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Under His Protection by Isabella Laase – Extended Preview

Rubbing the random tear from her cheek, abject panic took over as she rushed the front door without any clear plan, but she didn’t have a chance. Before she could take three steps, he wrapped his arms around her waist and twirled her back to the kitchen, the overall emotional uncertainty igniting a tantrum that even she didn’t see coming. Hitting and punching at his chest, she screamed, “Let me go, you ogre-beast!”

“You can scream if you want, little girl. My neighbors are either out of town, work nights, or have hearing aids they turn off for senior citizen bedtimes, so we have this building to ourselves, but I think it’s time we get started. Are you going to ask me like a good little girl for your spanking, or do we have to do this the hard way?”

She added kicking to her repertoire, but nothing slowed the bastard down. Using brute strength, he moved her through the kitchen where she grabbed one of his Polish glasses and hurled it against the wall. Glass shattered across the tile floor, shutting both of them up for a dramatic few seconds.

“You’ll pay for that one too, you little shit,” he mumbled, lifting her completely off her feet and throwing her over his shoulder, putting her head at his waist and sending the blood rushing through her ears. Her black dress slid a little further up her thighs, but no amount of tugging pulled it back.

Stopping to examine a few spatulas next to his sink, he settled on one that looked wide enough to cover her entire ass with a single smack and moved her to the living room. “Put that back,” she hissed, balancing her hands on his back in a weak attempt to gain some vertical height. “You’re not going to use that on me.”

“It’s not the best choice,” he agreed amiably, settling on the leather couch with her across his lap. “I should find that old leather belt of mine. It would deliver the message much more efficiently, but I’d have to put you down for that, and I don’t want to chase you across the parking lot, so this’ll have to do. But don’t worry, I’ll put a little more whack into this one, and it should do the job just fine.”

Sliding his hand between her legs to gain the necessary leverage, he adjusted her a little higher across his lap, leaving her head dangerously close to his calves and her bottom at an equally dangerous angle toward the ceiling. With way too much strength, he trapped her still kicking legs between this thighs, pinning her hands behind her back and effectively gluing her into place. Her stomach ground into his rock-hard thighs to add another layer of discomfort to her overall misery.

“Now that we’ve established a few ground rules,” he said calmly, “let’s continue.” His spare hand lifted the too-small dress over her ass and tangled her panties around her knees, his fingertip grazing across her skin to leave in its wake a shivering sensation that made no sense. “I’m going to give you some time to think about this. Are you going to ask me to spank you? Or do you need your cell to call 911 and walk out of here with the Montgomery County cops? Pick, or I’ll choose for you.”

“Go to hell, Agent What-the-Fuck,” she spit venomously.

“I guess that’s my answer then,” he responded, delivering the full force of black plastic across her sensitive skin.

After her first experience with his discipline in the Oval Office, she’d been prepared for some level of discomfort but nothing had equipped her for the firestorm of stinging pain from one spank across her naked ass. “Ow! Fuck that,” she shrieked, her flailing legs kicking her panties to the floor. “Stop. Please.”

“You know that’s not going to happen,” he said calmly. One after the other, he layered her bottom with a sparking heat that burned all the way to her core, each spank building upon the previous until they blended together to create a single, arching, painful reminder of her misdeeds while his lecture continued. “You’re going to mind what I say, and you aren’t going to ever, ever take off from your detail again. And I sure as fuck had better never find you in a bar with a bunch of assholes, no matter what the circumstances are.”

The spatula was big enough to cover large portions of her bottom, but he moved it freely around her ass to make sure nothing was left untouched, overlapping his previous correction when he ran out of room and reaching all the way to the place where her thighs met her cheeks. No amount of wiggling or shouting deterred his actions, and no amount of daydreaming had prepared her for the physical and emotional intensity that fired her ass to a hot, red mess.

By his ninth or tenth smack, she’d crossed a line without even realizing it. Her futile attempts to fight him slowed until she stopped wiggling, giving herself to his control and taking what he deemed necessary. Without any options, her entire focus settled on her burning bottom, and the tears came from a deep, hidden place to feed all of the emotions she’d tried hard to hide; guilt, remorse, sadness, all fighting for their rightful place, but nothing could form with any depth past the pain.

She’d long since lost count of his total number of spanks, but it took her a second or two to realize that he’d stopped. Despite the lessening of his grip, she stayed where she was, and the damned tears continued no matter how hard she tried to fight them. Lifting her slowly, he settled her over-sensitized ass on the rough fabric of his pants and pulled her into his embrace. Too mortified to even look at him, she lowered her chin, desperately wanting to run to the bathroom and lock the door, hiding her snotty, tear-filled face from the world.

She made a weak attempt to pull away from him, but he didn’t allow the move, snuggling her closer to his chest. “You’re okay, little bit,” he said calmly. “It’s all over. Things could have gone a little smoother if you’d followed a few basic rules, but you did a great job. Sit here for a minute and cry it out.”

He moved her head to his shoulder and gently rocked her like she was a sad toddler, humming a familiar, decade-old pop music song about a man and a woman who were going through a rocky relationship. It was all so perfectly comforting that she stopped trying to fight the emotions. Sobbing uncontrollably, she threw her arms around his neck, grabbing the strong shoulders that she trusted to keep her safe. Her sad tears continued to flood across his white dress shirt, but she was content to be in his arms, his warmth returning her to a little girl state whose world only existed for that moment.

After some magical oxidation following her spanking, it had become impossible to separate the stinging heat on her bottom from the burgeoning ache in her pussy. Her swollen labia rubbed against the waist of his pants to leave a small damp spot, and she hoped that the shadows in his apartment would provide enough darkness to hide the embarrassing evidence.

It was pushing two in the morning by the time her tears had stopped, but there was no talk about returning her to the city. Instead, he carried her to his bedroom, her arms still wrapped around his neck to pull herself as close as she could get. He sat her gently on the big midcentury modern bed before he slipped her out of the black cocktail dress, leaving her breasts exposed for the few wonderfully exciting seconds it took to settle her into his oversized blue t-shirt.

Wandering about the small room, he gathered a few things, but no matter how hard she’d tried to separate his job responsibilities from her dreams, she failed miserably. Alert and awake, she sat up. She wanted him. She needed him to invade the achy, empty gap between her legs, her clit bulging and her channel wet and ready. Her ugly temper had been effectively defeated, leaving her with the strongest desire to please him, allowing him to play with her body the way he saw fit. She laid back on the pillow and submissively lowered her gaze, the way Cruz would expect a woman to be in his bed.

His own need was equally as transparent, staring at her with a burning hunger, her lithe body snuggled in his clothing, in his bedroom, but instead of joining her, he handed her an extra pillow to cuddle to her tummy and slipped her between his smooth, silky sheets. Gently kissing her forehead, he said, “Good night, little bit. It’s late, but sleep in tomorrow, and I’ll wake you up when it’s time to take you home.”

Biting her lower lip, she had to work hard to keep from pulling him next to her. “Please,” she begged, not caring how pitiful she sounded, but her face still turned a flushing shade of red. “Please don’t leave me. I need… I need you. To stay here. I need… more.”

“Victoria, honey,” he said in a tense tone. “I know that you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, but these feelings aren’t anything to be ashamed of. Watching you tonight has told me that you’ll make somebody a fantastic sexual submissive. If you’re interested in trying it, I have a few good friends who are discreet and professional, and I can get you introduced to some clubs in DC that cater to the more famous. You can find a nice dom to start exploring this kinky side. But—”

“But nothing,” she interrupted quickly. “There’s no ‘but’ here. I know what BDSM is, and if you’re involved in these clubs, then you’re involved in that whole scene. And since I’m sure you aren’t a submissive, I want you to be my dom.”

“That can’t happen,” he said gently. “Our working relationship doesn’t have room for that. Hell, I’m not even sure that I can effectively protect you anymore, so this needs to stop. Now. I’ll make a few calls, and—”

“You aren’t fucking listening to me,” she snapped, hoping her anger would turn on some dominant response. Even another trip over his knee was better than being left alone between those soft sheets that rubbed lazily against her thighs. “And I’m going to keep harping until you realize that you can’t walk away from me. I’m not stupid. I can see your eyes. I know that you want to join me.”

“But we don’t always get what we want in life, do we?” he responded softly. “And in this case, you need to move forward, without me. That’s the way it’s going to be.”

Jumping out of bed, she slipped his oversized t-shirt over her head as her bare feet hit the honey-gold hardwood floor. Loosening her ponytail, she shook her head to allow the long blonde curls to settle over her shoulders. Her full white breasts contrasted sharply with the summer tan line across her belly and chest, and the neatly trimmed thatch between her legs glistened with a ready need. “I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, sir. But right now, I’d like you to fuck me, so take that dick away from the holster in your crotch and put it to some good use.” As an afterthought she added, “Please.” She wasn’t entirely sure what submissiveness looked like, but it was the best she had. “Did I do okay, there?”

“A submissive doesn’t generally ask for sex,” sighed Cruz. “But you sent some pretty powerful messages with the rest of it.”

“Then how does a submissive get sex?” she asked, carefully watching her tone. “I understand that this isn’t permanent. But I’m not a virgin who needs a lot of hand holding, and I’d like to learn, from you, before I go to some strange club with some strange dom. You… you want me to know what I’m doing, don’t you? Doesn’t it bother you that I couldn’t protect myself from the wrong sort of dom? Just tonight. Please.”

He closed his eyes, the internal debate so obvious that she started to feel guilty for putting him through it. But when he opened them, his gaze settled on her naked frame until he held her in place with his damned nonverbal skills. She wiggled a little out of habit, but he snapped, “Stop,” freezing her into place before he continued. “First, a submissive agrees to a safe word. And if the scene gets to be too much, she uses it. Everybody has to trust in that.”

“My safe word is 911,” she said, sounding a hell of a lot more confident than she felt.

With an almost imperceptible crook of his finger, he motioned for her to take a step closer, and she complied nervously, very much aware that this wasn’t going to go down like any normal sexual experience. It wasn’t the kind of fear that sent a person running for their life, but the kind that sent shivers of panic to defeat solid reasoning. Damn, she knew Cruz and trusted him. She wasn’t sure she would have survived a first scene with a stranger.

Circling her, he remained silent but she could feel his gaze on her nudity, the effect raising tingling goosebumps across her skin. She tried to face him, but he barked, “Eyes front, sub.” She snapped back, and he grasped her punished bottom, reigniting the pain to effectively tie his discipline to her lust. The arousal was so strong, so powerful, that her hand involuntarily moved between her legs, but he caught her wrists before she could rub against her ache. Pulling them behind her back, he stretched her shoulder muscles, leaning in to whisper, “I’m the only one who gets to touch that wet pussy. Stand there while I make sure that you can follow a few simple rules before I decide how we’re going to play.” Squeezing her bottom with another viselike grip, he added, “It might be that your ass just isn’t red enough.”

BDSM involved restraints and more pain, and the idea was so frighteningly attractive that her tummy did a little flip-flop. In her past sexual experiences, her dates were generally pretty anxious to get what they wanted, limiting any real foreplay to a few quick, clumsy moves, but still dressed in his gray dress slacks with his oxford cloth shirtsleeves rolled up to his elbows, Cruz appeared to be taking all the time in the world. She began to regret the rash decision to remove her clothes, but just like Pandora from the ancient Greek mythology story, she couldn’t figure out a single way to put everything back in the box.

Tapping her thighs and bottom firmly with his palm, he added, “I keep all sorts of toys that leave tiny red reminders of who’s in charge, but just how much will it take to get you off?” There was no doubt that the Secret Service agent had the motive and means to follow through with the credible threat. He moved away, and the sounds of plastic wrappings and metal clinking together exacerbated her already raw nerves, but there was no way in hell she was going to turn around and look at him.

He returned to stand behind her, and pulled her back into his chest, his hands moving freely over her body, exploring her breasts and tummy all the way down to toy with her outer folds. Nibbling on her neck, he ignited spikes of heat with every bite and it took everything in her power to keep her hands to her sides and not return the exploration over his steeled frame.

When his finger twisted through her thatch, he pulled hard enough to make her whimper, sending tendrils of pain through her channel. She tried to escape, but he wrapped his hand through her hair and held on tightly. “Make me tell you again not to move, Victoria,” he dared, “because I would very much enjoy that.”

She swallowed hard, desperately trying to find the snippy response that had served her so well, but her mouth was dry and all she could do was nod. He smirked before grabbing her nipple and pulling sharply. She spread her thighs to encourage his cock, but instead, her wrists were buckled into a pair of leather straps, and he pulled them to the small of her back. His tug forced her chin up and her chest outward. “So much prettier,” he murmured.

Cruz guided her to the other side of the room where he cleared off a large modern-looking desk, moving his laptop and a few piles of bills and papers to the floor when she realized with a shock that it wasn’t a desk after all. It was a small table, almost like a massage table with a soft, padded top, but the restraints on the side made clear the fact that Alejandro Cruz owned his own kinky equipment. It was at the perfect height to bend her at the waist, her feet on the floor and her tummy forced into the leather top, her nipples reacting sharply to the chill.

He pulled her arms over her head to fasten her cuffs to a chain at the other end of the table; the leather tugging against her wrists and physical stress running through her shoulders resurrected the idea of her safe word. “I… uh…” she stumbled. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. Do you think for the first time we do this, maybe we can just have, like, regular sex with maybe just something, I don’t know, just a little kinky? Over there in the bed?” Her thoughts continued to silently race, adding where it was safe, and she had some sense of what the hell was going to happen next.

“Yeah,” he said. “You know that’s not going to happen because I make all of the rules until you call me sir.” He let that sink in for a second or two before adding, “The trick is, I have to believe that you mean it, and that’s a lot harder than you might think, because I need to see you so fucking wet that your cunt hurts, and then, if you’re a good little girl, I’ll drive my cock into you, but if you don’t give yourself over to me completely, we can play like this for hours. Do we understand each other?”

Speech was proving to be more and more difficult, so she nodded. His hands slid along her back and thighs, each touch leaving a shivering response across her tense muscles, but the leather restraints he snapped around her ankles caused her to panic as he pulled her legs further apart than she’d anticipated. Despite the fact that she understood her role, she couldn’t help but fight the hold, wiggling and twisting in a dramatic attempt to escape, but instead of continuing his frightening threats and demands, he spoke softly. “Easy there, little bit. This is getting scary, but you’re going to be fine. Let me hear you say that you trust me to do this, and I need you to mean it.”

The familiar voice calmed her, and she took deep breaths while he gently rubbed her back. “I… I’m not really afraid,” she whispered. “I trust you. It’s just a lot.”

“Well,” he said with a chuckle, rubbing his palm over the erogenous zones on her bottom before delivering a sharp slap. “I’ll have to see what I can do about that, because honestly, I like it when my subs are a little afraid. I like the way it swells your clit to a puffy red and shapes your nipples to a hard edge so I can deliver an orgasm strong enough to make you scream.”

He ran his hand between her thighs to separate her legs even further before fastening each ankle to unseen restraints at the bottom of the table, the action effectively leaving her wet vulva open and exposed. Strong hands moved across her body, alternately rubbing and gently smacking her ass to reignite the painful memories that had fed her pleasure, but when he returned with a slippery cold lube on his finger, she was confused. Her pussy actually hurt, dripping with her wet arousal and there was no way he could have believed that lube was necessary to penetrate her.

But the effect across her labia was still welcome, mixing her own arousal with the smoothness of the lube all the way to her anus, circling and teasing her nerves before continuing back through her channel. On his second excursion, however, his finger stopped over her puckered opening, teasing the edges before invading her privacy. Bent over his table, she was about as vulnerable as she could get, and he entered her ass, poking strongly, deeper until she was held in place by his single finger. “I wouldn’t try to pull away from me, little bit,” he said dangerously, “because there are a hell of a lot bigger things that I can put in your ass.”

She should have hated it. She knew that. She should have protested until he released her, but the violation increased her arousal to a primal need, an unyielding hunger that she couldn’t explain. She moaned softly as he moved in and out, his spare hand reaching underneath her to grab her breast firmly, pulling on her nipple with a painful bite.

With a laugh, he withdrew. “You didn’t like the fact that was enjoyable, did you, little bit? You’re in for a lot of surprises tonight.”

Undoing all four of her restraints, he rolled her on her back and settled her in the middle of the table, pulling her arms above her head to refasten her wrist cuffs to the chain at the top. He gently rubbed her tummy and her breasts before bending each of her legs at the knee, pulling them sharply at an angle and attaching her ankles to the sides of the table. Her thighs stretched until he opened her pussy like she was at a gynecological exam.

She pulled hopelessly against her bondage and whimpered. It would have been easier to accept her restraints if she’d been left at the bottom of the table, a perfect height for his dick to finally begin fucking her, but settled in the middle, he clearly had a lot of ideas that she couldn’t even imagine.” “How about now,” he asked softly. “Are you frightened yet?”

“I… yes. A little,” she whispered, her mouth even drier.

He brought her a water bottle and lifted her head from the table. “Drink this,” he said quietly before running his fingers along her restraints. “These aren’t too tight as long as you stop pulling against them. I can promise you that this will be a wonderfully pleasant, painful experience, but remember, you control this scene. All you have to do is call it, and you’re free from the table. No questions asked and no repercussions. I’ll understand.”

With a swollen vagina and a bulging clit, there was no way she could stop, and he rubbed his hands across her body with delicious intensity, pulling her away from her fears and reconnecting to her trust in his control. It took a few seconds to recognize the tingling that came from a scented oil, like a soft honeysuckle, lessening the friction between them. When he slid across her breasts, tweaking her nipple with a biting pinch, the effect flooded her vulva. His mouth latched onto her sore nipple, the heat rising as he pulled and tugged across the sensitive tip. She wanted to obey him, but her mind wasn’t in agreement with her need and she tried to roll away a second time, only to have him bite a little harder. “Stop that,” she whispered, pulling her shoulder away from him.

“Where would the fun be in that?” he asked distractedly as he continued to torment her nipples. The feather weight of his single finger toyed across her tummy, tracing closer and closer to her labia with more scented oil and leaving a permanent, lazy line across her skin. When he finally enveloped her mons with his warm palm, the relief was instantaneous.

The jangling of metal should have caused her to panic, but she’d reached the point where she’d do anything to please him and gain her reward. Pulling each erotic nub to a point, he attached a biting metal pinch to her nipples with a single chain dangling toward her clit. He added a second series of clamps and chains to separate her labia, pulling sharply on the soft tissue until he’d connected all of his toys.

He returned to tease her pussy with long, fluid movement, but this time, he entered her vagina, pulling and prodding with his finger to reach a deep spot, then adding a second digit to deliver more breadth. Her breath continued in slow, steady pants, and she moaned softly, grinding her cunt against his hand with a magical rhythm, her primal needs trumping all mortification. “You like this, don’t you, kitten?” he asked softly, leaning away from her to reach toward his nightstand.

The vibrator’s purring engine startled her, but his restraints kept her from moving as he rested the sensation on her outer lips, the cool plastic toy drawing all of her focus to a single vacant spot, running over her channel, teasing her to a frenzy of need. She cried out, twisting her body in a failed attempt to force her emptiness into him, but he alternated between a gentle tickling and a hard, demanding attack over her clit, never entering her and pulling back when her orgasm drew close.

“Please, sir,” she said pitifully. “I’m ready. Just fuck me, already. This isn’t fair.”

“You’re getting there,” he said absently. “But you’re still trying to control this, and that’s going to cost you because I punish naughty little asses who forget the meaning of submission.” Another long few seconds elapsed before he separated her ass cheeks and a second cold, lube-covered plastic pushed against her bottom hole, barely entering her most secret place. “Ask me for your punishment,” he grumbled, his tight restraints easily defeating any attempts to evade him, “and I’ll show you how this is supposed to be done.”

Her pussy remained open, the unfamiliar vulnerability increasing her trepidation, and she clenched her bottom cheeks tightly. “Please, sir.” Her voice was just above a whisper. “I’m sorry. But not in my bottom. Please. I don’t like that.”

“You aren’t supposed to like a punishment, little girl, but you’re going to have to beg me for this one. How full do you need this before you’ve learned all my rules?” Pulling sharply against her restraints, she wiggled her bottom back and forth as much as his hold would allow, but nothing expelled the mortifying intrusion that continued to inch its way into virginal space. When she didn’t answer, he slid the plastic further up her ass, pushing past a series of involuntary muscles that desperately tried to evict him until it rested against her cheeks.

The physical effect left her feeling awkwardly full, but the emotional impact was harder to describe. His dominance, taking what he wanted and manipulating her body to meet his needs, had left her exposed and defenselessness, changing the dynamics of their scene with a dramatic twist. “Stop,” she whimpered a second time, but when he ran his hand through her channel the wet rivulets and erotic scent made clear her surreptitious approval. When he rested his finger on her tongue, she sucked greedily, milking the taste of her sex.

He released her legs from their restraints, rubbing the cramping pain in her thighs until it disappeared, and added some length to the chain over her head to pull her to the edge of the table, the plug penetrating her ass even deeper, and her legs were refastened to the sides with her pussy at the perfect height for his erection.

When he finally unzipped his pants and freed his cock, her vagina spasmed slightly in anticipation, and the gift of spidery blue veins decorating his hard length remained tantalizingly out of her reach. He added a condom, and his sheathed cock pushed at her wet opening, curling her arousal through her body, his slacks rubbing against her mons. He entered her without warning, filling her emptiness and brushing the plastic in her ass from the inside. She cried out at the brute force, the blood rushing through her veins and pulsing in her ears.

Moving slowly, he established his rhythm and his control with long, swift movements before withdrawing completely to tease her clit with his cock. She was close, her breath coming in shallow pants and her hips rocking to meet his, but he seemed unwilling to deliver the last piece of her release until he’d satisfied his own needs. He fucked her slowly, his shaft, lubricated by her arousal, sliding through her wet cunt, building her to an indescribable pleasure.

So intent on the full effect of his cock, she barely recognized when he slid his hand between her legs. Rubbing and pinching her clit, he played with her, shooting the carnal pleasure throughout her system and pulling the orgasm from her with a burst of sheer gratification feeding the spasms. She cried out, a half moan and half guttural scream, but he continued to fuck her past the explosion, taking her beyond her max, slapping his balls against her cunt, her rolling orgasm continuing until he released with a thunderous roar that pounded through her ecstasy. The physical sensations were so strong, so powerful, that she stopped breathing for a long few seconds.

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