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Vicious Intentions: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


Sage was breathless, the blush of red on her bottom the perfect color. As she mewed, I glanced at Hunter, who seemed hypnotized by the entire situation.

We’d waited so long for this moment that our needs were little more than animalistic.


It was all consuming for the three of us. The fact that I’d shared two different women with Cain and Hunter during the years showed a pattern, but neither event had awakened the darkness inside. Somehow, Sage had managed to do that as well as invoke the demon living inside of me. I was the big bad wolf, and my little lamb had no understanding of the filthy things I wanted to do to her.

The thought of sharing her for the long term didn’t seem as insane as it once had. We’d even talked about combining our businesses, forming a powerhouse corporation that could never be bested. Maybe that was exactly what would happen after graduation. I’d heard Chicago was a cool place to live. My cock twitched, throbbing to the point of pain from just thinking about the possibility for a future together.

Did I really think she’d go for it, or that her parents wouldn’t interfere? If her father was the assassin, then he’d put bullets in our heads the first opportunity he had. I wanted to laugh at myself given capturing her had initially been about revenge. Now, I was thinking about sharing my life with her. Jesus. I was suddenly thinking like Cain, which was ridiculous.

I’d watched in near silence as Cain had taken control over stalking her, watching her as if she was a little bird trying to flee her cage. I would swear she knew we’d been voyeurs, her provocative dances in front of open blinds as close to portraying sexual acts as I’d ever seen. I’d hungered for her to the point of masturbating almost every night, keeping an image of her face in the forefront of my mind. Now, I couldn’t wait to have her plump lips wrapped around my thick cock.

Cain gathered her into his arms, immediately yanking her dress over her head as he helped her to a standing position. Then he cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers. While she struggled in his hold at first, within seconds she was rubbing her palms down his thighs.

My cock had been completely aroused for too long, my hunger reaching levels I’d yet to experience. All because of a beautiful girl who’d gotten on the radar of a monster. Who was I to judge Cain? I’d participated in the beheadings of my father’s enemies during a trip home for Christmas.

It was the way of my life as well as Cain’s, and Hunter’s wasn’t much different given the notorious reputation of his father. But to think that Cain was dead-set on keeping Sage permanently meant we were entering another realm of power that would change everything, including our futures.

However, I was also smart enough to realize that Cain was fucking nuts. He’d likely toss her aside after getting his fill. In my eyes, she was far too special to spoil. She hadn’t known I’d been in the audience at every performance she’d participated in, including the few off campus, something her professors had no clue about, and if I had to guess, something her parents would freak out over.

She’d always disguised herself, appearing the heady rocker when singing her heart out. Red hair. Blonde hair. Hell, she’d gone through a phase of wearing a neon pink wig. None of her disguises had ever fooled me. I’d been there, sitting in a seat for as long as she performed, protecting her against the evils of the world.

Blood had stained my skin from beating a stupid drunk asshole who’d hassled her three nights before. He’d threatened to call the police. In turn, I’d made certain he knew that if I needed to have a ‘talk’ with him a second time, he’d lose more than just one of his fingers. I’d do it all over again to keep her protected.

As Cain yanked her head back by her hair, crushing his mouth over hers, I ripped off my jacket, tossing it aside. Then I curled my fingers around the back of my shirt, yanking it over my head to the floor. By the time I approached, her nipples were rock hard, the scent of her desire forcing me to lick my lips.

I rubbed my hands around her waist, crawling them to her thighs.

Cain pulled away, winking as he glanced at me. “She’s all yours, brother. At least for a few minutes.”

I spun her around, enjoying her expression as I fisted her hair. “You are beautiful.”

Sage placed her hand on my chest, allowing her heated gaze to fall slowly to my belt buckle as she chewed on her lower lip. When she brushed the tips of her fingers down to my belt buckle, I sucked in my breath. A part of me wanted this to last all night long, but I had a feeling my body wouldn’t cooperate.

When she lifted her chin, I wrapped my hand around the back of her neck, pulling her onto her toes.

“You will never break me,” she said, yet the twinkle in her eye indicated she was intrigued by the possibility.

“We shall see, little lamb. Won’t we?”

She jerked at my belt, managing to unfasten the buckle. Then I pushed her down to her knees, taking a deep breath as she rolled the material over my hips.

“You don’t waste any time,” Hunter said as he approached.

“No, brother. We’ve wasted far too much time as it is.”

He growled as he crouched down, easing the hair from her face. “I can’t wait to slide my cock deep inside your pussy.” I watched as he raked his fingers down her back, his expression darkening.

When she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, I couldn’t hold back an intense moan. “Suck me, little lamb. I want to see your lips surrounding my cockhead.”

Sage pumped the bottom of my shaft, twisting her hand until she created friction. Giving me a salacious look, she slid her other hand between my legs, teasing my balls. She rolled them between her fingers, squeezing until the pressure caused another growl to escape my throat.

“Be careful taunting me,” I said under my breath.


Her question made me laugh. When she finally wrapped her voluptuous lips around my cockhead, I grabbed the top of her head. It was difficult not to ram my shaft deep inside her hot little mouth. I was able to maintain control as she used her strong jaw muscles to suck, yet my body started to shake almost immediately. “Fuck.”

“That hot?” Hunter mused.

“You have no idea.”

“She’s a little firecracker.” He rose to his feet, unfastening his belt. As soon as he freed his cock, she eased her hand to the base, pumping as she’d done to mine.

I tangled my fingers in her hair, closing my eyes as the pleasure increased. I didn’t want to shoot off my load too early. I’d prefer to do so in her tight pussy. The thought brought a smile to my face.

As soon as Hunter groaned, I opened my eyes. She was giving him a hand job, one with a magical purpose in mind. I had to wonder just how innocent our little lamb truly was. Perhaps the erotic stories she wrote had been from experience. Or maybe she was a quick study. Whatever the case, I was in seventh heaven.

“That’s it, beautiful girl. Suck me.”

Sage pulled back, blowing across my cockhead. Then she tugged against my hold, pouting her lips until I gave her some freedom. She licked across Hunter’s slit before taking his cockhead into her mouth. He immediately threw his head back, issuing a harsh bellow.

I heard Cain chuckling from the other side of the room where he stood as if emperor and director of the seduction. I rolled my hand down the taut muscles of my stomach, stroking the base as she took Hunter’s cock down an inch at a time. While it was more than fair to allow him to enjoy her wet lips, my needs were selfish. There’d be no way I could hold off for long.

After grabbing a handful of her hair, I tugged her back, my gaze hazy as I stared into hers. A man could find his soul in the sapphire depths of her eyes.

If there was a chance one could be found. I’d accepted a long time ago that I’d grow into a man with no conscience just like my father. It was strange that after the limited time she’d spent in my clutches, I wanted to become a better man. Maybe the fucking bourbon was spiked.

I allowed her to drag her sweet tongue down the underside of my cock, tempting me into becoming more brutal when she popped one of my balls into her hot mouth.

“Fuck, woman. Careful.” As if my suggestion was going to be heeded. She’d shed her inhibitions, accepting her fate in the hands of three savage men. I admired her spunk and tenacity, but that only made me want to break her even more.

As soon as she pulled the tip of my dick into her mouth, I impaled her throat, unable to keep my extreme hunger at bay. She had one hand wrapped around Hunter’s cock, still twisting, the friction driving him nuts, but she placed her other hand on my thigh. The way she dug her fingernails into my skin was strangely appealing.

I rolled onto the balls of my feet, fucking her mouth as if I was a dying man. It had been so long since I’d been with a woman and this was… shit, I could come easily. My mind was a freaking, blurry mess from the buildup of stripping her of her innocence.

“That’s it,” I managed, barely able to focus. The strangled sounds she made were beautiful music, the only kind I wanted to hear. I’d already lost my precum to a slice of her tongue raking across my cockhead. My balls were aching, and I wanted to fill her mouth with my seed, requiring her to clean off every drop.

“My turn,” Hunter growled, ripping her from my arms. I didn’t fight him, needing to cool down. The scent of her pussy was far too attractive. Later, I’d come in her throat.

I backed away, fighting to keep from stumbling as I adjusted my trousers. Then I grabbed a glass, filling it in with Blackjack. “She’s fucking incredible.”

“Yeah, she is.” Cain’s gaze hadn’t left her since I’d forced her onto her knees, forever watching like a hawk. He’d already removed his clothes and was now idly stroking his cock with enough pressure I could tell he was in pain. He was truly a twisted fuck, but that’s why we got along so well. Hunter was the Yin to our dark Yang, keeping us centered when we often preferred going off the rails. “She’s going to be a powerful addition to our lives.”

“So, we’ll get a big house in the outskirts of Chicago, defy the normal traditions?” I was mostly teasing, but as soon as I issued the suggestion, it was as if a light had gone off in his mind.

“That’s exactly what we’re going to do. She’ll marry us. We’ll raise a fucking passel of kids and rule the goddamn world. If anyone wants to fuck with us, they’ll realize they made a huge mistake.”

While I laughed, I could tell the man was serious. “We’ll keep her in chains, tied to a huge bed.”

He snorted, his eyes no longer focusing. “Something like that.”

Nothing Cain said any longer shocked me. While I’d hungered for her almost as much, I hadn’t imagined us together forever in the vision of my future. I wasn’t certain any woman could handle my sadism or the heritage I’d grown up with.

“And how do you propose to keep her father from tracking us like dogs?” I pounded back a portion of my drink, curious as to his answer.

“That’s simple,” he said as he shrugged. “We kill the bastard. But first things first. We need to fuck her. Then we’ll go hunting. In case you haven’t experienced it. There’s nothing like live, human prey.”


Sucking cock wasn’t on my list of accomplishments, but as soon as I’d held Cristiano’s thick shaft in my hand, all the fantasies that had chased every dream exploded in my mind. The taste of him was salty yet sweet, much like Hunter had been. I was shocked how large both men were, even more so that they were able to fit into my mouth.

I hadn’t anticipated wanting this, even if I’d secretly admired them from afar.

“Baby. You are just off the chain,” Hunter murmured as he ran his fingers through my hair. His legs were shaking, every muscle in his body stiffening almost from the beginning. The musky scent of his testosterone filled my senses, creating a series of tingles that matched the ache felt in my butt cheeks.

The spanking had been harsh yet erotic, pushing me to the edge of reason and sanity. For the first time in my life, it had felt as if I was flying free from the tethers of my life. And dear God, I wanted more.

Hunter fisted my hair at the scalp, holding me in place. “Open your mouth, little pet. You’re going to take every inch.”

I did as he commanded, swirling my tongue around his shaft as he gently pushed several inches inside. As soon as I began to suck, his breathing changed, more labored than before. They were all beautiful men, but there was something softer about Hunter. Maybe because he didn’t come from cold-blooded killers like Cain and Cristiano. He was someone I almost believed I could trust, even if he would stop at nothing to take what he wanted.

After squeezing his balls, I hungrily engulfed another two inches. But that wasn’t enough. He shoved my head down until my lower lip was resting on his testicles. I gagged but did what I could to relax my throat even as my eyes watered. His pants fell to the floor, and I wrapped my arm around his hips, pressing my hand against his rock-hard ass.

Goddamn the man was built, every muscle carved to perfection. As he started to pump, taking over control as Cristiano had, I continued to stroke the base. The moment and experience kept me lightheaded, my mind still trying to process everything that had happened. The thought of being their captive was insanely enticing.

I sensed Cain’s return. I could also smell his need, as if seeing me with the other two had been too much for him to tolerate. Hunter laughed, pushing my shoulders then lifting my chin with a single finger. “That’s just the beginning, baby. I’m going to take your tight little asshole.”

“You might have to fight me for it,” Cristiano growled.

“She’s mine to claim first.” Cain’s voice had a deep vibrato, the husky sound adding to the anticipation.

Hunter tugged me to my feet, and when I glanced at Cain as he approached, I pressed my hand over my mouth. He was even more enticing naked, the deep ‘V’ leading from his abdomen making me shiver. A flicker of gold drew my attention to his thick cock, the piercing something I’d heard about but never seen before. Kelly had mentioned that it added to the sensations, able to cause a powerful orgasm. I wouldn’t know.

He had an indescribable look on his face, immediately jerking me off my feet, forcing my legs around his sculpted hips. Then he strode toward the wall, shoving me against the hard surface with just enough force that I moaned.

“They got to experience your wet mouth, but I get to fuck your tight pussy first, sweet pet.” He pushed me further up the wall, and I struggled to hold on, digging my fingers into his shoulders.

“Don’t worry, baby. You’re not going anywhere.” He hoisted me up even further until my legs were wrapped around his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” I had no clue how I’d managed to speak at all.

“I’m a hungry man who needs to be fed. And you’re the sweetest thing around.” He wrapped his lip around my clit, immediately pulling the tender tissue between his lips.

“Oh. My. God.” I was thrown into a complete moment of rapture, stunned from the number of electric shocks coursing through me like white lightning. Every sound he made was like an animal in heat, and within seconds, my hardened bud was tender from the roughness of his actions.

But I could care less, the pleasure unlike anything I’d imagined. I lifted one arm over my head, slapping my hand against the wall, tangling the fingers of my other in his thick hair. Saying I was lightheaded didn’t cut it. I was lost in a sea of pleasure that I hadn’t known existed. “Oh. Oh. Oh.”

He finally released my clit, dragging his tongue up and down the length of my slickened folds. I tossed my head back and forth the second he darted his tongue into my tight channel. Then I heard myself laughing, then moaning, my toes curling from the intensity of his actions.

Panting, I noticed both Cristiano and Hunter had finally removed their clothes, not so patiently waiting for their turn by the stern expressions on their faces.

I was allowed to bask in their ruggedness until my vision became too fuzzy from the rapture.

“Mmmm… So sweet. Nectar of the gods,” Cain murmured, then buried his head in my wetness. He was an expert at what he was doing, bringing me close, then pulling back.

I laughed nervously, my heart thudding against my chest. My toes were curled as the first hint of a climax tickled my senses. It was incredible someone could bring me to this point with his mouth alone. I clenched my eyes shut, bucking hard against his hold.

Cain growled and dug his fingers into my hips. “Come for me, little pet. Don’t make me tell you twice.”

The deep rumble of his voice and heated breath against my wetness was all that was needed. He sucked on my clit once again, and I erupted in a powerful orgasm. No vibrator could do what this man was doing to me, pushing every button, driving the rest of my inhibitions aside.

“Yes. Yes! Oh, yes!” My cries were bedraggled and there was no sense in opening my eyes. There was no chance I could focus on anything.

Yet I heard the other two hungry men and their labored breathing. It wouldn’t be long until they returned to take possession. Wasn’t this every girl’s fantasy? Three men?

I bit back another cry, fighting to keep my mind intact as another orgasm swept through me. This time, my scream was little more than strangled syllables, the ecstasy so intense.

Seconds later, Cain kissed and licked the inside of one thigh, then the other before easing me down by a few inches. But he wasn’t about to let me get away, thrusting the entire length of his cock deep inside. When he shifted, I could feel his piercing rubbing against my pussy walls. The intensity was incredible, tiny prickles of heat jetting through me like rocket fire.

My muscles stretched, a flash of pain because of his huge girth quickly turning into such intense pleasure that I couldn’t make a single sound. I felt a smile cross my face as I trembled in his hold. He pulled all the way out, driving into me again, shoving me against the wall.

“So tight, my pet. So fucking tight. I’m going to stretch you. Fuck you. Fill you. Isn’t that what you want?”


“Mmm… I thought so. All those times you masturbated in the shower, were you thinking of us?”

I wanted to be incensed, disgusted that I’d been right about the cameras, but his filthy words only enticed me more. “Maybe.” I was breathless with my answer, my skin both crawling and tingling at the same time. The array of emotions was killing me as much as his tempting words thrilled the hungry girl inside. I was torn between driving my fingers into his stunning eyes and clinging to his massive shoulders as he fucked me like a bad little girl.

“Maybe? I guess I’ll need to convince you.” He lowered his head, nipping my lower lip as he pulled out, plunging into me again. His breath was scattered, hot as Hades as he blew across my face. It only added to the wildfire threatening to consume me.

Even through the thick walls, I could hear thunder rumbling all around us, another flash of lightning catching my breath. I closed my eyes, allowing the fantasy to take over. When I sensed movement, I held my breath, Cain pulling me away from the wall. Another set of hands brushed down my back, caressing my skin as a lover would do.

But these men and this experience wasn’t about romance but sheer fucking, taking a possession so others would know to keep their hands off. I wasn’t certain I minded. Was this what being one of the chosen was about? For a fleeting second, I considered it until I felt fingers sliding down the crack of my ass. They were wet, slickened with something.

Moaning, I opened my eyes, stretching to see Hunter was right behind me. His eyes danced like flames licking at crackling logs, the wry smile on his face more seductive than before.

“Your ass is mine,” he growled, then pressed a single finger inside my dark hole.

I was thrown by the shame of being invaded this way, the heat climbing from my core, exploding into my extremities. My arms and legs tingled, my pulse racing, I was terrified and aroused, the combination damning.

“That’s it, little pet. You’re going to feel so full,” Cain whispered as he lowered his head, licking the shell of my ear.

A single crack to my aching bottom pushed a series of moans from my throat. That was the moment Hunter added a second finger, stretching them open as he began to pump into my asshole.

“Even tighter,” he murmured. “Maybe we’ll have you wear a plug all day and all night. Yes. I think that’s what we need to do.”

“I’ll order several,” Cristiano said from a few feet away. His laugh was dark and dangerous, a promise of things to come. While Cain was pure evil, his lack of humanity evident in everything he did, I sensed Cristiano was the most sadistic of the three, thriving on providing pain well before pleasure.

I craved it. God help me but I did.

Cain continued to thrust into me slow and easy while Hunter drove a third finger inside, his actions becoming rougher. I could tell by his hitched breath that he was losing his patience, hungering to be inside of me.

I tensed the moment he pressed the tip of his cock against my dark entrance.

“Shush, little one. I’m make it nice and easy the first time.” Hunter’s soft, seductive words put me in a slight trance, so that when he pushed a couple of inches inside, I didn’t scream, merely shuddering audibly.

“That’s it. Such a good girl, aren’t you? She can take it. We know she likes it rough,” Cain said in a gruff voice.

Of all the endearing names they called me, good girl was more thrilling than it should be. The haze forming around our heated bodies intensified, a thick fog that was impenetrable. I had my arms over Cain’s shoulders, tugging on his dark curls as Hunter drove another two inches inside. Pain shot through me, my ass aching. Then Cain picked up his rhythm, rolling onto the balls of his feet and changing the angle.

“Oh…” Cristiano was not to be denied, cupping one breast, kneading until it ached. “You’re mine next, sunshine.”

The piercing found a perfect sensitive spot, and I was tossed into rapture, barely realizing Hunter had driven the remainder of his cock deep inside. As they developed a rhythm, Cristiano pinched and twisted my nipple, adding to the delicious anguish. Our combined sounds of growls and moans filled the space, the rumbles of continuous thunder adding to the sultry atmosphere.

As they started to fuck me brutally, I was completely relaxed, barely hanging onto Cain. I turned my head, licking my lips so Cristiano could see.

He inched closer, capturing my mouth as he continued tormenting my aching bud. I adored the taste of him, the sweet hint of bourbon infused with something tangy. I could have kissed the man for hours, but I sensed he wanted more.

The electricity was building to a precipice, the dazzling vibrations stealing my breath. I blinked several times, trying to eliminate the building haze surrounding my vision, suddenly clawing Cain’s shoulders.

“That’s it, little pet. Come with me. Come while I fill your womb with my seed.” Cain’s words were so deep and dark that I had to strain in order to hear him. I had no way to hold back. I squeezed my pussy muscles around Cain’s throbbing shaft, and seconds later, there was nothing I could do to stop a powerful orgasm from driving straight to the heart of me.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!”

“Fuck!” Cain roared, fucking me like a crazed animal as my body continued to float to pure ecstasy. He threw his head back, panting several times as his body spasmed.

My climax left me exhausted and unable to think clearly. Hunter continued to hold me, plunging slow and easy as I struggled to control my breathing.

“My turn,” Cristiano demanded, pushing Cain aside, then forcing my legs around his hips. “No pretense, baby. I take what I want.” He wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, rubbing the tip up and down my slickened pussy, then plunged every inch inside.

My muscles immediately reacted as they’d done with Cain’s, clamping around the delicious thick bulge, pulling it in as deeply as possible. His eyes were almost unrecognizable when he lifted his head, taking shallow breaths as he studied me. Then he smiled, and I thought the entire world was going to burn down.

“Okay, little lamb,” Hunter said breathlessly as he shoved hair away from the back of my neck. “We’re going to make you feel even better.”

As both men began developing a rhythm of their own, as if playing a priceless instrument, I was thrown by how much the entire situation intrigued me. Did they really believe I would belong to all three of them? Did they see this as long term?


Remember, it’s all about revenge.

My inner voice was right, but what if what we shared could be more? I refused to allow worries about something I had no control over to ruin the moment. I lolled my head against Cristiano’s shoulder as both men fucked me. I’d never felt so full in my entire life. I dragged my tongue across my parched lips, then around Cristiano’s mouth. He allowed me to tease his tongue, as I swept mine back and forth across his.

When Hunter eased his arms around me, cupping both breasts, I knew I’d died and gone to heaven. There could be nothing more explosive and wonderful than having three men pleasure me at the same time. Nothing.

“Such a bad girl,” Hunter whispered. “Taming you will be delicious.”

Taming me. Crazy visions rushed into the back of my mind, the kind that could very well turn into a naughty story. “Yes.”

“At least she admits it,” Cristiano said casually before crushing his mouth over mine. Together the three of us developed a rhythm that could rival anything. I could sense Cain was watching, always observing.

And he didn’t necessarily like what he saw.

As the delicious moments continued, I raked my nails down Cristiano’s back. I could tell both men were losing control at the same time. I bucked against their hold which seemed to surprise them, their actions becoming even more brutal. Together, we were shot into a moment of euphoria.

“Fuck. I can’t hold it,” Hunter snarled.

“Then don’t, brother. Come for us, baby girl.” Cristiano’s voice opened another wicked well of darkness.

As I stared into his eyes, I followed his command, the three of us climaxing at the same time.

This wasn’t just heaven. This was the beginning of the descent into Hell.

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