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What Bad Girls Need: A Punishment Reverse Harem Romance by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Quint waited outside Drina’s cell door at six a.m., Brian and Aaron behind him. Two doors down, across the hall, their colleagues Joe, Kevin, and Dan waited to get Gretel up—Quint didn’t know exactly what had happened the previous night with the more advanced girl, Quilly’s lieutenant, but all Gretel’s daddies had come to have a wakeup session with her.

Usually after a bad girl’s first three days she only occasionally saw all three of her daddies at once. As soon as Drina had begun to make solid progress, she, like the rest of the offenders at BGF, would spend most of her time with the guards and the other inmates. Her daddies would come to check on her and to enjoy her one at a time, on a rotating schedule, but time with all three of them would generally occur once per week, both in order to make it a special thing for Drina and in order to allow Quint, Brian, and Aaron to tend to other cases.

The acme of the bad girl experience, triple penetration by her three daddies, was reserved for the most special of occasions, so that the girls of BGF would see it as a reward for their best behavior. Sometimes inmates had to wait weeks to experience all her daddies’ cocks at once. Sometimes, indeed, it only happened when a girl had served her sentence and the new daddy who had acquired her had come to BGF to pick her up and to use her for the first time.

Drina, Quint reflected, probably hadn’t even considered the possibility yet, since the fantasy tended to bury itself very deep in the imaginations of those bad girls who, like her, tried to avoid thinking of themselves that way. Even for girls like Gretel who owned the idea of themselves as bad even before they came to BGF, triple penetration represented a forbidden fantasy that made them act out to conceal their erotic need.

Those girls’ psyches took the opposite path to Drina’s in dealing with the sexual needs that society would it seemed always call perverted despite their great prevalence in the population both female and male, and pronounced themselves irredeemable. Gretel and others like her, who represented more than half of the girls at BGF, had no trouble calling themselves bad girls. They thought of themselves that way, though, in order to avoid dealing with the strength of their submissive fantasies: they did bad girl things like shoplifting and bullying other girls to distract their hearts and bodies from their innate knowledge that only submitting to a dominant daddy would heal them and make them content.

“She’s awake,” Julia said in his ear, her voice sounding weary from her all-night vigil tending to Drina’s sleep cycle and the tiny but powerful vibrators in the straitjacket. “I’m going to turn her up a little, and I’ll intensify the nipples a little, too.”

Across the hall, Gretel’s daddies had also gotten the go-ahead from their bad girl’s on-duty assessor. Joe gave Quint an ironic little salute and pushed open the door to A-7.

“Okay, she’s wriggling nicely now. Overall is at nine. And… there’s a clench. Ten, and… pre-orgasm. Go on in.”

Knowing that the click of the lock would coincide with Julia turning off the vibrators, Quint pulled the door open and stepped through into Drina’s cell. The girl looked up with a cry of surprise, mingled with frustration and need. Her cheeks had gone bright pink, and as Quint watched, her hips gave a final jerk as if her pussy meant to seek, with one final rub against the heavy fabric between her legs, its denied climax.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Quint said, as he made room for Brian and Aaron. He put his hand casually between Drina’s thighs and squeezed where he knew she ached now with the night’s denied orgasms. The adorable blonde girl moaned and bit her lip. “How’s this pussy doing?”

Brian didn’t let Drina answer, but put his hands on her breasts where they rounded out the top of the jacket, and said teasingly, “And how are these tits, Stiffy? I bet your nipples were nice and hard last night.”

“Please,” Drina whispered, her eyes going to Aaron.

“Please what, Drina?” said the nurturing daddy. “Is there something you’d like to ask your daddies for?”

“Please,” she repeated. “Please… I… need it.”

“What do you need, sweetheart?” Aaron asked.

Drina closed her eyes. “Sex,” she breathed. “Um…”

Her face puckered adorably as if she were trying to work up her courage to say something naughty, to please her daddies and get her what she wanted.

She opened her eyes and looked straight at Quint. “I need… I need my daddies’ cocks. Please. In me.”

Drina looked quickly at Brian, and then focused on Aaron again.

“Well, you’re asking like a good girl,” said the bearded daddy. “Your special PJs seem to have helped with your manners. But we need something more from you, this morning, if we’re going to have big girl time with you.”

Drina bit her lip at Aaron’s daddy-ish phrasing, and her eyes darted to Brian’s face, as if to see whether he would put it the same way. Brian responded just as Quint expected him to: he gave her breasts a rough squeeze and said, “He means fucking, slut.”

She gave a little cry, her gaze going back to her nurturing daddy in obvious need of reassurance.

But Quint knew he should take over at this crucial moment. “We’ll fuck you this morning, Drina, if you show us you’re learning about what you really need, and why you’re really here. There’s a very important rule here in the place where bad girls go. Bad girls only get fucked with a very sore bottom.”

Drina’s eyes went very wide. Again she looked to Aaron, and the bearded daddy nodded solemnly, with a sympathetic expression on his face.

“Ten,” Julia said, with evident satisfaction.

“Wh-what… does that mean?” Drina whispered to Quint.

“It means that you’re going to ask me to spank you, now, and you’re going to tell me you know why you have to be punished over my knee.”

Drina’s lips parted as she began to figure it out, but no sound emerged.

“Daddy Quint means,” Aaron said, playing the nurturing up greatly in his tone, “that you need to admit how bad a girl you’ve been. Then we’ll take the straitjacket off, and you’ll go over Daddy Quint’s knee and learn more of your lesson, and after that we’ll have our first big girl time in your cute, smooth pussy.”

Drina’s lips closed again, and she seized the lower one between her teeth. Her brow furrowed.

“Galvanics are jumping a little, but nowhere near as much as yesterday.” The assessor’s voice betrayed a little tension: the moment held a great deal of importance for Drina’s case.

Again, just as on the previous morning, Quint wished he could watch a video of the girl’s dreams. He felt sure, from something in the girl’s expression, that the mention of her job at bedtime had caused something from her work life to intrude onto her dream stage—maybe even Marsden himself. Drina’s eyes, narrowing slightly as they looked into Quint’s, reminded him of their shrewd, thoughtful aspect just before she had decided to take Julia’s advice and waive her employer’s appeal.

He moved his hand possessively between her legs, over the thick material of the straitjacket, pressing it against the needy place beneath. To his satisfaction, Drina’s hips bucked slightly.

“Clench,” Julia told the daddies.

Brian squeezed her breasts, then, and her eyes moved from Quint to her red-haired daddy, going wide with alarm, losing their calculating appearance. A little whimper escaped her lips as Brian gazed steadily back at her, groping her all the while, making her watch him fondle their bad girl.

“Another clench and… recalibrator.”

“Oh, God,” Drina whispered. “Please… I’ve… I’ve been bad. I stole… I stole a lot of money, and I need to learn a lesson.” Her eyes returned to her lead daddy. “Please spank me, Daddy Quint. Please…”

Julia’s voice had a bit of elation in it, now. “Clench again… watch this.”

“Please spank me so hard, Daddy, so…” She looked at Brian, and then at Aaron, and Quint could see what the assessor meant: for the first time Miss Alexandrina Peterson, New Modesty graduate, felt the special pleasure of being bad.

“So you all can fuck my slutty little pussy.”

Brian took the cue, speaking in his low, almost angry growl. “Are you a little slut, Drina? Do you need three cocks this morning, after your spanking?”

Her mouth opened again, as if to say yes, but Quint had reached his left hand further between her thighs, and brought the right one around to start unbuckling the strap. Drina gasped and her eyes widened. Brian acted like she had refused to answer, and as Quint gained access to the girl’s soaking pussy he moved one of his hands to the back of her head, to twine his fingers in her blonde hair and pull her face back, while he went on roughly fondling her breasts with the other.

“Answer me, slut,” said the scary daddy, skillfully augmenting both Drina’s need and her fear, while at the same time impressing on her the nature of the question he had asked: good girl Miss Alexandrina Peterson’s need for three hard penises thrusting in her pussy, after a sound spanking, had pleased and aroused her redheaded daddy.

Drina gave a little cry. Aaron had stopped and reached behind her, too, now, to unbuckle her arms. Down below, Quint caressed her smooth pussy lips, moving the wetness there up to Drina’s warm clit, spreading it so that she moaned her answer to Brian’s question when she finally managed to give it.

“Yes, Daddy. Oh… oh, no… oh, I need… I’m…”

They got the straitjacket off in what seemed like less than a second, and Aaron and Brian put their naked bad girl over Quint’s knee, with her chest on the bed and her toes on the concrete floor. For a moment, Quint held her smooth pussy in his big hand, as Drina spread her knees eagerly, as if hoping he might forego the spanking this morning just as he had done the previous night at bedtime.

That commutation of her sentence to old-fashioned little-girl bare-bottom discipline wasn’t going to happen this morning, though. He squeezed gently, and said in a voice to match, “You’ll keep your legs apart for this spanking, sweetheart, so I can punish this part of you too, when I want.”

“Pre-orgasm,” Julia said with some urgency in her tone.

“Oh, no… please…” Drina whispered to the thick blanket on her bed, but Quint had already removed his hand, raised it high, and brought it down right there, so that the girl jumped against his restraining left arm, crying out in mingled need and fear.

“Ten,” the assessor told him, “and…”

Quint started to spank the adorable little bottom in earnest, punishing her little hind-cheeks hard and rapidly from the beginning. Drina cried out, and though she seemed to try to keep still at first, quickly began to struggle, putting her right hand behind her in an attempt to cover her bottom so that Quint had to grab her wrist in his left hand and hold it behind her back as he kept teaching her the lesson she needed.

“…eight… six…”

He spanked her pussy again, after having gone steadily from left to right for a full minute or so.

“Seven, and steady,” Julia told him, as Drina began to sob into the blanket, her pink bottom clenching and unclenching lewdly. Brian and Aaron had moved behind her and taken off their clothes as the spanking proceeded, and now they came around in front of her. Quint slowed the spanking, to keep Drina at her current arousal level.

“It hurts, Daddy,” she moaned. “It hurts so much.”

“Of course it does, sweetheart,” Quint said quite sternly. He spanked her glowing right cheek, and then her warm left one, and then her pussy. Drina gave a scream and bucked against his arm. “I told you the rule. What’s the rule?”

Part of her didn’t want to answer the question—still, after everything that had happened inside her: the previous night, during the night, this morning. For the first time, though—at least, at that moment, on this new day, it felt as if it must be the very first time, and like Drina would remember it forever as the beginning of something new—she could see that part of her, and recognize it as the defiant part, the part that created the paradox. That part refused to think of Miss Alexandrina Peterson as a bad girl, and in that refusal it made her one.

Her bottom hurt so much, but still Drina almost giggled, as she saw how silly it was from the outside point of view she had just found. Why did it matter whether they called you a bad girl, or you called yourself that? What mattered… well, it might be the kind of thing only ‘bad girls’ would think, let alone say, but what mattered ached between your thighs and on your chest, and even between your well-punished bottom-cheeks.

She spoke softly to the blanket, and her voice sounded thick with the weeping Daddy Quint’s big hand had enforced as he taught his bad girl her morning lesson. At the last second, without any conscious decision, Drina changed the words, only realizing as she heard herself that she did it.

“I only get fucked with a sore bottom.”

She gave a little cry of fear as Daddy Quint reacted to her ‘mistake,’ and his left hand, holding her wrist atop the small of her back, pressed down to keep her still, while his right hand spanked her twice more, on her right bottom-cheek and on her left.

That was when she opened her eyes for the first time in a minute or two, and saw that her two other daddies had taken off their clothes and stood at the head of the bed, holding their hard penises in their hands and rubbing them slowly. She bucked against Daddy Quint’s restraining grip, desperately moving her sore—her very sore—bottom in an attempt to make the pain less, or perhaps to distract herself from it. She had seen her daddies’ cocks before, in the van, and she had even sucked them, but somehow they looked much bigger here in the little cell, with all their clothes off and their massive naked bodies looming over her.

Daddy Aaron reached down to stroke her cheek with his right hand, while his left hand pumped his huge cock only a few inches away from her eyes.

“You remember the rule, don’t you, sweetheart? You have to say it correctly for us before we have big girl time in your pussy.”

Big girl time. That wicked phrase made her heart jump whenever Daddy Aaron said it. Did good girls ever have that kind of big girl time with their daddies? They must, because Daddy Aaron kept emphasizing that only a good girl got to have big girl time, with her daddy’s hardness thrusting inside her little pussy. But it also seemed like only a bad girl would let a cock inside her.

Or… three cocks inside her.

Then Drina couldn’t help it, because Daddy Quint put his hand back on her bottom, and further down, too, and she looked at Daddy Aaron’s big, hard penis and said, “Bad girls only get fucked with a very sore bottom.” She sobbed as Daddy Quint’s big fingers rewarded her for saying her lesson correctly, rubbing firmly, two of them, along her slick inner lips, pushing in there, moving in and out, still teaching her about what a bad girl needs and what a bad girl gets.

“That’s right, slut,” said Daddy Brian. His voice rumbled somewhere above her, and she felt like she wanted to take his penis into her mouth, worried he would decide she needed more spanking. But Daddy Aaron’s hand was on her cheek, and Daddy Aaron’s penis was so close that when she opened her mouth and took a cock inside it, it was her kind daddy’s hardness that entered her first. Still anxious about Daddy Brian, she tried to suckle sweetly at her bearded daddy’s penis, to show she could be a good girl for all her daddies.

“That’s it, good girl,” murmured Daddy Aaron, still stroking Drina’s cheek. He moved his cock in and out between her lips, using her mouth to enjoy himself for a few moments, before Daddy Quint said, “Let’s get her over the end of the bed so we can fuck her. Drina, your daddies are on male birth control, and so are the guards here at BGF. We’re tested weekly, too. We’ll all fuck you whenever we want.”

That made her whimper, but Drina still worried that Daddy Brian would get angry that he hadn’t had her mouth yet, so when Daddy Aaron took his penis out of her mouth, she made a little whimpering sound.

“What is it?” asked Daddy Aaron. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

As Daddy Quint moved her off his thigh and over toward the end of the bed, her eyes looked for Daddy Brian, the frightening daddy who liked to tease her about her nipples and to play with them. When she found his icy blue gaze, it seemed like he could read her bad girl mind.

“Do you want to suck my cock, slut?” the red-haired daddy asked in a gentler voice than he usually used. He turned to Daddy Aaron. “I think our bad girl is scared I’ll whip her if I don’t get my turn. Don’t worry, slut, I’ll use your mouth once I make sure you’re going to get a good taste of your pussy on it.”

That made Drina gasp, even as her face, now pressed against the blanket, went very hot.

Daddy Quint spoke from behind her. “Offer me your pussy, sweetheart,” he said. “Get up on your elbows and stand on your feet.”

He put his hands under Drina’s hips and helped her up from her knees. He made sure that she spread those knees wide, and Drina’s face got even hotter as she imagined him looking at the intimate rear view of red bottom and wet pussy—and, she thought, even of her tiny cringing bottom-hole.

Drina obeyed her black-haired daddy and raised up her torso, putting herself on her elbows. She closed her eyes, now, because of the shameful way Daddy Quint positioned her for fucking with his big hands: he made her arch her back, bend her knees, and raise her bottom to offer her naughty secrets to her daddy because he wanted to put his hard cock inside her.

Then she felt the head of Daddy Aaron’s penis against her cheek, and his hand urging her mouth open. And she felt Daddy Brian’s hands—for they must be his, since they came from her left side—underneath her chest. He wouldn’t use her mouth until he had been in her pussy—the scary daddy had said that, as if Drina should know that daddies always made their bad girls taste themselves that way.

He would wait to thrust his hardness between her lips the way Daddy Aaron did now, holding her head and enjoying himself as he liked. But while he waited for his turn in her hot, wet vagina, he would play with her breasts, the nipples between his fingers, making shivers run through her whole body, making the pussy Daddy Quint could see so clearly clench with a bad girl’s need for fucking.

She gave a soft cry around the big cock that fucked her face, as she felt her lead daddy’s penis there at last where she must have it. Daddy Quint moved the soft head up and down the slick folds of her slit, pressing it against her aching clit so that she felt it throb there almost the way the toy they had used on her had done—or the straitjacket. The cry became a moan because she needed something inside her, now, as deep as she knew her daddy’s massive cock would go.

She couldn’t speak the word she most wanted to say, please, because she had to serve her kind daddy with the pleasure he wanted. Nor did Daddy Aaron use her mouth in the kind way he usually did, but he held her head in place and taught Drina to take a big, hard penis deep over her tongue and to receive the tip of it almost into her throat. Even when she gagged a little, her bearded daddy still kept his cock in her mouth, and began to thrust again as soon as he decided Drina was ready for more of his pleasure.

She moaned again, hoping Daddy Quint would understand that she needed the penis that still rubbed teasingly up and down her private lips; that she needed it in her. Then, at last, with a growl, her lead daddy moved his cock into the right position, at the right angle, and thrust in at full length, her pussy and his cock so well prepared with Drina’s private wetness that he could fill her at a single stroke. His muscular hips came up against her sore little bottom, and she cried out loud around the other cock, the one thrusting in her mouth.

Miss Alexandrina Peterson had two penises inside her, while a third man—a frightening man who somehow seemed to know everything about the shameful needs of a bad girl, who alone called her slut while the others called her sweetheart—handled her breasts as if he owned them and wanted to see what they might be good for.

“There you go, Stiffy,” Daddy Brian said, and he made her think suddenly about the bra they had promised, and wonder if they would still put her in it though Drina had refused to put on the straitjacket.

Good girls who wore bras and stood up straight so that certified suitors could see their charms clearly… girls confident that their modesty would shine through even if they couldn’t hide the generous swelling of their young bosom… girls who knew that their bras would keep their suitors from noticing how hard their nipples had gotten at the thought of a man bending them over and teaching them new, immodest lessons… none of them, Drina knew her dorm matron would maintain, ever had two cocks in them, or a man waiting his own turn with his hands on her breasts.

“That’s so nice, sweetheart,” Daddy Quint said, moving his hands to Drina’s hips and holding her in place against him so that she felt like he had driven all the way into her upper body. “Nice and tight for your daddy. It won’t take me long to come in here.”

Daddy Quint started to fuck her, then, using his hands to control her wayward motions in a strict rhythm and slamming his hips against her bottom with each long thrust so that she sobbed around the hardness in her mouth. Daddy Aaron had grown kind again, it seemed, and he moved gently, now, letting Drina suckle at his cock, the oral pleasure there adding greatly to the pleasure that seemed to build wildly now in her whole body.

She would come so soon… she would—

And she did, almost at the moment she realized an orgasm had come near.

And she did again, although she had never thought that she might be what the dorm matron had called multi-orgasmic, saying it as if nice girls learned to feel content with a single climax.

And again, and Daddy Aaron stroked her cheek and let her just keep his cock in her mouth, like a… like a… pacifier…

The thought made her whole body seem to flush, and made her come yet again, because Daddy Brian’s hands on her breasts and Daddy Quint’s penis in her pussy said something so very different. She clenched around the thrusting cock, but her daddy kept driving in, pounding the naughty bottom he had punished with his firm hand, and then she felt him spurt inside her.

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