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Warrior’s Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Alyce Guertin – Extended Preview


“Don’t.” The single word left my lips with a biting edge.

“Don’t what?” Janet ignored my warnings, instead stepping right up to the other side of the door. “Don’t talk back to you? Don’t dare contradict you?”

Her scent came to me in waves, intoxicating and impossible to ignore. Almost impossible to resist.

“Do not push me, Janet.” A growl grew in my chest as I gazed upon the woman who had haunted my dreams for the past three months.

I should send her home. Nothing is keeping her here but me.

But I knew I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. For better or for worse, Janet had awakened instincts that once provoked could not be suppressed.

“Why not?”

My feet moved of their own accord and suddenly her body was close enough to touch. My hands twitched, and I stretched my fingers unconsciously as I struggled to keep control of my instincts.

I could feel myself slipping out of control, could feel the lust rising in my veins. That carnal longing, imperious and feral.

She did her best not to show it, but I could see her fear in the way that soft place at the base of her neck pulsed faster. Waves of pheromones emanated from her, full of that alluring mixture of fear and arousal. Visions of that first night flashed in my mind, as fresh as if it had happened yesterday.

“What are you going to do to me? Ignore me another week? Another month?”

The accusation stung, and I clenched my teeth until my jaw screamed in pain. She had no idea how much I longed for her, how many nights I’d resisted the urge to go to her, crush her body against mine. Taker her again and again until there was no space between her and me, until we were one and the same.

No. If I start this, I can never stop. I need to move away.

But my feet refused to obey. I stretched my fingers. My fingertips tingled with the desire to touch her, to close on the soft, supple skin of her nape.

I want to take her. I want to bend her down and rut her. I want to make her mine.

“You do not understand.” I shook my head.

“I can’t understand if you don’t tell me,” she pushed again, her eyes fiery, her face flushed with emotions. There it was, that female mixture that longed for submission and yet would fight me every inch of the way for it. She had no idea how dangerous my lust for her was. How incredibly, irreversibly dangerous.

If you knew what was good for you, you would run away from me and never look back.

“This is not a game, Doc. I am working every day to undo all the damage Wylder has done to this city. I walk with a target on my back and so does everyone who walks with me. And now, I have a mass murderer on my hands and not a single clue where to hunt him down.”

She pinched her lips and shook her head. She didn’t believe me. She didn’t accept my explanation.

She was right. None of those were the true reasons I kept her as far away from me as I could.

“If you don’t want me here, why keep me?” she insisted, her eyes suddenly shining with wetness. Those full, round lips trembled just a little. Just enough to tilt me to madness. “Why not just let me go?”

Because if I so much as catch your smell, all I can think about is you. Because without you, even the desert has lost its beauty.

But I didn’t say that.

“You are still my captive.” I spoke in slow, controlled words, careful to enunciate each one precisely. “Nothing has changed.”

My mind fogged over with the red haze of lust as Janet stood there. Her feet were spaced shoulder length, and her delicate features were set in harsh, defiant lines.

“Everything has changed!” she shouted, her frustration swelling into her voice. “I’m not your little puppet anymore!”

My already clenched jaw tightened so hard blood pearled on my tongue. My cock strained against my leather pants, filling my veins with lust. Her provocation was riling up my instinct to dominate her, to rule over her mind and body. Images flashed through my mind of quivering naked flesh, of moans of pleasure and words of surrender.

It was in my nature to dominate my mate, as inescapable as my longing for the wide, dry open plains of the deep desert.

Then she added, with a voice weak with suppressed tears, “I don’t need your protection. I don’t belong to you anymore.”

You will always belong to me.

Rage answered her words, wiping clear my mind, breaking the fragile chains I had on my most basic instincts. My hand shot out, fast and precise, long fingers closing around her slender neck. My fingertips found the frenzied beat of her jugular. I forced her head sideways, exposing her tender, vulnerable flesh. It beat fast and strong, her blood flowing just under the surface.

“Is that what you truly want?” I asked, the words hissing through my clenched teeth. I was hard, my cock pushing against my pants, ready to bury itself into her flesh. “Freedom?”

I glared at her, and she sustained my gaze. No one ever held their own in front of me like she did.

“You can’t keep me forever.” She inhaled deeply, those beautiful eyes full of fire, the skin of her cheeks flushed and pink.

“What makes you so sure of that?” I leaned into her, her lips almost close enough to touch mine. Close enough to kiss. “Men keep women for themselves all over the Empire. You’re neither the first nor the last one to be claimed.”

I wanted her so hard it hurt. My need for her flowed in my veins, burning me from the inside. Leaving me nothing more than a shell made of violent urges and raw hunger.

It’s no weakness to care.

Rager was wrong. It was weakness to give in, but as much as I wanted to, I was not strong enough to resist.

“Just let me go.” Her voice was threadbare, but her eyes were still defiant. Full of fire. Full of need she would never admit to. The need for surrender. The need for pleasure and submission.

“It’s too late for that now, Doc.”

My mind reeled against what my body was doing, but I was unable to stop the flow of lust. My other hand surged, closing around the small of her back, molding her supple waist to me. My cock burrowed in the soft flesh of her stomach like it was always meant to be.

And it was. She was my mate. My body had recognized her all those months ago. My mind had been able to resist, hold the lust at bay for this long, but now, the time had come.

I was Huugwor. My body had recognized its mate and now, it was going to claim her. If she ever had a chance to be free of me, it was long gone.

“I am a predator, Janet, and you are my prey.” The words came as much a promise as a threat. “Should you try to run from me, I will hunt you down to the end of the sands and into the land without water in the great beyond.”


Captivity. Ownership. Submission.

I swallowed hard. I would never be happy living under those conditions and yet, my entire body vibrated at the thought of belonging to him in the most shameful way.

“I will never be owned.” The words were defiant, my voice strong despite the throbbing of my body.

Sayk’s hand tightened on my nape with an iron grip just short of painful. There was no mercy in his eyes as he gazed at me.

At this very moment, he was more alien to me than he had ever been. Hard. Cruel. Male, hungry and unrepentant.

“And yet, here you are.” His voice was husky and his eyes heavy-lidded. “Make no mistake about it, Janet. You are mine. There is nothing either of us can do about it.”

My mind rebelled against Sayk’s words, but I was unable to move. I was paralyzed as his face lowered, his lips just brushing mine, making my heart beat so hard inside my chest it hurt. His breath fanned my skin, hot, so hot, as he held my head firmly in place.

“I’m laying my claim on you at last.” The words left his lips in a whisper, like he struggled to speak. “And I won’t stop until you beg to be mine.”

I should protest. Should scream and fight, scratch and kick. But all I did was moan as his lips finally closed over mine.

That kiss swallowed everything in its path. All of the weeks of loneliness, of longing and despair. All of my anger and my pain were washed away. As our lips sealed, his tongue invaded my mouth, his taste filling my mind as I surrendered deeper into it. His hands ran over my body with confident ownership, leaving a trail of fire behind.

A long time passed as Sayk kissed me, our tastes melding, our bodies pressed against each other.

I wanted to push him away. I wanted to negate the absolute claim he was laying on me.

But I simply wasn’t strong enough.

When Sayk finally broke the kiss, my lungs burned and my head swam in a thick ooze, but he gave me no time to recover. His mouth lowered, covering the vulnerable skin of my throat. I sucked air in long, greedy mouthfuls while Sayk’s mouth descended to my neck. His hands pressed me closer into his body, his powerful erection pushing into my stomach. A flood of lust filled my body, wetness and heat spilling between my legs.

His hands were everywhere at once. One moved to grab my ass, strong fingers kneading my soft flesh. His fingers twisted in my hair, forcing my head further back in absolute, abject submission.

His lips were hard and full as he kissed my neck. He moved slowly down my throat, biting, nipping, kissing the sensitive skin.

I couldn’t help but feel like prey, the predator at my jugular. Completely at his mercy. And my entire body vibrated with arousal at the sensation, at the absolute surrender of it.

He could do whatever he wanted to me. Would do whatever he pleased with me, with my body. My core clenched and my clit started to pulse, coming to life as Sayk mastered me.

“Mine,” he growled just there, against the trembling place at the base of my throat. “You are mine, Janet.”

I realized I wanted whatever this was. The submission, the pleasure, the total, complete surrender. Even the pain felt like a caress.

Suddenly, I was left cold and alone, swaying on my feet like a reed in a storm. Sayk had taken a step back. His eyes blazed with a fire as pure as ice as he looked at me.

“Undress.” The command was simple, the tone giving no doubt as to its authority.

I cast a glance around at the endless dry landscape, suddenly self-conscious.

“There is nowhere I would rather claim you than under the desert’s suns,” Sayk said, his tone cutting, his expression stern. “No one will dare come here to disturb us and no one but the Gods is out here to watch over you.”

A few moments later, I nodded. My hands moved, fingers trembling as I unbuttoned the simple cotton shirt. His eyes missed nothing of my movement as the shirt opened, then fell to the floor. I hesitated for a moment, my fingers on the waist of my pants, but the stern turn of Sayk’s mouth pushed me to obey and my pants found the floor as well.

I stood there, dressed only in my underwear, my skin covered in goosebumps and my breath fast and shallow.

“Everything. I want to see you before I fuck you.”

The words shocked me, left me breathless as more wetness spilled between my legs. My panties were soaked as I pushed them past my hips with fingers that trembled so much, I didn’t know how I managed to do it. The next moment, my bra joined the rest of my clothing and I stood, stark naked in front of Sayk.

The human and the alien, the strong and the weak. I never wanted to be taken so hard before.

He didn’t wait for an answer, didn’t wait for permission.

Rough hands spun me around and suddenly, I faced the monstrous metal door. His long, hard body pressed against my back, his hand running along my spine.

“Mine to own. Mine to fuck.” Sayk spoke low, his voice husky, almost breathless. “You are mine, Janet.”

He stepped closer, spreading my legs wide with his knees. My scent rose in the air, female and full of lust. His hold on my neck changed, the fingers moving up to my hair. He grabbed a fistful of it, pulling slightly down. I arched my back, my ass pushing on his front, my burning flesh crying at the contact, my clit pounding even harder under this new, total control.

His wicked hand glided from my breast to my pussy, cupping the wetness there. Long, thick fingers pushed between my soaked lips, flicking over my clit. The sensitive bud answered with a flash of pleasure and I moved to increase the sensation.

A hard slap followed as he spanked my left cheek.

“No.” The command was issued with a stern confidence. “You do not move until I allow it.”

I moaned my answer, desperate for the contact to come back. Sayk didn’t make me wait. His fingers dipped into my folds, a rough, callused thumb rubbing over my clit as one long digit entered my core. The greedy walls clenched around him, trying to suck him in deeper.

“So fucking wet.” His voice was lost in an animal growl. “So fucking tight.”

Sayk continued his expert manipulation, keeping me at the edge of ecstasy, removing the contact just before I could explode. Longing, submission, and pleasure mixed in my body into a powerful cocktail, leaving me hollow and desperate.

I knew the slightest touch would send me over the edge. I needed a release so badly tears burned my eyes.

“If you want my cock, you have to say it. Say you belong to me, that you will obey every order I give you.”

The tone of his voice left no doubt. This was a conquest, a total and absolute subjugation of my free will. I tried to fight it, tried to refuse, but his finger glided deeper into my hot, wet pussy. Sensations shot straight to my brain as he flicked over my clit and my breath caught. The contact was fleeting and too soon, his digit slid away, circling just at the entrance, making me mad with lust and furious for the frustration.

I fought, I truly did. But I lost. I was his, a slave to the sensations that threatened to overwhelm me, to make me nothing more than a lump of flesh in need of pleasure.

“Please.” Never in my life had I meant the word more. “I’m begging you. I need to come, right now.”

“I will give you everything you need, always. All you need to do is be mine.”

The words, as possessive as that hold on my neck, made me so aroused I could barely breathe. Sayk moved behind me and soon, his black leather pants were discarded on the floor on my right.

I still faced the door, but the knowledge that he was fully naked sent my body into overdrive. I didn’t dare to move, my legs spread wide, facing the wall, my juices dripping down my thighs, the smell of my arousal filling the air.

“Turn to me.” This was an order, and it was given like one.

My entire body trembled as I turned to face Sayk. He was right there, in my space, so tall and broad, powerful beyond words. Stark naked, his gray skin strangely smooth, the shade of a stormy sky.

My eyes traveled down to his cock. It was fully erect, pointing right at me. Thick and long, its tip more pronounced than a human, round and bulbous. Large veins ran along the length of his shaft, pulsing with each of his heartbeats. A bead of clear, shiny liquid pearled at its tip. His balls were round and heavy, hanging between his muscular thighs, completely without pubic hair.

At the sight of his size, fear shot right through the haze and I flattened my hand on the door, pushing away from him. Yet, despite the fear, that heat between my legs screamed for possession.

“You’re so big.” I shook my head, ignoring the burning need in my belly. “You’ll hurt me.”

There was no mercy as Sayk looked at me. He was fully and completely alien. This was the gaze of the beast, of an animal who wouldn’t be denied.

“It’s too late now.” Sayk didn’t look away, his features pulled tight, his expression one of hunger. One of a predator ordering his prey to stand still for the kill. “You will be mine tonight and you will scream in pleasure as I drink your cream.”

The words were shocking, the image sending an electric shot right to my clit.

“Say you want it,” Sayk said, his mystical, shining blue eyes like flames in the dim light. “Say you accept my dominion over you. You accept my punishments and my rewards. You are mine and mine alone.”

There was a strange intensity to the way Sayk spoke, a deeper meaning in his words. There was something in that voice, in that moment. It wasn’t just a command, a crushing of my will by his. There was a need there, a longing. Somewhere inside my mind, I knew I should be careful. I knew I should refuse, reject his domination and all the wonderful pleasure that came with it. It was my last chance to object, the last hope I had to regain my old life.

But I simply wanted him too much.

“Yes.” The sound of my surrender was swallowed by the endless sky above. “I accept it. I accept it all.”

Sayk’s face turned feral, and the grin that spread across his mouth was just as savage. “Then you have sealed your fate, Janet.”

When he made his move on me, all I could think about was that I had just sold out my freedom for a moment of pleasure.


Her trembling made my balls tighten to the point of pain and my cock throbbed with the need to bury itself in her hot, wet flesh. I wanted to possess the woman to her core, own every fiber of her being.

But she still hadn’t truly learned the lesson I wanted to teach.

I was her master. I gave the orders. Her very life depended on it.

She was all woman, strong and fragile at the same time. Her face had the glow of female arousal, her eyes shining and her hair in disarray over her shoulders.

Her body was beautiful, all soft curves and warm places. Her hips were full and smooth, rounded to perfection. Her waist was small and her breasts heavy and luscious, the nipples hard little beads, perfectly pink. Her legs were shapely and, in the middle, a cover of soft brown curls hid her sex from my view.

“Show yourself to me.” My voice had the harsh inflections of a command, and I liked it that way. “Show me that sweet pussy of yours.”

Her wary gaze stayed on me, and she bit her lower lip, the tip of her pink tongue showing for just a moment. There was still defiance in her gaze, hidden under all that lust, but she obeyed me.

She opened her legs, the soft, plush flesh of her thighs white and smooth. Her fingers went to her pussy, parted those wet, glistening lips to reveal the pink center. As she spread her legs, the scent of her arousal grew in the air, making my cock ache and steady drips of lubricant fall from its tip.

She was so wet, so swollen and ready, my mouth watered and my cock pulsed in agony.

Just looking at her like this, her face etched in fear and eagerness, her limbs trembling, the scent of her arousal filling the air with madness, it was all I could do to stop myself from taking her like an animal, rutting her until she screamed in rapture.

I didn’t. This was a time to be savored, a moment to be reckoned with.

“Turn around,” I said. “Place your hands on the wall and spread your legs.”

Her eyes flashed with rebellion and her lovely mouth tightened, but she obeyed. Her backside was round and full, perfect.

I would fuck her there. Fuck her in all her glorious, delicious holes. And she would thank me for it.

“Don’t move. Don’t make a sound.”

The words left my lips, the tone leaving no doubt. This wasn’t a threat. This was a promise of reprisal should she disobey. A long, wonderful shiver traveled up her spine, and she inclined her head between her shoulders, surrendering herself to me.

I came to stand between her parted legs, my hands resting on the supple, soft flesh of her cheeks. My hand slid to the wetness between her legs, my fingers parting her flesh to find the heat hidden there. She moaned, moving her hips to increase the sensations.

I withdrew my hand and quickly administered a series of sharp, stinging blows to both of her cheeks. She cried out in surprise.

“You have to learn to obey. I said don’t move and don’t make a sound and I meant it. I always mean what I say.”

A few more swats followed, and Janet kept silent, her head bent, her body stiff. Accepting my punishment and my dominion. I slid my hand over her burning flesh again and was glad to feel her tense, but still obeying my order. My fingers glided down between her folds again, finding her even wetter than before. I teased her, dipping just inside her channel, then out and around her tiny bundle of nerves, repeating the motions until she was stiff and tense, full of unfulfilled pleasure.

“Now, I will drink your cream, my sweet Janet.”

I turned her around, her beautiful body bathed in the pink light of the sunrise, as befitting of her beauty. I kneeled between her legs, the scent of her almost driving me crazy as I parted her folds with my fingers. She glistened, so wet it dripped down her thighs.

She couldn’t contain her moan as I licked her, from her entrance to her tiny nub, flicking it with my tongue in the end. Her taste was heavenly, strong and female, full of pheromones that called to that primal part of me that would never be civilized.

The part of me that would always be wild and dangerous. Feral and savage.

I licked her again, lost in the taste of her. I could feel her tiny bundle stiffen and grow with each pass of my tongue and I just knew she was ready for me. My index finger went up, diving into her wet, quivering walls, and I began to fuck her this way. Soon, another finger followed.

She was no longer silent and unmoving. She moved her hips in tandem with my tongue and fingers, her moans filling the room. When I knew her need bordered on pain, all that pent-up desire turning into agony—only then did I allow her to come.

I moved my head higher between her legs, then I sucked on her tiny bundle, hard, at the same time forcing a third finger inside her walls.

She screamed, the sound filling the room as her cream coated my tongue. For a long time, she rode her pleasure. Then, finally, her voice died, and she slumped against the coolness of the door.

At that point, the rational part of my mind was all but erased, the thin veneer of civilization gone.

I moved like the animal I was, straightening to my full height, my cock in front of me, hard and ready. It glistened with the lubricant of my kind, thick and slippery, ready to impale the female and make her mine.

Again, I turned her away from me, her hands bracing on the metal door. She offered no resistance, her mind numbed with the pleasure I gave her.

My hand shot out, fisting the hair at the base of her skull. She arched her back, exposing her tiny, puckered hole. With my other hand, I guided the tip of my cock to it. She stiffened.

“No!” she whimpered. “Not there.”

“I will take you whenever and wherever I please,” I instructed her. “You are mine. Your holes are mine. There is no choice left for you.”

But as tempting as her puckered hole was, it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted her wet, slick pussy much more.

“Right now, I’m going to enjoy your sweet pussy.” I moved my hips, bending my knees to position the tip of my cock just at her opening.

I didn’t wait. I didn’t go gentle. This was about possession, and it was all that mattered.

I pushed inside her soft, tight walls in a single motion, stretching them wide. Janet whimpered, the sound mixing pain and pleasure, surrender and defiance all into one. Her fingers bracing on the wall stretched as she arched her spine, her glorious hair falling down the small of her back.

I pounded into her, the savagery of my nature taking over. This was a raw mating, primitive and animal. There was no place for softness between her and me.

Her juices dripped from her pussy, coating my thighs, her smell fogging my mind, turning me into a feral beast. She was so hot and wet, I knew I wouldn’t last. It didn’t matter. Already, her pussy was quivering around my shaft and her whimpers had turned to longing moans.

I wanted her to come again. I wanted her in my power; I needed her to crave it more than life itself.

My hand moved to her stomach, finding the front of her pussy. I began stroking her tiny nerve bundle, gently at first, then with more force. All the while, I pounded into her, embedding my cock deep into her flesh. My balls were tight and heavy, ready to spill my seed and my pleasure.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that binding her to me this way was wrong, but I could no more refrain from it than she could go back to her soft, comfortable life in Villea.

Choice was an illusion for both of us. She was mine. There was no turning back.

With one last stroke, Janet screamed. Her pussy clenched and convulsed around my shaft, sucking it in deeper. As her own pleasure ravaged her, I rammed into her, my cock impaling her balls-deep.

My seed spilled along with my pleasure, sealing our bond.

Janet screamed louder as the heat of my seed pushed her into yet another wave of pleasure. As it traveled through her body, her soft pussy squeezed my cock, milking it of its seed and rapture rummaged through my flesh, stronger than anything I ever felt before. This wasn’t just the satisfaction of male hunger. No, this was deeper, more primal.

Primordial, like the desert itself. Pure and merciless, devastating in its power. My flesh had recognized what my brain couldn’t.

I had found my mate. The starry sky to my dry land. The water to my thirst.

My everything.

I roared as the knowledge tore through me, the climax intense and undeniable as we both rode the pleasure to renewed heights. This was the power I’d heard so much about for so long I’d believed it was only a fable. It wasn’t. It was meant to be, written in timeless stones, deep in the heart of the land without water.

Janet was mine. Mine and mine alone.

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