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SNP on Podcast!

podcast_largeDuring Boardwalk Badness Weekend, James and Korey Mae Johnson sat down with Joe from This Week In Spanking, which is a specifically spanking podcast site, talking about how to get published in the spanking erotica industry. It’s also available on Itunes!

Thanks for having us, Joe!

Click here to listen!


  1. Avatar

    Great interview! I really enjoyed being able to hear your voices and get to know you better. Will FB and tweet for you.

  2. admin

    We’d appreciate that, Patricia! Thanks so much for listening!! πŸ™‚

  3. Avatar

    Just finished listening to the interview, and have to say I absolutely loved it! I was a fan of Korey’s writing to begin with and then found stormy night publications, and fell in love with all the books you guys publish. Getting to put voices to your names was great, and as an aspiring writer myself I learned a lot tonight that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise so thank you so much for that. I have one question though I heard you mention forms where you can get input on your writing I was hoping you could recommend one to me to start with for spanking novels? I have written a few short stories and would love to be able to post them just to get some feedback.

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Kelly! It did sound like “Forms” but I tried to say “Forums”.:) There are so many good ones; all of them seem to have beta readers and lots of people who’d love to read your first tries at spanking fiction and tell you what they think. Story boards are everywhere; Spanking Classics ( is one of them, and the beta reading program at Literotica is extremely impressive and has huge numbers of options of people to work with. has a forum, and if you’re someone who leans towards fanfiction (like I did when I was starting out), then your options are endless. There are tons of fanfiction forums (like, even with spanking content, and sort of the entire community there would read and comment on your work. It’s a great resource, and really fun, and it can really help you learn a lot of the technical bits of writing as well as important things like flow, characterization, consistency, and dialogue. (Fanfic is all I wrote until twenty–books, shows, movies, you name it). Also has a newish forum that I’d try out. Wherever readers conjugate, that’s where to go. You don’t need anyone professional for your first tried–you just want a common reader. Beta readers are everywhere, and they’re more of the technical sort that will normally come to you when you start posting (as opposed to you searching for them). Once you start getting published, it’s hard to get a beta reader who will read your work and critique it honestly. You don’t want fans in the beginning stage; you just want to find honest readers who have it in their minds to help you improve, get better, and help you challenge yourself. πŸ™‚ Hope that gives you a start!! πŸ™‚ Short stories are THE BEST thing to start with–it’s quick and will help you get that feedback quickly, since on most erotica forums short stories have a larger audience draw than with novels. πŸ™‚

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    I agree with Patricia. It was fun getting to know you both. Good advice to authors about your process and about what we can do do make our work more saleable

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Kallista! We’re so glad you liked the interview! It was pretty fun to do, and I love that people got a taste of James’ sort of “Rants” . πŸ™‚

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