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Solemn Vow: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone

She didn’t ask to be mine. But it wasn’t up to her.

Russian mob boss or not, I had no business barging into Marlena Schmitt’s apartment, bending her over a table, and belting her ass until she told me the truth about the man blackmailing her.

But I’ve made her my business, and when I pull her cute little thong aside I know I’ll find her soaking wet and ready to come until she screams my name as I give her exactly what she needs.

She can fight me all she wants.

She’ll still be mine.




Publisher’s Note: Solemn Vow is a stand-alone romance which is the second book of the Sacred Obsession series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Measha Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 60,700 words


“Put your hand back on the table.” His voice is so low, so soft, it sends a tremor through me. I think we’ve reached the edge of his patience.

Slowly, I do as he says. He digs his fingernails into my ass, and I groan.

“You don’t understand, Marlena, do you? I’m done playing nice. I want answers.” He pulls his hand away and delivers more lashes to each cheek with the end of the looped belt.

Tears burn beneath my eyelids.

“Fine!” I cry out when another sharp lash crosses the underside of my ass. “I’ll answer you.”

“Good.” He drops the belt onto my back and runs his palm over my hot, aching ass. “What is your history with Jimmy?”

I turn my head, pressing my forehead into the cool surface of the table.

“Yes, I used to work with him. We worked for Michael,” I say. “It was years ago. I don’t work with either of them anymore,” I add.

“What sort of work did you do?” He slides one finger beneath the string of my thong.

“Cars. I helped him steal cars.” I’m vaguely aware of the material of my panties being moved to the side but am sharply aware of his fingertip sliding between my ass cheeks.

“You stole cars?” He moves further down, pushing away my thong as he reaches my sex. My wet sex.

My cheeks burn. He’ll see my body’s reaction. I won’t be able to hide it now.

“Yeah.” I squeeze my thighs together, which only earns me a smack of his hand across my thigh.

“Open your legs for me, moy sladkiy voin. You’ve lost all privileges of hiding.” His hand easily works between my thighs before I relent.

There’s no stopping him now. His fingers are on me, gliding easily through my wet folds.

I bite my tongue to keep a moan from escaping when the thick pad of his fingertip finds my clit and gently rubs it in a circle.

“You don’t hate me as much as you say,” he says as he continues to massage my clit.

“It’s not my fault,” I groan, fisting my hands. Mind over matter, isn’t that what I was told growing up? My body isn’t listening to anything my mind is telling it. Just another lie I was told.

“The cars, how many did you help him steal?” He continues his questions while increasing the pressure on my clit.

“I don’t know. Thirty? Maybe more.” It’s the truth, I don’t know the exact number. My job wasn’t to keep tally.

“Did you work for anyone other than Michael Agosti? When Jimmy went to prison maybe?” His finger leaves my clit, gliding to my entrance. “Now would be the wrong time to stay silent, moy sladkiy voin.”