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Where Bad Girls Go: A Punishment Reverse Harem Romance by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

For a moment, Lucy had thought she didn’t want the spanking and the fucking. The scolding voice had woken up, and taken a listen to what the daddies were saying. When Daddy Jake had mentioned a rule she didn’t know about, a rule that had to do with fucking, the part of Lucy that made the rules for herself—the part that most importantly had made the rule that the dirty things her body claimed it needed had to be shut down, always—had resisted.

After the night of the terrible pleasure that she craved more of but never reached its fulfillment, of the dreams of the big cocks fucking her the way the girl in the cafeteria had been fucked at dinner, in front of everybody, her first thought on seeing her daddies entering her cell had been, Oh, thank God: they’re going to fuck me now. Lucy had had sex—cock-in-pussy sex—only once before, but after the previous day and, even more, the previous night, she knew she was ready to take as many penises in her aching pussy as her daddies decided should thrust into her there.

She hadn’t cared that the night before, at bedtime, she had put on the act of fake compliance: if anything, that would make it easier to tell her daddies that they should do whatever they wanted with her. Lucy would show herself obedient, and this crazier part of crazytown would eventually send her on to wherever they sent girls—the corporate salt mines or whatever. Right now, she needed fucking, and she would become the kind of bad girl the daddies and the guards clearly liked to fuck.

Then Daddy Jake had said the thing about the new rule, and something inside Lucy had said, rising up with fury from whatever corner of Lucy’s psyche she had found to sleep in, I make the rules.

But… Lucy’s body had seemed to plead. But they’re not going to give me a choice! Can’t I just enjoy it, since I have to?

She had looked up at the daddies, and though they wore their khakis now she had thought about the hard cocks rising between their legs, and about the wicked dreams of the night before and the buzzing between her thighs and between her bottom-cheeks.

Of course not, the scolding voice in her head had retorted. If you enjoy it, you are a bad girl, just like they say. You’re a bad girl, and you need…

Then Daddy Jake had said what the rule was, at what seemed to Lucy the exact moment the resistant part of Lucy had made the very first mistake in which she had ever caught that nagging, defiant voice.

“Bad girls only get fucked with a very sore bottom, honey,” he had said.

And Lucy’s scolding inner voice had finished… a spanking.

Never before had the rebellious voice of her reason, the part of her telling her that she couldn’t enjoy Oak Street, that she couldn’t give in to her desires because they were simply wrong, suggested that the proper remedy might be the same old-fashioned solution her Oak Street daddy had announced Lucy would undergo in her new life. Over his knee, the pink paddle coming down again and again to teach Lucy a lesson for her childish, disobedient behavior.

All of Lucy had seemed to melt, at that moment, and then it had gotten much worse because all three of her daddies started to take the terrible straitjacket off her. The resistant voice inside Lucy had gone silent, as if endorsing the idea that Lucy needed a spanking for all the naughtiness of the previous day, and she needed to go over the knee of one of these daddies to learn just how bad a girl she had been.

Daddy Joe, the one who scared her the most but also made her warmest between her thighs, said she had to ask. Lucy didn’t give any part of her time to object. Lucy’s scolding inner voice had just said, after all, that a bad girl like Lucy should have a spanking, hadn’t she?

Though Daddy Joe seemed to make Lucy’s pussy clench every time she looked at him, she turned to Daddy Kevin because she thought he might spank her a little more gently. Daddy Kevin called her sweetheart, sometimes, after all, and though he could be very stern he also seemed to like her just a little bit.

“Please, Daddy Kevin,” she said in a little voice that at first, confusingly, she thought must be fake, but which she then realized with a hot blush actually expressed the littleness they had made her feel with their big bodies and their enormous, still-covered cocks. “Please…” Lucy swallowed hard, and her voice fell to no more than a whisper. “Please… spank me. Spank my little bottom.”

She felt a strange surge of triumph in that moment—a sort of joy Lucy didn’t think she had ever known before. She saw in Daddy Kevin’s eyes that she had turned him on by a choice she had made and a thing she had said. She knew—simply knew—that she had made his penis hard by asking for a spanking over his knee, and everything it implied, based on what Daddy Jake had said concerning what happened to bad girls with very sore bottoms.

The triumph gave way to alarm immediately, though, for Daddy Kevin said in a strict voice, “Stand up, Lucy.”

Her knees wobbled as she obeyed, and she shivered though they kept the cell warm enough to be naked in without discomfort. Daddy Kevin sat down, and then panic and desperate need down between her legs rose together in her chest because her daddy wasted no time at all, but put his right arm around her waist and toppled her over his left knee.

“Wait!” Lucy tried to say, because it was all happening too fast. In her pink bedroom on Oak Street, and even over the discipline horse in the receiving room, she had had warning. Mr. Baskin had put her over his knee and then taken down her PJs and her panties and then spoken to her about her behavior before he started to paddle her. Daddy Kevin himself had told her about why he had to punish her on the horse, before the horrible paddle had come down the first time.

Now, though, before the t of Wait! formed itself in the meeting of her tongue and teeth, Daddy Kevin’s huge hand came down hard on the middle of her bottom, low down, just above the crease where thighs and bottom-cheeks came together.

He gave her another spank in the same place and she cried out, and another, even harder, and now it hurt so much that she couldn’t believe she had asked for it. Weeping and wailing, Lucy struggled against his strong arms: she couldn’t help it, and it seemed to make her feel a little better about how much the spanking hurt.

Nothing could make it feel good, though: Daddy Kevin spanked her and spanked her, using his left arm now to hold the hand she had tried to throw up and back to ward off her punishment, and to keep her motionless over his knee. His right leg pinioned her lower thighs, and he simply disciplined her without stopping, telling her, with his huge hand that seemed to spank her whole backside every time, that she was a bad girl who needed the sternest correction to learn how to conduct herself even here in the place where bad girls go—let alone in the outside world.

Lucy screamed and cried into the foam mattress, her struggle growing fainter as the pain in her bottom became duller and more familiar. At last, Daddy Kevin spoke again.

“How does that look, Jake?” he asked.

That drew a choking sob from Lucy: her mind had drifted off into the agony of the punishment, and she hadn’t even remembered that Daddy Jake and Daddy Joe were watching a naked girl get spanked over another daddy’s lap.

“Nice and red,” she heard Daddy Jake say. She had thought, only a moment before, that she would never feel needy between her thighs again—that Lucy hadn’t made a mistake after all, but rather found the way to quell her wanton desires forever. But Daddy Jake’s voice, full of lust and the promise that he would sate that lust inside her pussy very soon indeed, transformed the pain in the twinkling of an eye into something that made her moan, long and low, even as she felt on her hot cheeks the wetness of the tears she had shed while her daddy had punished her over his knee.

Daddy Joe spoke now. “Put her over the side of the bed. I need to be in that little cunt.”

“Please…” Lucy whimpered, and suddenly she realized that please could mean nearly anything, and she didn’t even have to tell her daddies what it meant. She could think that maybe it meant, Please, no, and wouldn’t that gratify Lucy’s scolding inner voice?

“We’ll give you what you need, now, sweetheart,” said Daddy Kevin’s voice from above her. “It’s time.”

Time. Oh, please. Please, yes. Time to fuck a bad girl because she has a very sore bottom.

She felt Daddy Kevin raising her up a little, moving her over to his left, standing and leaning over her to hold her upper body down as Daddy Joe took hold of her hips. Her black-haired daddy, whom she couldn’t see because her blond-haired Daddy Kevin kept her face turned to the prison bed, pulled her backside up. Daddy Jake put his hand on the small of her back, commanding her without words to present her pussy the same way she had done on Daddy Joe’s instructions the night before, when they were getting ready to put her in the straitjacket that had buzzed against her pussy all night and had made her need this fucking so badly.

Lucy felt Daddy Joe’s big hand down there, probing, and she whimpered as he explored her secrets with thick, casual fingers.

“She’s as wet as the ocean,” he said, and that made Lucy emit a kitten sound of shame and need. “I’m going to go ahead and give her what she’s asking for.”

Lucy wondered for a moment if Daddy Jake had to issue some kind of approval, for Daddy Joe to fuck her pussy, but her brown-haired daddy’s hands merely pushed a little more firmly to keep her down for the pleasure Daddy Joe meant to have.

In my cunt. Cunt. He’s the only one who calls it that. He’s the one who likes to fuck cunts. The terrible words surged through Lucy’s mind unbidden, and made her clench down below and burn up above, as she heard Daddy Joe taking off his clothes. Then she felt the hand again, spreading her thighs a little now, and then something else, firm but not terribly hard, against the secret lips that yielded as it pushed. His hands gripped her waist tightly, and with a quick deep thrust, Daddy Joe buried his hard cock in her nearly virgin pussy.

Lucy cried out. Nothing about her one experience of sex had made her think it could feel like this: Daddy Joe slammed his lap into her burning backside and it was like pleasure and pain, reward and punishment all at once. She felt an orgasm approaching, and then even before she could fully realize it was coming, it had engulfed her whole body and she was bucking against the man with his penis inside her and the man who held her down on the bed.

Daddy Joe just kept fucking her, and the orgasm went on and on, became another one, and Lucy screamed into the mattress with terrible pleasure over and over.

“How is she?” she heard Daddy Kevin ask.

“So tight,” said Daddy Joe, in an approving slightly breathless voice that made Lucy’s face get even hotter, “and really strong. She comes like a champ, and it makes your cock feel great when you drive it in nice and hard just when she’s having one. I’ll come in here in a second, and you can try.”

Those words, so terribly degrading, pushed Lucy over the edge again, and she found herself pushing her bottom out even more, bouncing on her knees, trying to show her daddies what a good fuck she could be. That made Daddy Joe come, and for the first time—because she had made the boy who took her virginity pull out—she felt a man’s big tool shoot inside her, as his powerful body and the other daddy’s hands held her in place so that she had to take all of it, just the way her daddies chose.

Vaguely she felt him withdraw his hardness, and she heard more clothes falling to the concrete floor, and she felt new hands, just as big, holding her hips. Then another cock started to pound her, and Lucy came again to the different but still stern and disciplinary rhythm of a daddy’s lap against her well-punished bottom.

Daddy Kevin fucked her in slower, farther-reaching strokes than Daddy Joe had, and he paused at the end of each one, so that Lucy felt filled up with her blond-haired daddy’s penis. He put his hands on her shoulders and held her bottom against him, and that made her sob into the mattress as he fucked her pussy in those long strokes that pounded her just as hard as Daddy Joe’s quicker ones had.

“So tight, sweetheart,” Daddy Kevin said in a warm voice. “You’re nice to fuck.” His rhythm sped up a bit, and his thrusts got shorter, though he drove in just as deep. His enormous cock pressed something inside her now that made Lucy cry out and come as he rode her for his pleasure.

“That’s it,” Kevin said, as if he could feel her pussy clenching on his cock. “That’s it, sweetheart. Daddy’s going to come too.”

He held himself in all the way, and she felt him spurt inside her as his hands on her shoulders kept her firmly in place.

“My turn,” Daddy Jake said, as Daddy Kevin pulled out of her, patting her sore bottom gently to remind Lucy she had gone over his knee to get the sore bottom that meant she could have a fucking.

Jake’s turn in Lucy’s pussy gave him just as much pleasure as he had expected. Her bottom still felt very warm from the thorough spanking Kevin had administered over his knee. He could tell from the noises she made under his driving hips that they had put her into the special realm to which even bad girls go when their daddies impose rigorous discipline and sex with skill.

The kind of care Jake, Kevin, and Joe knew how to give could, Jake knew well, would train a submissive young woman like Lucy to give her owner the pleasure he sought while nurturing her own psyche. The paradox of submission applied doubly, or maybe trebly, in Jake’s estimation, to bad girls: a girl like Lucy needed strict domination from the men who used her in order to grow into the independent woman nature had destined her to be.

So when Jake changed the pounding cadence with which he had begun fucking Lucy, telling Joe he could loosen his grip on her upper back and head, he fucked her gently for a few minutes, listening carefully to the sweet sounds of her yielding to his cock. Then, taking his cue, Joe stroked the creamy skin of the girl’s back, murmuring to her about her daddies’ approval of her performance.

“That’s it, slut. You’re being good for our cocks, aren’t you? You need it so bad, don’t you?”

Lucy gave a little sob, and pressed her punished bottom back against Jake’s hips.

Dina had let the daddies do their job for the last few minutes, only reporting Lucy’s overall arousal once a minute, in accordance with standard protocol. Now she had the sort of suggestion for Joe that he might have arrived at on his own but always helped a trainer work with confidence.

“Ask again, Joe,” the assessor said over the comm link. “Galvanics say she could have a tier four coming.”

The Institute assessor teams assigned orgasms to one of five tiers, according to the level of bodily involvement and the length of the pleasure. They freely admitted that the biology in this area presented complexities they didn’t feel sure they would ever fully fathom, but with the kind of Richter scale of female climax they had laid out, an assessor could help a trainer in the field either bring on or deny the orgasm in question, depending on the girl’s disciplinary program. In cases like Lucy’s right now, the control room could tie the magnitude of an approaching orgasm to the concubine-in-training’s biometric signals, and advise a daddy how to shape the climax to evoke the best possible physical and psychological result for the girl’s training.

Most of the time, assessors and trainers alike thought of orgasms as big ones and little ones, and even tiny ones: these all fell into tiers one through three, and didn’t need special attention called to them. Tiers four and five, however, involving her whole body and going on for as long as a minute when properly managed, warranted more care. A tier four for Lucy right now, Jake knew, could well advance her training significantly and do a great deal both to preserve the appealing side of her badness and help her to enjoy it.

Joe responded to Dina’s suggestion immediately.

“Yeah,” he said in a scornful, patronizing voice, “this slut needs it bad. Answer me, Lucy, does a slut like you need it bad, right in her tight little cunt?”

Jake felt a smile twitch on his lips. Joe knew the way to Dina’s heart: the lead assessor for the bad girl facility had said in every evaluation of a case Jake had worked that the phrase need it bad should be used as frequently as possible, and in particular used in close association with the word cunt.

Certainly Lucy’s response now justified Dina’s judgment. She arched her back and rode Jake’s cock desperately, as if seeking a pleasure she knew lay just ahead but which she still couldn’t get to quickly enough.

Jake’s own orgasm stood close at hand, and he decided he would come in the velvety pussy just as Lucy’s climax began to recede. He reached out for her shoulders and took them firmly in his hands, increasing the pace of his fucking to make that happen, slamming her back against his hips.

“Here we go,” Dina said in his ear, but Jake had no need to be told that Lucy was about to have an epic climax: her whole body shuddered, and she cried out, throwing her head back and bouncing her knees.

“Yes, Daddy,” she finally answered Joe. “Yes, Daddy Joe. Please, Daddy Jake… please, Daddy… please, Daddy…”

Jake knew the best words for the moment, and they weren’t need it bad. “There you go, good girl,” he growled. “There you go. There you go.”

Lucy screamed so loud the whole cell block couldn’t help but know the girl in B7 was coming. Jake felt her pussy contract around him and he kept driving into her to keep the climax alive, build it all the way to tier four, where a girl’s body went limp except for the shudders that ran through her whole body with each spasm of pleasure. Finally he held himself deep inside her while his seed shot from his cock into the deepest recesses of her womb, grateful for the gift of birth control, administered to Lucy in an injection at her first Oak Street check-up.

“Good girl,” Kevin said, as Jake withdrew his cock from her glistening, well-fucked pussy. “Morning shower call will be in five minutes. Don’t worry about a uniform for that, sweetheart. You’ll get a clean one after you shower.”

Dina reported, “She’s coming down nicely. Jake, can you give her a bad girl boost, to lead her into the day?”

He knew exactly what Dina meant. Hopefully they had given her a sizable breakthrough with the sequence of training from the display of her pussy the previous evening to her having it fucked by three daddies’ huge cocks this morning, but a little finesse would help keep that progress going.

Jake patted Lucy’s bottom, still warm from his firm hand’s discipline. “Today you’re going to learn what life at this facility is really like, honey,” he said.

Lucy turned her head to look up at him with startled eyes.

“You were very good for us when we were fucking you, but you’re here because you were a very bad girl, back on Oak Street. Today you’ll start to understand better why you should learn what your daddies choose to teach you.”

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