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Stolen by Her Master by Emily Tilton

Stolen by Her Master by Emily Tilton

Leka is the perfect result of her planet’s gene manipulation program: the beautiful young woman’s only desire is to be bought by the man who will become her master and to serve his pleasure. But Leka’s dreams for her future are shattered when Hend, a mysterious space-captain, steals her and brings her to another world in the hope that studying her will aid his cause. Certain that he is not her true master, she defies him, but when she ends up over his knee for a bare-bottom spanking Leka finds to her distress that her body responds to his chastisement.

Ashamed at her lack of control, she resolves to resist him all the more stubbornly, but Hend is not a man to be tested and he quickly proves more than ready to make her yield. Despite her best efforts, Leka soon finds herself not only submitting to Hend’s will but even craving his dominance. But when she discovers the true reason her new master claimed her, will she stay willingly by his side?

Publisher’s Note: Stolen by Her Master is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, exhibitionism, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 50,200 words


“Do you remember how carefully we studied behavioral biology? Do you remember when we discussed imprinting, and spent a whole week on it? Here is the reason: when your master speaks a secret command phrase, you will imprint upon him, and you will wish to offer your submission to him for the rest of your life.”

Gasps around the room succeeded these words.

“I understand how surprised you are,” Miss June said. “From this point on, your erotic training sessions will prepare you to imprint upon your master, and I promise that you will soon understand exactly how urgently you need to serve him. It seems strange to you now, I know, but when the time comes for you to be chosen by a master, you will long for nothing else.”

Miss June had illustrated her words almost immediately. She strode straight to Leka and Malda’s table, carrying, Leka saw to her dismay, a punishment paddle.

Miss June gave Malda a smart stroke upon her bottom, while Leka, only inches away, watched the leather of the paddle smack her friend’s backside and heard her cry out. Then, to Leka’s surprise, she saw Malda’s private lips give a little spasm, of the kind that the girls had come to know very well both from their own bodies’ responses and from those of their tablemates’. The smell of Malda’s pleasure grew stronger in the air, as Miss June gave her three more paddle spanks right on her sit-spot, though her legs were wide open and that meant that the paddle must strike her also on her little brown bottom hole and even the end of her tender slit.

Then Leka realized that the sight of the paddling and of Malda’s excitement had made her very excited too.

“Leka,” said Miss June, “what is Malda’s private part doing now?”

“It’s… moving in pleasure, miss.”

“Kiss it, Leka.”

Leka lost no time in obeying. She loved the taste of Malda’s little cleft.

“Girls, when the time comes for you to go with your master, he will be the only person who may spank you, and the only person who may touch your privates, including you. Annlyn, how does that make you feel, when you see and hear and smell what Malda and Leka are doing?”

“Oh, miss,” said cute little Annlyn, who was very shy. “Do I have to say?”

Instantly Miss June was at Annlyn’s table, spanking her. “Yes, Annlyn, you have to say.”

“Oh… oh, no… it… I want… I want a master…”

Miss June stopped spanking. Leka pulled her face back from Malda’s private part and looked at her. Malda gave her back a wondering smile. Yes, Miss June must be right, Leka could see. Imprinting on the master who would spank her and look at her and touch her exactly as he pleased would be the best thing that would ever happen to her.

Now, in the demo room, she wondered about the mystery upon which Miss June had never yet cast light: what was it that made men different from girls, and gave Leka’s master his power over her? Whatever it was, the thought that thirteen other girls were gasping and sighing for it just as Leka was made it very difficult to concentrate on keeping her pleasure in check.

“Fingers in bottoms, now,” said Miss June.

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