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Surrender: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel

I’m a grown woman, not a little girl in need of a chaperone… or a spanking.
I came here to visit a friend, not to be manhandled by some Greek god.
He had no business scolding me, let alone smacking my bottom right there in the street.
So why did him threatening to take off his belt leave my panties soaked?

She’s an outsider, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take her over my knee.
I could tell this girl needed a firm hand the moment I set eyes on her.
She doesn’t know how things are done around here, but she’ll learn soon enough.
As long as we’re on my turf, she’s mine to protect… and mine to do with as I please.

Publisher’s Note: Surrender is a stand-alone sequel to Bronson, Carter, Rockland, and Virgin. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Shanna Handel

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 55,900 words


The leather strap comes down, one more time, and I shriek as it lands on my skin. I can’t believe how quickly I went from enjoying this to sobbing and begging. I cry out, “I’m sorry. I’ll be good. I’ll be so good for you!”

“That’s my good girl.” The belt rests on top of my throbbing skin. He slowly slides it off, the soft buttery leather caressing my hot flesh. The sound of it dropping to the floor echoes through the room. I exhale a sigh of relief.

His hand smooths over my fiery ass. Cups the curve of my bottom. He starts to spank the tender place where my ass meet the tops of my thighs with soft little spanks. They’re gentle and sensual and make my pussy drip with arousal. Mewing noises rise in the back of my throat. The little spanks fool me as the first stripe of the belt did. Then the spanks get harder, sharper, faster. Peppering every inch of that sensitive area. Stinging my skin. Making my pussy weep and beg.

“Spread your legs.” He’s stopped spanking now and is rolling my panties down around my ankles. I can’t imagine what he has in store for me next—but I know what I want. I part my thighs further. The plug moves as I do. Stretching and pulling and only adding to my desire. The cool air caresses the hot wetness of my slick folds. I catch the scent of my own arousal. I feel his gaze appraising between my legs. “Beautiful.”

I hear the dropping of his trousers. I feel the heat of his thighs against the backs of mine. “Please, please fuck me.”

“Only because you’ve done so well taking your punishment.” He gives a dark chuckle as his fingers dig into my hips. His cock finds my slick entrance. The head pressing against my tight pussy. One rough shove and he’s inside of me. As his cock fills my pussy, my breath catches in my throat.

The plug.

His already huge member has me absolutely stretched to capacity with the space the plug is taking up in my core. I’m whimpering, my clit pulsing as he slowly retracts, then gives another hard, full thrust, filling me to capacity.

He pumps hard as he tightens his hold on my hips. His huge cock slams in and out of my slippery sheath. The pulsing nub between my folds bumps up against the firm leather pommel with each thrust, sending a shockwave of pleasure through my overly stimulated body. My fingernails dig into the pommel horse. My eyes squeeze shut. My mouth gapes.

The orgasm building within me is more powerful than I’d dreamed one could be.

The tips of my toes barely touch the floor as he fucks me, over and over and over. Every time his hips meet my ass, the plug gets a little push. My clit another rough caress. My sheath tightens around him. Milking him for every ounce of pleasure. Heat covers my body, my breaths come in fast pants. Perspiration trickles between my heavy breasts as I finally experience the sweet release of climax.

Over and over again.

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