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Virgin Tribute: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

Raegan heard the Protector’s roar. Obviously, he had discovered she was no longer there and was none too happy about that. Too bad; she was going to make her own way in this brave new world. She had descended the stairs from the monorail and was trying to decide in which direction to go when she heard movement from all around her. Before anything could appear, she heard the flapping of great wings only momentarily before Drake landed in the clearing. His beast roared as he wrapped his tail around her to prevent her from leaving. Out of the overgrowth came a pack of mutants—ugly salivating things. They walked upright, but only barely and most resembled a hyena crossed with a human. They were armed with crude machetes and spears. The pack quickly surrounded them on three sides and Drake backed her against one of the monorail’s pilings and released her.

One of the hyenas sprang forward, brandishing his spear. Drake’s massive paw with its razor-sharp claws sliced through the air, destroying the spear and ripping the thing’s throat out. Several of them surged forward and Raegan watched as he fought them off. But there were so many. Raegan was unsure whether the monster that she’d been given to would be able to defeat the freaks all around them. It occurred to her with Drake busy defending himself and the hyenas focused on bringing Drake down, she had an excellent opportunity to slip away.

Raegan ducked behind the piling and began to make her way back to holy ground. If she could stay there undetected until she could formulate a plan and figure out her next move, she should be relatively safe. None of the mutants should touch her there. She would need to be able to figure out how to find water and forage for food until she was forced to leave, but it seemed to be her safest bet. One step off holy ground and she would become prey.

She could hear the fight between Drake and the hyenas raging on. She told herself Drake was not her concern. After all, she had not wanted to be the Chosen One. She was beating back the last of the dense foliage that surrounded the concrete space when she heard him bellow. It did not sound like a roar of victory.

Without another thought, Raegan reversed course and ran back to the site of the battle. The hyenas had managed to surround him and one, obviously their leader, came forward with a rusty machete to challenge him. Raegan scooped up one of the broken spears lying on the ground and launched herself at the challenger’s back. She leaped into the air and came down with the spear, driving it through the spot where his neck met his back, severing the spinal cord and plunging it into his heart.

Raegan flung the thing toward its pack members and picked up another spear, waving and thrusting it at the others. Seeing that the Protector no longer fought alone and that his companion was a formidable opponent as well, they retreated, slinking back into the overgrowth and away from Drake and Raegan.

Raegan heard the beating of strong wings, before his claws folded around her and he sought the safety of the sky.

She struggled to get away from him, but all that resulted from her effort was his tightening his grip. He roared again to the sky, only this time she could tell it was in triumph. He returned to their home… no, she thought, not their home. The flight to the Needle was accomplished more quickly than her departure.

As they approached the panel, Raegan saw it raise so that he could fly in. He dropped her none too gently on the decking. He landed between her and the panel as it rolled back down into place. She watched as he shifted and noticed that again his cock was completely erect. She idly wondered if that was because of the adrenaline rush from finding her and snatching her up or was it simply a byproduct of shifting.

“You foolish girl. What were you thinking?” he thundered.

“Like the note said, I was thinking I didn’t want to be here and I’d leave. And you’re welcome by the way. Any chance you stopped by the Sanctuary and killed Elder Stanley?”

“No. Elder Stanley has done nothing wrong. You, on the other hand, have wantonly and willfully disobeyed me, and will be punished for it as soon as I’m through.”

“Through with what?” she challenged.

“This,” he said, indicating his engorged cock.

Raegan was mesmerized. There was something about him that fascinated and aroused her in the deepest portion of her soul. The fact that her system was pumping enormous amounts of adrenaline due to the fight wasn’t helping her control her libido. Drake reached for her, fisting her hair and pushing her to the bench that went around the observation deck. He put her in the position of leaning on her hands on the bench as he moved behind her. He pulled her leggings down past her knees and reached between her legs, shoving two fingers into her pussy. Raegan couldn’t help but moan as he laughed and withdrew his fingers.

“Apparently I didn’t so much steal your virginity last night as relieve you of its burden.”

Without another word, he gripped her hips and thrust his hard cock between her legs. Raegan’s knees almost buckled from the incredible pleasure she derived feeling him mount her and drive home.

Drake’s hips pistoned back and forth, thrusting his cock in and out of her with power and speed. She could feel the barbs scraping her again. In the rational part of her mind she knew that she should be fighting him, but it wasn’t her rational mind that was in control. Hell, it wasn’t even she who was in control. Drake was dominant; she was not. He would rule; she would serve. Silently he hammered her pussy, making her come several times before she felt the barbs lengthen and his cock swell as he hooked her flesh and began to pump his release into her, groaning as he did so.

He didn’t even let her catch her breath as he hoisted her over his shoulder, being careful to keep her pussy as the highest point of her body. He opened the elevator and returned to the living area. He went into the kitchen, drained two bottles of water, and tore through two pieces of grilled poultry. He wiped his mouth on the sweater she had on before swatting her upturned backside with his hand.

“Now, Raegan, you will pay the price for your disobedience.”

He took her into the bedroom and dumped her on the bed.



“You heard me,” he said, leaning over her. “Get naked now.”

“Drake…” she started, but was cut off as he flipped her over on her belly, raised her up by the hips so her pussy was still elevated, and landed five hard strikes on her backside, which was still painful from the spanking he’d given her the day before.

“Do you need me to repeat myself and the swats you were given before you do as you’re told?”

“But I…”

“You will be silent unless I ask you a question,” he roared. “You will strip and present yourself to me for your discipline. I’m going to punish your bottom hole after I spank you hard enough that you’ll wish you’d never even considered leaving this place.”

“No… I saved you!”

“Silence! You will learn to do as you are told, and when you don’t, you will feel my displeasure with your inability to do so. You will strip now or I will strip you before I spank you. The only difference is that if you do not show me that you have even enough contrition to obey me now, instead of using my fingers in your bottom hole, it will be my cock. You’re big on being given choices, Raegan, choose!”

“I’ll strip,” she said, pulling off the makeshift boots before finishing the removal of her leggings. She slid to the side of the bed and pulled off the sweater and then her bra, handing them to him as he stretched out his hand.

Drake sat down and pulled her across his lap, trapping her legs between his. She had no time to prepare before his hand crashed down on her rump. He spanked her long, hard, and methodically. He ensured that every inch of her bottom, her sit spots, and the backs of her thighs were covered, leaving her with vivid red handprints all across them. Raegan tried to remain stoic, but her efforts failed quickly as she began to squirm and cry. Her pleas did nothing to deter him. Drake continued to spank her for what seemed like an eternity. He made sure that she felt each and every strike by moving his hand around so that no one spot became immune to the lesson he meant to teach her.

“Have you learned to obey me?” he asked coldly but with his anger still intact.

“Yes. Please stop,” she cried. “I won’t do it again.”

“I intend to see to that. Now get up off my lap and put yourself in position again on the bed—ass up, tits and face on the mattress.”

Raegan scrambled to comply. Her nipples were beaded and painful. Her clit was swollen with need and her pussy was pulsing. She prayed that he wouldn’t recognize that his harsh spanking had combined with the fight and the rough fucking he’d given her on the deck to make her pussy drip with her own desire and his residual seed.

“You will learn to obey and when you don’t, you will ask for my discipline in order for you to make better decisions in the future about your submission to me. You will now ask me to take your virgin bottom hole in order to help you learn to obey me.”

Raegan couldn’t believe he wanted to do such a thing to her, much less make her ask for it. When she made no sound, Drake separated her red butt cheeks and swatted her bottom hole several times, causing her to yowl at the pain.

“Jesus, Drake! That hurts,” she exclaimed desperately.

The beast said nothing, but waited for her compliance with his instructions.

“You bastard,” she hissed. Drawing a deep breath and trying to quell all of the emotion and throbbing from both her arousal and her pain, she continued, “Please take my virgin bottom hole so that I can atone for my behavior.”

He ran his digits up into her pussy, collecting her cream and then inserted his digit past his first knuckle into her back entrance without giving her any time to relax or adjust to his invasion. Roughly he drove it into her and chuckled as she quickly began to rock with the motion of his finger. He removed his finger and spanked her swollen pussy again, making her cry out.

“You do not seek your own pleasure. I am the one who gives or denies it to you.”

He jammed his finger back up her asshole. She bit the bedclothes to keep from screaming. It wasn’t so much that it hurt; it wasn’t pleasurable per se, but certainly ramped up her response to him. He withdrew his digit and then shoved two fingers back inside her once again, pumping hard.

Raegan was breathing erratically. She couldn’t understand how her pussy could be pulsing and be desperate for him to fuck her again when he had done nothing but strip her naked, spank her bottom until she thought she’d never be able to sit or lie down again, and now was fucking her back entrance with his fingers and pushing her toward an orgasm. Just as she thought she would achieve her goal of climaxing, he withdrew his fingers completely and landed two blows each on her bottom hole and on her pussy. She screamed—part pain, part rage, and part pure desire for completion.

He jerked her up by her hair and bound her hands behind her back with one of the strips of leather. He lowered her back on the mattress so that her head was on it and her ass was still in the air and vulnerable.

“You stay,” he said as he walked toward the closet.

She could hear him rummaging through the chest of drawers and feared what she felt would be next. He returned and showed her a spade-shaped plug of some sort. Raegan was certain she knew exactly where he planned to put it. She tried to scramble away, but he latched onto her leg and dragged her back. He drove the plug into her pussy, fucking her slowly with it as he twirled it around. She tried to clamp down on it so that she could use it to orgasm, but he withdrew it before inserting it into her bottom hole. Raegan tried clenching her cheeks shut against this invasion of her private entrance.

“It will always go easier for you if you accept my dominance and your well-deserved punishment for your misbehavior. The plug is going in. How painful seating it inside your asshole is will be up to you.”

Raegan began to cry but forced herself to relax as he slid the plug deep into her hole. He helped her to her feet and then pinched and tugged on her nipples before sucking and nipping them. He raised his head and smiled as he hefted her breasts.

“These will suckle our sons and daughters.”

“You haven’t gotten me pregnant yet,” she hissed.

“The operative word being yet. I haven’t really started trying… yet,” he said silkily. “I plan to bring you into a high, hard estrous, which will cause me to go into a rut. I have been laying in stores and finished doing that today. That will ensure I do not have to leave you while you are in heat and can breed you repeatedly. But first, I plan to seed your belly and then your ass. Neither will result in a baby, but the more of my cum you have in your body, the more intense you will feel your estrous. The only relief for you will be feeling my barbs scrape their furrows in your cunt before they hook in and I deposit my seed in you.” Drake reached back and jiggled the butt plug. “And the first time I fuck your ass you will feel what it is to be scent marked by your mate.”

He pushed her down onto her knees with her hands still bound behind her and her mouth at the perfect level for his cock, which had become erect again.

“Open,” he commanded.

Raegan shook her head. “I don’t know what to do.”

“You will suck my cock while I fuck your mouth. You will keep your jaw loose so that I can reach the back of your throat. When you have pleasured me sufficiently, I will shoot my cum down your throat so that it takes up residence in your belly. You will learn to love the taste of my cum and beg to have me fuck this hole as well. Now, open.”

Raegan did as she was told, almost gagging as he rammed his cock in her mouth and touched the back of her throat. The barbs only scraped along the top of her tongue but were uncomfortable. Back and forth he rocked his hips. Her nipples continued to get harder and harder as he thrust more quickly. She found that she could breathe through her nose while his cock filled her mouth. He grasped her head as he pumped harder and faster. With a heavy groan, he pulled her head into his groin so that he could shove his cock more deeply than he had. She felt his cum rolling down her throat as he spurted over and over and over again.

“Not bad for your first time. But you will learn to use your tongue and suck harder to enhance my experience.”

He helped her to her feet once again and pinched both of her nipples.

“I plan to keep your nipples sore when you feed our children so every time they suckle you will present yourself to me to be bred again.”

He attached her shackled wrists to the headboard. She could move around on the bed, but not much. With her hands behind her back she was unable to play with her tits or clit to relieve the tremendous ache and need he had given her.

“I will feed you after a while. For now, you can lie here contemplating the price you paid for your disobedience. I will leave you dripping with need with your bottom hole plugged, my seed in your belly, and the taste of it in your mouth. I suggest you think long and hard before incurring my displeasure again. But do not worry, Raegan, before this night is out, I will see you well-fucked and sated.”

Raegan lay on the bed writhing with need. She tried to find a way to relieve the burning arousal he had left her in.

“Drake, please,” she called. “Drake? Protector? Goddamn it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, please!”

Raegan cried repeatedly until she began to get hoarse. Her struggling became more frantic and desperate as the need wore on unrelentingly. The fact that she had such vivid memories of both times he had coupled with her only fueled her desire. She knew he could take care of this ache that seemed to know no bounds.

After what seemed like an eternity, he returned to the bedroom. He had remained nude.

“Who are you, Raegan?”

Raegan tried desperately to remember what she had said the night before that seemed to have appeased him then. She hoped it would do so now.

“I am the Chosen One given to the Protector as tribute and concubine… I am yours to use as you will.”

“Yes, you are. Do you think I should have to chase down my concubine?”

“No, Drake. I said I’m sorry and I am.”

He walked over to the bed, cocking his head as he looked at her. He reached down to fondle her breast and she pressed it deeper into his hand, causing him to chuckle. He flicked her nipple with his forefinger and seemed amused when she sought to get closer and bucked her hips in invitation.

“It would seem you didn’t lie to me last night when you said you wished to couple with me again.”

“I didn’t lie and I do very much. Please, Drake.”

He ran his finger down the centerline of her body, stopping just above her clit before cupping her mons with his large hand. She pressed against him, trying to rub herself against him.

“On your back and spread your legs.”

Raegan rolled onto her back, wincing as her backside came into contact with the bed. It hurt worse than the spanking he had given her the night before. But her need was too great to deny him anything. She spread her legs, praying he would touch her. Drake reached between her legs, finding her wetness had leaked out onto her thighs. He dipped his fingers in it and brought them up to his nose to inhale before inserting them in his mouth to suck. Raegan watched in fascination as his cock once more became erect and the barbs protruded, ready to rake her insides again.

“Before I see to that need,” he said, “I must ensure that you are well nourished. I will go fix us something to eat and will see to all of your needs before we are done for the evening.”

He turned and walked away, stopping at the door when she called him.

“Please, Drake…”

“Remember how desperately you wanted me before you think to disobey me again. But do not fret, I will see you well fucked this night.”

He turned to head back out the door. Raegan was about to roll over to relieve the pressure on her ass when he said, “Did I tell you to move? You are to remain on your back with your punished ass on the bed and your legs spread so I can see, and easily smell, the proof of your arousal. Do not disappoint me again.”

She lay on her back pondering how she might murder him… after he had fucked her as he’d promised. Raegan felt embarrassed to be lying on her back, her legs spread and the evidence of her need for him continuing to drip out of her pussy and now running down to her bottom hole that was still plugged.

Drake returned with fish, rice, vegetables, and water. She found she was very thirsty.

“Water, please?” Raegan started to get up but the scowl he gave her indicated she would be wise to do nothing without his permission.

Drake wandered over to her, his large cock hanging just above her mouth. “Open,” he commanded.

She took a deep breath and did as she had been told. She watched in fascination as Drake slowly trickled the water onto the base of his penis and allowed it to run down its length until it began to drip into her mouth. She took it in and swallowed, grateful when he began to stream the water down his cock so that she could more easily assuage her thirst. He was now dripping pre-cum as well and so the water mixed with it as she drank it all in.

“Now kiss my cock, knowing that only I can provide you with sustenance and satisfaction.”

Raegan raised her head and kissed his cock, her small pink tongue darting out to catch the last of the water and pre-cum.

Drake reached up to the headboard and untied her from it but left her wrists bound behind her back. Raegan did not move. He reached between her legs and moved the butt plug inside her. She moaned but did nothing more than that. He helped her to her feet and then sat down on the edge of the bed, his legs spread. Raegan feared he meant to spank her again.

He grasped her hips and lifted her feet off the floor.

“Kneel on either side of me.”

She did so. Then Drake slowly brought her down and impaled her hot, wet cunt on his thick, hard, barbed cock. Raegan fell forward against his chest, her head on his shoulder as she climaxed, sending copious amounts of fluid out of her body to cover his cock and to drip onto his balls.

“Better?” he asked solicitously.

Raegan nodded. “Somewhat.”

He smiled. “Yes, I rather think my concubine needs more than to just sit in her master’s lap with his cock up her pussy. But first we must eat.”

Drake broke a piece of the fish off with his fingers and held it up to her mouth. She didn’t need to be told what he wanted. Obediently, she opened her mouth and he fed her the bite of salmon. He gave himself a bite and then offered her some of the rice and vegetables as well. Raegan perched on his lap with her bottom hole plugged and her sheath pulsing around his staff. He held the bottle of water up to her lips several times and allowed her to drink.

Drake reached around her and plunged the butt plug in and out of her until she came screaming his name, her pussy wildly clamping down on his staff.

“Who are you, Raegan?” he whispered in her ear as she tried to catch her breath.

“I am the Chosen One given to you as tribute and concubine… I am yours to use as you choose,” she said in a broken tone of voice.

“See that you do not forget it. If you want me to properly fuck you, then you will beg me to do so knowing that I will fuck you through repeated orgasms while the plug remains deep in your asshole. This will not be a gentle fucking, Raegan. It will be an object lesson for you to remind you that you will obey me and that disobedience is foolish and will be punished.”

Raegan knew she had no choice. She could not remain in this heightened state of arousal without true relief. She also knew that he would use her hard and long and she would be made to cater to his needs. She shuddered as she wondered how she would endure her estrous and his rut. As it was, she would do anything if only he’d fuck her now, and neither was in that advanced state of need. She nodded.

Drake again grasped her by the hips and slowly raised her off of his cock, barbs dragging their tips through her most feminine flesh.

“Present yourself to me for my use, Chosen One.”

Raegan managed to crawl up on the bed with her hands still bound behind her and lay her upper torso down, hips and ass raised and legs spread. She felt the mattress sag under his weight as he knelt behind her and took hold of her hips to steady her. She felt the head of his cock part her feminine folds and seek the entrance to her core. He rammed his cock to the very back wall of her sheath with a great groan.

Drake began thrusting hard within her. Each time he drew back, his barbed penis scored her pussy. Raegan screamed in the mattress with need and discomfort. The two had become intertwined. Harder and harder he pummeled her, holding her steady so she could do nothing other than receive his cock as it hammered her again and again.

Raegan climaxed, her pussy trying to capture him as he drove deep, but the barbs failed to extend and hook her as she needed them to do. Raegan had already learned that for her there was no final satisfaction until he was imbedded in her and pumping his seed deep within her. Repeatedly he thrust and withdrew, causing her orgasms to begin to lose their distinctness and meld together.

Finally, she felt his cock begin to swell and the barbs become more rigid. His hips slammed into her punished ass and the butt plug in her dark hole. She welcomed it, the release of the aphrodisiac, the scoring of her pussy, the increased size of his cock, and now the added fullness from the butt plug. At last she felt the barbs do their job, imbedding within her and causing his cock to begin pumping his seed deep into her waiting and pulsing sheath.

When at last his staff had deposited the full measure of his seed and the barbs retreated so that he could withdraw, he did so. He released her wrist restraints and her arms fell to her sides.

“Remember you are to stay in position until I tell you can move.”

“Are you going to take the plug out of my bottom?”

“No. Not for a while. I gave you great pleasure breeding you tonight. You still need to be mindful that you disobeyed and are being punished.”

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