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Wedded to the Warriors by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“This is Doctor Roberts. He’s going to ensure that you are fully prepared to perform properly tomorrow for your buyer.”

“What do you mean? Who’s going to buy me?” she pressed, desperate for even a hint of information. Taylor moved toward her and grinned happily down at her. The woman pressed a hand to Aimee’s cheek in a sort of comforting gesture and began to speak.

“I’ve sold you to the savages on the planet Ollorin. They will determine what’s going to happen to you. I don’t quite know the details of what they want from you yet, but I do know that your buyer is named Tobias. He and his men will arrive early in the morning and we will commence a full examination in front of them to determine your health as well as your sexual responsiveness. Tobias requested that he be present during this time and offered his own assistance if need be. I have agreed to all terms on your behalf.”

“You can’t be serious!” Aimee opened her eyes wide.

Rumors about the savages had run rampant through the girls, talk of the cruel alpha men dressed as cavemen taking their wives in hand with spankings and other horrid ways. Having read a lot on the subject of Ollorin men previously, her mind ran wild. She remembered the stories about how two or three men would take one wife between them, how they would make her submit to all of them at once and she shivered with desire. Despite all the crazy stories that raced through her head, she couldn’t deny the fact that the thought excited her, turned her on even. Her pussy pulsed at the possibility of more than one man taking her at a single time. With a shaky breath, she looked back at the warden, who had taken on an expression decidedly more serious.

“Now, there is still the matter of your misbehavior to deal with and in order to fully punish you and make sure that you perform at your best tomorrow, the doctor is going to prepare you to experience one of our most successful discipline methods to date. There are very few women who need another dose of this lesson after suffering through it just one time.”

“Are you going to spank me again?”

The doctor stepped forward and began placing a string of electrodes on the front of her chest, over her heart, her lower stomach and her thighs. Nervously, she watched as he uncovered a computer, turning on a few switches, and the screen came to life.

“Aimee,” the doctor began. “I am going to outfit you with some medical equipment. After it’s all set up, I’m going to explain to you how exactly we’re going to punish you tonight.”

He strapped an object around her waist, lifting her hips slightly in the process. A thick belt, soft against her skin, was clasped around her hips with his movements. She didn’t realize there was something in between her legs until he tightened the belt so much so that a smooth, cool metal ball lay just against her pussy. Her clit jumped at the sudden touch. After adjusting some of the electrodes, as well as tweaking the belt and the thing between her legs, he sat back and clicked a few buttons.

The egg between her legs roared to life, vibrating with a soft low hum that left her immediately breathless with want. She moaned a little at the sudden sensation and looked up at the doctor, hoping the vibration would increase with time. She needed more, wanted more.

“Now, I’ve connected our special technology to you. That’s these electrodes I’ve placed all over your body, which are connected to our computer here. This equipment will prevent you from finding release, until I input the correct code into the computer. The device around your hips is a controlled vibrator, designed to repeatedly bring you to the edge of orgasm but never actually let you climax.”

The vibrations between her legs increased, humming against her already engorged bud and her legs began to quiver with her lust. She couldn’t believe how incredibly turned on she was already. This was too enjoyable to be punishment, right? Her head pressed back against the table as her body tensed with passion.

“This tool tracks the various hormones and cytokines associated with pleasure in your blood and tissue and uses electronic pulses to negate any chance your body has from reaching orgasm. The electricity produced by these nodes will stop the nerves in your body from communicating with one another based on an algorithm that analyzes the biochemistry of your system. Not only will the vibrator between your legs constantly turn on and off based on the interactions occurring in every cell in your body, but our advanced system will stop you from trying to find release of your own accord. You will not have an orgasm tonight, no matter how much you want it.”

“Oh, my God,” she groaned, already feeling the vibrating contraption roar to life, faster than before.

“The warden has sentenced you to an overnight treatment, with only one four-hour break so that you may rest a little in the dark of the night. That also means you will be woken up the same way, with the vibrator in between your legs. Many women have experienced this punishment before you and it has never had to be repeated on the same naughty girl. It’s very effective discipline.” The smile on his face was one of anticipation and her stomach churned at his delighted expression.

Her body tensed as the tremors steadily increased, the small metal object between her legs mercilessly bringing her body higher and higher. Her pussy clenched down on the open air, achingly empty and untouched.

“By the time the night is through, you’re going to be a very well chastised little girl. If I had to guess, there won’t be any fight left in you tomorrow when I examine you.”

The doctor rose and walked to a nearby light switch, dimming the lights to a very low level. Her eyes adjusted and a low moan escaped her lips as he looked back at her.

“Please,” she begged, her body already feeling as though it could climb the walls.

“This punishment will most certainly teach you to behave for your future husbands. I’m certain you won’t misbehave again after I’m through with you.”

He closed the door behind him, leaving her alone with her thoughts and the ever growing vibrations between her thighs. Higher and higher the tremors crept, until her toes curled and desire throbbed throughout her body. Tension built within her, taking her closer and closer to the edge. She just needed one more second, just one slightly stronger vibration and her body would be free to soar through her orgasm. Her hips strained to get closer to the little device pressed against her slit but at the last second, the vibrations stopped completely.

Squealing with frustration, she tried to rub herself against the smooth metal but had little luck. A low hum began again as the object came back to life and Aimee moaned, the tremors not quite strong enough for her to reach any sort of climax. Once again, the device vibrated and gradually increased until she thought she would come if it lasted any longer, but it stopped coldly as soon as she reached that point.

Over and over, the little egg would come to life, bringing her to the edge of climax again and again as she screamed and cried for release, but was never granted it, not once. The computer beeped beside her, tracking her heartbeat on the screen, along with various other charts that increased with the wanton lust that raced through her body.

Her body ached, every muscle exhausted from the effort it took to come to the edge over and over again without orgasm. She didn’t know how many hours she lay there, until at long last, the vibrator didn’t come on again and she fell into a fitful, lust-driven state of sleep.

Dreaming of the men who would come to take her, she imagined one of them caressing her and slipping into her pussy, another pressing against her bottom hole, and the last one nudging her cheek with his massive cock so that she might take him in her mouth.

As first morning light streamed through the windows, the horrid little device between her legs hummed back to life, waking her slowly until she remembered where she was. Strapped naked to a table, her breasts hung heavy with desire, her nipples pebbled so painfully tight that she thought that they might burst, and a knot of unmet lust settled deep in her core. Her pussy clenched and her muscles tightened, achingly sore from the events of the past few hours.

Her head lolled to the side as the vibrator increased its intensity, bringing her to the edge once again, over and over until she thought she couldn’t stand it anymore. Her frantic cries became much louder, the throbbing between her legs becoming the only thing she could think about as her breath panted with effort and unmet need. Her arousal soaked each side of her thighs, the wet pool beneath her evidence of just how much her body craved completion.

She needed to come. Badly.

Her back arched against the table. Just one more moment, just one. She pleaded and would have screamed in frustration when the computer beeped beside her and the vibrations stopped. She understood why no woman ever went through this punishment twice. No matter what, she would do her best to avoid this form of discipline from happening ever again. She would be a good girl, she swore to herself.

The door swung open and she turned her head to see the doctor enter once again.

“Please! Please let me come! I’ll do anything!” she cried, tears threatening at the corners of her eyes. She was exhausted, sore, achy, and unquestionably wet, feeling terribly sorry for herself and downright punished for her behavior. “I’ll behave, I promise! Just allow me to orgasm, Doctor Roberts. Please…”

He didn’t say a word as he strode over to the computer and punched a few keys and Aimee sighed with frustrated relief as the device stopped moving completely. He moved forward and very carefully unclasped the belt, the sound of leather sliding against leather music to her ears. Gently, he removed the contraption from her skin, careful not to brush her sensitive folds. She whined at the realization.

She lay there entirely naked, her core throbbing with rampant desire and he wouldn’t touch her. Tears trickled down her cheeks as her hips rocked with her lust and her body cried out for just a little more pressure on her clit, for something to fill her forever clenching channel, but nothing did. She had been denied any sort of climax. Her body shook with silent cries. She needed release, or else she felt her body would implode.

The doctor left her and she was alone with her thoughts for some time, feeling incredibly sorry for herself. A group of guards came in a short time after and the passion threatening to escape at any moment had turned into a throbbing ache deep in her belly. The group of them unclasped her from the table, moving her to a gynecological chair nearby. More leather straps were tightened around her wrists and ankles as they sat her down and spread her thighs wide. Every single one of them was very careful not to even graze against her engorged pussy lips or her hard pebbled nipples as they restrained her.

She couldn’t even try to fight. She was exhausted and so thoroughly chastised by her punishment that she couldn’t have struggled if she tried. The doctor came back in with a cup with a large yellow straw sticking out of the top of it. Moving close and sitting down in a nearby chair, he pressed the straw to her lips and she drank greedily, parched as she was from the night’s events.

With a greedy swallow, she groaned as the taste of a strawberry banana smoothie hit the tip of her tongue and cascaded down the back of her throat. By the time she had finished, she felt full and sated, at least of the hunger she hadn’t even realized she had.

“Good girl. This should keep you strong and take away a little of the soreness of your muscles. We will begin very soon. The savages are just arriving.”

Tobias climbed out of the space shuttle, tired after having just traveled the distance from his planet to this tiny station just outside of a small solar system that contained the overpopulated human planet of Earth. He had heard about this female detainment center from a few of his sources connected with the Intergalactic Federation and had reached out to the warden, since his own planet was currently experiencing a shortage of women to mate with in order to carry on his species. He had been on his way when he received the warden’s response, in anticipation of an agreement to his offer.

Back on his home planet, things were very different from the overpopulated Earth. On Ollorin, the birth rate for female children was very low due to the unique biology of his species. Long ago, the men on his planet began the practice of sharing a wife, one woman between two or three men to protect and cherish her. Even through this method, his planet didn’t have enough women to go around and he and his two commanding officers had decided to search elsewhere for a wife.

To his knowledge, no men from his planet had ever taken an Earth human for a wife. The human female body was decidedly smaller than a Ollorin one, much more delicate and frail. The medical examination this place had offered would tell him if humans were indeed compatible breeding partners genetically and if the one assigned to him would be receptive enough for more than one male at a time. She would have little choice in the matter if the human body could indeed handle more than one man. Until he saw the results of this exam, he wouldn’t know if it was actually possible that he could take her as a wife. If all went well, the planet Ollorin may have another option in order to help salvage its population.

He had already chosen his second and his third in anticipation of a future marriage. Cole and Luke were superior officers in the Ollorin sky guard along with him and they had been through quite a lot together, fighting battles against enemies across space that threatened the very existence of their people, time and time again. Recently, the Intergalactic Federation had come together, keeping many dangerous threats at bay, but the Ollorin people had looked upon the union with suspicion because many of those involved had actively attacked them throughout their planet’s history. Tobias and his fellow men had been uncomfortable joining the federation and had decided to abstain as a result.

Tobias himself was the Ollorin commander and chief, elected because of his ferocity in battle and his unwavering loyalty for his people. In his position, he was the supreme ruler of his planet and led his world with the help of an elected senate. Luke and Cole had always been by his side, serving as generals in the sky guard with him and in the past ten years helped him to command the Ollorin army as well as lead the people on his home planet.

He had come on this journey alone, leaving Cole and Luke back on Ollorin to rule without him while they impatiently waited for him to return with a prospective wife. He smirked, remembering Luke’s proclamation that he would finally have a woman to fuck and how Cole’s cool and calm demeanor had slipped for a moment into something softer as a small smile edged at the corners of his lips. He had then told Tobias that he would ready a bedroom just for her, so that she would be comfortable when she arrived. The two of them were very excited that Tobias might bring them home a female to share, to mate, and to take as their one and only wife.

Now that he had arrived at the detainment center, he was impatient to see his prize, wanted her to bow to him and submit to his authority straight away. He wanted to run his fingers through her hair and grasp the soft strands in his fist, arching her back so that she would know that he owned her completely, body and soul. Nearly growling at the thought of her naked and waiting on her knees for him, he casually adjusted the ever growing bulge in his pants. He wanted to see her and he wanted her this very second.

The walk from the receiving dock to the medical wing was torturously long, as the strict-looking woman with her hair in a bun rattled on. She had introduced herself as Warden Taylor and was now currently explaining how they trained the women to perform sexually for their matched men. Impatient, he interrupted her, wanting answers and to move this process along a little faster.

“But this one you mentioned, she hasn’t been trained at all?”

“No, she’s a bit of a wild one and needs a strong hand to tame her.”

“I see. Well, my men and I aren’t afraid to take her in hand, as is our custom. Between the three of us, we will lay claim to her and control her entirely. She will submit to us without question.”

“Good. She will need it. She has spent the night experiencing one of our harshest punishments. She’s one of the naughtiest inmates we’ve ever had.”

“What does that form of chastisement entail, warden?”

“As penalty for gossip and inciting rebellion amongst the girls, I sentenced her to a night with a computer-controlled vibrator, complete with technology that prevents her from experiencing climax. She spent all night receiving her discipline, so she should be a very well behaved and contrite young lady for her examination today.”

He smiled at the thought of his future female, shaking and quivering with need all night. Forcing his overexcited body to relax, he looked back at the warden.

“I approve. Let it be known that she will not orgasm without my or her other mates’ permission ever again. She will not control her pleasure, we will.”

“I think this match will prove to be good for her,” the woman grinned back at him, turning back quickly to open a door into another room. The sight before his eyes took his breath away.

A small naked female sat on a rather large chair, her thighs spread wide revealing the engorged pink flesh between her legs. Long dark chocolate-colored hair curled around her shoulders and in front of her chest, just barely hiding small pebbled pink nipples from his view. Her breasts weren’t overly large, but big enough to fill each of his hands. Her hips curved outward delightfully and he couldn’t wait to hold them close to his as he fucked her from behind. Again, he adjusted himself yet found no relief.

Sapphire-colored eyes regarded him coolly and suspiciously and the soft angles of her face turned up in a slightly confused expression. Apparently, he was not quite what she expected and he delighted in that fact, knowing it would set her slightly off kilter. Her entire face was flushed with her unmet desire and he smiled at the knowledge that she had spent the entire night writhing with need, and reveled at the fact that he would be the one to finally give her what she needed this morning. If she behaved and obeyed his word, she would realize just how well cared for she was going to be on his planet between her three men. It was tradition for Ollorin men to love and cherish their females, no matter what.

He wished he could see her ass, having no doubt those fleshy globes just begged to be spanked. His palm itched at the thought of her lying over his thighs, baring her naked backside for a thorough paddling with his hand, his belt, or whatever else he wished.

Almost gently, he placed his fingers underneath her chin, bringing her eyes up to meet his stare. Her bottom lip quivered a little bit and her cheeks flushed even redder at his touch, indicating that she would be naturally receptive to him. He smiled as she drew in a shaky breath. Oh, yes, she would do nicely.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Aimee,” she answered, her voice trembling with the unknown.

He tested her name on his tongue and grinned at the feel of it. There was no question, this was the woman meant for him, Luke, and Cole. Already, he was impatient to get her back to his ship so that he could begin her training, begin the process of mastering her completely, of pressing his cock deep between her thighs.

But first, she had to pass her medical examination. She had to be genetically compatible with his species for him to take her as a wife. It was necessary that she could carry their children to term and give birth to the next generation. A Ollorin male had never before attempted to mate with a female from Earth. He must ensure that his cells could combine with the eggs in her womb successfully before he could bring her back to Cole and Luke. And he sure hoped they would.

Looking back at the warden, he grinned. He was ready to get started.

“I am very satisfied with my purchase. Let us begin the examination right away so that I may begin her transport as quickly as possible.”

“Of course, let me fetch the doctor and we shall get started.”

“And Warden Taylor?”

“Yes, Commander?”

“Inform the doctor that I would like the receptiveness of her bottom hole tested as well.”

She nodded curtly and turned, walking out the door at a very quick pace.

Tobias turned back just in time to see his intended mate’s eyes grow wide at the mention of her secret entrance. If he had to guess, she’d never been touched there before and if he was lucky, she wouldn’t have ever known a man’s touch anywhere on her body. An innocent. His incredibly naughty, but virgin mate. Swallowing heavily, he shifted his stance, his cock straining to be freed and sunk deep into the wet folds that met his eyes. As he gazed down on her, her pussy clamped down almost as if she was thinking the same thing and he watched as her arousal seeped from her entrance. He chuckled softly at the sight. She was perfect. A new voice sounded in the room.

“Welcome, Commander Tobias. My name is Doctor Roberts.”

Tobias turned as a human male walked into the room. The man was a full two feet shorter than him. He had known the human race was a lot smaller than Ollorin men, yet it still took him by surprise. Despite his astonishment, he held his ground and offered his hand to the man in the white coat.

“Nice to meet you. I look forward to the knowledge that I have made a good purchase and that my mate is indeed a ripe and healthy female.”

Roberts grinned back at him and a small woman rolled in a cart equipped with a computer and a few other medical instruments.

“First, let’s power on the computerized chair. You mentioned you wanted to test the receptiveness of her bottom hole, so let’s get that done right away.”

“Yes, thank you. It’s an important aspect as myself and her other mates will wish to claim her there.”

Roberts hooked up the chair to a nearby compressor unit and pressed a few buttons. The chair that Aimee was restrained on began to hum as the inner hydraulics came to life. Suddenly the seat shifted and transformed, flipping her body upside down so that she was bent over in an A-frame position. She shrieked as the contraption moved her body outside her control and Tobias drew in a breath at the sight of her delectable bottom cheeks quivering nervously before him as the chair stilled. Bent over as she was, arms over her head and her legs parted so that he could see her pretty pink pussy, her ass looked delectable. Both cheeks were very well rounded, with plenty of meat for him to hold as he drove hard into her channel.

He could see the entirety of her secrets, from her inviting slit to her tight little star leading to her naughtiest entrance. There was no doubt in his mind that he would take her there sometime soon. But she wasn’t ready yet; she would have to be trained there first before she could take his cock, Luke’s, or Cole’s.

The doctor moved a sheet off the cart, uncovering a rod-shaped object that was connected via a wire to a nearby computer as well as a decently sized butt plug that would soon be testing her likely very tight bottom hole. He licked his lips at the thought.

“May I?” Tobias asked, wanting to take an active role in his mate’s examination.

“Of course. Beside the plug here,” he pointed, “there is ample lubricant.”

Aimee whined as his fingers drifted up the back of her thigh and her bottom clenched as he brushed against the lower curve of her bottom cheek.

“Don’t you fucking touch me, you bastard!” she yelled out, her voice angry and defiant.

Smirking, Tobias immediately clapped his hand down hard on her ass, spanking her back and forth quickly and without delay. There was no way he would allow her to speak like that to him, and he knew Luke or Cole wouldn’t stand for it either. On his planet, she’d be spanked for such naughty behavior. It was the Ollorin way of life.

Her bottom colored beautifully and he watched as his handprint rose up pink on her pale globes. Placing his left hand on her lower back, he spanked her until her skin was a bright and punished red. His cock hardened as his palm cracked against her backside. He saw her body struggle against the punishment, her cries echoing loudly off the tiles. He smacked the lower curve of her bottom with vigor and her hips wiggled against her bonds.

“Please! I’m sorry!”

“You will not speak like that in my presence ever again, Aimee, do you understand me?”

“Yes! Please don’t spank me anymore,” she said, her voice trembling.

He ran his hand over her scalded flesh, noticing immediately the increased wetness between her thighs.

“Why, Doctor, I do believe my mate was excited over her spanking. Would you not agree?”

Tobias ran a stray finger down the curve of her ass to slide across her slick folds. His digit pressed forward to find the throbbing bud hidden deep within her nether lips. Just like he expected, she was most definitely turned on by his dominant touch. Taking note, he would make sure never to spare the rod with his defiant wife. Not that he minded anyway; he’d always been very assertive in the bedroom and he liked it that way.

“Most definitely. See how her honey nearly drips down her thighs?”

Aimee groaned, clearly embarrassed and Tobias chuckled at her reaction.

Reaching to the cart, he picked up the dark blue plug and the nearby container of lubricant. Dousing the toy with as much of the slippery liquid as he could muster, he reached forward and spread more of it around the rim of tight muscle that protected the depths of her bottom. First, he pressed his thumb against her tight rosette, already thoroughly prepared for him. She fought against him, clenching down hard at his intrusion, but he continued pressing into her.

“Aimee. Open your bottom for me. I expect immediate obedience or else I’ll spank you again. Only this time, I’ll take off my belt and thrash those pretty cheeks of yours.”

The tiny gasp that met his ears caused him to chuckle a bit.

“Yes, sir,” she whined, pressing back against his lone digit. He breathed in deep, her submission at his command and the movements of her body a heady combination. His cock was a painful reminder against the tightness of his jeans and all he could think about was wanting to sink deep into her inviting channel right away. Remembering himself, he pressed his thumb against her tight rim and groaned softly under his breath when he finally breached it.

Slowly, he worked his digit in and out of her bottom, loosening her muscles a little and introducing her to the sensation with care. Gradually, he was able to work his thumb in with ease and once he was able to do that, he removed his finger and pressed the tip of the dark blue butt plug against her bottom hole.

“Oh, please,” she cried out. Her backside clenched once again and he spanked the lower curve of her buttocks at her reaction. With a yelp, she relaxed and he pushed the plug in further. The toy stretched her naughtiest hole slowly and she struggled against it. Leaning down, he began to whisper in her ear, giving her some soft words of encouragement as she experienced something that must be entirely new and foreign to her.


“Yes, sir?” she asked warily, her voice strained.

“I want you to relax for me. Bear down and press back against the plug. Stop fighting. It will hurt much less if you do. Be my good submissive, my well-behaved mate. I promise that I will reward you once this is in your ass completely. Trust me, you will learn to enjoy this kind of play very much, but all in due time.”

She turned her head back to look up at him, her eyes innocent and trusting, yet crinkled with worry.

“You’re safe in my hands,” he encouraged.

“Promise?” she asked, her voice trembling with insecurity.

“I promise, Aimee. Now bear down and take what I give you.”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered, arching her back and pressing back against the plug. Although it stretched her, its cone-like shape causing her to whimper at its widest point, he pushed the entire thing into her tight hole until the base finally popped into her at long last.

She visibly relaxed and he rewarded her by slipping his fingers into her folds, finding her unquestionably wetter than before.

“Aimee, I want you to be honest with me. Did you feel your body react to being touched here in your bottom, to being filled with a plug? Does the thought of me taking you there with my cock turn you on?”

A soft moan met his ears and he had his answer.

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