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Untamed: A Dark Romance by Shelly Douglas – Extended Preview

Mia watched Brendan cross his arms as she nervously lifted herself onto the bed and bent her naked ass over the foam pillow.

“Tell me, Mia. Tell me where Daddy needs to discipline you,” he rasped, spreading her buttocks to tap his thumb onto her wet puckered hole.

A bolt of excitement mixed with apprehension sparked through her as he boosted her hips high in the air. Figuring all her sacred virginal parts were on blatant display in that position, her face flamed with humiliation beneath several strands of auburn hair. Twisting her neck to flick a glare at him, she noticed that although his jaw was tense, his eyes seemed to be filled with lust as he gazed at the view before him.

And he was staring directly at her quivering anus.

As his lubricated digit slid into her tight hole, Mia’s clit fluttered as she groaned. “You said my punishment would be d-different this time.”

“Nope. That won’t do. That won’t do at all.” His voice became eerily quiet as he removed his finger before sinking it deep into her trembling pucker. “Hmm. Maybe I should peel a thick piece of ginger root and slide it into this snug ass to jog your memory. Have you ever heard of figging, my dear?”

She’d never heard of such a thing, but the thought of him driving anything into her anus had her eyelids brimming with tears as she choked out the humiliating sentence he was waiting for. “My ass. You said you were going to punish the inside of my ass.”

“Indeed.” His growl was guttural as his finger wiggled into her narrow rosebud. “After I push a steel plug in this delicate hole, you’re going to stand in the corner with it jutting from your adorable reddened cheeks. Then I’m going to discipline your naughty backside with my belt.”

Her lower lip trembled. “No! You can’t do that!”

“Oh, I intend to do that and more, bad girl. Much more,” he insisted, taking a fistful of her hair, yanking her head backward to meet his gaze. “And each time my belt cracks down onto your tender ass, you’re going to beg for another.”

Mia’s face radiated with heat at the idea of being punished in that way. But even though she knew he was a man who rarely changed his mind, she decided to try anyway. “If you let me go, I’ll do everything you say from now on. I will!”

“It’s too late for empty promises,” he stated with resolve, removing his finger from her slick hole. “Now reach back and grab your cheeks for me. I need them spread wide open.”

Hearing his footsteps pound across the room, she twisted her head to see what he was doing. Opening his top dresser drawer, he retrieved a steel plug, and her eyes widened as she watched him slather it with a thick gel. “I can’t believe where you’re going to put that… that thing.”

“Oh, you’ll become a believer in a minute. Now, stop the incessant chatter and do what you’re told, little girl,” he demanded, holding up the glistening phallus for her to see. “I can’t wait to slide this plug in between the seam of your disrespectful ass.”

Reaching back with shaky hands, she drew her globes slightly apart.

“Did I ask you to spread them wide?”

Her face burned with humiliation as she dug her fingertips into her firm skin and stretched her buttocks wider for him. And then she felt the wet steel press against her small tender hole.

“Brendan, please. I understand what I did wrong. This isn’t necessary.”

“As long as you’re living in my house, I’ll decide what needs to be done. And when I’m disciplining you, you’re supposed to refer to me as Daddy,” he ordered in a low voice. “Or have you forgotten?”

Dropping her face to the mattress, she lowered her eyelashes as a wave of compliance surged through her body. “I remember… Daddy.”

He planted a heavy palm onto her left ass cheek, extended it further and slid the cold steel inside her shuddering hole. “Inhale a deep breath and while you blow it out, bear down hard,” he instructed, pushing the smooth instrument into her anus.

But instead of her ass accepting the plug, it tightened around the invader, and she groaned as he continued to press forward.

“It’s going in either way, so you might as well cooperate and make it easier on yourself. Now, relax your bottom cheeks, push back, and take this rod up your naughty behind. Later, you’ll thank me for this.”

Doubting she would ever feel gratitude for having a plug pushed up her ass, she whimpered as the steely device continued to stretch her narrow entrance. So why in the hell did her damn clit flutter every time his calm commanding voice uttered a direction? Mia knew he was punishing her because he cared about her safety, and for some reason all his crazy undivided attention turned her on even more. Arching her back, she gritted her teeth and bore down with each thrust of the implement until he finally managed to push it past her ring of muscle.

“Now that it’s in all the way, I want to hear an apology from you.”

“But I’ve already apologized…”

“I want to hear you’re sorry for all the trouble you’ve caused the FBI and the police force. I want you to apologize while I’m disciplining the inside of your impertinent ass.”

She choked back a groan and forced out the words. “I’m sorry that I lied to you and caused everyone so much trouble.”

He pulled the implement almost all the way out and then slid it back in, once again settling it firmly in place. “And…”

“I’ll never do it again! I promise!” Her sigh was ragged as he tugged on the base of the plug, and she could only hope her punishment had come to an end. Though her puckered hole was sore as hell, the full feeling in her dark tunnel wasn’t as bad as she imagined it would be. And God damn it all—having her ass brimming with a stiff object was making her pussy pulse. But then she heard metal jingling, and her heart began to pound. Fuck—he’d unfastened his belt.

“You’re about to follow a few other directions.”

Mia snapped her head toward him, but she decided to keep her mouth closed when she saw the glare in his darkened eyes.

“You’re going to learn I keep my promises—even when you don’t,” he said with calm resolve while pointing across the room. “Put that nose of yours in the corner.”

“But this is so unfair. Haven’t I been punished enough?”

Without another word, he took her elbow and escorted her off the foam pillow before smacking each side of her bottom cheeks. “And don’t even think about rubbing your ass.”

Walking across the room, she bravely shot him a look over her shoulder.

“That’s quite a fierce scowl you have, but the luscious aroma drifting from your needy pussy is telling me another tale.”

She stopped dead in her tracks to twist her neck again, her eyes widening incredulously at the truth.

“Keep going.”

Approaching the corner, there was a moment of silence right before she heard the whoosh of his belt being pulled through the loops of his pants. There was really no need to watch this dramatic preparation of her strapping, but she couldn’t help herself. Turning her head to peek over her shoulder, she watched him double the supple leather and then she sucked in a startled breath as he raised a stern eyebrow.

“Now you’ll push that lovely ass out and beg for your spanking.”

Her knees buckled at the deep resonance of his voice, and her throat tightened, making it difficult to swallow. Between the humiliation of the position she was in and the sight of the belt in his hands, a mixture of fear and curiosity thrummed throughout her trembling body as she waited for him to punish her. If only she could get her pussy to stop dripping, she might be able to put an end to the damn scent of hers wafting in the air.

“I’m waiting, Mia.”

“Please spank me,” she uttered in a small voice.

“Ask me correctly, or you’ll earn yourself five extras.”

“Please spank me, Daddy.”

“Stick your ass out farther.”

As the pliable leather landed across the middle of her tender skin, her back straightened from the impact. “Fuck! That stings.”

“Have you been told to curb your naughty tongue?” he grated in a dark tone, immediately whipping her backside a second time. “Now get back into position and beg me to strap you again.”

Normally, Mia’s first instinct would have been to turn and run from him, but for some insane reason, she lowered her head and planted her palms firmly against the wall to brace herself for the next lash across her ass. She’d never reacted to authority in this way before, but his stern demeanor resonated an odd desire within her, and she instantly submitted to his will.

“Spank me.”

“Ask me again and be polite this time.”

“Please spank me again, Daddy.”

“That’s my girl,” he praised while striking the leather against her lower buttock.

Wondering if the lines of fire were morphing into reddened welts, she made the mistake of twisting her neck to peer at her burning behind. “Can we be done now? It hurts so much!”

“No. Turn around and lift your ass higher.”

Mia attempted to shake off the burn by jumping up and down, but it only made the plug reverberate deep inside her bottom. “Please punish me again,” she managed through a shaky voice as tears pooled in her eyes.

But when his hand smacked her thigh, she quickly corrected her error.

“Please punish me again, Daddy!”

“Much better,” he said nonchalantly, bringing the leather downward onto the crease where her ass and thighs were joined. “But this time, I want to hear some remorse in your voice when you apologize.”

“Oh, God, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!” she screamed, swiveling her head to show him large tears running down both sides of her cheeks. “Please stop!”

His response came in a tone that was firm and raspy. “I’ll stop when I think you’ve learned your lesson. Now, stick that naughty ass of yours back out.”

Returning her nose to the corner, she bolted her hips upward and pounded her delicate fist against the wall. All she wanted was for this punishment to be over.

But it was far from over.

“Do you understand why you’re here?”


“Because you acted foolishly, there are men who are hunting you down at this very moment to end your life. Do you understand?”

As the belt landed across her tender skin, Mia’s voice cracked as she cried out, “Yes! I know, and I’m sorry!”

“Do you understand what it will take for me to keep you safe?”

“I’ll need to obey your rules,” she sobbed, surreptitiously rubbing her throbbing pussy against the wall.

“Bend over, little lady, so I can see your dripping cunt.” His order was firm as he landed the last line of fire across her buttocks. “And if you don’t do as I say, I’ll start this punishment over again.”

“Okay!” she screamed, bending over so he could have a good look at her needy sweet spot. “Oh, God, that hurts!” she cried, swerving her head to meet his intense gaze.

“I had a feeling the plug would turn you on, but the strapping has you absolutely drenched,” he said, rubbing his finger over her soaked entrance. “Unfortunately, as I’ve already told you, only my mate will be fucked in her wet heat.”

Her mouth dropped open as she waited for his next words.

“But I’m always willing to fuck a bad girl in the ass to teach her a lesson.”

Avoiding his dark stare, she planted her hot face back in the corner, embarrassed by how her body reacted to his punishment. And as Mia’s juices continued to drip down the insides of her thighs, she couldn’t believe how turned on she was. This man not only possessed the ability to push every hot button she owned, but the stunning control he had over her went against every fiber of her rebellious nature. Wait a minute… what was that last thing he said?

Her bottom cheeks clenched at the thought.

Sitting at the small roll-top desk in the guest room, Brendan shuffled through paperwork when he sensed that Mia was shifting her body from side to side. Raising his head, he watched her bend at the knees, struggling to stand upright. “Stop fussing and stand up straight.”

“How much longer do I have to be in this position?”

In two quick strides, he was right behind her. “Come with me,” he instructed, taking her by the arm. “We’re going to take a stroll back over to the bed, so I can remove that plug and punish you the way a naughty girl should be punished.”

She started to jerk away from him, but as she glanced at his countenance, her eyes lowered.

“You should thank your lucky stars I used an instrument to stretch you. It would’ve been tough for your tight hole to take my cock inside it without any preparation at all.” Stopping at the side of the bed, he unzipped his fly and pushed his pants to the floor, unleashing his large heavy shaft into the air before bending her over the edge of the mattress.

“Raise your ass up high and lie here quietly, while you ponder the position that you’re currently in.” Though his order was clear, he knew there was no way she could prepare herself for what was to come. Mia needed to respect his decisions without question, and she was going to learn that if she didn’t obey his rules, she’d be disciplined. This was a woman who wasn’t used to being held responsible for her actions, but he intended to change all that. If only he could ignore her lustful aroma that was filling the air…

He licked his lips and took a step backward to pull himself together.

Eyeing the spandex skirt still wrapped around her hips, Brendan loved the way her round shuddering buttocks protruded below it, and he knew damn well his body temperature was rising quickly. With a glance into the mirror behind the bed, he’d noticed that his caramel-shaded eyes had already become dark and dilated. What he really wanted to do at that moment was turn her over and fill her mouth with his tongue. He wanted to capture and dominate her completely while staking her needy cunt with his rock-hard cock over and over.

But the timing wasn’t right to mate with her properly. Right now, he needed her submission. Right now, she needed to be punished in her disrespectful ass.

His jaw tightened as his eyes raked up and down the seam of her backside. He knew the intense carnal desire he possessed for Mia combined with his brutal strength could be rough on her petite frame, so he decided to inhale a deep breath and relax while prolonging her embarrassment.

“Are you ashamed of yourself, Mia? Ashamed of the way you’re displaying that plugged ass in the air for me?” he said, his tone lowering a pitch.

“Y-yes, sir.”

“Fine. Then we’re making some progress.” Tapping the end of the plug, he hoped to shame her even more. “Only bad girls have to display themselves to their daddy in this way.”

“I-I’m so sorry.” Her small voice quivered as he dipped his finger into her moist heat and traced her fragrant essence around the base of the implement.

“When you’ve been naughty, that tight ass and virginal pussy of yours will be held up high on display. And then you’ll get what you need from your daddy.”

“Oh, God,” she bit off through a whimper.

“And we both know what you need today, don’t we?”

Her gasp was audible as his finger drummed onto the plug.

“You’re a bad little girl who needs to be taught a lesson. So, this implement will need to come out, and I want you to expel it for me.”

“Are you crazy? I can’t do that!”

His hand smacked her ass. “I want you to bear down and shamefully push it out before my eyes.”

“I don’t think…”

“I’m only going to loosen it for you a bit,” he said, his voice lowering to a soft growl as he tugged on the base. “Okay, now you can start pushing.”

Squirming, Mia turned her head to the side, and groaned while he watched her face bloom with shame, attempting to relieve herself of the steel instrument.

“Since you’re trying so hard, Daddy’s going to help you finish,” he rasped, pulling the remainder of the plug from her anus as she released a heavy sigh. “That’s my good girl.”

Twisting her neck, her pleading green eyes almost melted him into a puddle.


“In case you’re wondering, there is no such thing as a gentle ass fucking,” he noted in a silky tone as he rimmed her asshole with his finger before reaching for the tube of lubricant. “So, if you think the plug made you feel full, you’re in for a real treat when my cock fills it.”

“Oh, God.”

“Does my naughty FBI agent agree that she deserves to be disciplined in this way?” he goaded, coating his rigid cock with a clear gel before rubbing it up and down the crack of her backside.

Her buttocks shivered in response.

“There’s no point in denying how aroused you are by the idea of this punishment, because your lovely scent is once again filling the air.” As he slid his finger into her pussy and rounded her stiff clit, Mia’s face bloomed hot with embarrassment. “Yep, there’s no doubt my dirty girl wants me deep inside her dripping cunt. And that might happen someday… but not today.” His growl thundered in his chest and his grin was one-sided as he pulled her globes apart and stared at her pulsing pucker. “Now you’ll relax this ass for me,” he said, tapping her trembling tight hole. “You’ll be good for your daddy, won’t you?”

“Yes,” she hissed, grasping the starched sheet with her nimble fingers.

“Yes, Daddy,” he corrected firmly.

A slight whimper accompanied her quiet voice as she parroted him. “Yes, Daddy.”

Boosting her hips higher with one hand, he slapped her ass and reared his large body over hers before pressing the wide head of his lubricated cock against her tiny hole. “Now, behave yourself, young lady, and bear down.”

“Fuck! That hurts!” She shut her eyes and squealed as his broad shaft pushed into her snug entrance. Though Mia’s yelps became louder each time he pressed further inside, it was clear she was trying her best to follow his orders. And as usual, her delicious wanton fragrance gave away her true feelings.

There was no doubt she was into this.

“That’s it—take every inch of my cock. I need to fill your ass to the hilt.”

She shook her head. “Please take it out! You’ll never fit all the way in there!”

“Not to worry—I think your ass is the perfect match for me.” There was no doubt in his mind that between her ragged breathing and intoxicating scent, she was on the verge of an orgasm, and he was dying to pinch that hardened clit of hers with his thick fingers. But instead, he rocked his hips and dragged his rigid member in and out of her narrow tunnel steadily. “Maybe the memory of having her little pucker molded around Daddy’s cock will help my bad girl to behave next time,” he grated in a low voice as an intense growl rumbled in his ribcage.

She could feel his temperature rising, his groans were becoming louder, and the beast within him was obviously taking over his body. Eventually, Mia’s screams were transforming into moans of arousal as the tight ring inside her anus relaxed, and before long, she was on the edge of a goddamned orgasm.

No way. She wasn’t giving him the satisfaction.

Mia fought the urge and tried to think of something else, but the exercise was futile. Finally, she decided that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rub her empty, needy pussy against the mattress while she squirmed underneath him. Maybe he wouldn’t notice.


Her breaths came in frantic gasps as his hips repeatedly slammed into hers, and as she took pleasure in his long drives that sank into her dark depths, their combined heady moans of ecstasy echoed around the small room. Rising to meet each thrust, it became apparent that she was moments away from an earth-shattering climax, and if he hadn’t held on to her with a vise-like grip, she surely would have rocketed into the wall from his large shaft’s deep penetration.

Then he smacked her rump without warning. “You can come now, bad girl. But you better lift that greedy pussy of yours off the mattress. This is supposed to be a punishment, so the only way you can come is from Daddy’s cock being in your ass. Do. You. Understand?”

She nodded vigorously as she raised her empty cunt and squeezed it around nothing but open air. It didn’t take long for her shuddering clit to start beating with a vengeance, and she instantly reveled in her pounding release. But when she lowered her ass to the bed, the aftershocks of her spasm set in, and so did the blatant reality of her actions as she shivered with humiliation.

His unyielding member pumping wildly in her ass had her pussy completely soaked and vibrating with shame.

“I always knew you were a dirty girl.” A rough groan immediately blasted from his chest, and then his breathy words melted into a chain of subhuman grunts. Pulling his stiff member from her ass, viscous bursts of hot liquid sprayed over her stinging buttocks and drizzled down around her trembling anus.

Listening to the distinct noise of him fisting his lubricated cock in order to extract the last bit of his seed, she was surprised he chose not to come inside her. But when he rubbed his warm cream into her sore ass cheeks, she understood that embarrassment was also going to be an important part of her punishment. “And now you will thank me for disciplining you this way,” he instructed in a firm voice as his fingers trailed over her tender welts.

“Oh, God…”

His palm landed crisply across her delicate backside. “That was an order.”

“Thank you for punishing me, Daddy,” she wailed softly.


More humiliation.

Turning her over, he spread her legs wide and slapped her pussy. The sharp sting from his splayed fingers landing directly on her labia had her lurching forward, but he was obviously having none of that and gently pushed her back down onto the mattress. The shocking but stimulating impact combined with his dark piercing eyes washing over her sent a bolt of lightning straight to her core. “You know what I want to hear,” he snarled. “Say it or I’ll spank your throbbing clit until you plead for mercy.”

She swiveled her head to avoid his stare. It was embarrassing how aroused she was—how wet her cunt was from being fucked in the ass. Normal people just weren’t turned on by something like that. Normal people weren’t aroused from receiving a punishment fuck in between their cheeks. But as her pussy pulsed from the impact of his muscular hand, she knew her wanton essence was telling him everything he wanted to know. There was no doubt his crude domination seduced her, and she loved every ounce of the wild animal inside him. Gently rounding her sensitive button with his fingertips, he began kindling a fire that could burst into flames again at any time.

“Say it,” he demanded.

With a deep moan, she concentrated on the magic touch of his digits sliding up and down the slit of her pussy, his thumb rubbing her thrumming nub with just the right amount of pressure. But then his hand slapped her moist heat again, his strong fingers landing a sting like she’d never felt before on her inflamed labia, and she jumped from the solid impact.

“Are you ready to say the words I want to hear, or would you rather I punish your kitty with my belt?”

Her stomach did somersaults at the idea of leather swatting her fluttering clit, and though it was difficult to speak, she forced the words from her lips. “Thank you for fucking my ass, Daddy.”

“Just the idea of having your red bottom mounted was humiliating, wasn’t it? But there’s something about the primal domination that turns you on. You want everyone to think you’re in control, but what you really want is to be dominated. Well, you’ve come to the right place, Mia Gates, because I intend to dominate you in every way possible.”

Fuck. There was no hiding from him. In less than a week, he knew her inside and out. And just hearing the embarrassing truth had her pussy wet and pulsing with pleasure.


“Let’s get you upright, little girl.” His breathing was labored as he reached under her arms and drew her into to a sitting position. “I want you to pay close attention while we have this chat.”

Peering down at her rumpled shirt that still had two buttons open at the top, she tugged at the black spandex skirt that was still wrapped around her hips. Her thighs were gaping open, and her dripping sex was completely exposed. It was difficult to look him in the eyes, but when she did, his gaze was penetrating and almost… compassionate.

“Leave the skirt right where it is.”

“Okay,” she said quietly.

“I know you didn’t come from a supportive, loving family—and your life hasn’t been easy because of it.”

Her nod was simple as her eyes filled with tears.

“When you act out, it seems you’re looking for attention, hoping someone will recognize not only your strength, but also your abilities—and I can totally understand why you’ve gone the route of a rebel. We haven’t known each other long, but it seems that your rogue efforts have stemmed from some form of self-doubt. It’s almost as if you don’t want to fit in with other people, you’re more comfortable playing the role of an outcast. Up until now, it’s always been the safer route for you to take.”

Silently, she reveled in the truth of his words. It was as if he could read her mind.

“I do care what happens to you and that’s why you’re here. But in order to keep you safe, my rules must be obeyed. Now that I’ve taken you under my roof, you’ll be attended to in the way you’ve always wanted. But you must agree to follow my laws, or there will be consequences. Serious and embarrassing consequences. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she whispered under her breath, lowering her eyes.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

She bit the inside of her cheek and glanced in the other direction.

“No, you will always look me in the eyes when you answer my questions, young lady,” he chided, grasping her chin.

“I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through, and I’m sorry for all the difficult positions I’d placed my colleagues and superiors in. No matter what I accomplish, for some reason it never feels like it’s enough, but I don’t ever intend for my goals to hurt anyone…” she said, stopping to consider her next words.

“Take your time.”

“Sometimes I feel as though I’m in the ocean swimming toward the beach, but then a strong current takes me into another direction under the water. You know, like I’m in an undertow.”

“I appreciate the metaphor, Mia. But do you now realize that even the best swimmers can drown from a strong undercurrent?”

Her head fell. “My life has never been in danger like this before…”

Slowly he raised her face so she could meet his golden eyes. “So, do you think your punishment was deserved?”


“Good girl.”

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