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Vow of Seduction: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


Brogan dumped me on the bed and immediately I scrambled to jump off. That was the moment I noticed there were several sets of handcuffs, the thick steel hooks holding them to the wooden platform bed glistening in the muted lighting.

My God. They were going to handcuff me to the damn bed. Oh, hell, no. That wasn’t going to happen. I managed to scramble all the way to the edge of the bed before Daniel caught me, dumping me back on the surface even though I’d managed to punch him in the face.

“I suggest you calm down,” he roared, rubbing his cheek as he glared at me. As if my small fist could hurt him. I almost laughed and would have except my nerves were now completely on edge. For some crazy reason, I thought it was a good idea to try it again, lunging toward the other side. This time, Brogan grabbed me by the ankle, dragging me all the way down to the end of the bed then forcing me onto all fours. He wasn’t in the mood to fight me any longer, grabbing a fistful of hair to hold me in place.

“And she continues to fight,” Alexander mused.

“Yes, I will continue,” I hissed.

“Perhaps she should be gagged,” Daniel suggested, then shook his head. “No, I can think of something much better for the use of her luscious lips.”

I didn’t think Daniel would talk this way, but I could tell by the sound of his voice that his patience had worn out. He’d yet to taste me and he refused to wait any longer.

“An excellent idea given her continued lies.” Alexander was having a good time at my expense.

Bad girl. Bad girl.

The words piped through my mind like bottle rockets.

Within seconds, I felt several brutal cracks against my backside. My bottom was already a firecracker and while he was only using his hand, it didn’t matter. The pain was like white lightning sizzling through me.

“Don’t do that!” I screeched, clawing the comforter as my breathing instantly went into overload mode. I hated the fact that even the thought of being punished again was arousing me.

“That will only happen if you’re a good girl.” He continued smacking me, my bruised ass burning from the wildfire of sensations. He was forceful in his actions, making certain he reinforced that my full obedience was required.

I couldn’t see the other two, but of course they were watching, enjoying the twisted show. After a few seconds, I closed my eyes, a wave of humiliation settling in because the ridiculous round of discipline was turning me on so much that the scent of my pussy as it leaked against my inner thighs was the most humiliating aspect of the entire day.

Panting, I stared at the thick satin, trying to rip holes in the dense material. My nipples ached, the aureoles swollen. I longed for one or all of them to lick and suck them, easing the near agony of their sensitivity. This part of the spanking seemed to last longer than the previous part, but when it was finished, I let off an intense growl of my own.

This time, I was rewarded by a hand snaking between my legs, fingers swirling around my clit in a lazy fashion before pinching. The combination of pain and pleasure was delicious. Brogan didn’t continue for long, using the same hand, sliding it over my stomach to my breast. I shuddered visibly when he used his slickened finger, flicking it back and forth across my sensitive nipple.

“You’re a bastard,” I said, barely able to control my ragged breathing. The three men might be savages, but they knew exactly how to excite me, and Brogan was able to read me like a book. When he let me go, I collapsed on the bed, searching the room as I calmed my breathing. I was finally allowed to appreciate the odd beauty of the room, the shift in time allowing for a romantic, passionate feel.

As soon as I planted my hands on the comforter, lifting my torso, I felt the pressure of something against my pussy lips. After moaning, I held my breath, tossing my head over my shoulder. Brogan was going to fuck me on my hands and knees. There was no mistaking the lust-filled look on his face, and the way his eyes were narrowed indicated he’d run out of patience waiting to make it happen. I swallowed hard as he yanked his shirt over his head, tossing it aside. He was truly a beautiful man in every way, his muscles carved to perfection.

He rubbed his hand down his chest, taking his time to unfasten his belt buckle. My mouth watered as I studied him, darting my gaze to the thick leather more than once. He laughed as if reading my mind then tugged on the strap. “This will be used again, Dahlia. I assure you of that.”

Was he trying to scare or excite me? Perhaps a little of both.

It was working.

What I’d experienced before had been entirely different. I’d been Dahlia then, able to play my part throughout the two sexual events.

Not this time.

I was just Cassie, the girl with limited questionable experience with men and a deep longing for the three of them. Even Garrison had seen the look of admiration in my eyes on that fateful day, barking at me that I needed to stay away from them. He’d made me promise, even though I’d known then he was a part of their group. I’d tried to keep that promise. I really had. Then everything had changed.

Brogan pushed his cockhead just inside, keeping it in position for several seconds. The man was trying to get me to beg for it. That would never happen. I tugged at the covering, trying to keep my wits about me even though I almost gave him what he wanted. I could swear the man was reading my mind, every single word.

He leaned over, rubbing two fingers along my spine. “We’re going to show you what it’s like to be with a real man, little flower. When we’re finished, you’ll never hunger for another man again.”

Sadly, I knew that was the truth, not just an overzealous man boasting. I’d crossed the thin line between love and hate so many times, I wasn’t certain where I stood any longer, but my body was explaining it for me.

I arched my back, tilting my hips, my actions making a blatant statement. My God. It was like I was agreeing with them. He read my cue, thrusting the rest of his cock deep inside. I was shocked at how much force he’d used, my pussy muscles immediately spasming from his large girth.

“Oh. Oh, my.” I must have been frozen before, incapable of experiencing the wickedly incredible sensations his huge cock created. I expected brutal plunges, but he was taking his time, sliding in and out in gentle actions.

The weight on the bed shifted, both Alexander and Daniel moving in front of me. Alexander reached out, lifting my chin with a single finger, the same infuriating smirk on his face as he gazed down at me.

Both men were equally as gorgeous, but my eyes were drawn to Daniel. He was so intense, his broad shoulders tenser than before. The powerful agent was a killing machine given his background and military training, something even his shaggy blond hair and light blue eyes couldn’t hide.

Daniel lifted his hand, stroking my cheek. He was the patient one of the group, even quieter than Brogan, but he didn’t need to speak in order to tell me in clear detail what he was going to do to me.

Take what the others had tasted.

“We’re going to fuck you long and hard, not just once, but as often as we desire. I’m looking forward to filling you with my seed. Now, be a good little girl and open your mouth,” Alexander murmured, pulling my attention back to him.

Alexander slipped his fingers along my cheek, shifting his hand around to the back of my neck, gripping with enough pressure he knew I’d do what he wanted. I couldn’t have been more surprised when Daniel took over, cupping my face then rolling his cockhead around my mouth before sliding just the tip between my lips.

His nostrils flared, his eyes now mere slits as he studied me. Still, he was a product of emotion, every facial feature highlighting what he wanted. He was also possessive, taking the portion that belonged to him without hesitation.

I wrapped my lips around his shaft, gazing up at him as Brogan continued fucking me, his actions becoming more brutal. Daniel’s eyes darkened to a cold, steel gray, his jaw clenching as he stared into my eyes, observing what I was doing. I found it difficult to breathe as I swirled my tongue back and forth across his cock. Within seconds, I closed my eyes, concentrating on the task he’d given me.

Daniel issued a slight growl, the sound reverberating in my ears as I took another two inches into my mouth. His cock was huge. It was also beautiful, the tip a light shade of purple, the veins on either side pulsing. As soon as I wrapped my hand around the base, pumping up and down, he issued an exaggerated guttural sound then steadied my head between both his hands.

“Look at me, Dahlia. I want you to study my eyes,” Daniel commanded.

When I didn’t obey him right away, he thrust the entire rest of his cock inside, the tip slicing against the back of my throat. Within seconds, I gagged, his girth stretching my jaw muscles.

“Look. At. Me.”

I didn’t hesitate to obey his command, studying him as he took over control, fucking my mouth with fervor. Perhaps everything I’d surmised about the two men was wrong. They were both just as controlling, requiring me to follow their instructions. And their hunger was just as intense.

Brogan shifted the angle, pumping long and deep. His grip on my hips tightened, the force now shoving me forward, keeping my mouth stuffed full of Daniel’s cock. I was lightheaded, fighting to keep focused as Daniel peered down at me. I could swear he was waiting for me to disobey him again. I refused to give him the opportunity. As I was rocked, I almost collapsed, forced to grip Daniel’s thighs.

As the two men worked in unison, I did what I could to squelch my body’s reaction, but it was no use. Within a few seconds, I was pulled into a deliriously incredible round of sensations. I didn’t want to climax, to give any of them a sense of reward, but there was nothing I could do. The orgasm rolled through me, instantly driving my eyesight away, leaving me with nothing but fog surrounding my head. I moaned around the thick invasion as my body spasmed.

Brogan continued fucking me, driving in long and hard as a single climax continued to build. Within seconds, I was on a crazy plateau that I never wanted to leave. The sensations were unlike anything I’d felt before, electrodes exploding in my brain. It was almost impossible to breathe. I squirmed, digging my fingers into Daniel’s legs as the power Brogan used drove my knees all the way off the bed.

I tried to continue licking and sucking, but I was lost to the extreme pleasure. Instead of admonishing me, Daniel removed his cock, stroking the base himself. I stared at it with lazy eyes, dragging my tongue across my lips when I noticed pre-cum slipping past the sensitive slit. I couldn’t help myself, darting my tongue out and collecting the delicious, salty beads. He seemed pleased with my actions, rolling his fingers through my hair.

As soon as he backed away, I whimpered involuntarily, which pissed me off. I licked my lips again, which I knew Alexander had seen. He stood in all his glory, stroking his cock, his eyes never leaving me. I was thrown by his beauty, but also by the emotion ebbing and flowing on his face.

Blinking, I forced myself to look away, whimpering when Brogan pulled out. I remained on all fours, glancing from one side to the other. I could swear the three men were talking without using words. Between their glazed-over eyes and primal stances, they all seemed like nothing but ruthless predators.

Sexy, muscular, ruthless predators.

Another wave of embarrassment and anger for my lurid thoughts shifted through me. When Daniel came closer, his chest heaving as he rubbed the rough pads of his fingers from my wrists to my forearms, I couldn’t seem to stop shaking. He had an even more powerful way about him than Alexander, only he used his influence in a different way. No wonder he was held in such high respect. I could tell he was damn good at his job, the ability to act like he cared supreme.

Of course he didn’t care. Not one of them could. Right?

He kept a slight smile on his face as he eased down onto his back, slowly turning his head in my direction. Then he beckoned me with a single finger.

“Come ride me, Dahlia. I need to be inside of you. I think I’ve waited long enough.” His voice was so dark, the deep baritone sending a wave of vibrations dancing through me.

I crawled closer, straddling his hips, swallowing hard. My body continued to sway, chilled to the bone by the entire experience. Even goosebumps had formed on my skin, giving away the continuing anxiety as well as the damning desire I felt. He shifted into silence, brushing his knuckles against my cheek then taking his time drawing them down my neck to my chest. His nostrils flared at he studied me and for a few seconds, I was mesmerized by the intensity of the way he was looking at me.

“Who are you, little bird? Who are you?” I could tell he wasn’t asking the question of me but of himself, trying to figure out the mystery.

A lump remained in my throat as he explored my body, flexing his fingers open, then pulling them around my breasts. I took a few seconds to study his chiseled features, marveling at just how long his eyelashes were. They framed his face perfectly, his high cheekbones and forehead accentuating his aristocratic features.

But I was drawn the most to his ruby red lips, the color unimaginably sensuous. They were made for kissing for hours. I took a deep breath, holding it inside when he flicked his fingers across both nipples. I knew what to expect and when he twisted them in his fingers, I threw my head back, my moan ragged.

Alexander was obviously growing antsy. He shifted around the bed, stretching out his arm so he could slide his fingers down my back. I wasn’t expecting to feel the same dazzling sensations as I had with the other two, but as I’d been with everything else, I was wrong. By the time he stood at the end of the bed, I was tingling all over.

His weight compressed the bed and when he tangled his fingers in my hair, sliding them through my long locks, a series of stars floated in front of my eyes. They weren’t just fucking me. They were seducing me, just like I’d done to two of them, prepared to do to Daniel if I’d been given the chance.

I bit my lower lip, trying to keep a strangled cry from erupting from my throat. This was almost exactly like the fantasies I’d had before. I’d dreamt of them as knights in shining armor, princes with the perfect high heel for Cinderella.

Only they weren’t the perfect heroes, and I wasn’t a princess. As Daniel wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, I couldn’t help but smile. He rolled the tip of his cock up and down the length of my pussy, his actions driving me crazy.

At the same time, Brogan finally joined us, crawling near the head of the bed, his chest rising and falling, his cock at full attention. As before, my mouth watered, my heart thudding against my chest as I thought about being taken by all three men. Then I realized what that would mean. The second I did, Alexander shifted behind me, using both hands to rub my back.

I tensed, processing what was about to happen. I’d never been with two men, let alone three. While the idea was incredible, the slither of fear drifted into a giant cavern. “What are you doing?” I managed, the question sounding ridiculous even to me.

Alexander leaned over, straddling Daniel’s legs. When he pressed the full weight of his body against me, several whimpers fluttered from my lips.

“We’re going to continue making you feel like you’re floating on air, achieving the perfect ecstasy. And what am I doing? I’m going to be the first one to fuck you in the ass.”



What I’d experienced before with Dahlia had been delicious, but not real. This was something else entirely. I was on the kind of electric plateau that I’d only achieved a couple of times before in my life. The feeling was indescribable, as if the primal creature inside of me had finally been let loose without fear of terrorizing the woman I was spending time with. While that made no real sense, I’d felt the connection strengthen. It was another crazy thought, but it was as if she was always meant to belong to us.

Us. That meant four human beings spending time together, sharing more than just hot sex. I wasn’t a relationship kind of guy, had never wanted to experience what I’d considered the bullshit my parents had. This was entirely different. I wanted to protect her as much as I wanted to fuck her.

However, I doubted this could be the perfect union. How could it be after all? Even if she was the one, the perfect girl to be able to handle not only my dark, depraved need but those of the two other men as well, she’d never be safe. Everything good that had come in my life had been destroyed, ripped away because of who and what I was.

She’d be considered a weakness, Durante enemies lining up one at a time to strip her away from me. From us. I almost laughed when I realized how excited I’d been the first time the three of us had entered into a conversation about sharing a woman. I’d thought it was the perfect relationship, one that would allow the woman more security. Now I wasn’t certain about anything.

Dahlia’s continued denial of everything was cute, but my patience was wearing thin. There was much more to what was going on than the actions she taken, almost to success. I felt it in my gut. Her reasoning was personal. That much I knew. The text threats were cold, taunting us, the method the gunman had issued tried and true. That indicated something else altogether.

I’d instructed my Capo to check the word on the streets. With my ‘death,’ it was possible the person responsible for either instigating Dahlia’s help, forcing it, or attempting to settle an old score at a coincidental moment would become more careless.

While I didn’t believe in coincidences, I was finished with reacting to the situation instead of using my contacts, sweeping the streets in every way possible in order to gain information.

Even if that meant allowing blood to flow.

I hissed under my breath, trying to concentrate on the lovely woman crouched over one of the few people I could trust. Every time I touched her, my heart thudded in my chest. I’d craved being inside of her every day since the incident, longing to fill her with my seed every single day. Did that make me more of a monster than before? At this moment, I didn’t give a shit.

“I can’t wait to be inside of your tight little ass.” I smiled at Daniel, winking when I saw the way he was looking at me. Both he and Brogan were just as hungry, if not more than I was. Seeing her voluptuous body once again had almost driven me to madness. I wrapped my hand around the base of my cock, sliding it up and down her pussy several times. Then I drove the entire length past her swollen folds, tossing my head back and roaring from the way her muscles clamped around my shaft like a wet and warm blanket. I pulled out, struggling to control my breathing, the sensations rocketing through me. I couldn’t believe how good she felt, her entire body tensing from the savagery I’d used. Yet her moans were the sweetest music, filtering into my ears like a whispered melody.

God, the woman was everything I’d ever wanted.

Too bad she’d tried to kill me.

Maybe I was twisted, but the thought was sexy as hell.

I plunged into her a few more times, making certain my cock was slickened by her sweet juices. When I pulled out, the scent of her arousal filtered into my nostrils. I was blown away by how tense my muscles had become, preparing to take what I’d been craving for far too long.

Daniel exhaled, the sound as exasperated as I felt. He eased her down, using a single finger to circle her hip before gripping her skin then pulling her onto the tip of his cock. He shifted his hands, cupping her face and tugging her down until their lips were inches apart. Then he yanked her all the way, thrusting his full, thick cock deep inside of her.

“Oh!” Her scattered moans floated all around us, sending another crackling wave of electricity into our cells and muscles. It was easy to tell by the others’ reactions, the way Brogan peered down at her as if he wanted her all to himself. I couldn’t blame the man. She was exquisite in every way.

Dahlia pressed the palms of her hands against Daniel’s chest, digging her fingers into his muscles. I sensed she was trying to gain some leverage, but his grip was firm, holding her aloft as he drove his hips upward, fucking her brutally. My breathing scattered, I was unable to hold back any longer. I’d waited far too long to take another taste of the prize we’d collected.

Whether she understood or not, we would never let her go. She’d become the perfect muse for our sadistic senses, her voluptuous body capable of handling our savage needs. I couldn’t wait to prepare a permanent gilded cage for her, ensuring she had everything she required as she waited patiently for our return each day. The thought drove me into another wave of unbridled need, my hunger more explosive than before.

I taunted her, sliding the tip of my cock up and down the crack of her ass, tapping my cockhead against her reddened bottom. She was already mewing, opening her mouth wide as Brogan approached. The way he was looking at her was like a vicious beast awaiting his last meal. Sharing a woman had never been this intense or pleasurable, more fulfilling than I’d experienced in my life.

As I pressed the tip of my cock against her dark hole, she tensed, her entire body shaking. “Relax, our little bird. I’m not going to hurt you.” As if she should or could believe me. We were on opposite sides, or were we? I couldn’t shake the feeling we were always meant to be together. I closed my eyes, pushing the tip inside, basking in the sensations as her muscles clamped around the invasion like a tight vise. Exhaling, I dug my fingers into her hips, holding her in place as I slowly eased another inch inside.

Her scattered moans were quickly shut down as Brogan shoved his cock inside her mouth, holding both sides of her head as he jutted his hips forward. I’d always considered myself a man of control, but the rush of adrenaline and the crackling electricity running through my veins couldn’t be denied any longer. I drove the remainder of my shaft inside, pushing past her tight ring of muscle.

I threw my head back and roared, my legs tenser than they’d ever been before. I couldn’t believe how tight she was, the sensations unbelievable. I was close to ecstasy the moment I pulled out, plunging back in again. And again.

As Daniel continued to drive his cock into her sweet little pussy, I alternated my thrusts, developing a near perfect rhythm within seconds. The way her body responded was an indication of the bliss she was experiencing. I tipped my head, studying Brogan’s furrowed brow as he did what he could to maintain control, fucking her mouth in gentle, even strokes. She was putty in our hands, capable of handling the three of us. I was amazed how good the rocking movements were, pushing me closer and closer to raw nirvana.

Gasping from the severe ache in my balls, I closed my eyes, enjoying the way her muscles clamped and released. She was a little powerhouse herself, capable of bringing three burly men to their knees. I wanted this to last as long as possible, giving her the kind of passion I’d been able to tell by her shimmering eyes that she’d been seeking her entire adult life.

My actions even more brutal, I drove hard and fast, no longer capable of fighting my savage urges or the building need. I kicked her legs further apart, shifting the angle, the force plunging her against Daniel.

His growls were as raucous as mine, Brogan’s exasperated exhales adding an entirely different pitch. We were creating music of our own. The thought almost made me laugh. I’d been a control freak all my life, but I couldn’t imagine not sharing her with the other two men. This was right. This was what all three of us needed.

This beautiful woman could be our salvation.

If monsters deserved such things.

The pang of need continued to burrow into my insides, creating wave after wave of current. My eyes now open wide, I glared at one man then the other, noting they were close to climaxing.

“I can’t… hold it,” I managed, the few words barely more than some barbaric grunts.

Daniel half laughed, cupping and squeezing Dahlia’s breasts, pinching her rosy pebbles until she moaned past the intrusion in her mouth.

Brogan snarled, tossing his head back and forth. “Her mouth is on fire.”

“So is her sweet pussy,” Daniel added, his voice barely audible.

“Then fill her. Drive her into ecstasy.” My statement wasn’t as much of a command as it was a plea. My body shaking violently, I took several gasping breaths before erupting deep inside of her. I felt tiny explosions in my chest and abdomen as my seed filled her tight ass. All I could think about was doing it over and over, trying to satisfy our combined needs.

Somehow, I knew that wasn’t possible.

As the sounds of the other two men releasing filtered into the room, I slumped over her, planting my hands on either side. I lowered my head, watching as beads of sweat dripped against her lithe back, sliding ever so slowly over the sides and disappearing.

Brogan continued pumping, his face twisted in raw pleasure. When he finally released, his ragged cries were of a satisfied beast. He tumbled backward, wrapping his hand around the base of his cock and pressing the tip around her mouth. There was nothing like the smile of satisfaction on his face.

They’d both felt what I had, that we couldn’t live without her. I eased further down, pressing wet kisses along her back and neck, nuzzling against her heated skin. Her tiny pants as she tried to catch her breath were almost delicate, a reminder of her innocence, no matter the circumstances.

But the moment I issued my proclamation, she tensed more than she’d been before.

“Now, you belong to us. Not just for now, but forever.”

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