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Wild by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

His palm painted across every inch of my backside, ensuring to punish the upper portions of my cheeks down to the place where my bottom met my thighs. That stung more than all the rest and then he began to punish the backs of my legs too.

“Please! I’ve learned my lesson,” I shrieked, but he didn’t slow down, not even for a second. I squirmed hard, trying to break his hold. He was too strong. I was too small.

This was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not.

“Oh, Revna, I’ve just barely gotten started. Your beautiful little bottom is only slightly pink. You should know that your spanking isn’t going to end until it’s bright red and marked from my belt,” he chided, and I struggled against him. “It will be easier for you if you give into your punishment. Embrace this and take what your alpha gives you.”

“I’ve had enough,” I argued, and he responded with several hard smacks to the backs of my thighs. I keened in surprise at the sudden stinging agony that radiated across my skin and I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to survive the terrible onslaught. This was a spanking. Nothing more than that.

I’d made it through things far worse than this.

With nothing more than his palm though, he’d turned me into a whimpering mess. My bottom was already on fire.

“You do not get to decide when you’ve had enough, omega. I do. As an alpha,” he declared, and I chewed my bottom lip as I struggled to take the harshness of his hand.

The echoes of my spanking surrounded me, bouncing off the walls and making me feel like a naughty little girl who needed to be punished like this. It was embarrassing, but at the same time it was unbelievably arousing.

Soon enough, it became impossible to keep quiet. My gasps and whines turned into open cries that gave away just how much his palm was taking its toll. The muscles of my backside clenched tight in a protective measure, but that only made it worse. In a rush, I forced myself to relax even though it was exceedingly difficult. It took me several long minutes, but when I finally managed it, I sighed the slightest bit in relief until a particularly hard spank made me huff with fear.

How long was this going to go on? Could I take what he planned to give me?

The more he spanked me, the less confident I felt. I squirmed as much as I could in an attempt to avoid any bit of the brutal punishment, but it didn’t help. His aim was true each and every time and before I could stop myself, a scream escaped my lips.

It was different from the sounds I’d made before. This time, I sounded helpless, out of control and weak. My breathing hitched in the back of my throat and a new, real fear began to swirl around inside me of that was stronger than all the rest.

If this continued, he was going to make me cry.

I bit my lip hard and squeezed my eyes shut, doing everything in my power to remain strong and not break for him.

I didn’t want him to see me cry.

I didn’t want any man to see me like that, least of all an alpha, especially not with my bottom bare over his knee.

He started to punish my thighs exclusively and I lost all semblance of reason.

Then I started to beg.

“No. Please! I’m sorry!”

Maybe if I apologized and showed him that I regretted my actions, this would soon end. Maybe if I said the right thing or took the rest of what he had planned for me gracefully, it wouldn’t be so bad. I would say anything if only his hand would stop before he made me cry.

“You can beg all you want, omega, but this will not end until I decide it should,” he said darkly, and I didn’t really understand why, but my pussy tightened with need at his words.

I should hate this with every fiber of my being, but I couldn’t.

Even though my backside was on fire, I felt more alive than I’d ever been. My skin was buzzing with electricity and my core was simmering with desire like I’d never felt before.

I wasn’t naïve to the ways of pleasure. I’d just never partaken in them myself. I’d never even wanted to.

Until today.

Until right now with my bare bottom on fire from an alpha’s hand.

I felt real desire for the first time and it was intoxicating.

The spanking intensified further and the tears I’d been trying so hard to hold back eventually trickled down my cheeks. They dripped down onto the marble bench beneath my face and pooled under my chin, tiny glaring beacons of my breaking right before my eyes.

I couldn’t hide from that anymore.

The initial tears took ages to slide down my skin, but they began to fall in earnest after that. I began to sob, and I hardly noticed when the punishing spanks began to slow with them. Soon enough, they stopped altogether.

I expected him to push me off his lap onto the ground and leave me a crying mess, but he didn’t do that. Instead, he gathered his hands around my waist and lifted me into his arms. He maneuvered me so that I was sitting in his lap. His hand curled around me and cupped the back of my head, pressing my cheek firmly against his chest in a calming embrace. I was too far gone to fight his hold and my body molded to him in an effort to seek out comfort.

I’d never been held like this and it was forcing things to the surface that I wasn’t prepared to deal with.

I’d been shunned by so many in my life. My father had been a mean drunk and so selfish that he’d stolen my mother from another alpha. He didn’t care that she was marked by another.

He’d killed her mate without a care. He didn’t care that it would make her life living hell after that. When an omega was parted from her alpha, it was pure agony and the worst kind of torture anyone could live through. Most didn’t survive something like that. The majority ended up choosing death instead. The stealing of a marked mate was considered such an egregious crime that it was forbidden across much of the world.

My father had only hurt my mother in order to get what he wanted, and he hadn’t been forced to pay the price for that until me.

My body shook with emotion and I cried harder than I thought possible. I didn’t remember the last time I cried and that only seemed to make the tears flow faster. My thoughts ricocheted back to the man who was holding me, the firm steady arms that surrounded me and the feeling that after this was all over everything was going to be okay.

“Shhh, it’s okay, sweet omega. I’ll take care of you,” he murmured.

I didn’t want to like him. I didn’t like how his gentleness was chewing away at the fortress that protected my heart and I especially didn’t like the way I was clutching at him as if I would fall to pieces if I let go.

I curled into him, listening to the sounds of his sure and steady heart as the enticing scent of his alpha surrounded me. The aroma of a campfire, the hint of well-oiled leather, and the pure scent of gingered oranges swirled around me, capturing me and lulling me into a much-needed sense of comfort.

“Why do you care?” I asked. No one had ever shown me kindness and it was making me feel so off balance that I couldn’t think of a single graceful way to accept it. I wasn’t asking him to bait him. I simply wanted to understand why he’d want to teach me a lesson like this.

He sighed. It sounded heavy.

“Long ago, I knew a pretty little thing. She was an omega, a feisty one like you, but she never accepted her role even though there was nothing she could do to change it. She fought it every step of the way. One day, she made the mistake of challenging the wrong alpha at the wrong time,” he said softly. There was no hiding the sorrow in his tone. Something awful had happened and I chewed my lip with trepidation before I decided that I wanted to know more.

“What happened to her?” I asked, sniffling back the tears that continued to fall down my face. His arms squeezed around me even tighter, possessive and I found myself genuinely enjoying the feeling of them even as my bottom burned against his thigh.

“He took her for himself, against her will. After he was through with her, she never spoke again,” he murmured.

“She was important to you?” I asked carefully.

“She was my sister,” he whispered.

“What happened to her?” I asked.

“She disappeared one night, and I never saw her again,” he answered and for some reason, I yearned to curl even closer to him. I wanted to offer him comfort even though I’d just been so thoroughly punished by his own hand over his knee.

His admission sent my mind into a whirlwind of thought. I understood even more so why he’d decided to punish me. He hadn’t done it in an effort to take advantage of me. He had truly meant to teach me a lesson. In the end, it soothed me to know that, but I also knew that it wasn’t yet over.

The weight of it wasn’t lost on me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and resituated myself so that my thighs straddled his waist. I wound my fingers together and simply enjoyed the feeling of his body against mine.

Maybe I’d been wrong to think that all alphas were monsters.

“Ivar?” I whispered.

“What is it, Revna?” he asked.

I swallowed anxiously as I grappled with what I wanted to say next. It scared me to even consider for asking for more, but the need to please him was overwhelmingly strong in that moment and there was nothing in me powerful enough to fight it.

I knew what it was.

It was instinct.

My omega was answering to his alpha and she needed to see this through to completion. She was in control right now and there would be no reining her in now.

“I’m ready for the rest of my lesson,” I whispered anxiously, and he stilled against me.

“You know what that means, don’t you, little omega? I’m going to use my belt and I don’t plan to be gentle with it,” he answered sternly, but there was an undertone of kindness beneath it. The steady calmness in his voice settled my nerves and I felt a tiny bit braver at the sound of it.

I drew back and stared into his eyes, noticing they were icy blue for the first time. Unable to stop myself, I drew my finger down the line of his jaw, tracing the thick brown beard that covered it. My eyes flicked up to his curious gaze and down to his full lips. I swallowed heavily and leaned forward, wanting and needing to bring myself closer to him.

Would it be so bad to give into instinct just this once?

“You won’t hurt me?” I asked.

“No. The belt is going to be painful, but I won’t hurt you,” he answered.

His words shouldn’t make sense, but to me they did. Nothing about him or his demeanor was triggering the need to defend myself. This didn’t feel dangerous. For some reason, that made me feel safe and that was far more calming than I cared to admit.

“You understand that though, don’t you, Revna?”

“Yes, alpha,” I whispered.

I meant every word.

“Good. When you’re ready, you will lie down on the bench and lift your dress for me. When your bottom is properly bared, I will finish your lesson with my belt,” he commanded gently.

Very slowly, I pulled back and placed my feet on the floor. I stood in front of him, and my silky dress fell back into place as he moved out of my way. As I leaned forward and laid myself on the bench, I felt like I was jumping off into the unknown. With much hesitation, I lowered myself onto my belly and swallowed anxiously as I imagined what was to come.

My hands moved even more tentatively down the edges of the bench and when I reached the bottom hem of my dress, I grasped it with a quiet cry.

“Show me you’re ready, little omega,” he coaxed. His voice was gentle, but that didn’t make this any easier.

It was so much different when I was forced to lift my own dress. It made it sink in that much deeper and I whined softly with nervousness. I pressed my forehead against the surface of the bench and made myself do what he asked even though it made my stomach dance with butterflies.

I bared my bottom, knowing it was bright red from his hand and that he would soon mark it with his belt. He didn’t move or say anything for a few long moments. I was too ashamed to look, but I imagined that he was staring at my naked backside. Did he like it? Did it make his cock hard knowing he’d turned it bright red?

Had he enjoyed punishing me?

My wayward thoughts made me blush and I sucked in a breath, turning my head to the side in an effort to keep my flushed cheeks secret.

“Look at me, omega,” he persuaded gently. I swallowed hard, whimpering as I obeyed him. For a brief second, I met his eyes and I looked away. I couldn’t bear looking at him. He knelt before me and his fingers drew under my chin as if he could read my thoughts. He made me meet his eyes then.

“Please,” I pleaded.

“You’re so beautiful like this,” he said quietly, and I felt my blush deepen.

“I’m not,” I countered, and he shook his head.

“You have a very deep hatred for your nature. I can see it in your eyes, omega, but know that it is not a curse. It is a blessing and there will be a time in your life where you will come to accept that,” he said softly, and his fingertips just flittered across the sensitive skin of my backside as he continued to speak.

“Some of the strongest people I’ve ever met in my life have been omegas. They’ve brought down cities, turned the tides of war, and rescued those in need from certain death. Do not be ashamed of your nature, Revna. It is a beautiful thing.”

I didn’t know what to say, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him. His kindness caught me off guard. It was so unexpected that I couldn’t think of a single response.

I watched as he stood and reached underneath his robes. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I could hear the sound of leather sliding against leather as he unclasped his belt. My hips rocked back and forth as my pussy clenched tightly in response to it.

He drew it out of his robes, folded it over, and laid it in front of my face, giving me no choice but to stare at it. The leather was well worn in, very thick, and the color of mahogany. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out to touch it, drawing my fingertips along its soft conditioned surface.

He watched me with interest, allowing me to explore his belt until I drew my hand away and he picked it back up. Carefully, he laid it across my backside, and I stiffened immediately, but he didn’t strike me with it. Not just yet.

Instead, he slid it back and forth across my sensitive skin and I drew in a breath. I liked how that felt. The leather was warm and felt like such a tender touch against my burning bottom that I reluctantly allowed myself to enjoy it.

“I want you to remember this lesson long after this, Revna. It’s going to hurt, but you’re going to take what I give you, aren’t you?”

I shivered as the feelings of pleasure from the belt’s touch slowly evaporated into fearful arousal. His warning made my thighs tremble and I had to concentrate in order to make them stop. My clit never stopped throbbing though and that was far too distracting right now.

“Yes, alpha,” I whimpered.

My pussy clenched tight as the belt lifted off my backside. Every muscle in my body tensed as I waited for the eventual strike, but still it didn’t come. It was as if time had stopped and when I finally braved a look in his direction, it started back up again. He lifted his arm so that the soft leather no longer brushed against my skin and then it whipped back down.

It cut through the air noisily and blazing line of fire burst across my backside a full second after that. A quiet whining sound echoed around me and it took me several long moments to realize that it was me.

A second thrash of the belt followed, this time a little bit lower than the first.

I whimpered much louder this time, fully expecting the fiery blaze to follow its strike now. I couldn’t keep still, and a guiding hand pressed down on my lower back, holding me in place for the rest of what was to come.

I found that comforted me. It was as if his touch was a lifeline to hold onto and I did just that as the belt whipped against my naked bottom for a third time.

My hips rocked and my breathing quickened as I struggled to take it.

“It hurts,” I moaned.

“Are you going to challenge an alpha so openly without knowing what you’re getting into, omega?” he asked.

“No, alpha,” I breathed, gasping as the belt whipped against the tops of my thighs. That stung far more than anything else and a pitiful crying sound followed in its wake.

The belt was relentless. He struck my backside with it over and over until the only thing I could think about was the burning sting it left behind. I knew that I would be sore the next day.

He whipped every inch of my bottom and then he began the descent down my thighs. His hand on my lower back forced me to keep still and take it, but it was still so very difficult.

The fading fire from his palm flared back to life with wild abandon. This time it felt even deeper and more consuming than before, and I struggled far more after that.

It didn’t take long for my breath to catch once more. It took even less time for the tears to start pouring down my face and for sobs to rack my body.

The belt thrashed the backs of my thighs several more times with ferocious intensity. I blubbered apologies. I asked for forgiveness. I said anything and everything in the hopes that he would hear me and grant me mercy.

I found none.

The belt continued to fall long after my tears started anew, ensuring the message sank in so deeply that I vowed I would never forget. I moaned and cried. My fingers clutched at the edges of the bench in silent desperation. My knuckles turned white, and I sobbed harder, hardly even realizing the belt had slowed by a large margin.

It was replaced by his hand seconds later. His finger caressed my scalded skin for a few moments, and then he spanked me firmly with his palm several times.

That drove the message even deeper.

“There now,” he mused. “There’s my good girl.”

Those words shocked me to the core.

“Your what?” I whispered, my voice shaking and thick with tears.

“Good girl,” he repeated, and he lifted me cleanly off the bench, gathering me in his arms once more.

No one had ever called me that before.

A storm of emotion swirled inside me, unbidden and entirely untamed. I don’t know why those two words affected me so deeply from a man I hardly knew. I felt almost dumbstruck by them and the only thing I could do was bury my face into his shoulder, as if that could rescue me from my feelings deep inside.

His arms held me firmly against his chest as I struggled to stem the flow of tears that cascaded down my cheeks. His fingers slid up and down my back, offering me comfort in silence and I pressed even more closely to his chest for reasons I didn’t quite understand.

“Shhh, that’s a good girl. I’m proud of you,” he murmured, and my walled-off heart fractured the slightest bit.

It took a while, but my tears eventually stopped. He continued to murmur sweet things in my ear as I clutched at him. I lost track of time completely and focused solely on the constant beat of his heart as an indicator of its passing. His scent surrounded me and brought with it a tremendous sense of completeness that was impossible to ignore.

It was overwhelming and addictive and incredibly too perfect.

My core pulsed hard as my cries quieted and my cheeks dried. My pussy felt entirely too sensitive, and I hesitantly slid one thigh against the other, discovering that I wasn’t just a little wet. I was soaked.

Desire surged within me and my core felt rattled as though a million tiny fissures were tearing it apart. I couldn’t pretend anymore. My need was growing, and it was quickly intensifying at a speed that I wouldn’t be able to ignore for much longer.

I wouldn’t ask for that. I couldn’t.

It turned out that I didn’t need to. Without hesitation, he laid me back over his knees, but this time he used his legs to split my thighs open. I tried to close them for some semblance of protection, but I couldn’t. Not like this.

I whimpered, uncertain what his intentions were.

“It’s alright, Revna. I know what you need and I’m going to make sure you get it,” he said softly, and his fingertips grazed against the backs of my legs. It felt like he was following the welts he’d left behind and I sucked in an uncertain breath, waiting to see what he would do.

“What do I need?” I asked hesitantly.

“An omega is a special thing. When she’s dealt with properly by an alpha, she will react in kind, just like you are now,” he explained, and his touch glided even more closely to the cusp of my thighs.

“React how?” I pressed anxiously.

“Do I really need to say how, omega? I think you already know,” he mused, and his fingertips slid through the edges of my arousal and I stiffened. Without thinking, I reached back, fully intending to stop him, and his other hand caught my wrist and pinned it behind my waist. I squeaked in surprise and tried to pull it away. He didn’t let me.

“If I dip my fingers between your thighs, omega, what am I going to find?” he asked. I swallowed heavily, knowing that if I didn’t say what he wanted to hear, I’d probably earn yet another punishing round with either his belt or his hand.

There wasn’t any other choice but to answer.

“You’d find that I was wet, alpha,” I whispered, my face flaming with shame, and he didn’t allow me to escape it.

“Just a little wet, omega?” he pressed.

“No,” I whimpered. He swatted my thighs hard, and I keened as it forced the marks from his belt to flare with delicious cruelty.

“No, alpha,” I quickly corrected.

“Tell me then, Revna. What exactly would I find?” he pushed.

I cried out with vicious embarrassment and his palm lay against my bottom with a silent threat.

“You’d find that I was soaking wet,” I finally managed to whisper, and I breathed a sigh of relief when his fingers returned to slip up and down my thighs.

I’d fought against this my entire life. I felt weak for giving in, but the need to take what he was giving me was too strong to ignore. People whispered talk of being fated for one person, of belonging to someone so fiercely that you’d die for one another and I’d never believed it. Right now, though, there was a flicker of understanding simmering to life deep within me and I tried to do everything in my power to ignore it.

It was at that moment that he purred for me for the first time.

The sound of it swirled around me like a raincloud, captivating me in an instant and causing my desire to implode inside me. A surge of pleasure raced through my veins, brilliant in its intensity and fiery in its implications. When he purred for me again, my core nearly collapsed in on itself and my clit pulsed heavily between my thighs.

My slick began to drip down my legs. As if he knew, his fingers caught one drop after the next. He reached around me and placed those wretched digits right in front of me.

“Open your mouth,” he instructed.

“What?” I asked, aghast at the veiled meaning behind his words. He wanted me to taste myself. I couldn’t do something like that.

“Your red little bottom isn’t the only place that can be spanked, omega,” he warned, and a soft nervous gasp escaped my lips. Where else did he mean? I couldn’t be certain, but I did know that I didn’t want to find out.

With much reluctance, I opened my mouth and his fingers slipped inside, pressing firmly against my tongue. The flavor of my own arousal was sweet at first, musky and fruity and I found that my pussy trembled with need at being forced to do so shameful a thing.

I could feel myself blushing, but that only seemed to make me wetter.

“Good girl,” he murmured again, and my inner walls convulsed at his words. “Now lick my fingers clean and I just might decide to reward you.”

I gulped anxiously, but I did as he asked. I suckled at his thick digits, ensuring to swirl my tongue around them so that I swallowed every drop of my arousal. When I was done, he pulled his fingers free and slipped them back between my thighs.

I hated that a sense of relief flooded through me at their return.

I didn’t know when my need for his touch changed. I wanted what he was offering now. I wanted it so badly that it hurt.

“Please,” I begged.

I lifted my hips, and I was ashamed that I did. I was even more embarrassed that I opened my legs and sought out his touch myself.

His fingers edged along my inner thighs, just teasing me with the rough surface of his knowing fingers. I whimpered with frustration, but that didn’t make him touch me where I really wanted him to any faster.

My clit throbbed in protest. My body wanted him.

I was reaching a point of desperation I’d never experienced before and that was so terribly frightening that I didn’t know what else to do to get what I needed.

I lifted my hips a bit higher, opened my thighs a bit wider, cried out a bit louder.

This wasn’t supposed to happen to me. I had vowed never to react to an alpha like this, but those promises felt so hollow now. I could hardly even remember why I’d fought it in the first place.

“Alpha, please…” I pleaded.

His fingers slowly dipped between my thighs as he explored me. His touch was steady and sure, forcing me to suck in a breath as sensation rattled through me at the electricity arcing between us. One rough fingertip slid just close enough to brush against my clit, and I gasped audibly as a sudden jolt of fiery pleasure raced through me. I shuddered hard, trying to grapple with the feelings of wrongness quaking through me, but they were far overshadowed by the scalding hot need that pumped through my veins. I squirmed just the slightest bit, but it only resulted in rubbing myself off on his fingers, which made me want whatever came after this even more.

He pressed more firmly against me and I bit my lower lip, trying to cope with my feelings of reluctance with having him touch me so intimately and my yearning to experience real pleasure at his hands. The more I lost myself in my thoughts, the more my bottom burned and the more intense the throbbing between my thighs became.

His finger grew more persistent, and my core tightened so hard it became difficult to breathe. The gentle sound of his purr rumbled all around me and my desire very nearly broke free. My skin buzzed and I chewed on my bottom lip. My wetness dripped down my thighs, likely onto his robes beneath me. I blushed heartily at the thought.

“You will come for me, omega,” he murmured and his other hand wound around my waist. He pinned me in place, and I knew that I wouldn’t be allowed up until I’d done as he’d commanded.

His steady fingers circled my clit more firmly now and I couldn’t prevent my body from bucking over his knee. My hips started to rise and fall of their own accord in the most shameful way. My body was reacting on instinct now and nothing I did or thought would make it stop.

Did I really have to fight it? It would be so much easier to just give into the omega raging inside of me.

It was an orgasm, not a death sentence.

I gave in, just this once, because I wanted to know what it was like.

My body quaked, and the sudden sensation of falling surrounded me. My thighs quivered and I lost all semblance of control.

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