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Wickedly Used by Kryssie Fortune – Extended Preview

Rothbury glowered at a memory he’d rather forget. Every move Beth had made, every word she’d spoken had taken root in his brain. For all she acted worldly wise, her innocence awakened his protective streak. Until he met her, he’d reserved such feelings for his sisters.

He needed to hold Beth and reassure her. That or fuck her again. His balls had ached all day, and his erection chafed with every step he took. With her siren’s body and hair like a moonlit cloud, she haunted his dreams. Her smile melted the ice sheets around his emotions. Hell, it warmed him until his cock felt like it was on fire.

Last night, she’d delighted his mind and enthralled his body. He hated himself for causing the hurt he’d seen her eyes when he told her she wasn’t for him. Even thinking about her sweet jasmine perfume drove him the worst sort of crazy. He was in serious trouble here. Because of her, Wellington had rebuked him for his inattention.

He looked down the main street, seeing her waiting by the stables. Her unusual looks drew his fellow officers like a magnet. Thankfully, the haughty way she tossed her head kept them at bay. Otherwise, he would have choked the life out of every one of them.

Eyes fixed on her face, shoulders back, he marched toward her. Last night, he’d intended to put some distance between them and regain control of his heart. His plan disintegrated the instant he saw her.

He’d spent his day regretting the harsh words he’d thrown at her. After last night, he expected her to hate him, but she welcomed him with a smile. Passion blazed between them like an inferno, but he needed to put the fire out.

Eyes hard, he didn’t say a word. Grabbing Beth’s arm, he dragged her inside the stable block. He’d made it clear last night, they had no future. Or so he’d thought. Yet she’d sought him out again. He’d lay odds she’d come for a payoff.

Hiding his feelings behind his cold exterior, he gave her a tight-lipped smile. Everything about her drove him crazy. He’d never wanted a woman more. For his sisters’ sake, he had to stay strong and push her away.

Much as he wanted to kiss the worried look from Beth’s face, this obsession had to end tonight. Lavinia had taught him how greedy women could be. Why should Beth be any different? For once, he welcomed the anger that rolled through him.

Mouth stern, eyes glacial, he pulled her into the stable block. Leaning against the doorway, he turned dangerous and threatening—a brigade major rebuking a raw recruit. “What the hell were you thinking coming here alone? After dark, too. Your promises are worse than piecrust. They crumble the moment they’re given.”

Elizabeth shot panicked glances around the stable and backed off. Rothbury’s angry gaze leached her spirit. Head down, shoulders shaking, she bit back her tears. “I made a stupid mistake. Please forget I ever disturbed you and return to your friends.”

Rothbury’s eyes narrowed and he backed her into a freshly cleaned stall. “Damn it, girl, I’m no pigeon ripe for the plucking. You have no claim on me, but don’t think you’re walking out of here so easily.”

Eyes wide, she edged away. “I didn’t come to demand money. If you will step aside, I’ll leave.”

Cold fury radiated from him. He condemned her with his steely gaze. “Go into the tack room and undress. Once you’re naked, stand in the corner with your nose against the wall.”

What? Why would I do anything so senseless and demeaning? “Have you run mad? I’m not undressing for you anywhere, least of all where anyone can walk in.”

He looked like an ice demon out for vengeance. His intensity made her quake inside.

Clearly furious, he turned toward her. “Last night, I promised you I’d blister your behind if you didn’t mend your ways. Do as you’re told or your punishment will be ten times worse.”

She looked toward the stable entrance and considered bolting. Whatever Rothbury had planned, it would make her behind sore. Only, his gaze held a promise of something sensual and wicked.

She walked into the tack room like a temptress teasing her lover. Head high despite her fears, she slid her arms out of her woolen gown. Kicking off her shoes, she pulled her coarse linen chemise over her head. Vulnerable but excited, she stood naked in a public stable.

The thought of strangers walking in on her and Rothbury felt wicked but titillating. Her gaze shot between the rear corner and the door, but she’d made her choice when she stripped off her clothes. Slow and reluctant, she moved into the corner and stood with her nose against the wall.

She shivered with anticipation. Her pussy grew damp with need. Where is he? And what will he do? How long will he leave me standing here like this? The tack room door closed with a bang, but she stayed with her nose to the wall and waited.

She heard Rothbury moving behind her, but he didn’t speak. Finally, he moved so close that he pressed her bare body against the wooden wall. Something, maybe his cravat, covered her eyes and the world went dark. Shivers of anticipation ran through her body.

He penned her in the corner and pulled the pins from her hair. Turning her, he bound her wrists before her in what felt like a length of leather leading rein. After checking it wasn’t too tight, he put one arm around her waist and walked her to the center of the room.

Pulling her arms overhead, he fastened the leather strap around her wrists over a hook in the ceiling. Stretched out for his pleasure, she couldn’t move. Arms bound overhead, blindfolded, and naked, her excitement mounted as she wondered what he’d do next.

He stood behind her and lifted her hair. One kiss on the back of her neck had her ready and eager. He kissed her again then a growl rumbled around his chest. “I’m going to punish you like no one’s ever punished you before. Your body belongs to me until I release you. I will stroke and caress your nipples until you beg for release. I will tease and torment your sweet cunt until you scream with need. Your body will drip with liquid desires, but I won’t let you come until I’m ready. Even then, you will have to beg.”

That sounded more erotic than terrifying. She liked the feel of his breath on her ear, and she craved his hands on her body. How bad could his sensual assault be?

Reaching around her, he tweaked her nipples. She started and gasped. He slid one hand over her belly and explored her feminine core. The tingling sensation inside her turned into cannon fire. It shattered her soul and sent pieces flying across the universe. She couldn’t see, couldn’t move, but she circled her hips when he rubbed her clit.

He stopped and stepped back. “I’m in control here. Stand still.”

She froze. “Yes, sir.”

He landed a playful slap on her bare behind, but it still made her gasp. Then he returned to her clit. He circled it with his forefinger, pressing hard. When she gave a soft, pleasured moan, he rubbed his fingers either side of it. The varying pressure made her ache inside.

She panted and gasped. Her body burned for more. Heat shot through her, setting her heart pounding. The tingling in her blood turned supernova. Her head thrashed from side to side. Unfulfilled needs made her ache deep inside.

He removed his hand and stepped away. She felt lost and needy, desperate for the orgasm he’d denied her. She whimpered and pulled at her bonds. When he gave a small laugh, he sounded more loving than angry.

She wriggled and squirmed. Even rubbed her thighs together in the hope of bringing herself off. It didn’t help. Worse, he chuckled at her desperate writhing. When she stilled, he stroked one finger through the juices gathered between her legs. She tried to ride his hand, but he stepped back and slid his index finger between her lips. “Taste yourself. Lick your juices from my finger.”

She ran her tongue down the length of it before licking and sucking it at it as she had his cock the previous evening. She heard his breathing grow faster and guessed he enjoyed this too. All the while, he used his other hand to tease her aching clit.

Pressure built inside her. She writhed in her bonds. He chuckled when a soft moan escaped her lips. Waves of desire pulsed through her blood. She smoldered and scorched, desperate for more. Her need spiraled out of control. She felt like a volcano ready to erupt. Finally, barely able to speak, she murmured, “Please.”

He stepped back, leaving her desperate for more. She moaned and writhed with desire, her body ablaze with need. Her thoughts fogged. Her mouth dried. Desire swamped her, but her orgasm hovered just out of reach.

With her arms bound overhead, she had no way to make herself climax. The torment ate into her soul and left her empty inside. “For God’s sake, let me come. Spank me if you must. Anything. Just don’t leave me hurting like this.”

When he ran his finger down her spine, she shuddered. Sensations overwhelmed her. Her sob shook her shoulders and made her chest heave. She yearned for the release orgasm would give her. “Please, let me come. Don’t torture me anymore.”

He slid his arms around her waist. “Tell me why I need to punish you.”

Her bonds held her helpless. Frustrated, she longed to finger herself until her intimate juices flooded between her legs. A sob welled up inside her. Her pussy burned. He stood so close she could feel his breath on her body. It sent shivers of excitement down her spine, and she needed him inside her more than ever. “Last night I swore to be careful if I slipped out at night. But I was. I swear.”

He kissed his way from the nape of her neck to her earlobe. “So, you disobeyed me and expect to go unpunished?”

Head down, she whispered, “I’m sorry.”

He backed away then ran something soft but solid down her spine. It felt like the leather loop at the end of a riding crop. Pleasured shudders ran through her body. The need that had burned through her rekindled. She craved his hand on her bottom and the mix of pain and pleasure he engendered inside her.

He ran the end of the crop from her ankle toward her pussy. The feel of the soft leather against her skin started a delicious burning in her womb. Delighted shudders ran through her body, but he stopped short of her cunt. She moaned, desperate for relief, but he started again on the opposite ankle. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she gave a frustrated moan.

When he dropped the end back down to her ankle, she whimpered with frustration. This time, he ran the crop up her inner thigh, through her pussy, and rested it on her bare bottom. She froze, nervous but eager for more.

One more touch of the crop on her skin and she’d come. He left her writhing and panting as he stood back again. When she stilled, he brought the crop down on her behind. Pain branded a hot line across her bare bottom. She yelped and jerked in her bonds. A new desire opened inside her. She wanted him to do it again, then love her so hard she walked bowlegged.

He stopped and she heard him move away. Again, he’d left her hovering on the edge of orgasm. Thinking about having him inside her made her moan. Her blood flowed so hot it felt like lava in her veins.

Desperate to climax, she tugged at her bonds. They held firm. Part of her loved being helpless and at his mercy. The rest of her creamed for the release orgasm would give her. A needy wail slipped from her throat. “Rothbury, please. I’m begging you, don’t leave me like this.”

He stepped closer, trailing his fingers around her waist again. The sensation made her sigh and lean into his touch. This time, he cupped her breasts. He squeezed and stroked then gave her nipples a gentle pinch. She threw back her head and wailed a mix of frustration and need. The tingling started inside her again, making her tremble and thrash in her bonds. An earthquake of desire built inside her, driving her wild.

When Rothbury leaned in and licked her right breast, she moaned. “I can’t take anymore.”

In answer, he rubbed her left nipple between his finger and thumb while sucking and licking the other. Seismic shocks rippled through her. Helpless, she lost herself in in unfulfilled lust. Just when she thought he’d let her come, he moved away again.

Frustrated tears ran down her cheeks and she sagged in her bonds. “I’m sorry. All right? If I hadn’t been desperate, I wouldn’t have come.”

He moved behind her, so close his lips were an inch from her ear. “You haven’t come yet. Besides, I can’t be doing this right if you can still speak.”

He stroked the end of the riding crop down her spine. She shuddered and moaned, loving the sensation. When he pulled it away, she tensed. She heard the crop whistle through the air. A second later, it branded a second red line of pain across her bare bottom. She shrieked and jerked in her bonds.

Again, he moved in front of her, and she heard straw rustle. He ran his tongue through her pussy but stayed away from her clit. The roughness of his tongue against her hot flesh felt delicious. As necessary as breathing, perhaps. He licked again, the sensation almost sending her over the edge. Still, he refused to satisfy her completely.

Elizabeth forgot they were in a tack room. Forgot anyone could walk in on them. She wanted Rothbury so badly she hurt. Naked, blindfolded, arms bound overhead, she writhed in her bonds. If he didn’t bring her to satisfaction soon, she’d explode.

Need clawed at her bones. Sweat beaded on her forehead. Her body dripped hot and wet, crying out for completion. Her head fell back, setting her curls bouncing against her spine. She moaned and sighed, but she lost the ability to think, let alone speak. Her orgasm hovered just out of reach but she needed… she wanted… she craved… And still he denied her.

Tears ran down her cheeks and dripped onto her breasts. Rothbury stopped again. “Swear you will take better care of yourself in future.”

She gasped. “Anything. Just let me come.”

He draped one of her legs over his shoulder, leaving her slightly off balance. When he lapped at the hot honey pooled between her legs, she trembled and moaned. His five o’clock shadow abraded her inner thighs.

This time, he blew cold air over her clit then worried it gently with his teeth. She came in a torrent of damp heat and need, screaming her delight. Pleasure consumed her, driving her wild and making her thrash in her bonds. When he pinched her clit, she shrieked and came again. Her cunt felt damp and hot. Her juices spilled onto her thighs, making them warm, wet, and sticky.

She hung in her bonds, exhausted but more satisfied than she’d thought possible. Rothbury pulled the blindfold from her eyes and wiped the tears from her cheeks. “For the sake of my sanity, don’t go out after dark alone again.”

He unfastened her wrists and lifted her into his arms. She felt lightheaded and giddy, but she wanted to repay him and show him a fraction of the pleasure he’d given her.

Crossing the room, he laid her on a clean horse blanket he’d spread over the fresh straw. Its rough weave felt harsh as it tickled her bare skin, but as long as Rothbury buried his cock inside her, she didn’t care.

Fully clothed, he kneeled beside her naked body and covered her face with kisses.

She needed to love him one last time. Last night, he’d taken control of their kiss. Tonight, she curled her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. She slid her tongue between his lips and explored his mouth. He tasted of sweet herbs and hot spices. She ran her hand down his chest, caressing his muscles. Moving in slow motion, she inched toward his enormous erection. Even through his military trousers, he felt hard and solid—for her.

The scent of polished leather took her back to Blayneton Court. She smiled as she remembered all the things she’d seen the grooms get up to with the maids. “Since we’re in stables, I should ride you.”

He raised an eyebrow but lay beside her. His smile crinkled around his eyes, and when he spoke, he sounded excited and eager. “Ride away, my lady.”

Her tongue flicked over her lips, and she considered all the delicious things she wanted to do to his body. She unfastened his shirt, one slow button at a time before nibbling her way down his body and freeing his cock. She ran her index finger around its broad head. “Pretty. And for tonight, all mine.”

Rothbury groaned, his voice hoarse with desire. “You’ll get no arguments from me.”

Clearly enjoying her taking charge, he gasped as she stroked her finger down the seam of his cock. Glad to take her weight from her sore bottom, Elizabeth straddled his waist with her knees. “Bend your legs.”

He gave her a smile that turned her innards to mush and obliged. His cock stood up before her like a thick iron poker. Her smile filled with mischief and longing as she ran one finger down its seam.

The few drops of pre-cum on its head fascinated her. She dipped a finger in it, surprised how warm it felt. The scent of sharp lemons and piquant herbs assailed her—delicious and as clean as the man himself. She’d never forget how his cock looked and tasted. Sucking it had made feel wanton, wicked, and fully alive, but after tonight, their liaison ended.

Teasing him, she lowered herself an inch over his cock then retreated. Beneath her, his jaw set, and he growled in frustration. She overflowed with desire—so hot she felt as though her vagina boiled with need. When she slid down his cock, she clenched her inner muscles around him. His pleasured groan thrilled her.

Rothbury bucked his hips beneath her, and hands braced on his raised knees, she matched his rise and fall. Delicious friction warmed her deep inside. They fell into a pounding rhythm that left her breathless and giddy. When he hit the sensitive spot inside her, she shuddered and gasped, “Yes.”

He satisfied her newly discovered wanton streak and sated her most basic needs. Until she met him, she hadn’t realized how much she missed human contact and touch. When he loved her like this she forgot her cares and concerns. Nothing mattered except that he wanted her.

His delighted groans thrilled her. So did the way he lifted his hips and thrust deeper. He filled her completely, stretching her, sating her, fulfilling her every need.

Orgasm shuddered through every sinew and synapse of her body. Sweet juices flooded from her, but he kept bucking his hips and enjoying her passionate moans. Once he’d wrung every drop of pleasure from her, he put his hands around her waist and lifted her clear of his cock. Turning slightly, he sent streams of semen shooting over the hay.

He pulled her close to his chest, her head resting on his shoulder. They lay for a while, each content to touch the other.

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