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Wren’s Redemption by Katherine Deane – Extended Preview

Wren's Redemption“So what got you all clammed up tonight? You seem angry about something,” Jonathan said as he watched her purple hair bob up and down. Normally, her transitions into plank stretches were smoother, not this erratic. She was ticked off at him again—that seemed to be the usual. What had he done to piss her off this time?

“Nothing.” Her tight shoulders said otherwise, as she stretched in between their last rotation of the night.

“Nuh-uh, you know better than that.” He swatted the back of her leotard. “Tell me what’s going on, or do I have to spank you first?”

Her small fists clenched on the bar as she pulled herself onto the bottom bar, her lips pursed and her nostrils flaring. “Why would you bother? Your opportunity to beat my ass was at the beginning of our session. Coach.” She pressed her hips against the bar, preparing for her first round of back hip and front hip circles.

Was that disappointment in her eyes? Was she upset that he hadn’t spanked her at the beginning of their session? After all her grumblings and sighs over the past week, had she finally given up the charade that she didn’t like them? Or was it more? There was only one way to find out. He leaned forward and grabbed her ponytail, forcing her to bend over the bar, so her body was in a V with her bottom at just the right position for him.

“What are you—”

“Stay in that position and don’t move a muscle,” he growled and swatted her upturned bottom.

She mewled softly but remained that way, while he grabbed the mat and pulled it over under the bars. He needed to be a little higher for the task at hand. He stood on top of the high fluffy mat, and watched her wiggle on top of the bar. Her eyes had widened, and her cheeks were flushed.

“Are you going to get dizzy if you stay in this position for two minutes?” he asked as he stroked the back of her leotard. He didn’t want her to fall or get dizzy. This was just a quick exercise in domination and submission. And hopefully, a test they would both pass.

She shook her head, and pressed her bottom up higher. He couldn’t help but grin. Oh, yes, she wanted to be spanked. And he very much wanted to spank her.

He couldn’t help himself. Grabbing the back of her leotard, he yanked it up and in between her cheeks and she let out a surprised gasp. “Naughty little girl.” He stroked her bare bottom, and she shuddered over the bar. “You should have told me you wanted a spanking.”

“No… I… don’t,” she said through thick choppy breaths.

He smacked the back of her right cheek, hard, and she moaned. He released a flurry of hard swats on both cheeks, watching them redden quickly. God, this felt good. Almost too good.

“Ow!” she cried out, and tried to shield her bottom with one of her hands.

“None of that.” He wrenched her hand away and placed it under the bar, so she was clasping her legs. “Hold that position for thirty more seconds.”

He spanked her fast and hard this time, and she squealed and groaned, but stayed in position. Her face looked dazed and a little more flushed than he wanted.

“Get down, and drape yourself over the mat,” he barked and she complied quickly, her breaths rapid, her eyes dilated.

She had the most beautiful body—lean, muscular, an ass that begged for attention. It was all he could do not to rip her leotard in half and thrust himself into her, right on top of that mat.

She wiggled her bottom and met his gaze with embarrassment tinging her cheeks, her eyes wide and dark. She swallowed and pressed her bottom up at him. “More, please? Coach?” She wiggled again, and this time he noticed the wetness in the crotch of her leotard.

He pulled the spandex from her pussy, and copious amounts of her arousal dripped down her tight inner thigh. Christ, he couldn’t stay away from her if he tried. Everything in his head said to back away as quickly as possible. But the reasoning was quickly getting drowned out by every other part of his body, telling him to go for it. She wanted this. He wanted this. They would deal with the rest of it later. He let go of his damn conscience, deciding to enjoy the moment.

“Naughty little thing. Did you like your spanking?” he growled and squeezed her ass hard, pulling her up onto all fours. She yelped when he spanked her harder. “Answer me.”

“Yes… no… yes, sir. I, I don’t know.” Her eyes showed a combination of confusion and lust as she turned to him. She pulled her leotard back down into place, her eyes darting nervously around the gym.

“Good answer.” He grabbed her ponytail and yanked her toward him, and kissed her hard on the lips, devouring her, commanding her, controlling her. Her soft mewls turned into strong kisses as she swept her tongue inside his mouth and bit his lower lip.

Her eyes were bright and round, and her chest rose and fell rapidly as she looked up at him from under her thick brown lashes.

They shouldn’t be doing this. But God, he couldn’t control himself. This woman was going to be the death of him. Damn it, let go for once.

“Take that thing off.” He yanked a strap from her shoulder and she complied by tearing off her leotard and jog bra to stand naked in front of him. Her breasts were gorgeous—just the right size for his hands, with perky, rose-colored nipples that peaked in the cool air. He had always been a fan of smaller breasts and how they were sensitive and easy to arouse.

She gasped when he ran the pad of his finger across the pointed tip, twirling and caressing it into an even sharper point.

“Bend over the mat, arms out straight, ass high,” he ordered in a rough voice that almost cracked with his desire.

Her back arched, her nipples grazed the mat, and her swollen, pussy lips wept. The coarse, dark hairs between her legs glistened with her wetness. “Now this is a beautiful sight. But you need one more thing to be perfect.”

“What’s that?” She shuddered as he ran his fingers across her wet pussy.

“A hot, red ass.” He reached into his bag and pulled out his thick leather paddle. “Last chance to get out of this.” He stroked her with the soft side of the paddle, giving her a chance to tell them they were doing something foolish. Her answer came in the widening of her stance and the tilt of her pelvis. Her pink, round bottom was now bared perfectly for him. He liked her reply.

“You are such a little rebel.” He laughed and lined up his first swat.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. But she couldn’t lie to herself. Her trembling legs and wetness spoke for her. As crazy as it sounded, she couldn’t deny some light masochistic tendencies. Hello, competitive gymnast. Only a crazy person who liked pain would become an all-arounder when she knew she was bad at the bars. She stifled her snort and resumed her task at hand—preparing for her… what did he say he was going to spank her with? Oh, yeah, the leather paddle.

The leather felt cool to her warm bottom as he gently stroked her bottom cheeks, and she let out a small groan. He chuckled and started tapping her with the paddle. Slow, even swats warmed her up, and she squeezed her legs together as more wetness trickled down her thigh. As she rubbed herself against her legs, the dull ache in her pussy intensified. “Yeowch!” She tried to stand up when the flames from that last hard smack caught her off guard.

He pressed her chest back down onto the mat. “You don’t get to relieve that ache. That’s my job,” he growled into her ear.

“When exactly did it become your job, oh, master of indecisiveness?” Okay, that may have been a bit on the snarky side. But seriously, the guy had been hot and cold-ing for so long, she was getting dizzy. And she went head over heels for a living.

“You’re right. Sorry. But I’m making it my job now.” He squeezed her ass, and gave it a sharp smack. Oof! That was going to leave a mark. “Unless you want to renegotiate your contract, Miss Montgomery?” Stroking up her thighs, he ran his finger along the outside of her sensitive lips, circling closer.

“No extra paperwork necessary, sir. Please continue.” Had she just begged him for a spanking? Damn right. She lifted her bottom higher.

He stopped teasing her pussy and spanked her rapidly. His hand fell hard and fast and she lost count after fifteen. Then he stroked closer to her aching clit, pressing on her lips, distributing the wetness from her folds.

Spreading her legs even farther apart, she pressed the lower half of her body up toward him. Her pussy throbbed. But he still circled and brushed his firm wet fingers around her clit, never quite making contact with where she needed him most. Ungh. She couldn’t take it anymore. She opened her mouth to call him every swear word in the dictionary, and noticed his eyes. Authoritative and totally in charge, they held mirth in them. He was testing her.

Closing her mouth, she took a deep breath through her nose and placed her head back on the mat.

“Good girl.”

His praise felt almost as good as his reward. He tapped and stroked her hard clit, and she let out a long sigh. “When you obey, you get rewarded, little rebel. Remember that.”

She rose up onto her tiptoes when he plunged his finger into her core. So freaking close. He continued to flick her with his finger as he spanked her—harder and harder.

More pinching and fondling, followed by a second finger, and hard fast swats on her scorched ass. She couldn’t tell which was hotter—her poor bottom or her aching core. It felt wonderful and erotic, and oh so naughty. She giggled. What would her sponsors say about this kind of training? They wouldn’t use this position on her favorite cereal box.

Jonathan pulled her up onto her shaky legs and turned her toward him. “What’s got you so tickled?”

“I was thinking my old sponsors would have a fit if they knew what we were doing right now.” She hoped her truthfulness hadn’t spoiled the moment, but his eyes darkened and one side of his mouth curled up.

Admiring his strong, well-built chest, and the apparent interest tenting from his pants, she licked her lips and knelt before him. “Wanna play a game?”

“What kind of game?” he growled and his eyes darkened with lust.

“Jonathan says.” She reached behind him and squeezed his ass firmly, pulling him closer to her. “You say Jonathan says, and I do the action.” She stared at his erection. He seemed more than interested.

“What if you do something and I don’t say Jonathan says?

“Then I guess you have to punish me, coach.” Wiggling her bottom, she stood back up to meet his fiery gaze. “So?”

Jonathan yanked her into him, kissing her hard. He commanded her mouth, taking over every inch, demanding she yield to him. Groaning, she tilted her head back as he snaked his hand through her ponytail. His tongue pressed in, exploring every inch of her mouth. He tasted like orange—sweet and tangy. She was out of breath and dazed by the time he finally released her.

“Wow.” Her lips felt swollen and thoroughly kissed.

Towering over her, he looked like a predator about to toy with his prey. “Jonathan says, on your knees.”

Christ, the look she gave him when she knelt down almost made him come right there. Her swollen lips, flushed cheeks, and glassy eyes said she was as aroused as he. Let the games begin.

“Jonathan says, touch my cock.”

She reached forward and ran her fingers lightly over the tenting in his workout pants, barely touching him. He suppressed a groan. Little minx.

“Jonathan says, take me out of my pants.” He grabbed her ponytail and yanked her head back. She lost the mischievous look on her face. “Touch… my… cock.”

Wide-eyed, her mouth pursed in concentration, she pulled the front of his pants down and released him, stroking him firmly on each side. Up, down… she stroked his sensitive flesh, massaging, then tickling his head with a strong, yet surprisingly gentle grasp. She tugged and stroked him harder. He loved the feel of her hands on him. She had gymnast hands—not dainty, soft, or weak, but capable and firm, hands that could grip a four-centimeter fiberglass bar, eight feet off the ground. And they were working his cock for dear life. Holy shit.

“Take me in your mouth.”

“You didn’t say Jonathan says.” She winked and let go.

In a flash she was shrieking, bent around his hip, as he spanked her hard and fast. Her ass was hot and red, and her pussy wept even more with his harsh treatment. She laughed and cried out with each fast swat.

“You aren’t playing by the rules.” She gave him a fake pout and giggled when he released her.

“Change of rules,” he growled and pushed her back to her knees. “When you don’t obey, you get spanked.”

“Jonathan says?” Her tongue darted out to lick her pink lips. Her eyes half-closed as her focus softened.

She was the perfect combination of aroused and embarrassed; it went well with her naked body, wet and trembling before him.

“Yes. Jonathan says. Or should I spank your naughty little bottom some more?” He tilted her chin up so she had to look all the way up to see his eyes. “Take me in your mouth, and look at me while you do it. I might even reward you if you’re a good girl.”

She shivered and opened her mouth as she leaned in to kiss him. Her smooth tongue felt warm and wet as she licked the underside of his penis, coming up to twirl around his head. He tugged on her ponytail, reminding her to look at him, and she obeyed. His cock grew larger in her mouth, and he held back a groan as she continued her ministrations.

God, that felt good. She sucked him into her warm mouth, up and down, twirling, licking, tickling, and sucking again. Her cheeks hollowed out as she took all of him deeper into the back of her mouth, and she gazed up at him with the most beautiful fuck-me eyes he had ever seen.


She didn’t stop, kept going and gave him a good long suck, grazing her teeth lightly up the length of his hard shaft. It was all he could do to keep standing as waves of pleasure threatened to bring him to his knees.

“Damn it, J-Jonathan says—” He couldn’t get enough air to speak clearly. He was so close to coming in her sweet mouth. “Stop.”

Releasing him, she sat back, satisfied, on her knees.

“Now you get punished.” He stood her up.

“Why?” She grinned and placed her hands on her hips.

He pressed her forward so she remained straight-legged and her hands touched the mat. “Because Jonathan says.”

Cool air wafted across her wet pussy as she straightened her legs and back, preparing for whatever he planned to do to her. A crisp, loud smack echoed through the room and she shuddered against the heat searing her bottom. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw him kneel behind her. As he scraped his rough, scraggy five o’clock shadow against her cheeks, she almost keeled over when his tongue darted between her legs. He held her firmly in place and spanked her again.

“Hold still while I taste you.” His low rumble vibrated against her pussy.

Oh, God. “I can’t take much more of this.” She tensed as his hot tongue darted across her clit again. “Just fuck me already.” She squealed when he plunged inside her pussy, squeezing her bottom so tight, it was sure to leave marks.

“I don’t have a condom with me.” His gruff reply sounded as disappointed as she felt.

Groaning, she turned to look over her shoulder at his fevered expression. “Seriously? You got me all worked up for nothing?” A sharp, well-placed smack kept her from lashing out with a few choice words.

“Don’t you worry, little rebel. You’re going to come tonight. It’s just not going to be with my cock inside you.”

Her legs buckled under her, but he laughed and scooped her up into his arms, to carry her to a dark corner in the gym.

Standing her on the soft fabric mat, he grabbed a couple of towels and laid them beneath her. “I don’t want you soaking the mat.” He grinned and popped her on the hip.

What did he want her to do? She was just standing there naked while he looked at her like a hungry lion about to devour her. Beads of sweat lined her shivering skin. He strode around her, assessing every line and angle and inch of her naked body as if she was on auction and he was the lucky bidder. “Straight legs… hands in front, on the mat,” he ordered.

Leaning forward to easily touch the mat, she trembled when he ran his palm up the back of her legs. He gave her a light squeeze on her buttocks, and then moved to caress the other side in lazy, slow circles. She shifted, pressing her pelvis out. She needed him to touch her there.

With a low, almost demonic chuckle, he crept his finger along the inside of her thigh. He knew what she wanted. Stubborn bastard liked toying with her. In a flash, he was spanking her hard and fast. One firm hand laid against her lower back, steadying her as he struck her bottom over and over. In this position, her tender skin was stretched tight, and it hurt more. It hurt so good.

Still holding her in place, he thrust his thick finger into her wetness, and she almost came right there. Her knees buckled. She moaned. He caught her under her waist and held her up while he thrust, inserting another finger.

“You like it when I spank your bottom.”

Removing his fingers, he spanked her again. Was it possible that his hand could hurt this much? He was spanking her harder than he ever had. Interspersing hard, long swats on the round part of her tender cheeks, along with harder and faster short smacks under her cheeks where her bottom met her thighs. When she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he stopped and fingered her clit.

She was about to lose it, and he seemed to know it. He pressed harder on her lower back, growling at her. “Keep your legs straight while I finger-fuck you.”

The pressure built, and the heat in her whole body felt like was about to explode. He spanked her twice more, and she screamed. She lost all control, as his fingers helped her ride out her climax. She shook and shuddered, finally losing all strength in her aching legs, collapsing.

He caught her and gently lay her on her side on the towels, and gave her a smile that made her heart soar.

“Th-that was amazing.”

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