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Sold to the Gladiators by Jaye Peaches

Bethan has served multiple masters since she was captured by a rival clan and sold to the Romans, but nothing could have prepared her for Felix and Rufus. After purchasing Bethan, the two handsome, battle-hardened former gladiators quickly make it clear that she will be shared between them, taken hard and often by them both, and punished sternly for any disobedience.

Having been told by a seer that he must claim a woman from among his own people in order to appease the goddess of fertility, Felix is delighted to stumble upon a girl as beautiful as Bethan, and he is determined to use her as thoroughly as needed to bring blessing on his new estate. Rufus, on the other hand, was never much of a believer in fate, but the moment he sets eyes on Bethan he wants her in his arms… and in his bed. Will she surrender willingly to her new owners’ dominance or spend her days with a bright-red, well-spanked bottom?

Publisher’s Note: Sold to the Gladiators includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Jaye Peaches

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 44,600 Words


“Turn and bend,” Felix said sternly.

She couldn’t resist that voice and although her knees wobbled and her skin was covered in goose bumps, she complied. She showed him her arse and the very cheeks he’d spanked the day before. Slowly, she lowered her head.

“Good girl. Now part those fine thighs of yours and wipe the sponge between them.”

Both men were now hidden behind a curtain of her hair. Were they laughing at her? Winking at each other?

“Do it,” Felix commanded.

Her hands shook as she squeezed out the sponge, then soaked it again in a fresh supply of water. She dabbed at her parting.

“Not good enough, Bethan. Use one hand to part your folds and the other to thoroughly cleanse yourself.” Felix continued to orchestrate her humiliation with his soft, but sternly delivered voice.

With the fingertips of her left hand, she separated her swollen folds. She couldn’t believe how puffed and warm they felt. The cold sponge brought a shiver down her spine as she pressed it against her slit and open pussy.

Rufus gasped with a sharp inhalation. “She’s beautiful,” he muttered.

She rubbed the sponge against her sex and to her amazement, a peculiar spike of energy erupted from the hard nub at the top of her folds. She dragged the sponge up and down, and the sensation grew stronger.

“Good girl. Keep going,” Felix said softly.

Her legs were close to giving out. “I… have… to stop,” she panted.

“No. Kneel if you must, but keep your ass up and your legs apart. Go on,” he encouraged. “A thorough cleansing will bring you great satisfaction. I wish to witness the bliss.”

She didn’t understand what he meant, but for some bizarre reason she trusted him. She slipped down onto her knees with little decorum.

“You must discover what the gods have in store for you without our help,” Felix said swiftly. “Now continue with the sponge, back and forth. That’s it. Good girl.”

On her knees in a bed of straw with her bottom raised high and her pussy open for them to see, she agitated the little organ that remained a mystery to her. It responded with such a delightful sensation, she ignored all of her shameful thoughts amassing in her mind. She was entertaining two gladiators once again, just like the previous day.

Her breasts swung as she rocked, and the water trickled down her thighs onto the straw. She seemed close to some kind of climax and she held her breath until it peaked. With an uncontrollable cry, she released the tension in her shoulders and legs and ceased agitating the now tender bud. The ripples of spasms she’d unleashed spun out into her belly and down into her curling toes. They hardened her nipples into painful stones and caused her heartbeats to thunder behind her breastbone. Her hand cramped around the sponge and she shook.

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