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Undercover Daddy by Katherine Deane – Extended Preview

Connor knocked on the door, a little deja vu seeping in. Oh, yeah, he had been in this same exact position earlier today. But this time it was his fault. He took a deep breath and knocked again. This time the door opened and a very angry brunette stood in his path, hands on her hips, spitting bullets.

“You made me a liar. I said all that nice stuff about you, and you just… seriously! What the frack?”

Alex had already retreated to the bathroom, and from the sounds of things was taking out her anger on the poor sink. “Okay, that’s enough.” He raised his voice to be heard by both his wide-eyed cousin and his partner. The splashing stopped. “You. Get a handle on your anger right now. I did not mean to hurt her feelings.” He stalked to the bathroom and glared into the mirror. “And you, get your ass out to the couch right now. We need to talk.” Yeah, great way to start an apology. But he was sick of being the designated asshole.

Both women stood there, shooting daggers at him, and since they were both sharpshooters he was lucky they weren’t holding any weapons.

“Look, my reaction wasn’t meant as an insult.” He met both sets of gazes. “You look fantastic. Not that you didn’t look good before.” Shit, he was about to stick another size eleven into his mouth. “What I mean is you surprised me.”

Alex’s eyes widened.

“I mean you surprised me by being hot. Extra hot. Damn it.” He ran a hand through his hair, frustrated. “If I saw you on the street, I’d be like wow! Not that I’m saying you’re not pretty normally.” That’s not what he meant either. “Somebody shoot me now,” he grumbled.

Both women looked at each other and started laughing. Were they laughing at him?

“You are such a dork.” Gabby stood up and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you as much as my real brothers, but man…” She laughed again. “I think he’s trying to compliment you, Alleycat.”

Shaking her head, Alex grinned at him. “I kind of figured that. Okay, truce?”

“Yeah, let’s start over.” He grabbed them both into a quick hug and smiled at them. “You ladies did great. Alex, you look fantastic. Well, except for the… you know…” He pointed at her right eye, which had already been partially scrubbed free of makeup.

“I’m going for a new look. It’s called disproportional chic,” she said, winking at him with the unmade-up eye.

“Well, I really did like it. Do you want to fix it, before I take you both out to dinner?”

“I think I’m going to take it all off. It was nice for a while, but I would like to get back to feeling normal again—unless that would bother you?”

“Not at all. Make yourself comfortable. You really do look pretty without it.”

She smiled and started heading back toward the bathroom, but Gabby stopped her.

“It’s been a lot of fun, but I’m going to head out and give you guys some privacy. Besides,” she laughed, “I want to get out of here before he sees the damage done to his card.”

“My what?”

“On that note, I’m out of here.” Gabby handed him the card, gave them both a hug, and left.

“It looks like it’s just you and me, little girl.” He locked the door and advanced on her with a grin. “So tell me about my credit card. Were you naughty today?”

Her eyes widened and she licked her lips. “Oh. Yes, Daddy, I was very naughty today. Let’s have a drink, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

He stifled the groan and pretended not to have a raging hard-on by those words spoken from her sexy mouth. “Have a seat, Pip. I brought over the links for some spanking videos. Some are free, and the other two, I’ll buy as soon as we download them. Are you ready for some recon?”

She handed him a glass of red wine, and took a quick sip of hers before acknowledging him. “Actually, I found a few I kinda liked last night. Wanna see?”

Fuck, yeah. “Yes. Show me what you found.”

“Okay, this one is with a guy named Keith Jones. He doesn’t seem to do many Daddy scenes, but his mannerisms are so daddy-like, I really enjoyed his videos.” She pushed play on the remote, and the logo for Shadow Lane popped up in the upper right corner. “This company has a lot of videos. I’ve only bought three so far. But if we need to do more research, I can buy some more.”

“The precinct will reimburse you for your expenditures,” he suggested as he watched her lean forward with a gleam in her eyes.

“No, thanks. I don’t want anyone from our little group knowing how I prepared for this assignment. Cops talk a lot. Next thing I know, I’ll have paddles and hairbrushes lining my desk.”

True. With any of the other females, there would have been a fear of sexual harassment, but with Alex… They all treated her like one of the guys. Which was fine with him. Except for the implement part. He growled. “Yeah, you’re probably right. Okay, so what’s going on in this first one?”

She licked her lips and a flush crept over her cheeks. “Keith is about to catch Eve stealing from his wallet. Watch this. See how stern he is, and the way he just commands her without even touching her? That’s pretty hot.”

He tried to watch the screen, but was too focused on Alex, and the way she shifted in her seat when Keith took Eve’s panties down, baring her bottom. Alex hiccupped a little during the pleading and No, sir and Please don’t spank me’s. God, it was getting hot in here. Alex probably didn’t realize she was reacting to each bare bottom smack as it echoed through the living room. Flinching, heavy inhalations and exhales, a little bit of shimmying as if she were picturing herself over the hard knee of one of the most popular spankers in the spanking world.

Connor wished he was giving the spanking in that little kitchen with the pink toaster and coffeemaker. He pictured Alex over his knee. He would be the one bringing his hand down again and again, clapping onto her rosy cheeks while she wailed and cried and begged for forgiveness for taking that money out of his wallet. Her pussy would gleam with arousal just like Eve. But he wouldn’t take I’m sorry for an answer. And just like Keith, he would lower his smacks to reach the sensitive spot where her thighs met her bottom.

“Okay, that’s the first one. What’d you think?” Alex’s voice cut through his thoughts, jarring him back to reality.

“Yeah, that was great. I like the dramatization in these types of videos. You can see it’s all consensual, but that they’re playing as if it weren’t. That’s what the party will be like.”

“And I know they would have gone over their colors if this had been a real play scenario,” she added. “I checked that out too. Green means go, yellow means slow down, and red means, ‘damnit, asshole, if you don’t stop, I’m going to break your wrist.’”

He laughed at the memory of Alex’s version of stop with that asshole from the precinct. “Yeah, sounds good for us. Do you agree to use those colors?”

“Yes, sir.”

He loved the way her cheeks tinged pink while she nibbled her lower lip, and he loved those words coming from her mouth. “Good girl.”

She cleared her throat and sat up straighter. “Okay, I found some really cool videos from a lady named Erica. She has her own blog, and does a lot of spanking videos and pictures. I’m saving her for last—she was my favorite. But first, here’s a free one I found on SpankingTube. It’s only five minutes, but it had some pretty cool Daddy and little girl interaction. Or at least you can tell me if this is what it’s supposed to look like.” She pushed a few buttons on the remote, and a new scene popped up with an angry man and a young, remorseful-looking woman wearing pigtails and a skirt—hell, that must have been where Alex got her new look.

Alex was hotter. But this woman did a good job of playing her part. He didn’t recognize her. The ‘little girl’ held her red-streaked bare bottom in the palms of her hands while standing in the corner. Alex would look fantastic in the corner, naked from the waist down wearing only his palm prints as she pressed her nose right into the wall. But he wouldn’t allow Alex to rub away the soreness like this daddy. The man scolded her, and told her to bend over the couch for a hard paddling. Christ, his cock had never been so hard. He alternated between watching the video and watching Alex’s reactions.

Wide-eyed and quietly whimpering and rocking back and forth, Alex was as affected as he was by the scene in front of them. He wondered if her panties were wet, her pussy slick with her juices from watching another woman get her ass spanked. And this man was letting her have it. He even winced a few times at the harshness of some of the smacks. The woman would surely be bruised after this session. He shouldn’t like the thought, but the idea of Alex sporting his palm prints and bruises on her ass turned him on. She wouldn’t go for something that harsh, though. This was all for show, and she was being the professional one, thank God.

Uh oh. Maybe not. After a few more drinks and a number of videos, he turned to see her heated gaze on him. The way she had been looking at him for the past hour—with her full appraisals of his body, her eyes locking on his for that extra second, the way she licked her lips—made him feel like divesting her of that cute schoolgirl outfit and fucking her senseless right there on the couch. He ought to put a stop to this—whatever this was—put her to bed, and call a cab.

“So, you’ve done this before,” Alex said casually. “How do you know no one’s going to recognize you?”

“The small group I used to belong to was over four hours away. I only played a few times—the rest was all done privately, or with a few women I met online. Or with a current girlfriend who surprised me by being willing to try it out. And that was years ago. We should be fine.” He smiled. “And once I became a cop, I backed off from the scene. Not because there was anything wrong with it—I just couldn’t find the time.”

“We should practice. You know, so we don’t look like undercover cops when we show up for the munch tomorrow night.” Her half-lidded gaze met his again, and she twirled her long blond hair.

“The munch is just a formality. Usually that’s how a group meets and vets potential members,” he reminded her and pulled a few inches back. “And there’s no spankings at the munch. It’s in a public restaurant. A meet and greet. We don’t have to fake being partners.” He was trying hard to be the good guy. But his logical-minded self was playing back burner to his aching cock. And God, Alex was making it even harder on him.

She handed him her glass after taking a sip for herself, and raised it to his lips. “Finish it for me. I want to play. Daddy.”

Christ. He swallowed the last cool sip and focused on her plump, kissable lips pouting in front of him. “No.” He frowned at her. “We’re both intoxicated, and we don’t need to be trying out new, potentially dangerous things without clear heads.”

“God, Con!” She threw up her hands and expelled a huge, angry breath, her eyes flashing as she stood and walked over to the shelf in the corner. Picking up her Nerf gun, she paced back toward him, before turning, aiming, and shooting five times at the target. Two one-hundred-point center shots, and the others within the orange lines for fifty.

“Uneven trigger pull, little girl.” He took her Nerf gun from her, pulled the three darts from the left of the center, and handed them back to her. “Reload, and do those three over again, and this time, relax.”

She shuddered when he stood behind her and pulled one of her long pigtails out of the way, so he could whisper into her ear. She smelled like lavender.

“Daddy likes a nice, even trigger pull.” He wrapped his arms around her and helped her ‘sight’ her weapon. “Gentle, baby. Keep the pressure nice and even. No jerking this time, got it?” His senses were in overdrive—he could smell her floral musk, feel her tiny shivers against the front of his body, hear the rapid little breaths she took as she tried to calm herself and squeeze off the perfect shot.

Click. Click. Click. One at a time, she breathed, released the breath, practically sagging into his chest, and then fired at the middle of the cardboard target. Center mass each time. He wanted to run his tongue up the side of her neck, reward her for—for what? Looking so damn beautiful? Firing a toy gun in a way that made his cock want to explode?

“I told you.” She turned, her face a flushed pink. “I am not drunk.” She placed her toys back on the far shelf and turned back to him, vulnerability so strong in her wide-eyed gaze. “I’m slightly intoxicated enough to take the edge off and help me push a bit farther than normal. And this stuff…” she pointed at her cute, sexy outfit, “this is way beyond pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am in the proper state of mind. No, I won’t drive like this, but damn, Con, I can make a decision without blaming it on being drunk or stupid the next morning. I need to try this in a safe environment. You’re my safe environment. I’m not drunk.”

He rubbed his eyes. Okay, pro: they would get some practice in before this weekend’s job; hopefully get Alex a bit more comfortable with a bit of nudity, being touched, him being her partner. Con: she might regret it in the morning, or even worse, he would fall even further head over heels for this amazing woman and say something stupid, like he wanted to do this for real, with her, and not just as an undercover assignment.

“Never mind. It’s getting late. You should probably get going. I’ve got to get cleaned up and ready for tomorrow’s m—”

He cut her off and pulled her into his body, loving the way it molded perfectly into him. Turning her, he took her chin in his hands and forced a stern expression. “Did you overspend with my credit card today, young lady?”

Her eyes widened in surprise and she let out a little squeak. “Oh.”

“This is called playing, baby girl,” he whispered and gave her a small wink. “Just go with it, when you’re ready.”

She nodded, took a deep breath, and composed her features.

“Remember your safe word?”

“For Pete’s sake, it’s not that hard to remember donut.” She rolled her eyes and squealed when he popped her a good one on the ass.

“All right, brat, first thing we are going to do is get this makeup off you. I did not give you permission to wear it. So we’re taking it off, and then I’m going to punish you.”

“Whatever,” she mumbled.

He couldn’t tell if she was channeling her inner middle or if that was really her. Maybe a bit of both? He pulled her by the hand and sat down on the edge of the bathtub. “I think Daddy needs to remind you to speak respectfully.” He yanked her over his lap and pulled up her dress, showing off her cute little boy-cut briefs. “Naughty girls get spanked hard.” He accentuated each word with a hard swat to the back of her panties.

She didn’t fight him at all until he pulled down her panties to her ankles and started in on her bare bottom. “Ow, ow ow!” She tried to put her hand behind her to protect her bare pink cheeks, but he just pulled it to the small of her back and held it there while continuing to spank, each subsequent smack getting harder and faster. She groaned and mewled and rocked against his lap, and his cock grew firmer with each rub against him.

“Such a naughty little girl.” He spread her ass cheeks and found her plump, glistening clit. “What happens when you are rude to Daddy?” He dipped his finger between her legs and tickled her clit and she groaned and spread her legs wider for him. “Tell me.” He smacked between her legs, grazing her wet pussy, and she shrieked. “Answer me, bad girl. What happens to disrespectful little girls who roll their eyes and wear makeup without permission?” He started stroking her while spanking her in a hard rhythm.

“Oh God, I, I…” She always stuttered when she got excited.

He pinched her clit and released a flurry of hard swats all over her red ass, and she shrieked and came all over his fingers, humping his knee and rubbing her clit against him.

“Oh, God, Daddy. Dad-eee! Ah!” Her final scream left her spent and sagging across his lap, and he couldn’t help but smile. This was an even better way to release tension than the mats.

Pulling her to stand, he kissed her on the forehead. “Apologize to Daddy for being naughty, and all will be forgiven.”

“I’m s-sorry, Da-Daddy.” She was still having trouble catching her breath. But her face was flushed and her gaze, happy and satiated.

“Okay, baby girl. All’s forgiven. Let’s get this makeup off you.” He sat her down on the toilet and waited to see if she would complain about him trying to take over the task, but she was still recovering from her orgasm. Sudsing up a washcloth, he moved to clean her face, but she stopped him.


“Do you need more time over my knee?”

“No, it’s not that.” She grinned. “But there’s a specific way to do this. Eye makeup remover is in that bottle over there.”

He drenched a cotton ball with the liquid and carefully brought it to her face. She closed her eyes and sighed as he made smooth, light circles over each eye, clearing all the black, blue, and powdery stuff away. She was the most relaxed he had ever seen her as he thoroughly washed, rinsed, and patted every part of her face dry.

“There you go, baby. Squeaky clean. Just the way Daddy likes you.” He kissed her on her flushed cheeks and she smiled. A real smile full of trust and something he hadn’t seen from her in a long time—open acceptance. “Come here, baby girl.”

She melted into his arms and he carried her out to the couch where he sat her down in front of him and started brushing her hair. Her long, silky blond hair felt like heaven between his fingers, and he spent more time making snarls rather than brushing them out. But he didn’t care. For just this moment, she was his. No distractions. No past. No job. Just them. And dammit, he liked it.

He leaned closer to her, loving the scent of her just-washed hair. Nothing perfume-y or floral in any of her products. Just pure Alex. Pure perfection.

She snored softly as her head tilted back against him. It was only eight p.m., but she had had a long, grueling day, and some alcohol. He had forgotten to spank her for that. Maybe next time. He grinned. Well, if he were a good daddy, he would take her to bed, cover her up and leave, and come back in the morning.

But he didn’t feel like being a good daddy right now. So he settled for putting her to bed, right next to him. He carried her into her room, pulled back the covers, and lay her down. Then he stripped off her dress and panties, and pulled the blanket up to her chin. She looked so adorably sweet, with her freshly washed face and her tangled blond hair fanned out on the pillow. Shucking his jeans and shirt, he lay down next to her. But he could sleep next to her, just for a while. Breathe in her soft scent, feel her curves as she snuggled against him, and pretend they really were a couple.

He listened to her soft snores, and held very still when she snuggled her warm, bare bottom against his side. Then he fell asleep.

The first thing she felt was the hard length pressed into her lower back. The next were the soft curls from his muscled chest. Alex couldn’t believe she had fallen asleep while he brushed her hair. She glanced at the clock, trying not to move and wake Connor up. She had to process first, before she did anything. It was three a.m., and the soft rays of moonlight shone through a crack in the curtain.

Crap, they missed dinner! She wasn’t hungry, but she felt bad for Connor. Men his size probably had to eat every few hours—otherwise they would turn into ravenous beasts and devour everything in sight. She squirmed and rubbed her bottom against his hardness again. Hmm, maybe a hungry beast devouring something wasn’t that bad. She had seen the way he had looked at her last night. Her pussy clenched at the thought of all the wonderful things he could eat. Her body was a hot, tense buffet, ready to be served.

Dang it. She needed a cold shower. The last thing she should do is complicate things with sex. But her evil body wouldn’t listen, continuing to grind her booty against his cock as he slept. Oh, God, the thing was awake. And so was she.

“If you don’t stop rubbing all over me, I’m going to forget who we both are and fuck you senseless,” he mumbled, his eyes still closed.

Would that be so bad? Forgetting? Playing for a while? Enjoying the physical sexuality and camaraderie that came so easily to others?

She slipped under the sheets and rubbed her cheek against his tented boxers. “If I were to say I want your cock in my mouth, how would you react?”

He growled and held her face tightly against him. “If you put any part of my body into your mouth, you had better be calling me Sir, Daddy, or Oh, my God, it’s too big.” He pressed his fully awake cock against her cheek. “Do you get me, little girl?”

Oh, yeah, she got him all right. She pulled his shorts down and pressed her lips against his thick head. “It really is huge.”

He chuckled and cracked open an eye as she licked him tentatively. “That’s good to know.” Grabbing a fistful of her hair, he took command and pulled her onto his cock. “If you’re going to suck me, you had better do good job, little girl. Stop teasing me or I will spank you so hard you won’t sit for a week.”

Her pussy spasmed at the thought of another spanking by him. “I don’t know.” She licked him from base to tip, teasing him some more. “What if I don’t want that big thing in my mouth? I might choke.” She twirled her tongue around his head, and a dot of pre-cum emerged from the tip. She lapped that up too.

“That’s it.” He yanked her up out of the sheets, then sat on the edge of the bed, pulled her over his lap, and starting paddling her ass, hard.

“Ow, ow, ow!” she shrieked and tried to shield herself with her hand, but he just held it in place on the small of her back and continued giving her hard, fast swats. Her ass was on fire and her pussy, about to melt. She groaned when he stopped.

“Don’t worry. I’m not through with you yet, little brat. I just need to get something else to punish your naughty ass with.” He gave her one more smack, and pressed her down onto the bed, standing her up. He rubbed her sore cheeks, laughing when she arched her back and hips to meet him. “You like this, don’t you?”

“God, yeah,” she almost purred when he stroked between her legs and touched her clit.

“Lean over a bit more,” he directed and she obliged quickly, raising her hips so he could place a pillow beneath her.

He alternated between stroking her clit and pussy, and spanking her, and she loved it. Every single moment left her body aching in the best way. “Please. Harder, sir.” She ground her wet nether lips into the pillow, and he smacked the lower part of her ass where it met her thighs. It hurt so freaking much, but she loved it. His touch set her on fire.

“Please, sir, I need to… I need…” It was hard to articulate her needs at this point, but he read her perfectly, thrusting his fingers into her vagina, still giving her sharp smacks, and tickling her clit. She came with such intensity, she was sure the neighbors’ neighbors heard her. Her body exploded and then melted, right there at the hands of the man who continued to pump his fingers in and out, milking her for every last drop of her orgasm. Holy cow. That was intense! She sagged back down onto the bed, spent. Well, almost spent. She still had one more thing she wanted to do. “Now may I suck you, sir?”

“Are you ready to stop teasing me, little girl?”

“Oh, yes, I’ll open my mouth nice and wide, and slide you down my throat, while licking you and sucking hard, so hard, you’ll see stars.”

His wide-eyed expression as she knelt before him made her smile. She liked having this effect on him. Connor, the man who was always in control.

She licked the tip of his cock and swirled her tongue around like it was a lollipop. Yeah, by the strangled expression on his face and little grunting noises he made, he was going to enjoy this. They both would. And there wouldn’t be any awkward day after We shouldn’t have done that feelings. Because they were just partners. It was roleplaying, practicing, preparing for the assignment. Nothing would come of it, and she sure as heck wasn’t going to regret it.

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