keep them open. You’ll only get what I give… nothing more.” The crop makes contact over my pussy lips again, making me yelp out. It’s harder than he’s hit anywhere before.

“Please.” The warmth spreads throughout my body. My pussy is dripping in need. I want to touch him, to pull him down onto me. I want him to touch me.

“I’m torn between hearing you beg and gagging that beautiful mouth of yours.” My cheeks heat and I clamp my lips closed quickly, not daring to make another sound. I don’t think I’d care for being gagged. He lets out a laugh.

“I can see that might not be something you’d like right now.” I worry about doing anything other than shaking my head no. “I’ll keep that in mind for the future. I’d love nothing more than to see you bound and gagged in front of me while I do anything and everything I want to your gorgeous body.” The crop has completely left my body and I hear Lucas stepping away from the bed. Panic rises as I’m not sure if he’s gone to get something to gag me or if he is getting something even more evil than that crop.

After several long moments I feel him climb on the bed next to me. I clench my jaw closed in case he is looking to gag me, but instead I feel his hand gently brush across my cheek and over my jaw. “You can release your stronghold on your jaw.” He taps his fingers beneath my chin. I still don’t release, but then he bends down close to my face. He takes my bottom lip in his teeth and sucks it into his mouth. His tongue forces its way inside my mouth and I instantly soften against his kiss. He gives me a peck on my lips before he pulls away. His hand massages against my left tit as his other hand lightly dances toward my core. He stops though and pinches my nipple, bringing my awareness back around right before he slides a finger inside me. He pinches my clit then adds another finger.

I’m dancing against him, wanting to reach my release. I feel my muscles clench and I’m really close to coming. I moan against his mouth, which is inches above mine. Right when I feel like I’m about to have the orgasm of my life, he pulls his hand away. “Please.” I can’t help but to beg regardless as to whether he chooses to gag me or not.

“Please, what?” he asks with his cock resting at my entrance.

“Please, Sir.” He doesn’t move so I lift my hips toward him. He smacks my lips. “Please, Sir. I need you.”

“Say it, Harper.”

“Please, Sir—please fuck me senseless.”

“As you wish.” He doesn’t glide in; instead he slams inside me, making me his. He pulls all the way out and repeats the motion several more times. I feel him untying my hands from the headboard, but he doesn’t untie them from each other. He lifts me easily and flips me over so that I’m face down on the bed. He smacks my ass. “Get up, Harper.” I struggle to push off the bed, so he easily pulls my weight up so my back is against his chest. One arm locks me in place and the other grips my hip. He fucks me from behind, taking everything from me. He uses my body the way he wants, and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

The control he has over me isn’t just physical. I want to please him and do everything he wants me to. Just when I’m about to come he pinches my nipple, sending me over the edge. As my pussy is milking his cock I scream out my orgasm. He continues taking what he needs. My body isn’t able to hold itself up. His arm is the only thing keeping me from collapsing. He continues until I moan hoarsely, again coming to climax.

“God, you are amazing, Harper.” My vision would be blurred even if I didn’t have the blindfold on. He turns me around and puts me on top of him. I don’t have to worry about doing anything though because his hold on me helps create the rhythm he’s looking for. “Fuck, I’m going to come.” He pulls out of me. He pumps his cock a few more times in his hand then pushes me against the bed. “I’m going to come all over your gorgeous tits.” One last swipe of his hand and I feel the hotness of his cum against my skin before I succumb to sleep.

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