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Standing Strong in a Top 100

Standing Strong by Stardawn Cabot Top 100

Stardawn Cabot‘s latest book reached Amazon’s Lesbian Romance Top 100 list soon after its release, and it has remained there since.  Congratulations to Stardawn!

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★★★★★  SH @ “LOVE LOVE LOVE “

I loved this book!! I thought the first one, Standing Firm, was fantastic and this one is just as good, really. There is a lot of love between Morgan and Dakota and it shines through. Their relationship is growing, and there are some growing pains, but they meet the challenges head on. I loved that they went to visit Morgan’s family, although not the reason why they needed to get out of town (no spoilers here), and I laughed out loud with the dynamics between Dakota and Morgan’s younger sister. Great story here and I just could not read it fast enough! Well done!

★★★★★ Alexandra James @ “Wonderful Sequel to First Novel

I really enjoyed reading this sequel to Standing Firm. Dakota’s antics once again made me smile as did Morgan’s reaction to them. When Dakota began to push her boundaries as issues from her past came into her life again Morgan was able to take charge and keep Dakota in line without being overbearing.

Meeting Morgan’s family was a happy treat and I enjoyed how they stepped up to the plate to help their daughter and her girlfriend during their visit. Adding Dakota’s father into the mix was a pleasant surprise.

If you enjoyed Standing Firm then I’m sure you’ll enjoy Standing Strong. Happy Reading.

★★★★★ Crystal Edwin @ “Loved it!

Dakota and Morgan make me laugh, and even though this story was a little darker then the last, it was a great sequel. I loved the addition of Morgan’s family, and Morgan’s little sister is a hoot. I was sad when it ended, but it was well worth the read. Great job!

★★★★★ Georgia @ “Morgan and Dakota are just great!

I can’t get enough of these two. Morgan and Dakota make a delightful couple, and I was too happy to see there was more to it. This book did not disappoint. I loved that Morgan and Dakota’s relationship is growing and evolving, and that the author still kept those innocent and heartwarming scenes, but also made some rather funny moments.

I laughed out loud at some of the antics from Kenize, and her relationship with Dakota was priceless. I can only imagine what kind of trouble Morgan and her sisters got into as children.

Although this story builds upon the last, and has a definite ending, I hope this isn’t the last I see of these two characters.

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