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Surrendered Innocence: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone

He didn’t ask for my surrender. He took it.

Maybe I let myself get a little too tipsy this evening, but I didn’t expect to wake up next to a Russian mobster without my panties on. Fortunately, Maxim Volkov isn’t here to ravage me.

At least not tonight…

He’s made it his business to look out for me, and if that means taking me over his knee with my bottom bare for a spanking with my own hairbrush then that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

I shouldn’t have surrendered so easily, but I was soaking wet even before he ordered me to spread my legs, and the moment I felt his touch where I needed it most I knew I was his.


Publisher’s Note: Surrendered Innocence is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth book of the Innocent Brides series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Measha Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 50,400 words


“You were almost done, but then you lie again.” He bends to the left, barely shifting me with his movements, and grabs something from my nightstand. I lift my head to see my hairbrush being taken.

“No! No!” My fight begins again, but I’m still no match for him.

“You should learn, and quickly, that I don’t allow lies, and I don’t put up with disobedience.” And with that, he starts all over again. The brush has a wicked feel to it. It only takes a handful of smacks before tears, real tears, spring to my eyes.

I can’t bear it. It’s too much. There’s no space between swats, no chance for the pain from one to dissipate before the next lands. I’m just one big ball of unrelenting pain.

“Okay!” I cry out with a crack in my voice. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I suck in air, but it doesn’t matter. The fire is white hot and it’s spreading. The spanks are sharper, faster, and he’s making sure not to miss an inch of my ass. I’ll never sit again. Ever.

“No more lies, moy malen’kiy voin. Or you’ll kiss my belt before I lay into your ass with it.” It’s a promise I’m sure he’ll honor. And one I’ll avoid letting him keep.

“All right,” I agree, pathetically. They were such little lies; what would he do if I told a big one? I’m never going to find out, I assure myself. Because as soon as he leaves my apartment, I’m getting new locks, and I’ll never see him again.

The spanking is over, but his hand hasn’t left my ass yet. He’s stroking me softly, from my waist to my thighs, over and over again. It’s not helping quench the fire, but rather moving it steadily between my legs. A warm current of arousal floods me with each feathery touch.

“Good girl,” he says quietly when I soften over his thighs. “Let’s see if you’ve learned your lesson. Are you wet?” His hand stills at the cusp of my ass. If he sinks his hand lower, between my thighs he’ll find his answer.

I groan in response. I’m not telling him how much that horrible spanking made my body completely betray my mind. I will not admit it.

“Silence isn’t telling the truth,” he warns. “It’s still dishonest.”

“Maxim.” I wipe away the tears that have fallen. “Please don’t make me say it.”

“Would you rather I see for myself?” His hands pry my ass cheeks apart wide, and wider still. Even with my legs closed, he can probably see everything he wants to see. My face flames as hot as my ass now.

He dips one finger between my thighs, gliding through my soaking wet folds until he touches my clit. Again, I groan, but this time, it’s from need. No one but me has touched me like this in too long.

“Spread your legs a little, moy malen’kiy voin. Prove you’ve learned your lesson about obedience.”