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War Bride by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Kara wished the earth would swallow her. The utter helplessness brought about by the horrid wand combined in her body with the unwanted pleasure the colonel’s hands bestowed and made her face burn so hot she thought Gregor must be able to see it shining. She felt a little sob rise up in her chest, and then another, as Colonel Regan’s fingertip touched the smallest place, the tiniest opening.

She had thought about doing… things there. Kara felt certain all girls must think about it sometimes. It always turned her cheeks red, though, when a boyfriend touched her on the wrinkly little aperture, and she always said, “Quit it,” or something like that—and the boys always did stop.

What the colonel had just said, about what Gregor would do in his place, with his girls over the tables, made her feel faint with shame. That mingled with the feeling of abject humiliation from having the fact that she didn’t wear panties under her jeans revealed so very openly not only to Gregor and the colonel but to the camera.

Kara suddenly felt like she couldn’t even figure out the first thing about what she wanted or what she needed. Gregor making her come to him that way, then, with his hand on her bottom, sending her to stand by the table before dragging her there, his refusing her pleas to punish her over her jeans… all of that seemed to have brought out a part of her that dismayed Kara more the stronger it grew and the more it forced lewd pleasure on her body.

“Bend over, Gregor’s Kara,” the colonel said, “and let’s get these jeans all the way down so you can spread your knees for me. Let’s have a good look at your quim, since you decided not to wear underwear.”

Kara turned desperately to look at Gregor, not sure what she hoped for but needing to see how he would react to the colonel’s degrading command. She had sensed in the lean, bearded man a strength of will that had surprised her: at first Kara had grown angry at him for going along with the horrible Magisterians, but then she had realized what he meant to try. Gregor had clearly decided to do whatever he could to take care of ‘his’ girls, since he had no choice but to take possession of them in accordance with the colonel’s awful war-reparations program.

That realization, however, made the most important problem Kara had to deal with much worse: when she had understood that Gregor would tell her what to do, and how to please him—and he would have to punish her when she didn’t, because he couldn’t do otherwise and keep them all safe—her body’s responses to him, and even to the colonel, had grown much stronger. Now, for example, she pleaded with her eyes for him to contradict the colonel’s order, because of what she knew the officer would find when he inspected her between her legs.

“I think that’s a good idea, Colonel,” Gregor said, making Kara whine through her nose at the smile on his bearded face. “Let me.”

Then Kara understood, and the bodily sensations mingled with the emotional ones inside her so that her heart burned. Gregor wanted the only hands on her bottom to be his, the only hands taking down her tight jeans to be those of her master.

Her pussy clenched, and she let out a little whimper as she felt him draw the denim all the way down and help her step her left foot out, carefully drawing the jeans past her sneaker.

“Spread those feet now, Gregor’s Kara,” he said, pressing on her back to make her bend over.

As she lowered her upper body to the hard wooden surface, Kara glanced over at Frela and Unna, feeling a deep furrow appear on her brow. The other two women, Gregor’s other girls, looked at her with wide eyes, Frela still standing at the next table over and Unna bent over the third one, her face turned to watch what happened to Kara.

“Gregor’s Frela,” Gregor said, “you bend over, too. The colonel is going to take your panties down for me, if he’ll be so kind. Would you do me the honor of taking down Gregor’s Unna’s, too, Colonel?”

Kara shut her eyes, though the seats of the booths in what had once been her tavern blocked out much of the view and kept her from seeing what happened to the other women. She realized with a little start, as she felt the cool tabletop against her cheek, that Gregor had cleverly turned the moment away from the terrible humiliation the colonel had planned for her alone.

As if he sensed that intention, though, the colonel renewed his degradations.

“Thank you for that honor. We can inspect the cunts and anuses together, before you start the whipping, that way.”

Kara grasped then that the colonel and Gregor had joined battle with one another, over her and over all three of them. Her face got hot again at the thought, and then it stayed that way as she heard Frela having her panties lowered—the whispering of the fabric and the sob the redhead gave at what must surely be the colonel’s unwanted fondling of her shapely bottom.

“This is a pretty big arse,” the officer said to Gregor. “I guess you like smaller ones, Gregor, but Gregor’s Frela does have her charms, doesn’t she?”

Kara could hear a little whining noise coming from Frela’s booth, just over the barrier of the high oak bench seat to her right.

“Look at this anus. I think she’s had it here, don’t you, Gregor? Gregor’s Frela, have you had a man in here?” Frela’s only audible response came in a sob. “See how it takes my finger? Not too much anal from her boyfriends, I think, but maybe just enough to make this bottom ready for a really big cock. Gregor’s Frela, dear, you’re going to have to answer or your master will whip you harder. Have you taken the penis up your bottom?”

“Yes,” Frela gasped. “Oh, no… please.”

Kara heard the colonel moving away from Frela, toward Unna. She hadn’t heard Gregor move, and she wondered where he stood now, her heart beating faster as she realized he must still be standing over her.

The next instant she felt his hand on her bottom, cupping it gently, and she bit her lip hard at the sensation. That feeling couldn’t compare, however, with the thrill that went through her body when, at the same time, he moved his fingers deeper between her thighs and bent over her to speak softly in her ear.

“Spread them,” he said. “Honey, I know you’re wet. It’s okay. It makes me very happy. And we’ll discuss your panty situation later.”

Kara gasped, her back arching and her hips thrusting. Something about knowing that Gregor had singled her out, that the camera didn’t have its unblinking eye on them, that he liked knowing about her naughty needs… it brought her to the edge of climax in a moment.

Then she heard Unna give a little cry. The colonel must have pulled her polka-dot panties down.

Gregor’s voice, even softer, said, “Come for me, Gregor’s Kara.” His fingers—her master’s fingers—became more insistent, and now Kara knew he knew just how wet she had gotten. She bit her lip to try to keep her own noises quiet, muffled by the table.

The colonel spoke, in his degrading tone. “Come look at this anus, Gregor. She definitely hasn’t had a man here yet. What about Gregor’s Kara over there? It felt to me like she would need a good deal of training, but I only felt her up for a moment.”

Gregor’s fingers had spread the silky arousal forward, onto her clit.

Oh, powers, Kara thought, he knows what he’s doing. Then, It’s the wand.

Because it was the wand—a ‘fact’ that another part of her knew just wasn’t the case—Kara came, and now she couldn’t keep her silence, because she screamed with the sudden pleasure of it. She bucked over the table, and it rattled against the wall, and the pleasure seemed somehow magnified by the continuous struggle her muscles seemed engaged in, after the touch from the horrid wand.

As the aftershocks began to leave her body, she heard the colonel tsking. “Naughty Gregor,” the officer said. “Giving pleasure to the girl you like best. I think you’ll have to whip her harder now.”

Kara whimpered, though she tried to push it back. Even that bit of resistance seemed denied to her, now.

“Come over and get a look at what Gregor’s Unna’s got between her legs and her arse-cheeks. Then we can finish this segment with the whipping.”

Kara’s consciousness had floated away, as she listened to the Magisterian. She felt Gregor’s hands leave her, dimly, and she heard herself make a little pleading sound, but of course to no avail: his comforting presence departed, because he had no more choice than Kara did.

It’s the wand. She tried, as a little experiment, to push herself up from the table, so that she could perhaps run away from her punishment. The impulse, to her horror, only produced another aftershock of pleasure—one almost as big as the climax itself. Kara moaned into the table.

She heard an answering moan from Unna, then. What had they done to the sweet brown-haired lawyer who wore polka-dot little-girl panties under her fashionable dress?

“That’s it,” Gregor said. “This is very tight, Gregor’s Unna. I’m going to have fun in here.”

“Are you going to shave them all?” the colonel asked casually.

“I think I’ll let Gregor’s Frela keep that cute little tuft,” Gregor answered. “The others I’ll want nice and smooth.”

Kara felt a tiny cry rise and heard it die away, muffled by the table.

“We’ve got production staff to help with that,” said the officer. “We can get it done this evening.”

Did more of that happen? More degrading words? More sobs from Unna? More shameful touches, fingers inside her? Kara couldn’t even tell whether time passed quickly or slowly, or at all, but then she felt something new and awful, and she heard Gregor’s voice over her again.

“You first, Gregor’s Kara,” he said, and he laid the face of the leather strap across her bottom-cheeks. It felt so stiff and heavy that it made her cry out just at the sensation against her soft skin. “Reach out and take hold of the table edge.”

Kara knew the wand couldn’t make her body do things—it could only keep her from using her muscles to rebel. Still, as she obeyed Gregor’s words, the incessant repetition continued.

It’s the wand. She had to reach her arms all the way out to get the far edge into her fingers. Frela would have it easier, and Unna easier still, she thought. She tried to focus on that unimportant little fact, but she felt the air move, and then she heard the strap crack across her backside, and then she cried out with the terrible, sharp pain.

The impulse to take her hands from their grip on the table and put them behind her came, but now the wand did have its full effect. Kara couldn’t shield her poor bottom, and she couldn’t kick. She could only receive the six hard lashes Gregor gave her with the strap, and scream with the agony of her first bare-bottom punishment.

“Nice,” the colonel commented as Kara sobbed into the tabletop. “Look at her clench those cheeks to try to ease the smart, folks. Get a good look at how it shows her sweet little quim.”

“Powers,” Kara sobbed, trying to keep still but finding it impossible: her bottom blazed like fire.

Thankfully, Gregor moved on then—or Kara felt thankful at first. When she heard the strap come down on Frela’s bottom, and heard Frela scream, Kara realized that the dulling of the pain from her own lashes meant that her pussy responded with terrible intensity to the sounds of Gregor whipping his redheaded girl. Kara bit her lip hard and managed to keep from whimpering, but her whole body felt like it had caught fire.

Unna’s strapping was even worse: something about Unna’s sweetness, and the idea that the brown-haired girl had to keep herself in place without the dubious assistance of the wand, made Kara’s clit ache so that she had to rub it against the table.

“Watch Gregor’s Kara’s bottom closely,” the colonel said, once Unna had received her sixth stroke. “Get a good shot of that. She’s wanking after her spanking. Give me the strap, Gregor.”

“No, please!” Kara cried, but she knew Gregor had no choice.

“I think you’ll learn to ask permission, from now on, little slut,” the colonel said, and then Kara screamed and screamed as the lash came down six more times. “That doesn’t feel as nice, does it?”

“Are you finished, Colonel?” Kara head Gregor asked, a chill in his voice, as she wept over the table, her tears pooling on the wood beneath her face. “I’d like to start getting things organized here, signing any necessary paperwork, et cetera.”

“That will do for now. Let’s leave your girls here to think about their disobedience, and what they’ve got coming from their master’s cock later.”

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