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Warrior’s Captive: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Alyce Guertin – Extended Preview

I fought him, I truly did, but Rager’s strength was just too great. He wrapped both my wrists in one large hand, his fingers as strong as any shackle. I screamed and kicked, but he dragged me behind him roughly to a large, flat boulder like I wasn’t even trying to escape.

I was granted one last look at his face in the moonlight. Harsh and carved by a cruel knife. Perfect and animal, green eyes glowing with a male pride, fangs showing in a merciless, predatory grin. Then he jerked on my wrists, hard. He caught me as I was flung forward, then placed me roughly across his lap. His large thighs were strong and muscular and the undeniable push of his erection dug at my side.

A rush of arousal and fear spread through my body, juices coating my pussy shamefully and my belly tightening in an all-too-new way. All too new, but oddly familiar.

Shame burned my cheeks as I understood I was turned on by the domination, by this manhandling, this huge brute putting his hands on me.

Then my dress was swung above my head, exposing my bare bottom to the moonlight—and to Rager’s view.

All thoughts of arousal deserted me and I turned into a feral, vicious animal. I shrieked and kicked, gone mad with the shame of being exposed this way. It was useless, as all Rager had to do to keep me firmly in place was put his hand between my shoulder blades, the pressure enough to prevent any escape.

“You are a female under my protection and this means you have to follow my orders.” Rager spoke, his voice cold and calm. Utterly unaffected by my mad attempt at escaping his hold. “I will punish you until you accept this as a fact.”

“Never!” I shouted, still struggling under Rager’s hold, my naked ass bared to his view. “I owe you nothing!”

The first blow on my naked flesh shocked me into a stupor.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh, one strong and hard, the other supple and vulnerable, rose in the empty desert sky. Silence followed that first blow as my mouth hung slightly open, my mind rebelling against reality, refusing what had just happened. A stinging burn covered the helpless, tender flesh of my left ass cheek, pain forcing my mind to accept that this was happening.

Rager had just spanked me.

Another blow, this time on my right cheek, shocked my brain back into work. Then into overdrive as an even greater burn covered my sensitive flesh.

“I warned you of what would happen if you challenged my authority.” Rager’s voice rang, cool as ice, spraying oil over the ambers of my rising outrage. Another series of stinging blows covered my upper thighs, spreading a searing pain all over my skin. “Now you will have to learn your lesson the hard way.”

“Let me go, you bastard.”

In a fit of pure, mindless rage, I turned my head and did the only thing I could think of. I bit into the flesh of Rager’s thigh, my blunt, short teeth grabbing as much of it as I could. A male roar followed, but was soon swallowed by my own cry of pain as another blow landed in the middle of both my cheeks, much harder than the previous ones.

Then another. And another.

“You will obey me.” Rager’s voice was still controlled and emotionless, but there was a heaviness to it. His cock was impossibly hot and hard under my stomach, pushing into my flesh. “You will respect my authority.”

Something feral and rebellious had awoken inside me. I was no longer the scared, meek little girl living under her father’s thumb, afraid of incurring the wrath of the powerful man reigning over her existence.

No. I was a wild animal, cornered into the fight of its life. And I wasn’t going to sell my life cheap.

“You have no authority over me!”

A male growl rippled across the air, full of wrath and power. Rager moved behind me, his hips rocking side to side. I struggled to see what he was doing, but he held me too well in place and I couldn’t turn my head enough. Fear ran amok in my body, my ass cheeks burning with the sting of his hands and my face on fire with outrage and shame.

I wasn’t going to be cowed like a scared little girl. Not by him, not by anyone.

“I am in charge of you, whether you accept it or not.” Rager’s voice wasn’t calm anymore. It was husky and deep, filled around the edges with an animal growl. “And this will be the price for your continued defiance. I had hoped you would let me give you only a slight lesson, that you would not force me into punishing you this harshly, but you are headstrong, brash, and in need of learning that the rules apply to you. The rules I make and the rules you follow. Without asking, without delay, and certainly without disobeying.”

The crack of leather on leather rang above my head, loud and dry. Then I understood. That movement, those sounds.

Rager intended to do more than spank me. He intended to belt me.

For a surreal moment, I was utterly still as the sound of the leather whipping through the air reached my ears. Then pain came, blinding, biting, like nothing I had ever felt. I screeched and thrashed as more blows landed on my bare bottom in a fast, merciless succession. The burn on my skin spread, covering my entire backside and the top of my thighs, but still, there was more pain to bear. More shame to feel. Rager wasn’t finished with me.

I wasn’t even aware of the moment I started to cry.

The sound of flesh being punished, over and over again, filled the air between my sobs. Finally, just as I thought I could not stand more, Rager stopped.

“Do you accept my dominion over you?” His voice was severe, no trace of shame or regret over what he had done to me. No mercy to be expected there.

My skin burned, from my ass cheeks to my upper thighs, the pain seeping into my flesh. But pain wasn’t the only sensation I felt. A fire had been lit, somewhere deep and hidden inside of me, resilient and delicious. That fire was heating in my lower belly, wet and needy, female. Yearning for more punishment even as my eyes were filling with tears. For more of this delicious surrender that had me pulsing and ready for more dominance, more male power.

“Yes.” My voice was shaking and full of sobs, defeated. “Now let me go.”

“Not yet.”

This time, there was another kind of heaviness in Rager’s voice, something male and indefinitely more dangerous. Once more, I became aware of the hardness pushing against my stomach. Arousal washed over me, coating my pussy, dripping down further between my lower lips to the soft inside of my thighs. The smell of my pussy coated the air, strong and heady. Undeniable.

Shame filtered through my mind as more tears slid down my cheeks, covered my face as the heat spread from the skin of my punished flesh to the inside of my legs, melting pain into an intolerable arousal. I tried to swallow, but my throat was closed off and all I could do was push a painful knot down my esophagus as Rager’s hand closed on my burning skin again.

Only this time, it wasn’t to hurt and punish. No, this touch was lingering with a male intention, sliding over my burning flesh to the inside of my thighs. My hips rose in an involuntary response, exposing more of my ass and pussy to his view.

At my back, Rager became very still.

“So beautiful.” Rager spoke in a dreamy tone as his hand massaged the burning skin. The pain the light touch brought left a trail of arousal, as if the severe spanking had heightened my sensitivity to pleasure with the agony. “I wish you could see yourself this way. Red, swollen. All that round ass, bared just for me.”

My breathing accelerated and more fluids leaked between my pussy’s lips. Rager’s fingers kept sliding over my skin, the pain of his touch over my burning skin mixing with another sensation, a sensation I was all too unwilling to admit. But unable to ignore.

“What are you doing?” My voice trembled and shame burned up my face as Rager’s finger slid between my thighs and into the soft, wet folds of my sex. I knew what he’d found there.

Wetness. Need. Pulsating hunger, screaming for more touch.

Shame burned hot on my cheeks, spread to my forehead, my entire face as Rager growled, the sound low and animal, clear in his intent and pleasure.

“I’m giving you exactly what you want. No more than what you need.”

Then that finger dipped deeper, breaching the boundaries of my body, entering my core. I moaned and my hips rose up like a bitch in heat. A gesture I was as helpless to stop as the rush of sensations brought on by Rager’s touch. I knew it was wrong to need this, to yearn for it.

“I don’t want this,” I said even though I knew it was a lie. And that Rager had the proof of it on his hands, dripping down the side of my thighs in gushes of wetness and shame. “I don’t need this.”

But my last words were swallowed by a deep shiver of pure pleasure as Rager pushed his finger all the way inside my previously intact body. His thick, long digit entered me, blindsiding me with sensations I never thought existed.

“You say you don’t want this,” Rager said and by the way his weight shifted under me, I knew he was bending to look. Look at my battered ass cheeks, my wet, swollen pussy. Shame raged on in my mind, but as he brought his thumb over my clit, I moved against it. Pleasure answered my shame, mixing with the aftermath of the pain into a hurricane of sensation I was powerless to stop. “But your body is telling me something different. Your body is telling me it wants to be fucked, hard.”

Another finger joined the first in my tight pussy. Pain shot through, sharp and biting, but it was accompanied by so much pleasure that I barely noticed. Rager began fucking me with his fingers, the movements slower at first, then faster and faster. Sensations built inside me, new and wonderful. I was a virgin, yes, but I wasn’t entirely innocent. I had played with my own body, knew what it liked and didn’t.

But nothing had prepared me for this.

Rager’s thumb drew a slow, lazy circle around my clit as his fingers fucked me, applying just enough pressure to make me crazy with more need, with the desperation for a release I knew would be as devastating as it would be delicious. A strangled moan escaped my lips as his digit slid out of my greedy walls, then collected the wetness inside, sliding up and down my slit in a slow, light motion, circling around my clit before dipping inside again.

This was torture, slow and delicious, but not nearly enough to satisfy me.

Need washed over my mind, erasing anything that wasn’t Rager and his wicked fingers, his wicked male body. I buried my face in the hot flesh of his thigh, but this time not to bite.

“Tell me you want me to stop, and I will never touch you again.” Rager’s voice was soft, but his words were anything but. Images of him riding me like a beast, all that delicious savagery unleashed into a moment of pure ecstasy imposed themselves in my mind. “Because if you don’t, I will fuck you like I’ve wanted to since the moment I laid eyes on you.”

I should tell him to stop. But I can’t. I would rather die than tell him to stop.

“No.” My voice sounded like a surrender, but I didn’t care. I was past caring. I was nothing but a lump of flesh and desire, yearning for pleasure. “I don’t want you to stop. I want more.”

“And more you shall have. Until you scream and scream and forget who you are.”

There was no place for words after that.

A rough hand closed on my nape, long fingers wrapping all the way around my neck, the tips just at the frenzied beating of my jugular. My mind was lost in a thick haze of lust, fear fluttering along the edges of my body like a cloud. It shouldn’t have made me more aroused, but it did. My breathing was ragged and my skin was on fire, every minute touch of Rager’s hands amplified a thousand-fold.

Still, I wanted more.

Rager held me down on the boulder, flat on my stomach, my legs hanging down the side and in the sand. My head rested on the stone, my cheek against its soothing coolness. The hold on my nape was of steel, hard fingers preventing me from moving, restraining me with a pitiless power, withholding nothing of his savage nature.

“Don’t move.” It was a command given by a man who knew how to order others, a man who expected to be obeyed. Rager’s hand lifted from my skin, leaving a mark on my neck that almost throbbed with cold.

He moved behind me, and his leather pants fell to the ground just at the corner of my vision. I couldn’t see, but I knew he was a sculpture of a man, thighs thick and strong, long muscles wrapping around his bones.

His cock was sure to be as thick and long. The thought of Rager’s sex sent a shiver of fear and arousal alongside my nerves and more wetness pooled between my legs. My cheeks burned with shame as the smell of my pussy grew stronger against the smell of the desert.

Rager moved behind me, his hand returning to hold me down by the neck like some small, vicious animal he intended to tame. His other hand traced the arch of my spine, the contact hot and rough, callused fingers kneading the plump, soft flesh of my hips before going lower. I inhaled sharply as Rager ran his palm over my sensitive bottom, but didn’t move.

“So beautiful.” There was a dreamy tone in Rager’s voice. An appreciation that made me want to beg and crawl in front of him. “So sweet.”

His fingers closed around the inside of one thigh, then braced it up against my stomach, the other one soon following. I stayed there, my knees pushed up against my chest, my ass and pussy on full display.

I had no way to be sure, but somehow I knew my pussy and the inside of my thighs glistened with my juices in the silver moonlight.

Rager’s hand went down the inside of my leg and to the folds of my sex, then withdrew. I heard him inhale deeply, knew he was taking in the scent of my arousal in some kind of primitive, animal way. It turned me on even more.

“You’re so wet for me, so innocent. I can feel you’ve never had a male fuck you before.”

There was a heaviness in the way Rager spoke, some primal, dark and feral instinct that terrified and electrified me at the same time. I shivered in anticipation, my back arched, my pussy and asshole on full display. A tiny part of me was ashamed, knew I should be rebelling, but the lure of pleasure was too great. I was too far gone and there was no walking back that line.

I was a willing prisoner and pleasure lined the bars of my cell.

Rager’s hands were on me, covering my ass cheeks, then spreading them even wider. His thumb trailed inside, pausing to rub on the tiny, puckered hole, then pushing just inside, forcing his way in despite the tight ring of muscle. I whined, fear suppressing my senses for one moment.

“No.” I heard the plea in my voice, knew there was no mercy to be expected but had to ask for it anyway.

“Yes.” Rager’s answer was merciless as he pushed his thumb all the way inside, invading my previously unviolated hole. It was big and filling, strange and uncomfortable, but not painful. “I will take all I want from you. There is no holding back, no choice left. All you can do now is surrender to me.”

Rager’s thumb withdrew, and he moved behind me, his big, muscular body like a cloud of heat at my back, radiating through the air. His other hand circled around my hip, moving down toward my drenched pussy. As his finger found my throbbing, painfully aroused clit, I cried out under the assault of sensation. My entire body had been starving for him to touch me there and I wanted more of it. I arched my back even more, pushing my hips against Rager’s finger, the increased contact almost enough to send me over into the abyss and under a raging sea of pleasure I might never crawl out of.

Rager’s finger withdrew and a single blow covered both my ass cheeks, fire spreading straight to my pussy, wrapping around my throbbing, desperate clit like a kiss from a ghost. I cried out, both from pain and frustration at the loss of his touch.

“No.” His voice wasn’t the voice of a man. It was the voice of an animal, feral and low, full of primal need and authority, echoing in every one of my cells. “You won’t come until I allow it. Say you understand me.”

“Yes.” My voice was thread thin, but I obeyed anyway. There was an erotic pleasure in the obedience, a fulfillment that was freeing in a way I would have never imagined. In a way I might never admit, even to myself. “I understand.”

Rager resumed his touch, his finger brushing over my clit, circling it then flicking it. The motion was a slow torture, the pleasure mounting inside my body, reaching dangerous levels. The sensations were like the water behind a dam, moving up and up, threatening the limits of my sanity. Then Rager inserted one thick, long finger inside me, my walls convulsively closing around it. Then another. The virgin seal stretched, pain shooting like an arrow, but there was too much pleasure to notice.

Rager began fucking me with his fingers, always faster, always harder. I was so wet, so ready, I began moving my hips in tandem with his motion.

He allowed me this movement, but I knew he would forbid me more. My brain was devoid of any thought as I breathed in the sensations, my entire body consumed like a brazier, until I couldn’t take any more. But I had no power to stop it. A desperate sob passed my lips. I needed to come so hard it hurt.

“That’s it, now you can come for me.”

One final, tiny tug on my small bundle of nerves was all it took to send me into the void. The climax hit me like a brick wall.

Hard. Total. Devastating.

I screamed with no restraint, the sound loud and as wild as the pleasure that wrecked my body, all that pent-up energy just gushing out wave after wave until I collapsed on the stone, my mind in a blank, my breathing shallow and fast.

Rager removed his hands and the loss of the contact almost made me scream in frustration.

“Turn around.” That same commanding tone, impossible to ignore, under total control.

I obeyed, turning around to face Rager. I was shocked by the sight of him in the dim light of the moon. His arousal had darkened the animal markings on his skin, the stripes vivid along his ribcage, around his muscular arms and highlighting his sharp features. His eyes shone with a feverish glow, a ravenous and very male hunger plain on them as he studied my nakedness. Then my breath caught when my eyes latched onto his erection.

He was long and thick, the girth of his cock as wide as my wrist, the tip round and bulbous, shining with a steady drip of white pre-cum. I had never seen a male sex before and fear pulsed in my body as I stared at it.

“Show yourself to me,” Rager ordered, his eyes latching on my pussy like a starving man at a feast. “Hold onto your knees and spread your legs.”

I obeyed, not even realizing I did so. The compulsion to obey was too strong, I would not even know how to refuse him despite my fear of the large, hard cock pointing straight at me.

Rager bent, grabbed my knees to spread them even further, pushing toward my belly. His head lowered and he inhaled my scent, heady after my climax. I could feel my juices coating the lips of my pussy, dripping down my inner thighs and the crack of my ass.

“You smell so good. So female and sated.” His voice was less controlled, more male and possessive than ever. “I’m going to feast on you, my precious. And I’m going to hear you scream my name again.”

“Oh, Gods!” I moaned as Rager’s tongue made contact with my swollen pussy. His tongue was slightly raspy, the texture making my flesh quiver with each long, deep lick.

Rager lost no time. He flicked at my tiny nerve bundle, ultra-sensitive after my climax, then went to my hole, fucking me with his tongue. And again.

I lost any notion of time and space as my head pushed against the stone and my eyes shut to the world. My body was there for the taking, for whatever Rager wanted of me. I would not shy away from anything, as long as those hands were on me, as long as that pulse ran through my body, famished for more. Once more, Rager filled my pussy with his fingers, two at a time, pressing against the inside of my walls all the while attacking my clit from the outside with his devious, delicious tongue.

The second climax washed over me with all the wrath of a summer storm. Pure, undiluted power, reducing my body to quivers and shakes.

In total surrender.

Rager drank my juices, growling against my pussy as I screamed mindlessly. When my screams finally died down and I blinked, not even seeing the glorious full moon high in the sky, Rager lifted his head. His large body moved above mine, his hands running over my stomach, pulling my legs down. Finally, I was able to shake myself from my pleasure-induced trance to lock my gaze with the two most amazing eyes I had ever seen. Rager’s green irises were brimming with fire, with a desire that matched my own. It took my breath away, made my already sated body sing anew.

“I’m going to fuck you now.” Rager’s voice was a gravelly rumble, more like an animal’s growl than a man’s voice. But then again, Rager was more animal than man.

“I’m afraid,” I managed to say as Rager positioned his large cock near my entrance, pulling my hips up on his lap.

A savage grin spread his lips, exposing his two sharp white fangs. “You should be. You should fear my lust even more than my rage.”

Fear spread at the speed of adrenaline in my body, lighting up my skin, made me breathless. This was not just a man, this was a predator who had found his prey and was ready to devour me, alive and screaming for mercy.

More wetness gushed from my pussy and I fell back on the stone. A small part of me whispered that I should fight this, should run while I could. But it was useless. The time for escaping was long gone.

Somewhere deep inside, I knew there was more. More pleasure, more rapture. More delicious, ravenous surrender.

And surrender I did. I surrendered everything and all I was to that moment, to those hands on my body and that cock ready to possess me like no other before.

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